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Friday, April 17, 2020

Young girl and leader g7

Young girl and leader g7

Lo bitia, this illiterate leader's fat art is written in the delicate pussy of the delicate daughter of an educated IAS officer at his very insistence! Take care of it!

Back story: Young girl and leader G-6

Chinna - So what can I do, tell me yourself, daughter?
Karona- I don't know… Just do something quickly.

Chinna- tell your daughter openly, what do you expect from your Chinna uncle i.e. the leader of your region?
Karona, now abandon all the remaining shame and shamelessly put eyes in Chinna's eyes and bid - Leader please save your subjects. Don't remove your LND from her pussy.

Seeing Chinna iron absolutely hot- No, my dear daughter, this will not work. Only with my Lunds will your work be done. But my LND will remain thirsty.
Karona- Then where have I stopped you? You also do your work and quench the thirst of this LND!

Chinna- Look, daughter, do not you go out from here and say that a big leader made a forced girl against her will, from first girl to woman, then all night many times she made her fragile virgin flower like a pussy gave.
Do- No Uncle, I will not do anything like this. Please, now do what you want to do quickly, and now I can't bear it anymore.

Chinna- Think… you are the daughter of a educated elder officer. And I am an illiterate man.
Karona - Hey Uncle Please, do not leave all these things! And fuck me. And made two girl to woman! I swear that I will not go out and say anything to anyone. Even as long as the election campaign is done, I will be your personal prostitute. I will fuck you with your pussy on nights and when you give a speech out of the bus for the whole day, then after getting out of your dhoti and sucking your LND, you will enjoy it.

Being happy with Chinna Karona's talk, with her fingers widened the hole of her virgin pussy's pink pussy and said - this is fine, daughter. Catch my LND and apply it on your pussy! And say, 'Netaji, inaugurate my delicate virgin pussy with your thick black lund.'
In a hurry, by bringing LND in the line of the pink hole of your pussy- Netaji, please inaugurate my delicate virgin pussy with your thick black lund.

Chinna - Listen, keep your promise because this fuck is not the last fuck tonight. I'll fuck you until four in the morning. And after opening pussy for the first time, you will suck my LND to give comfort to your pussy. And will your virgin ass also be handed over to my LND
Do it without worrying about the consequences - I accept all your conditions Uncle. Do not torture anymore

Chinna put a big pillow under Karona's ass, which opened her fragile virgin pussy's pink gluten mouth.
Chinna - Take it, daughter, this illiterate leader's thick art is written, IAS officer's fragile daughter's delicate daughter's delicate pussy on her very insistence! Take care of it!

While saying this, Chinna held Karona's fragile hand in the face of her hard black Lund like a thick plum, stuck it in the pink mouth with the soft stick of the little pussy of the Karona daughter.

As soon as she moved her ass a little further, Chinna's experienced Lund felt the membrane of the daughter's virgin pussy and the pressure of LND's hardening on the membrane, so far Mastini Karona was sweating on her forehead in lust.

Karona trying to get rid of herself and moving back - Oh Uncle, I am in pain, please take it out of my pussy.
Seeing Karona's gestures, she quickly grabbed both of Karona's shoulders with her hands and grabbed her.

Chinna - How to get out like a sister's sister…. My LND never comes back after going so far. Daughter, this haramzada will keep your virginity till now, only by dissolving virginity. See, in just two seconds, this weapon of mine will make you a woman from a girl, and till morning you do not dance the dance of the tigri on it, if you do not make this delicate pussy of Bhosda, then my name is not Chinna MP.
Karona - Uncle not only EEE…
Chinna while enjoying tight pussy - Ah… Enjoyed today.

And thus Chinna's Lund made Karona from girl to woman. As soon as the seal of the pussy was broken, the bed started becoming red. While moving slowly, Chinna put her thick Lund root in the delicate pussy of Karona.

To stop the scream of Karona, one hand placed one of Karona's nipples with one hand placed on Karona's mouth and leaned forward and grabbed the other nipple in the mouth and sucked it.

First Chinna slowly made her place in Karona's pussy with LND's patter, and then when Karona's pussy became somewhat habitual of thick LND, she started fucking her tight.

Tears were pouring out of Karona's eyes in pain and Chinnah's thick black tattoos were thrusting into Karona's delicate ass.

After a while, Chinnah realized that after Karona's pussy was fully accustomed to LND, Chinna removed her hand from Karona's mouth.
Karona- Uncle I did not know that fuck is like this. If I had known this pain before, I would never have got you to die. And if I could see the fuck of those girls, then she would have run away from here before.

