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Village kali kali-2

Village kali kali-2

My friend's young sister's pussy was looking rash to fuck too. I was not getting a chance to heat it. One day I got an opportunity, so how did I enjoy that virgin girl's virgin pussy?

Friends, I am presenting the second part of Nihal Singhania, my desi sex story
village's Kachhi Kali-1

Till now you have read that I was to visit a Rajput family near my village house. I had a friendship with a boy named Sonu in his house.

Then I went to the city and when I came back to the village, Sonu's youngest sister Neha was already young. I started laughing with him. One day I held her hand and my cock stood up.

Now further:

Friends, with the desi girl Neha, I had a growing shock. I knew that her pussy must have got itchy. Now I was looking for an opportunity when I could warm him up and hold him and give me a fuck.

One day I got that chance too. That day my family and his family went out somewhere. I mostly preferred to stay at home. That day Neha also did not go with her family.

After everyone left, she came to my house. She told that her housemates have gone to hang out. I also told him that there is no one at my house.

I asked - why didn't you go?
She said - I was not feeling well, so I did not go.
I asked - what happened to you? I haven't got fever, show me.

As soon as I extended my hand towards her forehead, she started laughing. He joked with me again.
I said - Hey wait, where is she running, she showed, there is no fever.
She said running away - I will not show you, otherwise you will commit bullying.

Till now I had not even thought about it. On her saying, I also thought that there is no one in the house today, why not take advantage of the opportunity!

I naively said - I will not do good bullying, let me touch once!
She slowly came to me. She was wearing a t-shirt and had pajamis underneath.

First I checked his fever by touching his forehead. Then I suddenly held her hand. She started getting rid. But today I was not afraid of anyone. There was no one at home and neither were his family members.

When I grabbed him and pulled him towards me, his lemon-sized spoon came close to my chest. For the first time the body of both of us came so close.

She said - you started bullying again, if someone comes?
While sticking Neha to myself, I said - no one will come. Today I am not going to leave you so easily.
He immediately jerked me in the hand and started escaping. I caught him again in the courtyard and hugged him along the wall. I started looking at his face.

Friends, this is my weakness. Whenever I do anything with a girl, I enjoy seeing her face. Seeing the expressions that come on his face, my cock gets tense with more speed and is completely yearning for fuck.

I started caressing that desi girl's face with my fingers. I caught him with one hand and with the other hand, he was moving fingers on his soft face.

His cheeks were soft and blond like a child. My hand had now gone to his lips. Seeing her thin and pink to soft lips, my mind started to deteriorate. The animal inside me started coming out.

First, I rubbed her lips with love. After that, she pressed her lower lip between her two fingers and started rubbing. Now she started recovering and removing her face here and there.

I was excited now. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, then she got pain and her pink lips opened. I put my lips on her lips at that moment and this was our first kiss.

As soon as my lips were attached to his lips, he placed his hand on my shoulder and left his body loose. His breath became sharper. The girls who are reading this story will be able to understand Neha's condition, how it feels when the first kiss happens to someone.

Now Neha was under my control. Then I left her hair and paused her waist and started drinking her lips vigorously. He too put his hands on my shoulder. Now she was swinging in my arms like. I slowly started playing with her lips. His lips were also opened.

For 10 minutes we both kept sucking each other's lips in the courtyard right there. He was enjoying it too. She herself started pulling the saliva of my lips in her mouth. His hands were tightening on my shoulder.

I put tongue in his mouth and my hand started caressing his back. I found out that she has not even worn a bra under the t-shirt. Thinking this, I became more hot. My tongue started getting in and out of her mouth with more speed.

With this, I caught him tightly and lifted his cocks and brought them to my waist. He also wrapped his legs on my waist. Ahh… Friends, remembering the pleasure I had in sucking her lips at that moment, my cock like a storm.

Leaving her lips, I asked- How did it feel?
She said- Ahhh… never enjoyed so much brother.
I said - do not tell me brother ever after today. I am your brother in front of everyone else but not for you. I am your husband for you.

She started blushing on me. I started to suck her lips hard again. Taking that siskariya, I started to drink the juice of my lips. If I used to bite her lips again and again, her sigh would come out.
She would say - Ahhh… don't bite brother, it is hurting a lot.

