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Young Girl and Leader G-3

Young Girl and Leader G-3

She knew that it was the last day of her virginity. With the imagery of the situation to come, her pimple filled her pimples, her nipples became firmer, her pussy was covered with water.

Back story: Young girl and leader G-2

As soon as she went inside the tights, she started waving her wet wet pussy for the first time. And as soon as Karona's fingers accidentally hit Karona's clitoris, suddenly her whole body became like a storm and her whole body started trembling like a dry leaf.
Karona lost her life. Karona had not experienced such a pleasant experience in 22 years of life. Fainting took place all over the body.

Slowly Karena came to be aware But the bus kept on shaking for a long time. After that, again the loud voice of Chinna was heard which was beyond the comprehension of Karona.

After a while, the sound of Chinna's bedroom door opened. She dared to peek outside the bus and saw that the girl stumbled and fell while walking. Perhaps she could not bear the loud banging of the huge Lund of the girl Chinna with innocent tenderness.
The attendant picked him up on his lap and made him sit in a car.

After that Chinna came to the bathroom like yesterday and lit the light. But today instead of silent silence, he opened half the door towards Karona. Karona kept pretending to sleep quietly covering her face.
After that Chinna started mumbling with remorse.

Karona's room was dark and the light was burning in the bathroom. Due to this situation, Chinna could not see Karona but Karona Chinna could see clearly. Taking advantage of this situation, Karona slowly removed her little sheet and looked at the bathroom and was stunned.

Chinna was standing with her hands on her hips and about half of her standing LND looked like a hose pipe. The wee coming out of it seemed as if a small thick tubewell was moving.

Now Karena understood why that poor girl fell.

After pissing, Chinna held LND in the hand and cleaned the litter up and down and went to sleep.

Karona fell asleep immediately due to being tired due to all the actions of the day, and probably for the first time in her life.

On the other hand, Chinna was sure that the pigeon has taken full stock of LND and the iron has become completely hot. Now he was completely satisfied that the pigeon was trapped in his web and after a little hard work yesterday he would ask for my LND.

The woman was also convinced that Karona is not as kamasin and silly as those girls. And Karona's body is fully fit for her heavy lund. Just after heating Karona a little, once she opens her commissioned virgin pussy seal, after that Karona will become a slave of Lund and during the entire election campaign day and night her lund is served with her mouth, pussy and maybe even ass. Will do
While thinking this, tired mother Chinna fell asleep.

The next day when Karona woke up, it was almost 11 o'clock and after hearing the voice of the loud speaker, she understood that Chinna was addressing an election meeting.
Karona got up and began to retire from her daily work.

After about an hour, Karona also started making her notes.
The whole day went out of whack and the day's campaigning ended.

After the end of the campaign, Chinna was having a meeting with local leaders in the bus lobby. Meanwhile, after washing her face, Karona wore her red night dress. (Which was probably Karona's fault) and began to rest in her room.

Now Karona's heart started beating thinking that just like everyday, today an innocent girl will come from outside and lose her virility in this bus.
After some time the attendant knocked on the door and said- Baby dinner is ready, you come. Netaji is waiting for you.

Karona arrived in the dining area with a beating heart.
Looking at Karona in a red knight dress, Chinna got a strange glow in her eyes and her mouth remained open.
He said cautiously, Karona daughter, today you are looking very beautiful.
Hearing her, Karona Sharma smiled and started serving food sitting on the dining table.

While eating, Chinna was eyeing the beauty of Karona with the ears. Karona was also minding her own mind.

After eating food, Chinna suddenly went under the bus and called the attendant down.
Karona did not understand anything.
In 2 minutes, Chinna came back and called the attendant to her and said - Brother today was very busy, I am very tired, the body is in dire need of massage.

Hearing the attendant went away and Karona's heart started beating thinking that the same daily routine would now start again.
When Karona got up and started going to her room, Chinna said - Daughter, sit with me till the masseur comes.

