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We settled in a new village

We settled in a new village

It is around 1942. We 15 boys looted a British convoy. It also had 20 young girls whom the British were forcibly taking. How did the village settle after that?

Hello my young friends and friends,
how are you all?
Hope you are all enjoying sex in the winter, or you are watching the dream of a beautiful land or pussy.

Today I will tell you my story very well, in which we enjoyed sex.

The matter is very old, at that time there was neither television like today, nor internet.
Yes, some big cities had cinemas, only black and white silent movies were played in it.

This is around 1942. At that time the Quit India movement was beginning. Holi was being lit for English clothes and goods. The child of the country wanted to join the independence of the country.
We were also giving our own contribution for the independence of the country.

So friends, you must have known that the British were ruling the country, they used to use every tactic to suppress the movement.

British officers and Indian soldiers recruited in their army also used to torture a lot. They used to enter our villages and create fights, snatch our animals and poultry, and also take grain.

There were 15 youths in our group of people. It was our work that we used to make people aware for the freedom movement, sometimes we would have a small encounter with the British Army, but we never got into their hands.

One day we got news that some British officers are going to take a huge treasure from Kanpur towards Jhansi Fort.
This was very good news for us, we thought that if we take away this treasure from the British, then we can strengthen our organization.

Our village used to fall in Orai district, which was in the middle of Kanpur and Jhansi. Till that time there were no very good routes for transportation, and in a long way, arrangements for food and drink were made from the villages.

These British were also big Chodu type people, so they used to stay in the villages on the way, and always used to live in the garden to mash the raw buds of the village.

If he felt like it, he would take the girls of the village and take them to the camp, who either returned them after a lot of fucking, or they used to make maids of their bungalows. Most of the girls who used to get their hands did not come back because who would marry them after 15 20 days of sex with the British?

Many married women also used to take the British, they were also able to return to their family only occasionally because the British used to make their Bhosda as well.

So we come to the story that we got information that the British are leaving with the treasure.

We have made a plan for how to take away the treasure from them.
We thought it appropriate to wait for those British because we neither had horses, nor did everyone have bicycles and it was not even possible to drive a bicycle in the forest.

So after four days, it was reported that they are staying in the village 10 km away, the next day they can leave from our village.

Now that day has also come, it is a matter of 15 November 1942.

We started waiting for him to come by the way of the forest, we all had knife, sword and oil sticks.

Actually, we had never done any such work, so we did not have much experience.

We saw from afar that his convoy was running, they all seemed to be very strong in their tight uniforms.

We saw an English officer sitting on the front of his horse, his pistol was flashing on his waist, three horsemen carrying British guns behind him, three horses running behind him.

The first mare had four horses in it, and this mare was a room with a width of about six feet in length, about ten feet in height and more than five feet in height, with windows on either side that were closed at that time.

The two horseshoes at the back were open, it contained food, sacks and tents.

Three Englishmen were riding their horses behind these horsemen, and rifles were hanging on their shoulders.

Behind them, about twelve Indian soldiers were walking on foot, armed with swords, the loud sound of their boots was echoing in the forest.

Seeing such a large armed force, the ass of us burst and became a fountain. We had no choice but to renounce our intention.

Then I dared to tell my colleagues that it is very difficult for this troop to win by fighting from the front. Why not chase them quietly and make your work as soon as possible?
So we started secretly following them. After walking about 25 miles, those people stopped, it was going to be evening, so they started camping.

By setting up camps, the Indian soldiers started making arrangements to make dinner.

Even if it gets dark in the forest, he went to work at eight o'clock at night.

Their voices kept coming for about two hours, after that they all went to sleep in their tents, only two Indian soldiers were guarding with swords.
We were waiting for the night to deepen, in the winter night we were becoming shrunk peanuts.

Around twelve o'clock, both of those guards also started sleeping because they were wearing warm blankets. He had eaten meat and had drunk liquor.

We also sneaked into their logistics tent and drank the remaining food and some alcohol.

Then he saw that his guards were sleeping.
We opened all their horses, that is, two horses with tents and seven horses, in which the British were riding.

We put the treasured horses in the treasury cart. And the horses of the cart containing the logistics were plowed into it.

Now we 15 people could easily run on 9 horses, but we two people sat in the treasure car, two people sat in the logistics car. We also collected all the guns and about twenty swords from their weapon tents.

Then without making noise, we slowly took away the treasure and almost all night we ran towards Kanpur.

At about seven o'clock all was well, then we breathed.

It is now thought that you can see the appearance of your treasure. Our estimate was that the amount of at least fifty thousand would be handed over. So we started trying to break the lock of that horseman with a stone, but there was a strange sound of strange fidgeting coming from inside.

So we were afraid that there should be no soldiers inside the treasure.

We again took the stolen rifles in our hands, and in a loud voice said that whoever is inside should come out with his hands raised, we have surrounded you all around.
At first there was no movement, so we deposited a kick on the door and threatened again, then the door slowly opened.
I swear, when the door was opened, we all were shocked, because we started seeing a treasure of people's fortunes.

As soon as the door opened, the eyes of our people burst as well as the ass, because inside it were about 24 beautiful cumsy young fairies, whose lips were ruddy pink, and all about 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 5 inches. .

Everyone's cucumbers were like a round orange, their teats were raised. His butts were absolutely buried. Overall, she was a very good fucker. If a decent man would have seen them, he would have immediately taken his hand in his hand and started beating him.
We were also very decent.

