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Young girl and leader g5

Young girl and leader g5

Took delicate cunts in the hands - No daughter queen, milkmen belong to Sharif girls, not to naughty girls, but to naughty girls, there are mummies or nipples.

Back story: Young girl and leader G4

Karona was extremely impressed by this bomb-peeled LND of Chitta, holding LND in her hands and was checking this one-eyed snake very closely with her astonishing eyes.

And there, Chinna Karona, seeing her daughter see her Nagaraja in this way, was not happy with her heart over her victory.

Seeing Karona sitting as astonished, Chinna thought to move forward and put her hands on Karona's hand, started to move up and down and said - Where is the daughter lost? Poor massage!

Karona came to the senses on this action of Chinna and started massaging the LND measuring the length and width of Chinna with her delicate hands while moving her hands up and down.
Veteran Chodu Chinna, after getting some kind of massage for a while, pointed to stop by Karona and said- Daughter, now my fatigue has come down. Now I massage you and remove your fatigue. Because you too must be tired of working hard all day. And on the same excuse, I will teach you new ways of massaging so that you can massage me in those new ways tomorrow also.

Saying this, Chinna stood up on the bed and took off her lungi and became absolutely naked. The long wide black husk with a buffalo-like hairy body and the long ponytail in the middle of the two legs and a thick pestle like a big pestle like Karona, looked completely stunned and Karona covered her face with both hands in shame. took.

Chinna said - Daughter, don't be shy. I removed the lungi so that there is no oil in it while massaging you. And girls, young and beautiful girls, do not shy from the naked body of the man, they appreciate it. Seeing such a strong body and such a horse LND, the saliva of girls of your age drips. Now I will bare you too.

Hearing this, Karona turned her face backward with her hands covered and shook her head and said, No - 2… I don't want to see you. Nor will I take off my clothes. I'm so ashamed Uncle!

Realizing the state of mind of Karona, Chinna said- Don't look good, I will not take it. You sit here on the stool. I stand behind you and give you a massage. By doing this, you will also get the point and there will not be any oil in my clothes.
Saying this, Chinna came after Karona and seated Karona from behind and placed it on this stool kept there.

Then, with both of his hands, he started pressing both his shoulders. For the first time in life, Mardana's hard but loving touch of hands ran a wrinkle in Karona's body and a strange sensation began to occur.
Chinna Bar- 2, with both hands starting from the back, going through the shoulders, taking them to the place where the bulging of kirana ki tuti started. While doing this, the hands of Chinna standing behind Karona reached the chest of Karona, then Chinna's body would come near Karona and the standing Lind of Chinna would touch Karona's back again and again.

The bastard and the expansive Chodu Chinna would have deliberately extended their hips even slightly forward, pushing LND pressure on the delicate back of Karona. By doing this again and again, a strange tingling started again in Karona's body and she started to fill the hangover.

Here, whenever Chinna brought her hands down from the shoulders to the chest, she would extend them a little further on the Tits of Karona. Little by little, the experienced hands of Harami Chinna started moving towards the knobs of Karona.

Karona was not yet aware of Chinna's motives, she was just enjoying this new and pleasant experience of her youth at her hands with her tough and experienced woman, Mardana Hands.

After doing this action two or three times, the fingers of Chinna's hands now reached the knob of Karona's teat from the top of Karona's clothes and Chinna's experienced hands made perfect guess of the nipples from above Karona's clothes. .

Now Karona started having a new experience. As soon as Chinna's fingers touched Karona's nipple, a slight sob would come out of her mouth and Karona's pussy started to leave her waist again.

Realizing the condition of Karona, Chinna gently moved her lips near Karona's ear and whispered, "Why is the daughter, queen, enjoying the massage?"
While whispering in the ear, Chodkala Praveen Chinna, using his work experience, slowly let out his tongue and slipped lightly into Karona's ear hole. And feeling both of Karona's nipples on top of the clothes she was wearing, I pressed them lightly with my hands.

