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Wanting to see wife's fuck with non-male

Wanting to see wife's fuck with non-male

While reading the stories, I used to mind to fuck a girl. I got a couple The husband wanted me to fuck his wife.

Hello Friends, My name is Rohit (changed). I am 23 years old and I am from Delhi. Although I belong to the Northeast, but I have been in Delhi for a long time. My height is 5.5 feet and my body type is slim. The body color is blond and I look good too.

I have studied my college in Jalandhar, Punjab. For the past three years, I have been reading stories of conscience. I enjoy reading stories of introspection. I enjoy almost every story of it.

Inspired by this site, I thought that I would share my experience with you guys. This is my first experience of writing a sex story. I hope that you guys will like this first sex story of mine.

If you enjoy reading the story, then inspire me to write the story further through your responses. Now, without taking much of your time, I am keeping my story in front of you.

In those days I was looking for a woman or domestic aunt for fun. For this I was using a sex site. While searching for this, I found a couple. That couple was from Delhi.

The male was 32 years old. His wife was 28 years old. I saw his wife in the photo. She was looking slim. Her tits were also average size.

I kept talking to him for a week. After that both of them invited me to party and have fun at their house. I too was thrilled. Maybe I was going to enjoy sex. But still there was not much trust.

The next day the couple sent me their home address. He said that there is a drink party at home. They asked me to come to their house at night. I reached there at the time told by him. It was night time.

On reaching home I played the doorbell. After two minutes, the woman's husband opened the door. Her husband took me inside the house. She went inside and asked me to sit on the couch.

He then called his wife out in the hall. His wife looked more beautiful than she looked in the photo. My cock was erected after seeing it.

All three of us sat talking. After some time, that couple started preparing for a drink party. Our party started after thirty minutes. The three of us were drinking whiskey.

Only after drinking three to four pegs, everyone started having fun. Me and her husband removed their pants after finishing the fourth peg. We both started sitting in underwear and taking pegs.

I saw that his wife's eyes were going on the underwear of both of us. My cock was taut. The man's cock was also visible in his size. Her husband was sitting in front while the woman was sitting in the middle.

He had become intoxicated. Taking advantage of this, I put my hands on her thigh. I started caressing her thigh. She was also getting intoxicated. He was enjoying the touch of my hand.

My cock was making a tent in my underwear. His wife was looking at my taut cocks. As soon as his eyes used to go on my cock, then a wave arose in my cock which used to raise my cock repeatedly.

I was also repeatedly pressing her wife's thigh. Her husband was watching all this sitting in front. His cock was also visible in his underwear. For a while I used to tease her wife's thighs like this.

Then his wife laid her hand on my cock. She was sitting in the middle. On one side I was sitting with my thighs stretched out and on the other side was her husband. She started teasing both of us in turn.

Her husband pointed at me. He was asking me to take off his wife's clothes. I understood his gesture. I myself was waiting for this when the matter would progress further. At the behest of her husband, I started removing her wife's clothes one by one.

Slowly I removed all the clothes from his body. Now she was sitting only in bra and panties. I saw her nipples touching her bra. Her nipples were very soft and soft. I started caressing her cunts from above her bra.

Now I was not stopping. I opened her bra too. I naked her pussy. Her tits came out of the bra and jumped in the air. I held her naked pussy in my two hands and started pressing.

My wife's touch of her hands was giving fun to her breasts. I started pressing her cunts slowly. Then I started sucking her boobs with mouth. In front of her husband, I was drinking one of her nipples alternately in my mouth.

He was sitting in front of his cock. I was enjoying sucking her wife's breasts a lot. Sometimes I was licking her nipples with the tongue, sometimes I used to bite them with teeth.

His wife was also holding my Alore in my underwear. She was grabbing my cock and pulling it as if she was applying gear. I realized that her pussy is hot to take cocks.

Then her husband also came near both of us. He grabbed a teat of his wife and took it in her mouth. Now I was sucking one nipple and her husband was sucking the other nipple. Both of us were drinking her boobs. Siskaris started coming out of that woman's mouth.

After all this happened, then we removed every cloth of our body. I also removed my shirt and vest. I also took off my underwear. Now I was completely naked. In the same way, her husband also took off all his clothes and he too was completely naked. Only one panty was left on his wife's pussy.

We had not exposed her pussy yet. Now we sat down on the couch again and started drinking again. For 15-20 minutes we laughed jokingly and after that I was shown my room. I went to the room mentioned by him.

The man came to my room and said - I am sending my wife to your room after five minutes.
I said - so you will not do anything?
He said - I will see you both.

I was a little surprised to hear that. Then I thought that maybe it will be the same. Anyway, I meant to kill her wife's pussy.
He said - Ok, you sit inside and enjoy the fuck in a while.

After that he left. After some time, his wife came to my room. As soon as I came in, I held him in the arms. She was not even blushing but was looking at me with lustful eyes by putting eyes in my eyes. His cunts were close to my chest. My Aloda, who was half asleep, was once again completely tanned.

I took his wife to bed. Laying her down, I started sucking her lips. She was also supporting me. I was enjoying sucking her red lips and soft lips.

My tongue was inside her mouth. I was trying to pull his saliva in my mouth. She was also supporting me and pulling my tongue in her mouth.

