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Virgin girl living in the building

Virgin girl living in the building

I lived on rent, it was a three-story house. There was a separate room on the terrace in which two sisters lived on rent. How did I fuck the younger sister among them?

Hello friends Raj Sharma, the old writer of I am anatomical, from Chandigarh, is once again taking my story on this new site free sex story.

I have not told the girl's name and figure in the story. You people should enjoy it only by understanding a story. Do not match to know someone's name.

I had given a fuck to many girls living in a building, sister-in-law. This is the story of the younger sister of two sisters in which I fuck her by going to her room.

The house where I lived on rent was a three-story house. The landlord's family lived on his ground. I had a family with me in the first floor, and my toilet was the same which was attached to both rooms from the back.

My neighbor had a boy with Mian Biwi, their story later. The second floor was rented by a driver. There was also a separate room on the terrace in which two sisters lived on rent.
Just start this chudai story with these.

You know I live alone in a room. A few months had passed since I came into the room. The landlord did not mean anything to anyone, but the mistress soon got mixed with me and she introduced me to all the other tenants.

Being on the first floor, whoever goes up the stairs. I started getting hi-hello from everyone. So soon I got mixed up with everyone. The summer had started, the heat on the roof is like that. Those girls did not even have a fridge, they used to demand snow from the landlady every day.

One day I told him - my fridge remains empty, you can keep a few bottles and the rest of the food in it. And take ice from it as well.
They wanted this, so now she too became the owner of my fridge. My kitchen was always open, so whenever it was needed, it would be kept and removed.

This benefited me, both sisters opened up more than me. Both jobs used to be in different places, so their arrival time was also different.

At first I had no intention of fucking them but
once she had gone on both duties, I went to the terrace drying my clothes. Due to one of my clothes falling down, I went to his bathroom to retrieve him again with water. One of them had a wet bra panty lying there. Probably would not have been able to wash in the morning.
Whichever sister would be there, my lion began to flutter.

Now I started focusing on both. Both were very good looking, they did not speak more than anyone. Always lived in her own room.
Perhaps the older one had a stitch somewhere, but the younger one might not.
I thought of impressing the younger one.

I put fruit juice in the fridge and then gave them an excuse to spoil it. Sometimes he went to the roof and started talking even small things. I also started feeling that she would get carried away with me.

One day he asked me to recharge my number because his balance was over and he had to talk to his house.
I had NetBanking and I recharged it. In this way I got his number.

I started messaging her on WhatsApp and she also replied. Now we also started talking on free time.

She had come in my talks, so one day I asked her to be my girlfriend. She was ready and she said yes.
That was it… the line was clear. Slowly we started talking about sex too. On meeting alone on the terrace, I started taking any of his.

Now the fire had started on both sides, so I asked to meet him alone - darling, it is no more. I want to love you very much Make some jugaad
"Yes, I also owe you a lot of love. But nothing can happen right now. Sister is going home next week, only then we can meet. "

For a week, whenever I got a chance, I kept heating it. And finally that day also came when her sister went to her house and she remained alone.

My whole day went through a lot of restlessness! I kept thinking when it was night and I would fuck him hard.

Even at last night has come. At 11 o'clock he sent a message- If everyone is asleep then come to know.
I was sitting ready. Only put the door of your room, did not put the latch so that even if someone looks towards the door, the door is closed from inside.

Then I reached the roof buried low. She was waiting for me only.

On leaving, we closed the roof door. Now there was no danger of anyone coming upstairs. I was lying all night.

As soon as I went, I took him in my arms and kissed him wildly. She was also openly supporting me, she was also in a hurry to fuck her.

I said while teasing him- Janu you are getting very rash. What is the matter?
“Babu, I have heard sexy things of my sister and her boyfriend many times in the night. Since then, I too had a great desire to have fun. Then you started liking me. Today, you have got the opportunity to do your mind, now hurry up whatever you want to do. "

"I am in the same situation, honey! I have a bad situation since you saw it. Now see how much I love you. " Saying I took off his T-shirt, he did not protest.

I took off her T-shirt and threw it on the bed, her small little blonde was looking very nice, I started pressing her tits slowly over the bra He slowly closed his eyes.

