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Wish to fuck wife with a guard

Wish to fuck wife with a guard

I want to fuck my wife with a non-man. A friend of mine had kissed his wife's pussy with a non-man. Read how his friend's wife was fuck.

The first sentence of my story is to get my wife a fuck and reward.

Hello friends, my name is Dharma Jain, age 36 years, length is five feet eight inches. I am a very attractive and muscular man. The size of my penis is 6 inches and it is very thick.

This is my first sex story on this site of world famous Hindi sex story .

This story belongs to me and my wife. My wife's name is Kusum. I and Kusum love each other very much. It has been seven years since our marriage. We have not had any children yet, but both of us are very happy with our sex life.

I definitely fuck Kusum 3 times a week and she also picks me up by taking pleasure of my cock and licks me. My wife is so sexy and attractive to see that any man's cock can be erected after seeing it. Kusum is 5 feet 5 inches tall, his body is absolutely blonde and grainy. Her pussy is very tight and bloated and the ass is also upright.

She looks absolutely good in a sari. When I see her in a sari, I feel like picking up the sari and licking her bloated pussy and licking it. Overall, it is a number one piece of goods.

Our married life was going well. But because of being a regular reader of introspection, I have read a lot of stories, due to which I also wanted to see my wife fucking another non-man. I wanted Kusum to lift my ass in front of me from a non-male with his free will and I would lick his face to see his sensuous and excited face. But the problem was how to prepare Kusum to fuck with another man.

For this, I told my very close friend Avinash about this desire, who had already given his wife to a non-man.

Today, you hear this story from the mouth of the same friend Avinash, how he had prepared his wife Ritu to fuck another man.

Once upon a time… winter was on and the geyser of the house was not working. One day while going to duty, I told the janitor under the building to fix it. The watchman gave the key of my apartment to the mechanic and sent it to my apartment to repair the geyser. At that time my wife Ritu was in her room and I could not come back early in the afternoon for not doing much work in the office. When I came back home in the evening, Ritu was sleeping in the room. I saw Ritu sleeping very badly and her sari was above her knees. Both his legs were wide open and kept wide.

Seeing her perfectly white anus fleshy thighs widened like this, I also started to see her lush pussy and lick it. Seeing her black panties peeking from between her fair white thighs, it seemed as if she was inviting you to fuck. My mind also started seeing him in this situation and tried to fuck him.

I put my bag on the side and sat down slowly with it and started sniffing her pussy on top of the panty. Due to the intoxicating fragrance of her pussy, I got excited. I slowly came on top of Ritu holding her waist and started sucking on her neck and ears. At the same time, a scream came out of the season and she woke up. However as soon as she saw me, she smiled and clung to me.

But the effect of this scream of the season was that the mechanic who fixed the geyser, who was still fixing the geyser in the bathroom, started coming towards the room.

Hearing the scream of the season, he moved his feet towards the room and saw us both in love.

Both of us were unaware of his love for each other. Mistry saw the opportunity and due to the door of the room being open, he hid behind the curtain and started looking at Ritu and my sex.

We both were unaware of this love for each other. I kissed Ritu a lot on her lips and on her cheeks and started pressing her mums on top of the blouse. She was also rubbing my back with both her hands.

I gently pulled her sari with one hand under the petticoat at the waist, pulled it out and threw it down with my feet. Now she was in blouse and petticoat. I threw both my shirt and pants to the side. I was in underwear now.

I gestured to Ritu, then she also removed her blouse. I grabbed both his legs and turned him in such a position that his legs turned towards the door. I raised her petticoat and widened both her legs and stuck her fingers in the elastic of her black panty.

The black panty looked absolutely cool on her white thighs. Panties had also become sticky and wet by now. While not delaying, I opened her pussy by making her panty side.

Ah, what a pussy it was… Totally pink and light jiggle was soaked in pussy juice. I quickly put my mouth on her pussy and started licking. Ritu was not ready for this at all. When I did this suddenly, a narcotic siccery came out of his mouth.

Seeing all this mechanic from behind the curtain, he was getting excited. He was also stroking his cock over the pants.

As I was licking Ritu's pussy, she was taking that sharp cucumber and my head was mumbling while pressing in her pussy - ah ah ah avinash… suck my pussy… ah lick the tongue in… ah licking it Make it red… drink all its water.