Acting to smile, Karona sat down with a beating heart and started talking here and there.
But Chinna had her eyes fixed on Karona's chest and lusts were floating in her eyes. But perhaps due to some hesitation, Chinna was not able to start with me.

Meanwhile, the attendant came in the bus and said- Sir, today we are in a remote area. Therefore no masseuse was found. I am sorry sir.

Chinna got frustrated by this and she said - Today was a busy day and it will be very difficult to get ready for tomorrow's work without body massage.
Then the attendant did Karona and while looking, said- Sir, you can take help from Karona for massage because it is your personal secretary and it will definitely help you. I'm right, don't you, Madam?

Karona was very shocked by this proposal of the attendant. Now Karona started to understand something about why Netaji had gone down from the bus after eating. They probably went to make a plan together with the attendant that the attendant should come in a while to say that the masseuse was not found and then there was a plan to implicate Karona.

Now Karona's heart was beating harder. He felt that he would come out after tearing Karona's chest. Karona's Rome was thrilled by sensing the situation of Rome.

He turned his face to Chinna without saying anything. He saw Chinna smiling.
And he immediately said- Yes, it is a good idea. And I know that Karona is a very good girl and she will definitely help me in this situation. Will you help me?

Karona's heart was beating very hard what she could say. He thought that I was trapped today!
And in this case he said- Okay, I will help but only for 15 minutes! Because I am tired too.
Chinna said- Thank you, 15 minutes is enough for me!

The attendant and Chinna got their eyes together and a mysterious grin floated on their lips. After that the attendant got off the bus looking at me.

After that Chinna took hold of Karona and walked into her cabin (Chodghar).

Karona also walked behind Chinna with a beating heart in a state of unease. Chinna's black thick bhujang was coming again and again in his thoughts. She was thinking that perhaps it was the last day of her virginity. With the imagination of the coming situation, his cucumber filled his throat and his knobs came down completely. Her pussy got covered with salt water.

After reaching the room, Chinna asked her to sit on the bed, entered the bathroom herself and after a while, came topless in lungi only.
Karona notices that Chinna is not even wearing her underwear because Lungi was swinging from the front due to her open lund. Karona was impressed by his perfect masculine body, his chest covered with hair.

Tremendous woman, Chhinna quickly insisted that Karona was staring at her, especially the enemy of her pussy swinging in her lungi.
Chinna was considering it half his victory.

But she decided to play a game because she was confident in herself that Karona would plead for her to fuck her within an hour. So he just lay on the bed and he said - Start the daughter massage.

Karona came to her senses and applied some oil on her palm with an oil bottle and started massaging by standing on one side of the bed.

It was an unconvincing situation to do massage, sensing it, Chinna said - Daughter, such a massage will not be done and your dress will also deteriorate. You do this, come to the bed and sit on top of me like you sit on a horse. Keep both of my body and one foot.
Karona hesitantly climbed on the bed and stood with one foot on either side of Chinna and started to lean down and massage her.

The vicious Chinna immediately played the next walk and said - Daughter not like this, sit on your ass with your bum and then massage.
Karona was shocked to hear open and native words like ass and bum. A wrinkle ran across her body, and she hesitatingly sat down her delicate and soft butts on Chinna's hard ass.

Because Chinna's entire ass was covered with hard black hair and she wore a thin lungi. Because of this, Karona's daughter's delicate and soft butts and cumming pussy were feeling clean from within her soft and soft clothes while rubbing the roughness of that buffalo-like Chinna's ass hair back and forth due to rubbing.

And due to the feeling of this masculine touch, due to the velocity of the natural feelings of the woman in her heart, her pussy was filled with water to fill her pussy. Now he started to fear that in a short time his tights would get wet and his night dress would get wet.
And if this continues, Chinna's lungi will also get wet.

Earlier, his fears would be proved true, Chinna said- daughter, back massage is enough, now I turn and massage my chest too.
Karona was happy thinking this and she got up from under the bed.

The story will continue

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