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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Brother sister sex problem

Brother sister sex problem

I am sending my siblings sex problem to you so that you can suggest me what I should do. My divorced sister lives with me. I want to have sex with her. What to do?

My name is life I am from Pune. I am married and have two children. I am 35 years old. My sister is divorced and she lives with us. He is 33 years old. My sister's name is Tina.

There are two rooms in our house. My family sleeps in one room and my younger sister sleeps in the other room.

I have been a reader of Hindi sex story since the beginning. I love reading sex stories of conscience. At first I was somewhat hesitant to write the sex story, but when I read this sex story on this site, I also felt that sharing my experiences only increases the fun. This thing has had a good effect on my mind. I love sex stories written on siblings relationship.

One day it happened that my wife and children had gone for holidays at my in-laws' house. I and my sister were both at home.

Our first day went to normal only. The next day when I came home from office, my sister was arranging dinner.

I came after being fresh, we both had dinner. Suddenly I accidentally saw my sister's mummies while eating food. When he bowed down to serve something, his deep throat made me look at his cunts. Even after seeing me, he made no effort to hide his mother. This woke me up like a big cock.

After having dinner, I went to my room and opened the reception site and started reading siblings' sex story. I kept reading sex stories till eleven o'clock at night. Then I went to my sister's room and turned on the TV and started watching the serial. Hearing the sound of TV, she also got up and started watching TV.

She was looking at me with strange eyes. I started talking to him with great courage.

Brother sister sex problem
Me- Is Tina not sleepy?
Tina- Yes!
I want to tell you something.
Tina- Say yes?
I - no, nothing.
Tina- Hey brother, tell me what happened?
I - no you will speak to someone.
Tina- Brother, what do you want to say that you are so afraid? Say what you want to say.
I - Okay .. But you make a promise that you will not speak to anyone and I will not be angry with you.
Tina- Brother, now you have to speak, so speak otherwise I am going to sleep.

I sat near him and took his hand in my hand and said to him - Tina I want you a lot and I want to be with you.
Tina- Brother, what are you saying, is your mind right?
I- Yes… But what to do… I love you very much.

I filled it in my arms with a jerk and kept it under control. Then he started kissing her.

Tina- Brother, leave me, this is very wrong.
I- Tina there is nothing wrong sister… you will enjoy it well.
Tina- But brother…
I- don't say anything right now.

I picked her up and started kissing her. He was wearing the knight of my wife, in which there was a rest on mummos. From there, it was easy for the children to feed.

I kept kissing him constantly. She stood with closed eyes. Then I made her sit on the couch and started raising her nighty and kissing her feet.

As soon as I reached her thigh, she opened her eyes and said - Brother, I am getting very tickled.

I went up and opened the chain above her mummies and started sucking her mums. She also slowly started taking lust-filled Siskaris. He laid his hand on my head.

Now I lay her down on her bed and started sucking her milk with the whole gown up to her neck.

Then I heard his voice - brother, it is not healing. This work is wrong among siblings.

I broke away from him. I was feeling very bad after listening to him.
I started apologizing to him - forgive me sister, this will never happen again.
But she was not talking at all. He corrected all the clothes, just said- Okay.

I then went to sleep. He did not talk to me in the morning. I then went to office. After two days my wife and children arrived and all started moving normal.

After about five months my wife went to Nashik again. She went to her grandfather's house.

I woke up to sleep with sister again. I kept thinking till about one o'clock in the night. Then I paid attention to him at one o'clock in the night and I woke him up by sitting near him.

Tina- Brother, what happened, why are you sitting on my bed?
Me- I want to kiss you and love you.
Tina- No brother, it is too late.

I started kissing him directly and started pressing his boob.

Later I removed her gown. She was left only in bra and panty in front of me.

I put her bra up and started sucking her mums. She was also having fun while taking alcoholic cigarettes.

Tina- Brother, slowly… there is a lot of chest pain.
I am having fun too, are you?
Tina- Brother, just do it now.
Me - I want to fuck you once.
Tina- Brother, we are not doing right… what we have done is too much.

I broke away from him and went to sleep.

Since then nothing much has happened between us. She talks to me, gets Boobs darshan, gets a kiss. But nothing more.

I know that he also needs cocks, he is also burning in the fire of youth. But we both have a siblings relationship tied to an unknown door. We both are not able to have sex even after wishing.

what should I do next? You guys will advise me on my siblings sex problem!

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