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Friday, April 17, 2020

Young Girl and Leader G-6

Young Girl and Leader G-6

These actions had such an effect that his shame had now gone out of the bus. He decided to handover the fate of her fragile pussy to her LND.

Back story: Young girl and leader G5

Karona started thinking how her delicate virgin pussy would be able to bear the weight of this bombed heavy lund. But his fickle mind immediately started convincing him that for two consecutive days Chinna had made even more girls than her own women with this experienced LND, now whatever will be seen.

Karona does not even have a dream that in a while, this woman-experienced chinna will force her clumsy bitch with her sexy tricks to force her to sizzle like drops of water lying on the hot pan and chinna's She will beg LND to get her delicate uncut pussy pierced.

Karona felt that the fingers of one of Chinna's hands were now slowly moving towards her virgin pussy and finally started caressing her. These actions of Chinna were setting a strange fire in Karona's body. All she knew was that she was enjoying it very much, her shyness was slowly leaving her side.

Now Chinna increased the pressure of her index finger on the clitoris (pussy rash) of Karona. This was another new experience for Karona. Veteran Chodu Chinna was defeating Karona's youth with a new wager, because now, due to the youthful drunkenness and chinna's fingers, there was a fun-filled sizzle from Karona's mouth.

Understanding the fragility of time, Chinna suddenly put her hand in the side of Karona and did not spoil it. Karona's face was on the other side and Karona's butts were on Chinna's side.
In this posture, Chinna stuck fingers in Karona's elastic to the slacks and slid her panties down in one stroke.
Karona's round and white butts were naked.

As soon as the panties and slacks descended, Karona's fragile virgin pussy's cool smell spread in the room and hit the chinna bull's nostrils. Upon realizing this, Chinna's weapon took a great grip and started preparing for further war.

Chinna tried to lift Karona's left leg in an attempt to separate slacks and panties from Karona's body. But Karona herself raised both legs one by one and after saying goodbye to Slacks and Panty, Madarjat became naked.

Now Chinna said - Girl, turn to me and let me see your precious beauty!
Karona ignored the matter in shame.

But Chinna stood on the bed and went in front of Karona.
Karona shrugged and rubbed both her legs together and put both her hands on her tits.

Chinna moved forward and raised Karona's tilted head, holding her chin with the support of the fingers of one hand, and proceeded to kiss her deeply, placing her hard black lips on Karona's delicate pink lips.

With his other hand, Karona's hands were removed from the chest. Karona was immersed in Chinna's kiss. Now Chinna's tongue was counting the teeth of Karona by ending the virginity of her mouth. In this position, Chinna took Karona backwards and laid her on her bed with her arms.

Karona was breathing heavily and her cunts were down and giving a feast to tasting her Chinna uncle whom Chinna also came to bed to eat.
He sat next to the lying karona and leaned forward with his tongue and started teasing the nipple of the right nipple of Karona. With the pinch of his left hand, Karona started to gently squeeze the left nipple.

Then he extended his right hand towards Karona's naked pussy.

Surprised by this triple attack, he also rubbed both his legs vigorously.

But the experienced Chodu Chinna did not force anyone. He would gently tease her right nipple with the tongue, then make circles around it, sometimes pressing it in the lips and kissing it with light pressure.
And the action would be done with the mouth, the same would do with his left hand with his left nipple.

Simultaneously Chinna fluttered lightly on the joint of the stranded legs of Karona on the right hand.

Running all these activities together had such an effect on Karona that her shame had gone out of the bus now. He had decided to decide the fate of himself and his fragile pussy, now handing it over to Chinna and his bomb-bearer.

And after a little hard work of Chinna, Karona slowly started spreading her legs. Now Chinna started rubbing her pussy teat with finger.
Karona's mouth exploded loudly. Karona did not know when she spread both her legs completely and widened.

Here, experienced Chinna took advantage of this and started trying to open the door of her wet virgin pussy with finger. Gradually, he inserted a finger in the pussy up to 2 inches.
After getting the seal of Karona's pussy absolutely safe, Chinna jumped with happiness and her Lund started to hum with joy.

Now Chinna moved and sat in the middle of the two legs of Karona and, with both her hands extended, grabbed Karona's nipples in both chutches and leaned forward and stuck her tongue on Karona's wet pussy.

Chinna chuckled at this action and said - what are you doing, Uncle?
Chodu Chinna stood on his knees between his two outstretched legs, cuddling his LND and putting his eyes in the eyes of Karona said - The girl's game is too much. This is now a preparation for your sex. You go see now… First I will lick your pussy with the tongue. Then I will suck you my LND. Then you will automatically tell me, 'Chinna Uncle me Chodo' and now listen carefully to me ... Now stop blushing and see my eyes by putting eyes in my eyes and become completely prostitute with your uncle. Make your nose landing memorable. This golden opportunity comes only once in life.

Chinna had come on her own now. He was not ashamed of the daughter of a educated senior officer and was talking to Karona in the same way that a witch talk to a prostitute.
Karona was also enjoying these things of Chinna and she was now shamelessly looking into Chinna's eyes.

Chinna bent down again and started licking Karona's delicate pussy teat with tongue and Karona's discomfort started increasing. Chinna kept licking her pussy for about two minutes and kept nipples of both her nipples with a pinch.

Karona also started to shake her head here and there. He could not understand why his body was starting to get lighter. Karona's virgin pussy was soaking Chinna's mouth after raining water. With this action of Chinna, she was very close to the loss, gradually reaching the peak.

But just before Karona reached the peak, the experienced Chinna sensed this situation of Karona and reached near to complete loss with the motive of torturing Karona and took her mouth off her dripping pussy.

Kareena aroused anger at this act of hers and started staring and looking for revenge like a serpent with fiery red eyes.

But not caring about this, the experienced Chinna sat on his knees between the legs of Karona. He took both of Karona's legs up on his shoulders and peeked into his angry eyes shamelessly licking the supine nut of his larynx in the face of Karona's delicate and yet virgin pussy and began to feel a little bit ragged.

The hot brawl and smooth man's first masculine touch on her delicate pussy made Karona a different fun and new experience. He felt that a burning ember was being rubbed on his pussy.

Karona's fun had now reached its peak. But Chinna played the trick again, he used to beat Lund's supine four-five times on the pussy and take it back. Karona's water bin became like a fish lying on dry and hot sand. She was no longer tolerated for a moment by removing Chinna from her pussy.

Here, the playful, Visharad Chinna was not getting hurt by this act. He would look into Karona's eyes with lustful eyes, apply four to five light punches, and lind back, licking the tongue on his black lips.

Now Karona started trying to stop Chinna from going away from herself by getting both her legs off her shoulders and wrapping them around her waist and bouncing her pussy upwards and not letting the chinna touch her. Failed trying

In the end, forced to do it by his lust, constantly shamelessly staring at Chinna, bid - Uncle please don't do anything… I am not stopping now.

Chinna - So what can I do, tell me yourself, daughter?
Karona- I don't know… Just do something quickly.

Chinna- tell your daughter openly, what do you expect from your Chinna uncle i.e. the leader of your region?
Karona, now abandon all the remaining shame and shamelessly put eyes in Chinna's eyes and bid - Leader please save your subjects. Don't remove your LND from her pussy.

The story will continue

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