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Friday, April 17, 2020

Young girl and leader g-2

Young girl and leader g-2

As soon as she went inside the tights, she started waving her wet wet pussy for the first time. And as soon as Karona's fingers accidentally hit Karona's clitoris, suddenly there was a storm in her whole body and…

Back story: Young girl and leader G-1

After dinner the attendant of the bus came in and said to Chinna - Sir, you must be very tired due to the busy day today. The masseur has come for the massage, you should go to your bedroom and get the massage refreshed. Tomorrow's day is busier than today.
Chinna said- Okay, send the masseur.
Saying this, he went to his bedroom and Karona started helping the attendant in the pot.

Suddenly, Karona was shocked to see a teenage girl boarding the bus. Understanding Karona's gesture, the attendant told- this girl will massage the sahib.
Hearing this, Karona got a bit of a shock. The girl was two years younger than Karona.

Karona was not so innocent that she could not understand what kind of massage the girl was going to give to Chinna. Karona was thrilled to think that her bedroom was right next door.

When that girl went into Chinna's bedroom and closed the door from inside, Karona's heart started beating fast. Karona also came to her bed in the bedroom with a fast beating heart.
She was trying to hear in the silence of the night what Chinna was doing with that innocent kamasin bud.

After a few minutes he heard a soft voice from Chinna's bedroom, guessing that it was Chinna's moaning and sobbing.

After a while, Chinna's moaning and sighing sound stopped. Then after a few screeching voices, the girl's moaning and sighs started coming and after some time she felt that there were jerks in the bus. Now he was sure what was happening in the other room. She was not so innocent as what is happening between Chinna and that girl in that room because she had so many married friends.
She knows that now after getting the girl massaged in the beginning, now Chinna is massaging the girl and making her flower from bud.

All this was happening because it was just a few meters from Karona. Thinking about this, Karona was in a bad condition, strange sensations started to feel in her body, she felt that her nipples were hardened and some virgin sticky substance came out of her virgin raw pussy and was drenching the tights in her juice. .

When Karona touched her nipples, she had another sensation. Then she reached her pussy and when she touched it she got a new sensation, which she had never experienced, but she was still so innocent that she did not know what to do next. He did not know how to masturbate.

She just kept listening to the sounds coming from the other room. He noticed that the groaning voice of the masseur girl has become very loud. About 20 minutes have passed but the bus is still eating tremors.
And after 5 minutes he heard Chinna's loud voice like a bull. Karona does not know what has happened to Chinna. He also saw that the bus has stopped taking jerks, now there was silence, Karona was also tired so she fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, he again felt that the bus was jerking again and that the girl's voice was moaning again.

When he looked at his watch, it was 4 o'clock in the morning. She was surprised what this man is doing. He is fucking that girl like it is the last day of her life and the last girl. He guessed that this would be Chinna's fifth or sixth round. He was very kind to the girl from that innocent girl.

Again he heard a loud voice from Chinna's mouth and after some 10 minutes he heard the sound of the bedroom door opening.
He guessed that now that girl will be going back.

He peeked out of the window and saw that innocent girl stuttering in the dark.

Then Karona lay quietly in the bathroom after listening to something.

Chinna burnt the bathroom light. With a little shimmy, Chinna's Kala Bhusand nude body was visible.
Karona's whole body began to tremble under excitement, the knobs of her taut stiffened and her virgin soft pussy involuntarily began to wet her tights again.

There was a loud sound of churning of chinna from the bathroom. Chinna was deliberately warming Karona by leaving a torrent of wee under the water of the commode.
He was sure that his karona queen must have awakened and after hearing all this, the young spirits of her young body would be filling up.
A woman who was preparing Chhorna slowly, was willing to serve her LND.

Now Karona had understood how Chinna was calming her lust despite being a loner. Karona's outlook had completely changed towards Chinna.

Karona woke up at 6 in the morning and entered the inbuilt common toilet located between the two bedrooms. He saw that a small light was coming from the side of the door from the side of Chinna's bedroom. This means that Chinna did not set her lap.