After some time I also opened the hook of her bra and moved her hands back and started waving on her lovely soft back. I separated her bra from her body and started grabbing her nipple and slowly rubbing her lips.

Siskaris started coming out of his mouth. I also removed her skirt and also took off her panty. Now my hand was on her nipple and the other was caressing her pussy.

After having such fun for a while, then I separated him from myself, his naked blonde smooth body was in front of my body.
I also took off my entire clothes and hugged him.

My cock was hitting her smooth legs and on her smooth legs, I now started moving my hands. My hand slowly increased and reached her smooth pussy, which emerged like a power.

I turned my hand on him and slowly started trying to put a finger of his hand on his pussy.

She was very hot and was sobbing loudly. She was also turning my hand on my hair and sucking my lips together.

Now I was in a very bad condition. My cock was beating up, so I gently laid her on the bed and lying next to her started heating her again. Only after flirting for some time, he started taking his cows with fun and closing his closed eyes, in a short time, the smoothness started coming out of his pussy.

My cock was standing too late. I put it on his hand. He too held my cock in his hand without delay and started pressing my cock with his hand. Slowly I started to put my hands back and forth on my cock.

Now I was desperate to kill her pussy. I lay down on her. His naked body was now below me. I started coming down slowly while sucking her lips. I put my lips on her soft pussy and continued caressing her pussy with one hand.

As soon as my finger went inside her pussy, she started bouncing and she pressed my cock hard.
She too was completely wet and was now desperate to take cocks.

He said softly near my ear- Babu, please do something! I am not going now Please quench my thirst. How long have I been suffering from listening to Didi's sex chat with her boyfriend. I am already in bad condition and today you made me mad.

I was also feeling very bad, so I too came over him. I was very keen to lick her pussy but it was not that time yet. The fire of both of us had increased and I had to tear her virgin pussy.

Now my own cock was not under my control, so I widened his legs and started rubbing the supra of his cock at the mouth of her pussy. She also wanted to lift her ass from below and take that cock in her pussy. As soon as I wanted to insert the cocks in his pussy, he was not entering.

So I put a lot of spit on her pussy and on my cock, and again by pressing the lips on her lips with her lips on the mouth of her pussy. Due to which the supra of my cock went inside tearing her virgin pussy.

As soon as she went inside the betel, she started to groan with pain and started banging her hands and feet on the bed and trying to push me from above. But I had caught her tightly and in the same way, after a long time, this virgin pussy came under the cocks, so how could I separate her from myself so soon.

I let myself stay on her for a while, sucked her lips for a while and started rubbing her nipples.
He said slowly - Babu, please it is very painful. Just do it slowly.
I said, sweetheart, you were saying that Babu please do something, my body is like a fire and I want to enjoy it like my sister, so I put it inside you. Don't worry, it hurts a little at first. Once, let the pussy take the whole cock inside. Then he will give you lots of fun.

After some time, her pain lessened, then she started kissing me.

"Just baby, have to bear so much and have to endure a little bit more. Say you are ready? "
He nodded slowly.

I again held her tightly and pressed her lips from her lips and with a strong bang in her pussy, she slipped half my cock inside.
She then started to suffer from severe pain. I lay down on her and started pressing her tit very hard. Rubbed his lips on his lips. When his discomfort
subsided a little, then with a loud bang , I put all my cocks in the whole tearing her pussy.

She started flirting even more and tried her best to remove me from her. But I did not leave it. Then I slowly started kissing him.

If I stopped sucking her lips after lying for some time, then she said - Janu, it is very painful, please take it out.
I told him - it's a matter of time, now the whole has gone inside. You won't have much pain anymore.

It was his first fuck so I stayed there. I started caressing her with love, kissing her forehead and her eyes. Tears had come out of her eyes and she had started filling up.

Seeing this, I filled him in my arms. My cock was stuck in her pussy. Gradually sucking and caressing her lips reduced her pain, then she also filled me in her arms.

My cock was already penetrated in her pussy, for a while we clung to each other like this and while sucking each other's lips, I told her - Janu, start having real fun? The fun that your sister takes from her boyfriend, today you are going to have the same fun now.

