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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Assfucking friend's sexy aunty's

Assfucking friend's sexy aunty's

I fuck my friend's aunt's ass… One day when I went to my friend's house, I met her aunt. His sensual eyes revealed that the goods were fickle and could take cocks.

Hello, I am present with a sex story for you all. I am a reader of conscience for a long time. This story is related to my friend Raj.

I used to go to Raj's house often. Raj is about five years younger than me and his body and appearance is like a girl. I used to see him like a girl and kept thinking about killing his ass, but he was ignorant of all this.

One day I went to meet Raj at his house, and was stunned to see a young drunk woman in the garden. Short hair, graying body, velvet fairy thighs, full face, full cheeks. Seeing him, my cock immediately stood up.

After listening to Raj's voice, I was shocked and asked that he is his aunt and has come for a few days. Because my housemates are going out for a few days. That's why Auntie has come to take care of me.

I was thinking that if Raj were alone, I could kill his ass. But now I started thinking of killing his aunt's ass too.

When I got my attention from my aunt, her erotic eyes had told me a lot that this material is fickle and can take cocks.

I told Raj - let's walk a little outside.
He came with me.

I asked him - when are your family going?
So he told - Tomorrow is a six o'clock train.
I said, never mind, five to six days of fun.
He said - No, my college is a very important project, in which I have to be very busy.
I said to him - take leave of college.
But he refused completely.

I asked him when would you go to college?
He said - I will come back at eight in the morning and four in the evening.

Hearing this, my cock was torn and came to come out… because Raj's aunt was going to be left alone in the house. Now I started planning to assassinate her aunt.

I told Raj - Let's meet tomorrow evening.

Raj's aunt kept coming in front of my eyes throughout the night and my cock did not let me sleep all night. I did not know when I slept all night thinking about Chodne.

At about eight o'clock in the morning my eye opened, so my cock was still standing. Throughout the night, I kept ass from Raj's aunt, and sometimes I kept hitting her pussy. By the way, I enjoy ass fucking more.

I got ready after washing my bath and started having breakfast. Raj's aunt was roaming in my mind and today I wanted to fuck her in every situation.

I gave a good massage of oil on my body and also a very good oil massage of cocks. I only wore jeans, so that my cock was absolutely free. I put a T-shirt on top to make it easier to get naked. The fun of sex comes in the bare.

It was ten past now. I knew that Raj would have gone to college and his aunt would be alone.

I walked towards Raj's house and parked his bike some distance away from his house. Raj's house is a short distance away from the road. Nearby houses are also built a short distance away.

When I reached home, I was shocked. Raj's aunt was wearing a sky colored skirt and was wearing a light yellow top. She was looking at the flowers sitting below and was seeing her marble-like body in the unknown. His white panty was clearly visible from his velvety thighs. The bulge of his big boobs was also visible from his tight top.

I controlled myself with great difficulty, but my cock had become completely uncontrollable and was clearly visible.

I knocked at the compound gate, then aunt saw me and asked- who are you?
I - I'm a friend of Raj.
Aunt - Raj is not at home.
Where have I been?
Aunt has gone to college.
How long will I come?
Aunt - will come till evening, saying that there is enough work.

Aunt's full body, muscular fairy thighs, full cheeks ... I was getting a big meeting of my cocks and maybe she understood this too. While talking to him, I stared at him and saw what was happening. My eyes were fixed on my aunt's sweetheart. I wanted to fuck him in any case.

Me- who are you?
Aunt- I am Raj's aunt.
Me- You are not his aunt.
Aunt- Why is this going to happen?
Me- I mean you are looking like a young and smart girl at a very young age… so I said.
She laughed at me and said- where have you come from?
I said - far enough away.
She said- Come sit, will you have tea?

I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity now. I wanted to open the gate and go in front of them and express my trunk and the intention of fucking them in the eyes. She had understood this desire well by seeing the eyes steeped in my lust.

I went near to him and said - Yes, definitely. … But you will suffer.
She too may have come in fun now. She flipped it and said - how was the problem. Come on I will also like it.
I had now received a green signal from their side.

I said that my motorcycle is parked outside… I bring it.
She said - okay.

Now I was feeling a little bit relieved because to a large extent I had beaten him for fucking. Now I wanted to be sure about the neighborhood so that no one would come at the last moment. The neighborhood seemed deserted at this time. Seemed like there was a forest.

I closed the gate by bringing my motorcycle home. Then I went inside the house and closed the door. Inside, my doom was making tea in the kitchen.

Raj's house was very big, but the kitchen had become very cramped due to the fridge. Because of which two people could not come together without meeting each other.

My heart was cooking tea in the kitchen. I swiftly came after them and rammed my cock between their pussy and gave them a push.