His enthusiasm increased with his voices like this and I pulled my bra up with my hand up. Now she was only in petticoat, which was fully up to the waist. Her panty was moved to the side of the pussy. I was licking her pussy to the brim.

Seeing the excitement of both of us, he could not keep up with the mistry and he took his cock out of the pants and started licking it. I had to see her face while licking Ritu's pussy, which was indulging in lust. His petticoat was causing a bottleneck in it.

I got excited and opened the pulse of his petticoat and shoved it down and grabbed his leg and turned it to the other side… so that the window light could fall on his pussy and face. In this way the head of the season turned towards the door. Now I started licking her pussy again and was thrilled to see her face while licking pussy.

The entire room started to be filled with his alcoholic sissy. Then my eyes fell on the feet of the mistry standing near the door, who was busy caressing his black thick cock. Although he could not see me that I have seen him.
I was surprised once by his stay there, but the next moment my fantasy surfaced and I got hot thinking of showing him my wife's fuck.

That mistry was like a full-length six-foot-long wrestler. His long fat cock was also huge. I liked his fat cock because of his wife's pussy. I was filled with lust after seeing that wrestler-like mechanic's cock. His cock was up to 8 long and three inches thick. My cock seemed very small in front of his cock.

I started licking Ritu's pussy more and more vigorously and she was also lifting her waist and licking her pussy. Now I started pulling her up… maybe she was going to fall. He asked me to give him a quick fuck.

At the behest of my wife, I set my cock on her pussy and made pressure. The licking was so wet that my cock went all the way to the inside and I felt a fake sob from the face of my wife, but it may be my fault. While doing sex in my mind, I started thinking in the opposite way that maybe my wife is filling up the prostitutes to make me excited. One reason for this was also that my cock was getting out without any hindrance. At this time I too was not enjoying his fake siskaris.

I bent down and kissed Ritu and started fucking. On the other hand, that mistry also started moving his 8 inch cocks very fast.

The idea of ​​my mind had become firm that your wife should be persuaded to fuck it with cocks.

This thought came because for the past few months, after reading the sex story on the conscience, I also started feeling like fucking my wife with a non-man. I wanted someone to fuck my wife in front of me only by my wish.

I asked my wife many times to fuck her while she was fucking me, but she used to get annoyed that I used to talk about how to be a man… how can someone see her wife fucking another man. I used to get very disappointed with these things. Because it was my wish that my wife would lift her ass in front of me and fetch her ass and I would see her while fucking. While kissing her, what should I do on her forehead. But she never agreed to fuck anyone other than me.

At the same time, I made a plan and while pulling the attention of the mechanic towards me, I started fucking my wife loudly.

Mistry saw me looking at him and started to shake his hand.

I too gave her consent to come inside with a smile. Now he came in completely unafraid and started looking at me and started fucking me. Because of my wife's head being up, she could not see it. I asked him to make a video of Chudai from mobile with a hint. He quickly started making videos by moving out of mobile.

Just then, I became a stranger and stopped chudai and moved away from the season.

My wife expressed displeasure with the release of the cocks, asked what happened… Why did you take the cocks… Did you fall?

I showed towards the mistry by pointing. She too was shocked to see him and started hiding her pussy with her hands.

At the same time, I said to the mistry, Ritu made this our video.

No sound was coming out of Ritu's mouth.

I asked the mechanic - what do you want?
He also immediately understood and said - Let me also fuck your wife… otherwise I will make this video viral.

Hearing her, my wife started trembling. I supported him and said - the season cannot be any longer… It is now in your hands to keep your mouth shut. Now you will have to fuck it, otherwise it will bring slander.

At this, my wife started thinking half-heartedly and after a minute, agreed to fuck her with the penis of Mistry.

On finding my hint, Mistry put his hand next to Ritu and lifted him and slammed him on the couch. He pulled her panty out and widened her legs and spread her pussy. The mistress started to smell my wife's open pussy like a dog through her nose and licked the tongue of her pussy with her tongue.

Despite not wanting my wife, she could not stop her 'Ahhh ..' He got a hot sob.

That mistress started licking my wife's pussy like a lot of rubbing, due to which her pussy started leaving rasam completely. The mechanic was drinking the juice of my wife's pussy.

