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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Aunt's fun

Aunt's fun

How did I fuck my aunt, read this interesting sex story… I am interested in older women because their body is full and their breasts and ass are very big.

My name is Rahul Singh, I am from Patna. My height is 5'6 ″ and my body is athletic. The size of my penis is 6 inches long and 2 inches thick. I am a student of engineering final year. I also have a girlfriend who is very beautiful and hot. His figure is 34–28–36. She loves sex very much, I have fuck with her many times.

But from the beginning, I was more interested in women of old age. Aunt and sister used to make me more attractive and excited because their body is full and their breasts and ass are very big. My cock used to salute me as soon as I saw a hot aunt.

This is the winter when my aunt came to my house. Our family is very small with a brother, a sister and a mother and father.
My aunt came to live for 10 days. His name is Shalini and he is about 45 years of age. She is short in stature. His height is about 5 feet 2 inches but his figure is very cool. The size of her breasts is 36 inches and her ass will be about 35 inches.

Most of my aunts lived outside the city due to which they were able to give a lot of time to aunt. She lived with her two children, a son and a daughter. Her mind will also be suffering from being away from her husband. Fufaji used to come home once every 4 to 5 months.

When Bua came to live in our house, then my whole family had to go to Lucknow for some wedding. But I did not go because it was necessary to stay with a aunt. I said that if I stay near Bua then everybody left me and Bua at home and went to Lucknow. At that time, I was home in my semester exam break.

I was very frank talking with my aunt, I did not hesitate to talk to them. I loved aunt very much and I wanted to have sex with her. But I could not understand how to do it. I was fascinated by her smile, her smile was very beautiful, when she used to laugh, my heart would get mad at her and love her.

My habit was that I always used to urinate near the drain outside the house and that place was clearly visible from the roof of my house.

Once I was mooting there, the aunt had seen my cock from the terrace. My cock is only 6 inches but is quite thick.

Aunt preparing to fuck
There was a day when aunt was taking bath in our house. There is a hand pump in our house and Bua loved bathing near the hand pump. I was in my room at the time and watching TV.
Then aunt called out - Rahul… come and fill the bucket with a hand pump.
So I went and started running the hand pump.

And at the same time my eyes were on the aunt's body. Hi Kya Badan was exactly like a mirror… I was stunned that even at this age, he has maintained so much of his figure. At that time, she was in a petticoat, which made her breasts look clean and because of the wet petticoat, her round ass was also visible.

Seeing this scene, I was getting disoriented and my cock was full. Like I was running a hand pump.

Then aunt said - put soap on my back.
So I started applying soap on his back.

Maybe aunt was missing my fat cock and maybe she was making me feel like fuck for which she was provoking me.
Was Mulayam's body… Bua was… that I should fuck him at the same time.

But I controlled somehow. Then I went to the bathroom and then ate and slept with them.

Then in the evening aunt said that her legs and back are hurting.
So I asked him- Should I massage the oil?
So he refused. But I somehow convinced them.

I was thinking that if I get a chance to fuck the aunt somewhere on this excuse, my wish will be fulfilled. I went to heat the oil and brought it.
I told them - Lie on your stomach!
So she lay down.

I put her sari up to my knees and started massaging. Like I already told that my body is atheletic and I used to exercise also due to which I started massaging them vigorously.

After some time, the aunt started feeling very good and she said - You are very well massaged, your hands are also very strict.

After a while, I gave her sari the road to her hips and started massaging. Slowly, I moved up, showing her red panties that she was wearing.
But I did not dare to move forward.

But after that something happened that did not stop my happiness. Aunt herself shrugged the sari to the back and said - Massage the thighs too.
I started and after some time I started applying oil between her thighs.

I was feeling the heat of her pussy. It seemed that Aunt is making up her mind to fuck me today. Anyway, no one had quenched the thirst of her pussy for many days, the aunt did not come home for 4 months.

I was busy applying oil, then he opened his blouse and bra hook and said - apply oil on the back.
So I started doing the same.

Gradually his body was getting hot and my aloda was hardening. I could not stay and I spoke to them - Auntie, I like you and want to have sex with you.
After saying this, I got quiet and even got a little scared that they might not get angry and should not speak to father.

After some time, the aunt said - I was doing all this so that you get ready to have sex with me.
Hearing this, I was not happy and I embraced them.

After that I started kissing them and kept my lips on their lips and started sucking. Wow… he had juicy lips… I sucked him for 10 minutes.

Then I took off her blouse and bra and threw it away and started looking at her breasts, what were the fat breasts.
I could not keep up and I started sucking and licking them like crazy. Siskians started to get out of their mouths - aaa ah aa aa ah Rahul… and suck it out loud!
So I started pressing and sucking them more tightly.

The nipples of her nipples swollen to the size of a plum, so I understood that she is hot.

After that I removed aunt's panties. Now she was completely naked.
What was his naked body… everything hard.

Then I answered my jeans and tights and got naked. My cock came out puffing.
Then I told them - aunt suck my cock!
So they started sucking. I started having a lot of fun.

After some time I took my cock out of his mouth and spread his legs, which started showing his pink pussy. I immediately put my finger in it and started inside out.
Now his breath started running loudly. Then I started licking her pussy with the tongue. Now she started making loud voices - Ummh… Ahhh… hah… yahh… Rahul haha ​​ha ha and loud son, make your aunt your queen today.

After licking for some time, the aunt said - Do not torture anymore and put your fat cock in my pussy. I have been seeing Chudane's dreams for many days when I saw you urinating.

Then I put condom on my cock and put her betel nut on top of her pussy and started rubbing it so that she started to yearn and said- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… Son just put this pestle in my rand bua ki pussy And tear it down.

What was it then… I took a slight shock and a little cock entered her pussy. Aunt's scream went out and she bid - get it out!
But where I was going to listen, I took a tremendous blow and the whole cock penetrated into Bua's pussy and began to fuck aunt.

Tears came out of his eyes. Aunt's aunt was very tight even after so many years of marriage. I kept my cock for a while, then slowly started to bang.
Now he too was having fun and started picking up his ass and supporting me.

I started increasing my fuck speed and the voices started coming from his mouth - Rahul Lal… Ah son… just like that… make me your idol. Today quench the thirst of my pussy… tear this pussy. For a long time, my pussy was craving for a cock… today, erase all cancer, son… ah ah ah ah… even your faufaji are never able to do such a fuck and they fall in a while. That is why till today I have never enjoyed the real pleasure of sex. Today I am getting that ah ah ah uff uff uff uff.

For 15 minutes I continued to fuck aunt, then she collapsed. I felt something hot on my cock, that was their semen.
But I kept on and after some time and fuck I also fell into her pussy.

Aunt said that I have satisfied her, which she has never been able to do with her husband.
After that we urinated and fell asleep clinging to each other.

After that day, our aunt nephew quenched each other's thirst several times.

Dear readers, how did you feel about my aunt's sex story?

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