Due to this action of Chinna, Karona's body ate a loud blow and despite her not wanting, I let out a shrill voice - yes, Uncle is enjoying it!

Chudakkad Chinna was just waiting for this.
Now Chinna took the next step and moved her mouth to the other ear of Karona while touching the lips with her ear and moving her tongue with a slight tongue in this ear - daughter, if you want to enjoy the ultimate massage Take off the t-shirt and then see the real fun of the massage!

And before Karona said yes, Chinna started venturing by holding her T-shirt down.
Karona also unintentionally raised her hands upstairs without any sense of unconsciousness.

Seeing the golden opportunity, Chinna quickly freed the upper body of Karona from her T-shirt.

Karona came to some senses due to the cold air of AC being upper body and shame started dominating her again. He put both his hands on both his cucumbers and bowed his head.

He was stunned to see her delicate and marble body, Chinna, she started having luck on her luck, her saliva started dripping. He was thinking that till today he will be the most beautiful body girl to come down from girl to woman.

Chinna took her position again and started massaging. Now Chinna's hands were on the bare back of Karona, which he carried forward and began to move freely under Karon's open legs.
Now her Lund Karona's naked was stumbling on the back.

Tingling hands on the cucumber - 2 Chinna Beach - 2 used to lightly suppress the delicate nipples of the karona in their chutches, which caused a fun-filled sizzle from the mouth of Karona. His breathing started getting deeper and longer. Now she used to keep both her hands on Chinna's hands in the middle and stop them there as if she was pointing that 'Please, hold my nipples in your chutes. Do not remove them from here.

Seeing the hot iron, Chinna took down her delicate nipples in the hands and pressing both the nipples lightly in a pinch, bowed down and moved her lips from her back to her neck, moving her tongue from neck to neck.
After turning the tongue in the ear hole for some time, he said - daughter, what are these?
Karona did not respond in shame.

Chinna again caught in the fist and nipples caught in her knuckles, putting some pressure on her knuckles said - daughter, don't tell me what they say?
Do it lightly - milk!
Chinna - I did not hear the daughter, just say it again?
Karona spoke a little louder - milk!

Chinna- No daughter queen, Dudhu belongs to Sharif girls, not to naughty girls, but to naughty girls, there are mamme or teas.
Chinna- Say it again, what happens?
Karona - Tits Uncle!
Chinna now just putting pressure on the nipples - what are these?
Do lightly - nipple.
While pressing Chinna nipples loudly - Speak loudly what?
Karona Khumari filled with shrill voice - Nipples.
Chinna- Well done my good daughter.

Now Chinna took the next step and stood up supporting Karona. Grabbed her hand and brought it near the bed and Chinna hung herself down on the bed and sat on the bed.
He seated Karona in the dock in such a way that Karona's back was adjacent to Chinna's stomach and Chinna's two legs were between Karona's two legs. Chinna's pillar like Lund was reaching Karona's stomach through the front of the slap covered with Karona, due to which Karona could not move beyond her place.

Chinna proceeded to prepare Karona for sex and kept kissing Karona's pussy with one hand. The other hand he started turning on Karona's soft belly and slowly increasing it downwards to that which was the real target of Chinna.

So far, Karona's virgin pussy was shedding tears due to Chodu Chinna's antics hiding in the trunks.

Now Karena had also understood that her virginity is now a short guest because she was seen in front of her eyes dying of drool dripping drooling saliva of her virgin fragile pussy ie Chinna.

He was now worried only about how this airplane-like LND would penetrate his small fragile pussy. He was getting a sense of the meaning of the red color on Chinnah's bed and LND on the previous nights.

Karona started thinking how her delicate virgin pussy would be able to bear the weight of this bombed heavy lund. But his fickle mind immediately started convincing him that for two consecutive days Chinna had made even more girls than her own women with this experienced LND, now whatever will be seen.

The story will continue

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