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Friday, April 17, 2020

Virgin didi's pussyfucking fun-2

Virgin didi's pussyfucking fun-2

Didi agreed to fuck me. I started caressing sister's thighs. I was thinking that today I am going to insert cocks in this hot pussy of my sister. So how did sister fuck?

So far, in the first part of this sex story, you did read in
virgin sister's chut chudai ka maza-1
that my sister had agreed to fuck me.

Sister- and hear this will be the first and last time.

When I glowed with happiness, Didi laughed and said - come first with protection.
My sister is not that.
Didi- What do you mean that is not… Do you want to have sex with me without protection… This will never happen.

Hearing this, I felt that I came out of the cock.

Now further…

I - Please Didi Please.
Sister- Okay, but remember one thing… don't fall into me.
I - ok.
Didi- I am speaking again… Do not make the mistake of falling in… because I am your sister… Got it?
Me- Yes Sister.

Then sister started looking at me and later she kissed me on the lips.

For the first time a girl was kissing my lips. I was feeling different right now. I also started kissing with sister. At this time, both of us were kissing each other's lips like hero-heroine. The fire had started to grow inside both of us.

I was thinking that the more my mind is doing for sex, the more my mind is doing for the sister. I was also wondering whether Didi had been married to her boyfriend so far.

While kissing, I started caressing sister's thighs. Then with the hand removed from the thigh of sister, I touched her mother. Didi's mamme was very cool, but didi removed my hand.

After pausing for a few seconds, I again laid my hands on Didi's mummies and this time I started pressing on top of Didi's cool mums, Didi did not remove my hand this time. With which I pressed her cool moms hard and started kissing them. Didi was getting hotter now. Didi's figure was so sexy… as if it was made for me only.

I was thinking that till today many boys would have slaughtered in order to fuck a sister in a dream, but today I am going to insert my cocks in this hot pussy of my sister. However, Didi had a breakup with her boyfriend six months ago, due to which Didi had never told me nor did I try to ask her more.

I was Lucky, who was getting a chance to have sex with a hot girl like Didi.

Soon after, Didi also started feeling happy… I had reached the seventh sky.
For ten minutes we continued to romance brother and sister.

By now my cock was erected. I said - I love you didi.
Then didi smiled looking at me. Then Didi stood up and sat on her knees in front of me. I could not understand what didi was going to do.

Then Didi smiled and pushed my lower down. I stayed in Nikkar. My eyes were on Didi. Didi took out the cocks from my dick and she started looking at my cock.

Sister widening her eyes with astonishment, said, "O my God ... Yours is so big!"
Perhaps Didi would never have thought that my cock would grow bigger than her thought.

The next moment she started caressing my cock with her hand. As soon as his soft hand was felt on my cock, my cock started making fun and it started to harden. Didi once removed the skin of my cock and took out the betel nut and licked my betel nut with his tongue.
I was left humming and my eyes were closed.

The next moment didi filled my cock in her mouth. The feeling of the warmth of his mouth ejected me sweetly. I started to moan loudly. Sister started sucking my cock with fun. For the first time in my life, I was enjoying so much. I could not bear it, so I put one hand behind me and grabbed the sister's hair with the other hand.

My entire cock was pressed by his sister. Sister was sucking my cock like a lollipop after a minute. Sister was looking very sexy at this time and I was enjoying it a lot.

After this, Didi removed my lower and nicer. I also opened my legs and started licking the cocks with pleasure. Sister was panting while sucking cocks. I could not believe that my sister is sucking my cock at this time.

Sister kept sucking my cock for five minutes. Then, standing in front of me, she started smiling and took off her T-shirt. As soon as the sister's T-shirt was removed, her black bra started appearing in front of me, out of which my sister's tight mummies looked very sexy. I was stroking my cock while watching Sister's milk.

Then Didi pushed me and dropped me on the bed. I was able to understand something that didi climbed on top of me and started kissing me. I filled Didi in my arms and opened her bra strip. Sister removed the bra. After that she lay down next to me.

I also removed Didi's short without delay. I saw that Didi's panties were wet. I rubbed his pussy by hand and removed his panty. Didi's white and smooth pussy was blossoming in front of me. I started licking sister's sister, with this sister started laughing and thrashing.

I had learned from licking sister's pussy that sister is still a virgin… That is, I will inaugurate my sister's pussy today. I was going crazy thinking this and seeing Didi's cool bloom. I started suppressing Didi's mums while licking them, due to which the sister was getting more intoxicated.

After two or three minutes of licking, Didi stopped me - Brother, stop now… I am not in control.
The control was not happening even to me… I was just waiting for Didi's gesture. When I put my finger in Didi's pussy, Didi said - By putting Bannchod cocks, Chod… nothing is going to happen with the finger.

My sister was cool and I started seeing a man with a big cock.

Without delay, I set the cocks on my sister's pussy and pushed slowly. As sister was a virgin, she groaned as soon as the cocks entered. I continued to gently push in Didi's pussy. At this time, my enthusiasm was increased by seeing Didi's face. I increased the speed of my bumps.

Sister- Ohhh Raj… Plow slowly… Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I am hurting… Please stop… Please your cock is very big.

I was going to ignore sister's words and fuck her fast. Lund had gone deep inside the pussy. Sister then started screaming in pain very fast. However, she was also making loud, loud voices.

Sister was repeatedly asking me to do slow sex because she was having unbearable pain. But at this time, I was only seeing sex.
I was fucking my sister brutally and she was screaming.

Didi's voice was also going out of the room, but at this time there was no one at home other than our two brothers and sisters. More than half of my cocks were now entering sister's pussy.

Then I put a full force and hit a sharp blow. My whole cock penetrated the pussy and didi screamed loudly. She could not speak much due to pain.

After some time, Didi started having fun and now Didi's tone had changed - Ahhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ..

After about ten minutes of ruthless fuck of sister, I gasped and fell into Didi's pussy and got calm after three to four strikes.

Then Didi pushed me and I stepped away from them. Sister started putting finger in her pussy, due to which her finger got stitched with my semen.

Sister- Oooh you did it. I also refused not to go inside.
I - Sorry sister… I did not know.
Sister-in-law, I had already told you not to fall inside.

Didi was looking at me angrily and I was silent. I turned my eyes down. Didi hardly stood and went to the bathroom. Didi was having unbearable pain and I accidentally fell into my sister's pussy from above. Even then I was very happy at this time. Today, for the first time, I was so happy that I had taken my sister's pussy.

Then Didi came out of the bathroom wearing a night suit and started looking at me while dressing her hair.

Sister- Now go to sleep in your room!
I can sleep here tonight… please sister.
Sister- First put on your clothes.

I stood up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself by washing my cocks with water. Then he came out of the bathroom. My sister was lying on the bed. I came out of the bathroom naked. I started wearing my pants while watching them. Then I lay down with Didi.

I - didi, I'm very sorry for that.
Didi - the mind is trying to give you a slap… but it cannot even kill.
I am sorry sister, whatever you speak, I am ready to do.
Didi - don't be too naive now… forget what happened… but do bring IPIL from the medical store before 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

I mean you forgive me.
Didi- Now what should I write
If I will kiss you, it will still work.
Sister smiled and started scolding- Now sleep and let me sleep too.

We both slept.

On the second day, he brought medicine for Didi and Didi took the pill. Didi's move had also changed in the morning. It was good that mom-dad was not at home yet. After that we both started living our ordinary life.

I wanted to have sex with Didi again, but it was not possible. According to the promise made by Didi, I had to concentrate in studies and bring good numbers in the exam. If I bring good marks in the exam, then Didi will get a chance to fuck again.

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