Apart from these inside there was also an iron box. There were ten thousand gold coins in it.

Then we questioned him.
Then they told that they have been picked up from different villages of Kanpur and they are being taken for Viceroy's entertainment.

At the point where those people had set up camps, the British had given them food to eat through the window, which we could not see due to darkness.

Now we had brought all the horses and had come so far away, so recently, there was no fear of those British at that time.

And there was no major loss of British, they could pick up girls again from any village. But we brought his weapons, his mother must be dying for that.

Well, the problem had arisen in front of us what to do with this treasure. If they are going to leave the house, then their family members will not accept them, because the British do not leave the chod without them.

Now they could not be left in the forest, no other village would accept them for this reason.
So we asked those beautiful women - what do you want?

Most of them said the same - the housemates will not accept us, leave us with the British. If you take Chod five or ten times a day, at least you will get food.
She did not want to be a burden on all of us.

We were all revolutionary heroes, how did we hand over such beautiful girls to the British and in such a situation we were afraid of getting caught.
Then we told those girls - we are ready to take up your responsibility.
By then the girls' fear was almost gone. Now she started talking to us by laughing openly.

Now he has taken up his responsibility, but neither we could go to our village, nor anywhere else… because as soon as we came into the society, the British could arrest us.

We had enough arms, gold, and sixty-five flour rice sacks, so that we could cut 35 people for two years or two.

So we decided to live cleanly in the dense forest. Five people were sent to buy some utensils and tools from a distant village, and told that one person would stop outside that village with horses, the other four would go to the village on foot and shop.

So friends, in this way we ten companions and 20 beauties stayed there. By then, the girls were completely carefree, and they were thinking of their future lives.

Then one of them said that you have taken responsibility of us, then our duty also becomes duty to you. You can use people as and when you want. Now our body and mind will be dedicated to you.

But there was a dilemma that we were 15 companions and girls were 20. Each of our teammates also contributed to save them, so how to divide.

One of them suggested that if you go to the British, you do not know who would be fucking you with Chodta and how many people, then here we are giving your body to 15 people of your choice. It will not have to be divided and the favor of everyone will also be fulfilled.

All his husbands were supported by his words.

But we also needed to take the opinion of all our colleagues. So I said that we should wait till everyone comes back.

By evening our companions returned. By then we gathered dry wood from the forest and prepared a stove with stones. On their arrival, the girls started preparing to cook and all of us fellows cut wood to make hut.

Within two hours, food was made and we also cut enough wood and cleaned the land too.

We were hungry very fast. Everyone had dinner together and told all their colleagues about the afternoon.
Everyone liked the talk.

Now, after filling the stomach, everyone woke up to pursue the program. We quickly tied the tarpaulin on the surrounding trees with ropes, and after collecting the dry leaves, made a dumpling bed, a large carpet was laid on it.

Everyone was given blankets, the blankets started getting some heat, so we prepared ourselves to fulfill our aspirations.

Today we 35 people were going to celebrate their honeymoon together, so a very sweet tickle started in the mind.

I pulled my adjacent chimis to me and put my thirsty lips on her pink lips. Another girl grabbed me from behind and started waving my chest. Taking kisses on my neck started rubbing my nipples on my back.

I saw in the side that all the companions were sucking each other's tongue by putting their mouth in someone's mouth. Four girls were also mussing each other.
All this went on for half an hour.

Then we burnt four kerosene dhabis in our tent, so that some light could be lit.
Then we swapped girls among ourselves and started kissing.

The voices of the Siskaris started echoing in that tent. In a short time there was a fierce storm inside the tent, all the girls were stripped and stripped. Some were drinking someone's pussy, some were licking the nectar of someone's pussy.

Then we colleagues also took off their clothes. Now 15 grooms and 20 brides were celebrating their collective honeymoon together.
I put my tongue in Reshma's pussy and Fatima was sucking my land, Ayesha was inserting her tongue in my ass hole.

Here my partner Manohar, was fucking Mahrunnisa and Rubia's pussy was in her mouth. Similarly, all the boys and girls were enjoying the fuck very fun.

After about two hours of chudai, we took a rest of 15 minutes because no one had the ability to take 20 girls at once.

After 15 minutes, the game was to be started again, then we decided that all such boys will fuck and all girls will be cuddled but no one will enjoy the fun.

So we made a list of everyone's names and each boy was allowed to fuck three girls.
It was decided that in seven days, everyone will get a chance to fuck. And if the girls are pregnant, the father of these children will be considered as 15 companions.

After the sex for seven days, all the girls were pregnant.

Then we cleaned the forest of hundred bighas for ourselves, bought plow bulls etc. from the village, started farming.
We built 15 houses to live. All these houses were open with each other, when whosoever would like, used to take Chod.
Every month, seven days of the first week, we used to do a 3-3 fuck program. Through which we used to remain brotherhood.

Gradually, about 50 children were born in the first generation, we built our village there, in 100 bighas we also planted fruit orchards, many cow buffalo were also bought.

We got all our children married among themselves. Now the population of our village has been above 2 thousand. But in our village, even today a mass fuck program runs. Every girl in the village is the bride of every boy. Only one thing is taken care of that no one will force anyone to fuck. And every new young girl will first fuck us 15 companions in turn. And every single boy will first test our manhood by fucking our 20 wives.

But now that we are all retiring, the responsibility of our Chodan exam has come on the 50 children of our next generation.
After their retirement, we will have 82 children in our third generation.

How would you like this story, will tell on my email.

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