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Virgin didi's pussyfucking fun-1

Virgin didi's pussyfucking fun-1

My 26 year old sister is a girl with beautiful, hot and fit body. His body is very murderous. One day, I watched a Lesbo video in Didi's laptop with her friend. so …

Hello friends, my name is Raj and I am 20 years old.
You liked my previous fantasy story,
Disha Patani with Haseen Raat Padhi Aayar
. Thank you.

Today I am presenting to you a sex story, which is completely based on imaginary thinking.

I live in mumbai We have four people living at home. My mom-dad and an older sister, who are six years older than me. Sister's name is Tara. We are from a very rich family and live in Mumbai because of our very modern thinking.

Before proceeding further in the story, let me introduce my family to you.

My Tara Didi is 24 years old. She is a beautiful looking, hot and fit body girl. She goes to the gym with which her body is very murderous… Madam is smile and she is going to live in a very modern style. On seeing them, all the people sigh.
I knew that Didi had a boyfriend, but I did not know the extent of friendship she had with him.

My dad is a business man and mom is a housewife. Our bungalow is very luxurious.

One day after dinner at around ten o'clock, I went to take a laptop in Didi's room. Because my friend took my laptop.

When I knocked in his room and went in, Didi was lying on the bed and using the phone. Didi was wearing a short short paint and a sleeveless vest T-shirt, covering only half of her belly. Since I used to see her often in such a dress, I was not surprised.

Didi was talking on the phone with a finger in her navel at the moment, which I definitely found stimulating.
On seeing me, he removed his finger from his navel.

Didi looking at me asked the reason for coming by signal.
So I said- Didi, I want your laptop, my laptop is with my friend… and I have to watch the film in my laptop.

Didi said
to me on the phone by saying 'wait a minute ..' Okay take it… and listen tomorrow evening you have to come pick me up at the gym.
Me- Okay Sister.

Then I came to my room with Didi's laptop and started preparing to watch the film by putting in the PenDrive laptop. Today I had to watch the Bollywood film Kabir Singh.

When I was searching for PenDrive to play on a movie laptop, then I saw a folder in it. I got a little anxious and I opened the folder just like that. There was a film in it, which I played. According to the film, I quickly skipped a little, so that the scene that came before me, my senses were blown away. Because in that video, both Didi and Didi's friend Riya were kissing each other only in bra and panties.

I got very curious and started playing that video from the beginning.

This video was recorded for half an hour, in which both Didi and Riya were romancing lesbian. They were kissing each other on the lips. They were kissing each other's body and twisting their hands on each other's mummies. Both of them went on to say that the video was over before that. Meaning that this much video could be shot.

Seeing this video, my cock got erect and I was forced to think. Didi did not have a boyfriend… I knew this, but Didi can do this too… I had never thought of that.

Today, for the first time, I went to the bathroom thinking about Didi and Riya and killed. After that, I sent that video to my phone and started stroking cocks, remembering my sister's alcoholic body and trying to sleep.

From the next day, my perspective of seeing Didi had changed a lot. I was now looking at sister's mummies with great greed. During this time my eyes were also received from my sister.

For three days every night, I kept watching that video. Even after this, whenever I felt like in the day, then I would kill the Mut by watching that video.

A week later, Mom and Dad were to go to the wedding of Dad's friend's son for three days. Mom-dad went to that wedding. Didi also went out that day, so after watching that video in the room, I was stroking my cock over the lower. I forgot to lock the door of my room.

Sister then suddenly came inside, opening the door of the room. At that time, while watching the nude video of Didi in the phone, I was stroking my cock.

Sister had suddenly come in and she saw me shaking cocks. I was absolutely terrified of Sister's sudden arrival.

Didi closed her eyes and I quickly locked the phone and started fixing myself. Video stopped by phone lock. But Didi had suspected that I was seeing something dirty.

Didi - what are you looking at?
I was watching the film.
Sister- Show me.
I - That Didi is an adult film.
Sister- So what happened… I am not a little girl… Show your phone.
I - that sister…
Didi - Raj give the phone…

Now I was completely scared and what to do, I could not understand anything. All that was going on in my mind that Didi looked at my phone, then I would fall in their eyes and do not know what didi would do to me.

The only way I had now was to call Didi and apologize to her. So I hesitantly gave my phone to Didi.

Didi opens the lock of the phone and Didi starts watching that video.

Sister- Oh… what were you looking at… where did you get all this?
I was sorry Sorry.
Didi looked at me angrily and said- First tell me where did this video come from?
I hesitantly said - from the laptop.
Didi - how dare you do this… I am your sister and how can you watch my personal video?
I am sorry sister.

Sister was very angry at me and I sat on the bed, bowing my head down in shame.

After some time, Didi calmed down a bit. I was still requesting them not to tell Dad that I was stroking cocks after seeing you in the video.

Didi had understood that now that I too have become twenty years old, so I must have started having thirst for sex, but I will do so by looking at them, they never thought.

After thinking for a while, Didi sat down with me and placed her hand on my shoulder and started looking at me. I started apologizing to Didi with a pensive face.

Didi- I am forgiving you this time… but never make such a mistake again.
I will never be in life.
Didi: Dekh Raj, I can understand your condition. It is common at this age, but I am your sister, so it is wrong to think of me like this.
I - Sorry sister… Didi -
what that!
I said hesitantly - nothing.

Didi- Raj, you are also good friends with my brother, so there is no need to shame you. Whatever you want to say, you can say.
Me- will you make that sister
Didi- I promise that I will not get angry. You feel free to say what you say.
Me- I have not been able to remove this scene from my mind since I have seen this video… and I am still a virgin, due to which my mind is getting distracted.
Sister- You are not small anymore, so learn to control your mind.

I said hesitantly - Didi, will you help me.
Sister- What do you want to say?
Me- Can I have sex with you once?
Sister- What are you talking about… Raj, do you know what you are saying?
I- Didi Please…
Didi- Shutup… or else I will hit a slap.

Didi went out of the room saying so. But the same scene was moving in my mind again and again.

I came out of the room for dinner at night and sat down to eat. Didi had food on the table. Both of us kept eating quietly while eating. Then I come to my room.

The other day, I remained depressed all day and was not even talking properly to Didi. Didi knew what I wanted… but Didi was getting it wrong.

On the same day at around nine o'clock, Didi called me and called her to her room. I was wondering what would happen. When I knocked on the door of Didi's room, Didi opened the door and asked her to come inside.

I went inside Didi asked me to sit on the bed, I sat down. Then Sister sat down with me. I was looking at the other side of sister.

Didi- Look Raj… now you are young… and I too understand your problem. You make a girlfriend
Me - I do not want to make girlfriends.
Didi- I am your sister, what you are saying… that is not possible.
Why should I?
Sister- You explain.
Me- I am not able to focus for this reason also in studies.

Hearing this, Didi started thinking for a few seconds. I was looking down.

Didi- Okay, I am ready to help you but you promise that this time you will bring good marks in the exam.
I promise, didi, I will try my best to bring good marks this time.

Didi - if you don't come ..!
I will do whatever you say without any energy.
Sister- and hear this will be the first and last time.

When I glowed with happiness, Didi laughed and said - come first with protection.
My sister is not that.
Didi- What do you mean that is not… Do you want to have sex with me without protection… This will never happen.

I felt that after listening to Didi, I came out of the cock.

To know what happened next, stay connected with me to enjoy sex in the next part of my sex story.
I will wait for your mail.

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