My wife too had started leaving all the anxiety and having fun and I was stroking her head. She was also turning her thighs and pressing her head in her pussy. Seeing this, I too got excited and started caressing my cock.

After that the mistress took off all his clothes and waved his cock in front. My wife kept looking at his black cock. While not delaying, Misty put a lot of spit on his cock and set it on my wife's pussy and gave a strong push. The supara of cocks penetrated three inches inside the chit.

What cocks entered… My wife screamed, slamming her hand - Oi mother is dead…

I pressed her lips with my lips and started mashing her mums.

After stopping for a while, Mistry started shaking his cock. Only three inches of his cock had gone inside the pussy. He started shaking the same number of cocks and started going in and out.

When my wife's pain subsided in a while, she too removed both her hands from the couch and put them on the shoulders of the mistry, who was indicating that the bullock should now give me a full fuck.

I was very happy to see this. My wish was being fulfilled.

My wife now spread her pussy with great ado to face his thick cock and started asking him to fuck her while fingering her nails.

Mistry also now used to lash his cock three inches in and out and force it in the middle. In this way, my wife had set half busty mistry in his pussy. She was seen to be in a mood to take Mistry's halabi cocks completely.

My wife's fuck with long cocks was so powerful that the whole room was buzzing with the sound of mistry, my wife's painfully sweet siskar and stalled noises.

After some time, the mechanic put my wife's hand in both her legs and lifted her up on her lap and he stood up. During this time, his cock was half inside and half outside. He pointed me towards his cock and said to apply some oil on the cock.

I quickly ran away and brought a box of ghee from the kitchen and put some ghee on it. I had put so much ghee that his cock started glowing and the ghee was dripping. In the same affair, his cock got out of my wife's pussy.

I quickly grabbed the mechanic's cock and put it on my wife's pussy and gestured to her. He also put pressure. His cock penetrated for five inches, making its way into the open pussy.

My wife chirped and she clung tightly with her both hands, hugging Mistry.

The mechanic was excited now. He started banging. Due to the ghee, cocks started to go inside. The mistress began to shake my wife with a loud raise on her lap.

With the smoothness of the cocks, Chutte faced Alore and my wife also took a lot of fun and started sucking her ear while sucking. She was filling up with hot cigarettes.

For half an hour, my wife had fallen twice due to this type of fucking. The lick of that mistry had gone to the root with the effect of wet and ghee. Seeing me, I could not believe that my wife took a full ten inch cock in her pussy.

Now Mistry slammed my wife on the bed. Mistri placed her cock in my wife's pussy slits and climbed it and started fucking her. He would take out his cocks completely and in a single stroke put the whole rustling in the season. During this time, I noticed that when that mistry used to take his cock out, my wife was also raising her cock with his cock. When the mistress used to lick inside the pussy, my wife would push her pussy from below and swallow the cock inside her.

Now my wife's pussy fit Mistry's cock in her.

In a fight of fifteen minutes of loud bumps on the bed, Mistry increased his speed and with a loud roar he dropped his semen to the root of my wife's pussy. My wife also collapsed for the third time with aplomb.

After a minute, when Mistry took his cock out of the pussy, then the mouth of the pussy was completely opened. Chut had made the appearance of Bhosade. Rasdhar was flowing out of wife's pussy. The pussy was looking very red and open.

After some time, wife wakes up crying and deleted the video of Chudai from Mistry's mobile.
The mistry left wearing his clothes.

When I looked at my wife, she was smiling.
I said it was eight inches.
She blushed and said.

In this way, my close friend Avinash had given his wife Ritu a fuck with a non-male, but I want to fuck my wife Kusum with a non-man by his will.

He also likes sex very much. But my wife is a loving woman, so she only likes to fuck me. But how do I prepare him to fuck a non-man, this is my dilemma.

Today, for the first time, it was my intention to write my sex story on the conscience that I could take the idea of ​​getting my wife to fuck you with non-cocks. Please all of you readers give me proper advice on how to prepare my wife to fuck a non-man.

Whoever will help me… or will fuck my wife in front of me, I am also ready to reward her. I wish that you guys should not get it wrong and for the story of this fuck, mail me your comments.

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