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Friday, April 17, 2020

Young girl and leader g-1

Young girl and leader g-1

A girl doing research in political science lived with a candidate leader during the elections and studied her activities. What did he know about that leader?

It is a story based on a true incident during the 2004 general elections campaigning for the 14th Lok Sabha. I am also hiding the name and constituency of the political party and using fictitious names for the characters involved in the said incident.

A 22-year-old student named Karona, who received an MA degree in political science from a large and renowned university, was writing her thesis on the growing influence of criminal elements in the Indian political system.
To complete her work, she studies the election campaign of Chinna, an MP.

Chinna (fictional name) is contesting from a seat he has been winning for the last three times and was going to contest the same seat for the fourth time.

Karona's special interest in Chinna was that he was a famous criminal 20 years ago, he committed a lot of heinous crimes and later contested elections and entered politics.
Chinna is still a loner and says that she devoted her entire life to serve poor people. But in reality she is a confirmed woman.
During his research, he came to know that the common people of his constituency are very happy with him and no one speaks against him.

Before continuing my story I would like to introduce my story to the main characters Karona and Chinna Khan.

Karona is the only daughter of a senior IAS officer. She is a very beautiful girl who is regularly attending beauty contests in her college. She is also an adventurous girl.

Chinna Khan is a big walled man of about 6.5 feet height, who is black in color and is a very influential speaker.

When the election dates were announced and Chinna was given a ticket for the fourth time in a row by her party, Karona met Chinnah somehow using her father's influence.

She reached the Chinna office at around four in the evening. He had to wait outside Chinna's office for about 15 minutes. Then the peon asked him to go inside.
When she entered the office, there was no one there, so she herself sat in an empty chair.

After 4-5 minutes a huge person with a grand personality came out of the enclosed toilet and introduced himself as Chinna - I'm sorry Madam, you had to wait so long, you know these are election days And there is very little time left for the election and I was busy finalizing my strategies.

In the meantime, Chinna moved towards doing hands in a handshake posture.
Karona- Oh it's all right, I know you're a busy man.

Chinna- By the way, daughter, why did you come here?
Karona- Sir, I am doing some research work on the Indian political system and I want to be with you during this election campaign, Sir I would be very grateful if you allow me to join you on your campaign.
Chinna- Oh no, it would be a matter of great pleasure for me to be with such a beautiful girl during my busy schedule.

Karona- Thank you sir, but when will you start your tour.
Chinna - It will be tomorrow morning, and listen as you know that my constituency is very big, the journey will be for at least 15 days and you have to carry all your daily belongings and extra clothes, etc.
Karona - Okay sir, I will come here tomorrow morning. Now I have to leave because a lot of packing has to be done, thanks sir.

When Karona was walking out of the room, Chinna was looking at the ass slamming from behind her and was thinking that she would enjoy campaigning differently with a girl like such a delicate raw bud.
And he started planning how he was going to lure her because he was not in the mood to try anything with her. On the contrary, he was slowly trying to inaugurate his virgin virgin pussy with the will of Kareena by lovingly impressing her.
She knows that she is the daughter of an IAS officer and this could be fatal for her political career.

Thinking this, there was tremendous tension in Chinna's 8 inch huge Lund and immediately he called his office chaprasan and put his LND in his mouth. And within a few minutes, the whole merchandise was dropped and left in his mouth.

Today, Chapadasan was also surprised how this haywan fell so quickly because she knew that once the bull starts, it blows her pussy for at least an hour.

He had listened to Chinna and Karona sitting outside. He was pitying the poor Komalangi, thinking about the tremendous fuck he was having. She had understood that during the 15-day election campaign, Chinna would blow Karona's virgin pussy and make it her Bhosra.

On the other hand, after leaving the room, Karona was very impressed with Chinna's personality. Especially his eyes and his voice were both deep. And in the first meeting he was able to attract any body.
So he thought that perhaps he was so popular among the public, despite being a criminal due to these qualities.

The next day Karona woke up early and reached Chinna's office from home with her bag and luggage.

There was a lot of activity going on outside of Chinna's office as Chinna planned a function to start her election campaign and invited many media people to cover the event.

The office chapadasan recognized him and asked him to sit in the front row of the chairs as there was a large gathering and Chinna is about to address the gathering and party workers.

Suddenly people started shouting Chinna Bhai Zindabad, Jeetega Bhai Chinna Bhai Jeetega etc.

Chinna received a grand reception. He reached the podium, where he was garlanded by many big businessmen and others.
As Karona was sitting in the front row, Chinna recognized him on seeing him and gestured and called him on stage and asked him to sit on one of the chairs on the stage.

Karona was extremely pleased with this respect.

Chinna then began her speech with her deep voice and told the people about the developmental work done during her previous tenures and fulfilling the promises made during the previous campaign.
At the end of the speech, he mentioned the names of various people whom he had made election incharge of various constituencies in his constituency.

Then she suddenly took the name of Karona and said that Miss Karona will be my personal secretary for this campaign.
Almost everyone saw Karona and Karona was overwhelmed by this sudden attention. All the media cameras were on Karona and she was overwhelmed by all this.

Here Chinna had all the attention on the queen hidden in the trunks of Karona.

When the convoy of vehicles left, Chinna said to Karona - Daughter, you will be with me in my specially designed Volvo bus.

A hole was made in the roof of the bus, which Chinna had to use during the campaign for the speech etc. by standing on the lift in the bus.
In addition, the bus had two rooms at the back and a common toilet in the middle. To the front there was a lobby for meetings and another kitchen and another dining area in the middle. There was a glass partition between the driver's cabin and the rear. The entire bus was air conditioned.

Chinna asked Karona to transfer her belongings to a room which is on the back side of the bus.
And said that since his constituency is very backward and there are no resthouses or hotels to stay during the tour, this arrangement has been made.

Chinna told Karona- You are my special guest on this tour.
Karona thanked Chinna for the special facilities being given to her and asked her why she had announced his name as his personal secretary.
He said that this will help him in Karona's research work as he has to handle a lot of work while working as a private secretary, which will help him to study the election system.
Karona again thanked Chinna and began to shift her luggage to the room.

The day was very long and Chinna gave speeches at many places.

Karona was noticing that Chinna was very popular among the public. Wherever he stayed, there was a huge gathering of people.
In the conversation, Chinna was calling Karona as her daughter and during this time she did not try to touch Karona even once.

Because Chinna was a seasoned woman, and in this case, doing was an easy prey for her. But he did not want to hurry at all. He had full faith in his work art that due to his activities, doing will automatically come under his LND.
And he was waiting for the night for which he planned at around 10.30 in the night.

Good dinner was arranged in the bus itself. After dinner, the attendant of the bus came in and said to Chinna - Sir, you must be very tired due to the busy day today. The masseur has come for the massage, you should go to your bedroom and get the massage refreshed. Tomorrow's day is busier than today.
Chinna said- Okay, send the masseur.
Saying this, he went to his bedroom and Karona started helping the attendant in the pot.

The story will continue

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