Chinna- No, my dear daughter, I made a program to fuck you on the very day you came to my office to meet me for the first time.
And I had to fuck both of these girls to kill this pigeon. Because I knew that by seeing girls of my age and work than me, you will also be awakened and your heart will be eager for sex because of your easy behavior.
I knew that the sounds of their screaming scare would not let me succeed in my real cause. That is why, before breaking the seal of her pussy, I used to put a cloth in her mouth so that you could not run away due to her scream because of my hardcore. Because I used to think that a young and beautiful girl like you will not directly fall into the trap of black speck like me. That is why I deliberately choked them all night long in your presence in another room so that your youthful desires would be feathered.
And see… it happened! You have eaten my LND inside your pussy. And now every day and night you will be naked in this bus. I will complete your research in this bus and you will be able to get out of this bus only by doing PhD in the subject of Chudai.

Due to Chinna's antics and these obscene things, the pain of doing karna was reduced somewhat and a new fun had taken its place. Chinna's open and hot pornographic things, her mouth and hand movements on the Acwchiya and pussy rocking back and forth, was giving her a new joy to Landa Karona.

The whole room was echoed by the music of the thongs falling on the ass of Karona of Chinna's ponies. His body started to get lighter and he suddenly took a chinlock of his two legs and took Chinna's waist in the circle of the feet and with every stroke of Chinna, he increased the grip of his legs so that he would get the baby girl Stumbled upon

She used to make double the fun of every stumbling block on her mother's mouth.

Chinna understood that Karona is now enjoying sex. So the player increased his speed.

Karona started moving towards climax due to the constant friction of Lana's thick hard pussy in tight pussy and after about five minutes of banging, Karona said - Uncle, please don't stop now. Something is going to happen to me
Chinna: Yes daughter, now in your life you will come down under LND and fight for the first time.

Karona-Uncle… please don't stop.
Chinna- Hey daughter, I can fuck you like this for at least 20 minutes.

Because of the immense fun and excitement, now the words had left Karona - Aaah uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

And in this way, in front of Chinna's LND's constantly choking, Karona's pussy got battered and responded and started losing tax. The sheet of his mixed blood bed started getting wet.
Even after this, Chinna like a bull showed no pity on that flower girl and kept fucking continuously for half an hour at full speed and kept her pussy blown off.

Karona said about 4 more times and when she was tired, she said - Uncle, now also do my life will you die?
Chinna- No daughter, you are my life. Now how can I kill myself? Your work is done but I still have it. I gave you a lot of fun. Now it is my turn so you come up and take my standing LND in your pussy and hold my nipples and rub my nipples. By doing this, I will fall soon.
Karona - Okay Uncle.

And Karona took Chinna uncle's lund and gossiped to the root in her opened pussy. Grabbing both of Chinna's nipples in a pinch of her two hands, she started mashing.
Chinna- Well done daughter Rani enjoyed!

Karona - Uncle, what should I do now?
Chinna - daughter, now sit up and down on my LND.

Like a promising obedient disciple, Karona began to listen to Chinnna up and down in full enthusiasm. And simultaneously holding both of Chinna's nipples in a pinch of her two hands, she kept on squeezing.

Karona after about five minutes- Uncle, how long will you play my pussy band?
Chinna - aaah, it's just my dear daughter

Chinna's LND starts falling in bulk in Karona's pussy and Karona feels her pitchers.
Karona- Hey Uncle, what are you leaving in me?
Chinna- daughter, this is going to come out of my semen and into your lovely sweet pussy. Wow daughter… Enjoyed today! Of course it was my best fuck till date.

After that Chinna got out her withering Lund Karona daughter's tired pussy.
Karona noticed that Uncle's Lund has a red color and the bed is also red. He asked - what is Uncle?
Chinna- Today my Lund has made you a woman from a girl by taking the sacrifice of your pussy seal. This is blood from that sacrifice, you are welcome in the world of women.

Do- This is my blood? I will die that so much blood comes out of me!
Chinna - You will not die daughter. Now the days of your life have come.

Chinna explained Karona and made Karona kiss her Lund many times throughout the night. By 7 o'clock in the morning, about 5 times in different postures to Karona, sometimes her virgin ass was spit on her and made the entire trend scrub till morning.

After that night, till the end of the election campaign, it was done naked in that bus. Chinna did not let her wear any clothes. No one except the bastard attendant was allowed to enter the bus.

Throughout the night, the poor girl would please Chinka Uncle with her ass, sometimes with her ass, and sometimes with her fully made pussy. And when Chinna gives a speech in the day, then the poor girl would stand down and chinch her uncle's lund and continue to serve him.

During Karona's research, Chinna taught every lesson of Chudai's subject with complete immersion. Karona also read and understood every lesson well. After that, she took every test taken by Chinna with the top number and herself became an accomplished sex guru, who could now read and explain any lesson to any young boy.

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