He also gently moved his neck.

Now I slowly started to insert my cock in and out of her pussy. He did not protest. Perhaps now her pain was starting to subside and she was getting excited. She was also shaking her waist from below. There was light bleeding from her pussy. Which was proof that till date she was a virgin and I had broken her seal with my cock.

His pussy was very tight, so I was enjoying him very much. I was slowly getting my cock inside her pussy.
In a short while, I raised her legs upwards and wrapped both her legs on my waist. Gradually I increased my speed.

Now my cock was getting out inside her pussy fast. I started hitting fast. In a short while, she too started to answer my bumps by lifting her waist from below.
She also said in fun now - is enjoying a lot. I did not think that would be so much fun. Do more vigorously, pour it in and to the inside and fast please and in!

He was really enjoying it very much and was shaking his waist from below. I was hitting high speed from above. She was welcoming all my blows. I held her waist in my hands. Now when my cock went inside her pussy, she would also bounce her waist up loudly. Due to which my cock started sucking her pussy up to the inside was very much fun.

Both were in full swing and were trying to stop each other. My cock had now made it all over her smooth pussy. Now he was easily coming inside her pussy. She too was enjoying chudai and was getting drunk.

Turning his hand over his head, I said - you know, I like it, right?
"Looks very good. You please do not stop in the middle… and keep shining fast because I am not stopping now. ”

Maybe it was time for his loss, so I started fucking him again. Sometimes by hitting small and sometimes fast shots, her pussy began to fuck and she was also experiencing every blow in fun.

Soon she started speaking - please babu, and fast… and fast!
After about 10 minutes of our sex, she was about to fall. He caught me tightly and I started pushing harder.

He stuffed me in the arms and said- Babu, something is happening to me. Loud ... Loud and Loud!
And taking that Siskaria, she said- Yes Babu, I just went.
With this, her pussy gave up its water, she breathed harder and she again fell loose. I was also just about to happen. So I also caught her tightly and hit her pussy with 10 hard blows. And my cock also made puking inside her pussy.
Today how many times my cock hit her pussy, I do not even feel myself. I also held him tightly.

Lying on it, I started to control my breath. After a while when my cock came out of her pussy by shrinking, I moved away from her.

Then I looked at her pussy very carefully. My bastard cocks had stripped her virgin pussy, out of which blood was coming out with my semen.

She was lying down, she had no idea about this. I cleaned the semen and blood on her pussy with her panty and cleaned it and kept that panty for me.

A few drops of semen and blood were lying on the bed sheet as well, causing a slight blemish. I took a cloth and wet it and cleaned the blood with a sheet. Then put on his clothes and lay next to him and took him in his arms.
She also collapsed in my arms.

I asked him - how was it?
She said, Janu, at first I was in a lot of pain but later I had a lot of fun. I never got so much fun. I have become your addict since today. Now you can do all this whenever you want. I would not mind

Hearing this, I pulled it and stuck it on my chest. Then I put my burning lips on her lips. Then I started sucking her soft and soft lips in my lips. She too hugged me and she too held me tight in her arms.

When I kissed her, I started waving her hair, waving her cheeks. Then I moved my hand down and caressed her pussy and said to her - once again. You don't mind
She said no - no… now nothing. You had spoiled my condition. Even after my refusal, you did not leave me. Roughly rubbing me. You are very bad.

I told him - you were just saying that I have become your addict. Now you can do all this whenever you want. I wouldn't mind and now you're refusing?
She said - Babu, it is very painful right now, stay with me for a while. Lying all night, start after a while. My condition is bad now. See, the whole pussy is torn in a fun affair. Have patience for a while. Then do whatever you want to do according to your choice. I am yours from today.

Then we both went to the bathroom, cleaned each other and came back to the room naked and lay down.

After some rest, I again convinced him to fuck me. And once his fierce chudai started.

That night, I screwed him 4 times and made his condition worse. In the morning, the whole pussy was swollen as it was not going in that manner. I returned to my room before dawn.
I was very happy that day because my heart's desire to freeze it was fulfilled.

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