She went to the door without making any noise and, after mustering up some courage, peeped into Chinna's room, her body got a shock. He saw that Chinna is sleeping on his back. His black roasted body is shining because of the oil. Between his legs is a dragon-like black thick pestle-like Lund, which, despite the withering, will force the good men to shame. Under the LND, the apple shape was visible and there were red spots on the white sheet in many places, it was looking purple due to red spots on the black LND.

Seeing this view, Karona's Hulk withered and he quickly closed the door with trembling hands.

Chinna, who was pretending to sleep, had understood that the pigeon had swallowed the grain. Now Delhi is not far away
And turning his hand on his Alore said to him - Be ready, brother-in-law… The sweet juice of virgin pussy of this pigeon is going to be destined for you in one half day.

The scene is still fresh in front of Karona's eyes as she saw the cocks for the first time and that too was huge. But she was also thinking about the red color on the bedsheet. He did not understand so much about where this red color came on the bed of sheets and Chinna.

When Karona woke up in the morning, it was 8 o'clock in the morning, she quickly went through her routine when she came out of her room.
Chinna was having her breakfast.
Saying good morning, Chinna greeted her and invited her for breakfast. Karona sat in the chair in front of her. She noticed that Chinna has a strange smile on her face today, she understood the reason behind it.

After finishing breakfast, Chinna ordered her staff to start the tour. During the day, Karona noticed that though Chinna's behavior was normal, but whenever he looked into her eyes, that same strange smile would come on her face.

The day passed.

After some rest, dinner order was given and both started their dinner.

After dinner, Karona anticipated that the attendant would accompany the masseuse girl and Chinna would again take the girl to her room for a massage.

But after some waiting the attendant said- Sir, today another masseuse has come.
The attendant said- Sir, it is a little clumsy. But somehow you run the business!
After saying this he went away.

And Chinna looked towards Karona with a lustful grin and went into her bedroom.
Karona wanted to stop there and see the girl with that massage. After a while Karona was surprised to see that an absolutely innocent 18-19 year old girl asked Karona - Madam, do you want to massage me?
Pointing towards Chinna's bedroom, Karona hesitantly said - No, go there, Netaji has to be done there.

She went to Chinna's bedroom looking at Karona from innocent eyes.

Karona came quietly to her room and quietly listened to the wall of the adjacent room. Just like yesterday, after a few scattering patches of chinna and chink of strange sounds started coming from the girl's mouth. Then after a while, a loud scream of that girl was heard, after that the loud sounds of that girl started coming.

Now, just like yesterday, it started jerking loudly. After about 10 minutes, the girl had turned into a loud Siskar. The bus kept moving for about half an hour. After that Chinna hit like a bull with a loud burp and then everything became calm.

Karona's whole body was trembling badly in excitement, her hair was standing, the circles had dried up, the cucumber had cracked. His knobs wanted to come out after tearing the shirt. The tights had become completely wet due to the terrible flow from Karona's pussy. Karona had become like a fish lying on dry land. He could not understand what had happened to him, what kind of a hangover it has been.

Karona lay down quietly and tried to sleep while calming herself.

Now Karona was about to sleep that the bus started moving again. The girl's loud Siskaris were heard. Karona too immediately took her shirt up and started turning her hands on her tight tits.
And as soon as Karona accidentally caught her nipples, her body got a bit of a shock and she became very excited.

It was a completely new experience for him. Unintentionally one of his hands went inside the trunks.
Karona keeps her jaunt clean due to her liking of cleaning, she cleaned her pussy hair a day before the tour.

As soon as she went inside the tights, she started waving her wet wet pussy for the first time. And as soon as Karona's fingers accidentally hit Karona's clitoris, suddenly her whole body became like a storm and her whole body started trembling like a dry leaf.
Karona lost her life. Karona had not experienced such a pleasant experience in 22 years of life. Fainting took place all over the body.

The story will continue

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