After drinking the juice of her lips for a while, I moved downwards. I started kissing her neck and she started rubbing her pussy on my thighs. Ahhh… ahhh… sensual sounds were coming out of his mouth.

Now I moved towards her pussy. I filled one teat in the mouth and grabbed the other teat and pressed it with my hand. My one hand was squeezing one of her nipples tightly and was sucking the other with my mouth.

She started pulling my head hair after getting aroused. Sometimes I was rubbing my back, sometimes I was turning my hands in the hair of my head. Then I left the first teat.

I saw that her white teat had turned red. My mouth was drooling over it. After that, I filled the first teat in my hand and started sucking the second teat in the mouth. Now I was pressing the first one nipple and pressing the second one.

After rubbing both her nipples, I kissed her belly and I slowly moved towards her pussy while kissing. He cleaned his pussy hair. The color of the pussy was slightly darker from outside but it was seen red from inside.

I put the tongue on her pussy. Her pussy was already swollen. Kamras was coming out of her pussy, the scent of which was driving me more crazy. I started giving him tongue in her pussy and suck her.

She started to go crazy. He pressed my head on his pussy and started lifting him up loudly. I was also fasting out the tongue inside her pussy. She was also being made up her pussy in fun. Siskaris came out of his mouth and were echoing throughout the house.

Her husband was probably watching all this from outside but both of us were lost in our own fun.
When his wife was not stopped, he said sighing - Ahhh ... please don't bother anymore. Put your cock in my pussy. I want to fuck you with cocks now.

I said wait a little more. I'll fuck you soon with my cock.
She said- No, I want cocks right now. Give your cock in my pussy. I want to fuck you. I want to erase my pussy thirst by taking your 7 inch cocks. Fuck me fast

On her saying, I started rubbing my cock on her pussy. She was rubbing her pussy on my cock repeatedly. After that I spread his legs. Put a cistern of cocks on her pussy hole and started pushing the cocks inside.

As soon as my cock went inside her pussy, she started moaning. Slowly I removed my whole cock inside her pussy slowly. My whole cock had penetrated her pussy.

After that I started fucking her pussy slowly. After two minutes my speed started accelerating on its own. I was jerking fast by giving cocks in her pussy. He was enjoying it too. She was telling me to fuck faster. She looked quite a cocky woman. Even with such a long penis, his thirst was increasing.

After fucking her pussy for ten minutes, I also got to ejaculate. He refused to extract semen in her pussy. So when I was about to fall, I took out my cock. After pulling out, I shook the cocks with my hands twice and I dropped my sperm on his stomach.

After fucking me, the woman went to her room. After some time her husband came to me and said that now I will fuck my wife. You fuck her well. You rest for a while, after 20 minutes both of us will come here.

I lay naked on the bed and waited for them. After half an hour both of them arrived in the room. After coming inside, both of them came to the bed and the three of us were now naked.

His wife alternately started sucking both of us cocks in the mouth. I was trying to lick her cocks even for the first time, but at that time I did not know that she is also fond of sucking cocks. She was sucking both of us cocks alternately in fun.

After licking the cocks for some time, we put it down. Then we started sucking her nipples in turn. Her husband was sucking one cock and the other one was sucking me.

Then her husband gave the cocks to her pussy. He started fucking his wife in front of me. I started munching on her wife's nipples. Sometimes he was sucking her lips, sometimes he was drinking her nipples. Her husband was fast engaged in fucking her pussy.

After fucking for ten minutes, he removed his cock from her pussy. After that I gave cocks to her pussy and started fucking her. Now her husband was sucking her boobs. I was giving him full penis in her pussy.

Then her husband and I planned to give both of us together in her pussy. She too seemed excited for this experiment. First, I gave the cocks to her pussy. After that, slowly, her husband also pushed his cock in her pussy.

My cock was also half gone and her husband's cock was also inside a bit. Cocks were hitting her pussy with cocks. I was also getting different fun due to hitting the cocks with her husband's cocks.

For some time, in the same way, we tried to insert cocks in her pussy and kept fucking her pussy. She was also in fun, taking out the loud voices and taking our slits in her pussy.

For thirty minutes we fuck her pussy. After that both of them went to sleep in their room. Then I also slept in the same room. He was sleeping in his room and I in the guest room.

My eyes opened around 7 am. When his wife came to my room, I was lying in my underwear. My cock was up. She smiled seeing my taut cocks and went to put the tea on the table.

After a while, her husband also came to my room. He also saw my excitement. The three of us plan to have fun again. After that the three of us went to the bathroom and kissed and licked each other's bodies while taking a bath.

At the same time, I once again fuck her wife's pussy . Sucking and licking the wet body of his wife, had a different fun in killing her pussy. Her husband was drinking her Tits and I was sucking cocks in her pussy from behind. Then her husband also licked her pussy.

We had a lot of fun that day. Then I came to my house. After the first meeting with that couple, I met him many times. We have fun together many times. Her husband used to enjoy seeing his wife in front of his eyes while fucking her non-masculine.

Many a times, I got that lady in front of her husband. That lady also had fun with my cock in front of her husband. In this way I got to know them very well. He used to call me often and we used to have a lot of fun together.

I hope you guys have liked this true event of my life. Do send me your responses and inspire me to write stories in the same way. You can leave your responses in the comment box or message my email ID given below. Thanks guys.

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