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Friday, April 17, 2020

Young girl and leader g4

Young girl and leader g4

It is called Lund or Aloda. Don't worry about it, it is happy with your work and saluting you and wants to get your massage done. Daughter please massage it too.

Back story: Young girl and leader G-3

Chinna said- Daughter, back massage is enough, now I turn and massage my chest too.
Karona was happy thinking this and she got up from under the bed.

Chinna turned back while turning. Karona notices that the emergence of lungi had become much more than before. Seeing Karona staring at her LND, the woman was very happy, thinking that now after a while, the virgin water of Karona's pussy will be found for my Nagraj to taste.

He said- Come daughter, take position as before and start the massage.
Karona, who was getting happy just a minute ago, now started thinking that where Chinna is asking to sit, there is no more Chinnna's ass, which will take her delicate little pussy from within her clothes and His bachelor will taste the water.

Karona was all thinking that Chinna again interrupted - come daughter, why are you nervous? Only work of 15 minutes, finish the instant massage and go to sleep.

After listening to Chinna, Karona's body was dissolved and taking the previous position to massage, she now understood this thing, it is talking of 15 minutes but now she kept her virginity for 22 years for a few moments. Is a guest. No matter how much a woman like Chinna was behaving softly, she had seen in the last two days that the bull of this bull has a habit of tasting pussy water every night. After some time, her virgin virgin fragile little pussy will die under her bumptile lund.

Here, Chinna also did not look good in her daughter's clothes. Now that mind got busy planning ahead.

Kareena started blushing with fear, slowly down her virgin pussy to stay on Chinna's Lund with clothes. On getting the first touch of pussy on LND, Chinna's cannon gave a full salute, that is, she ate a loud blow. Whom Karona got caught by the daughter's fragile pussy, and despite not wanting, a suppressed Sisakari came out of the Karona daughter's mouth. The experienced woman chinna immediately listened and was happy.

Karona did not put all her weight on Chinna's Lund due to inner hesitation and women Sulabhaya. Sensing this, Chinna immediately pulled her hands down on both the thighs of the Karona daughter and pulled her down and stuck her arms vertically between the delicate pussy slices of the Karona daughter.

With this sudden attack, Karona's vigorous sobriquet came out and as soon as her eyes met Chinna, Chinna immediately hit her eye. Karona was blushing badly with this double attack.

Meanwhile, Chinna held a bottle of oil in her hands.

Karona hesitated and started to massage Chinna's chest with her hands.
Because Karona was constantly having to go back and forth due to the massage, her pussy was already soaked with water and now she was forced to leave the water after filling the rules as per nature and the fear of Karona became true. Karona's pussy now started drenching Chinna's LND with its water.

Although the experienced Chinna had realized this, he deliberately remained unaware as he wanted to heat the iron a little more before the last injury.

Here, Chinna's LND was now on her full size after getting the heat of her pussy. On the other hand, due to the constant rubbing of virgin pussy, Karona was starting to miss sixes and her breathing was heavy and she was getting close to loss.

But Chinna did not want this yet because she had to torment her karona daughter by heating her up.
So he grabbed Karona's hand and stopped her from doing the massage.

Chinna did not like to do this trick at all because she was close to loss and Karona's delicate uncut pussy was starting to enjoy the heat of Lund.

Karona started staring into Chinna's eyes like a wounded lioness. Red lusts of lust were floating in Karona's eyes.

But the experienced Lundaite Chinna wanted to progress this game in a similar manner and take Karona in such a situation where the delicate karona of a educated high family, with folded hands, inaugurated her virgin fragile pussy from the vicious lady of the illiterate criminal tendency The bombings started to plead to get black flame.

That is why it was necessary to stop the clumsy Karona in the game of Chodi Chodi before losing it because Chinna wanted to keep the reins in her hands.

Chinna said in the greed to increase the heat of her LND- Daughter, turn your fingers in circles around the nipples on my chest. Doing this removes all the fatigue.

After reaching close to the ejaculation, Chhinna's naive rage caused her to stop making a circle with fingertips around her nipples by submerging her thumb and index finger in oil.