Aunt's face turned red. She said - what are you doing?
I became aware that I was going to get water.
She said - he would have told me.
Now my cock was in his ass. I said - I did not want to disturb you.

Saying this, I moved away from her thighs by stroking her hand and came into the room. Aunty understood me by laughing.

After a while, his tinkling voice came - take it here.
I asked what should I take
Auntie laughed and said- Take tea.
I said - bring it here.

She came to my room with tea. As soon as she came in the room, I immediately closed the door of the room and grabbed her from behind. My cock was in his ass and my hands were rubbing his cock.

She became a little nervous due to all this, but the heat of my body and cocks had made her a bit nervous.
She said in a suppressed voice - what are you doing?
I said - today you want to kill your ass.

I held him vigorously. My cock was in his ass and my hands were mashing him.

I was also very hot and he was being abused - kill your mother's Bhosada… Haramzadi has been torturing cocks since yesterday… Bitch… Your giddy body had made me sleep throughout the night… Sathi… now the havoc of cocks.

He was getting both pain and pleasure due to the heat of my body. My full body of aunt made me crazy. I was getting hit by his cock in his ass. Both my hands were squeezing aunty's cock.

Aunty was also hot by now. Seeing the opportunity, I separated his top. Now that clan was in front of me completely naked. I quickly took off my T-shirt and covered my bare back with my bare body. I started rubbing my aunt's mums. She too became a little drunk.

As soon as something was lying loose, I swiftly took my hand down and removed her Kutchi.

Uff… now there was only a skirt on her body. In my body, sex was running instead of blood. I had already seen my aunt's white muscular thighs and now her bare hips made me as goth.

I was mad at his blooming pink smooth pussy. My cocks had become erect and now stood upright. I cracked on my aunt like a jungle. Because of my burden, she bent her both hands on the nearby bed, so I removed my jeans.

My cock stood red like a holiday bull. As if Satan had rode on my mind. I lifted both aunt's legs with my hands. The grip of my hands was so tight that she shivered for once.

I was keenly gasping at the excitement of seeing her pussy and ass and my cock was getting up and down. She too was ready to fuck now. But something else was going on in my evil mind. Now I wanted to torture my aunt, I wanted to give them pain. Wanted to avenge his one-night torture. I also wanted to pity him.

I knew that aunt was mine for a week. I thought of aunt's ass fuck, so that she would crave sex and face my pain in ass.

I left his legs, then aunt widened her legs a bit for a fuck.

I put my cocks on their ass rings and started rubbing them. The heat of my cock was heating his ass rings. My whole naked body was heating them from behind. My warm breaths were warming their ears like a blower.

She was now exhausted, as soon as she left her ass rings a little loose, I thrust my cock into aunt's ass.

She was moved with pain and started shouting 'UEEE EEEEE ..' - What are you doing? That is the wrong place.
Aunt was trying to get rid of me, but due to my strong grip she was not getting any chance.

I-I'm sister-in-law
Aunt- Ah dog… I am having a pain… get it out.
I - bitch, you have troubled me since yesterday… now suffer.
Aunt- Haramzade did not do any girl ever… or he kept hitting boys only?
Me- Bhosadi ki, your ass will ring today.

Saying this, with full force, I inserted the whole cock into aunt's ass. She sighed with pain 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… ’

After drinking all the cocks, I kept them like this for a while. After that, I started ass fucking, started hitting me lightly. She started crying with pain, but I was enjoying seeing her cry. When she started crying a lot from my bumps, I grabbed them and rammed my cocks and started caressing her pussy. After a while rubbing her pussy, her pain subsided.

Now I inserted my finger in her pussy and started to finger her pussy. He was having both pain and fun with this. I started banging cocks… I was also fingering her pussy.

In a few moments, she had come to a different fun. Auntie was taking both pain and fun together. I too was now taking my cock in and out of my aunt's finger.

Aunty was now enjoying having asshole and she was now banging her ass on my cock. Seeing this, I started pressing his cock with one hand and kept the other hand in finger to pussy. My cock was being rammed into his ass like a piston.

In a while, aunt's pussy left the water and also took her ass. Then my cock started spreading, she screamed with pain… But now I started to fuck her ass faster. I collapsed after a while. She too was completely exhausted and I too fell on her.

After a long time she came out from under me. I also dressed quickly. She too was dressed.

I held him tightly with my chest and kissed him a lot - how did I guess?
She blushed.
Then I kissed his lips and said - today fuck your ass… tomorrow will fuck your pussy.
After saying this, I caught her pussy.
She laughed and I left.

You will definitely send me your mail on the aunt's ass fuck story.

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