By doing this, Chinna's LND stood up completely and got tight.
But right now Chinna's LND was leaning towards her stomach, that's why Karona felt nothing more than just a hard pole.

Now Chinna said - Karona daughter, hold my nipples in a pinch!
Bholi Karona caught both Chinna's nipples in one go.

Suddenly, Chinna got angry at the attack, her LND ate a blow which Karona felt. And in excitement Chinna shrunk her outstretched legs. Suddenly, due to the shrinking of legs, Chinna's stiff Lund tied lungi and came out from the middle of the stomach towards her navel while rubbing the daughter's pussy.

His purple-colored big face, drenched in his and Karona's mixed kamaras, came out in front of Karona's eyes. Seeing this, a slight scream was made by Karona.

But experienced Chinna sensed the situation and made it look as if nothing had happened. He told Karona to concentrate on the massage.

But even while pinching Chinna's nipples repeatedly, her fearful and fearful eyes were sitting on the stretched fun of Nagaraja doing chicks on Chinna's stomach.
Now the vicious Chinna did the next trick. He said - Daughter, now sitting here, apply oil on my head too.

Karona, who had now left the hull in Chinna's hands, obeyed his words and started applying oil on Chinna's forehead while leaning forward and due to repeated bending, Chinna and Karona's body was next The part started eating with each other.

Whenever Karona bent forward in an attempt to massage her forehead, the knobs of her nipples imprisoned in her top would have touched the hard hair of Chinnah's naked chest, giving Karona a fun experience.

Due to increasing hangover, Karona now intentionally repeating this action imprisoned herself in her top and started rubbing her nipples with her cunt and vigorously rubbing Chinna's chest hair.

Sensing the situation due to Karona's heavy breaths, Chinna took the next step and, with the help of hands behind Karona's fists, slipped the Karona daughter forward on her stomach and said- daughter, now put oil in your hair too two.

Now due to Karona moving further in this new position, Karona's Tits absolutely came in the range of dark black thick lips of Chinna. Now as soon as Karona bowed down to apply oil, Chinna's breath of breath hit the delicate clothes of the daughter Karona while piercing the top fabric.

Now Karona began to deliberately reduce the distance between Chinna's lips and her nipples. And there came a time when Karona's delicate right nipple touches Chinna's rough black lips.

Chinna's face was bloodied, she did not delay as soon as the next time Karona leaned forward, taking out her long tongue and lightly flipped it on the right knob covered in the top of the daughter.

With this new experience, Ganngai Karona got the tongue turned on the left knob the next time. Each time, different tit started doing karona crazy.
Here the vicious Chinna was increasing the pressure of the tongue.

Now Karona's next lesson was Bari.
For this, Chinna next took a knob of Karona's teat from the top of the top to her rough lips and grabbed the second teat knob in a pinch with one hand.
The clumsy Karona got very upset with this double new experience and got down from the bed and stood down.

As soon as he did this, about 8 inches thick Kala Lund pressed under Karona's clits stood up with a jerk and came out of lungi and started looking at Karona.
His Bhujang-like Lund stood on the roof of the bus and as if a missile is ready to fly on the launching pad.

Seeing this form of LND, Karona said- Oh so big!
Hearing this, Chinna's laughter came out and she said with a laugh - daughter, Susu belongs to children, it is called LND or Aloda. And do not worry about it, it has stood up happy with the massage of my nipples done by you and is happy with your good work and is saluting you and has started going to get your massage done. Daughter please massage it too.

By now, Karona had moved forward a lot, she could not understand what it was doing to her.

In the same turbulence, his hands suddenly moved towards Chinna Uncle's Lund. As soon as Karona felt a hand, LND ate a bit of a shock. In Karona's small hands, LND looked like a big pole and could not fit into his fist.

Despite keeping both hands up and down, a large part of LND was left up and down.

Karona was extremely impressed by this bomb-peeled LND of Chitta, holding LND in her hands and was checking this one-eyed snake very closely with her astonishing eyes.

The story will continue

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