As soon as she said brother, my cock would get more excited and I would suck her lips more quickly. In this way, we both sucked and sucked for about 20 minutes.

While sucking his lips, I brought him inside. I took him down and told him- take off your t-shirt!
She started blushing. He grabbed his t-shirt with his hand.

I went towards her back and mashed her Tucci from the top of the t-shirt and started pressing. His sobs got out. I do this with every woman. I fuck all the aunties pussy, I press everyone's tit from behind, I enjoy it a lot.

Kissing his neck, I took off my vest. Coming ahead of him, I said- Take Darling, kiss my stomach, my chest and my nipple. Shall them Whatever you want to do, do it with them, you have a free hand.

That desi girl was looking at my half-naked body with lustful eyes. Perhaps he wished to see an urban boy in front of his eyes. He sucked my nipples and kissed me on the chest. My sobriety started coming out. Then she started kissing my stomach, then I took her tshirt off.

Hi… Masti like Mastai of a young and sexy desi girl was naked in front of me. She was trying to hide her pussy. It seemed as if a model with a nude photoshoot was standing in front of me.

I clicked some photos of Neha. After that I lovingly tried to remove her hands but she was not removing it.
I angrily pulled her hands and immediately grabbed both her cunts in my hands. He grabbed my hands with his hands and started saying - No… Do not… Please, it will hurt again.

I said sister-in-law, now in which you are in pain, after a while you will enjoy yourself so much that you will ask yourself to do it.
After that I started caressing Neha's Tits slowly. Along with that I started sucking her lips too. Slowly now he removed his hand from my hands. His hands were now wrapped above my neck.

Now I was playing with her pussy without any interruption. Sometimes it was pressing very slowly or sometimes loudly. Whenever I used to press hard, my mouth would sigh. To be honest, I was pressing so loudly to hear such sobriety.

Now I slowly started coming down. While pressing her tits, he kissed her neck. Then started drinking her Titsi. Out of his mouth - ahhh… umm… Ssshhh… came… or… hea… there were hot erotic voices coming out of which my cock was going to burst.

I sucked Neha's tits and made me completely wet. As soon as I flipped my tongue on her nipple, her whole body trembled. She was just yearning, sometimes in fun and sometimes in pain.

After that, while going down, I caressed her naked waist. Then put a finger in her navel. As if there was a fire in his body. Then I put my tongue in her navel. As soon as my tongue was in her navel, she started to sigh… ugh….

Then I made him sit down. His mouth was near my trousers. My Aloda was taut.
I asked- you know what's inside it?
She blushingly said - No, I do not know.

I said - then look down my trouser, no .. what is inside!
She said - No, I do not want to see.
I then held his hand and placed it on top of my trousers on my erect cocks. As soon as my hand felt the touch of my cock, it felt like my cock would explode today.

Neha's hand was also trembling by touching my cock. Perhaps he had touched cocks for the first time. But he was enjoying this feeling. He started caressing my cock slowly. She was slowing down as if she did not have the strength in her hand.

When I could not bear it, I said - suppress sister in law, you have to do the same after marriage.
But he still did not.
Then I grabbed his hand and put it in my trouser. He felt my wet, erect cocks on his hand, so he pulled his hand out.

Seeing this, I laughed. After that I opened my trousers myself. Now my cock was in front of him. He was being puffed like a snake in front of him. Neha's facial expressions were telling that she has not seen cocks in real life till date. She was watching my cock carefully.

After that, I put his hand on my cock and started getting his hand up and down on my cock with my own hand. The joy of getting the lund of cocks with his white soft hands was something else coming.

I closed my eyes. Ahh… sweetheart… ahhh… hi… do it like that…. I left my hand after two minutes, she still kept caressing my cock. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed myself. I got along the wall and drowned in fun.

I asked- Neha, do you love me?
She said - yes, very much.
I said - so now take my cock in your mouth, darling!
He slowly opened his small mouth and started trying to take my cock in his mouth.

The head of the cocks had gone in that he had thrown my cocks out.
She said - I do not like it. Some of it is also coming out. I cannot take it in the mouth.
I said - nothing will happen my queen, all girls do. Take a full mouth once. Will have fun.

After I explained, he filled my cock in the mouth. I started taking a trip to heaven. Neha started sucking my cock. He also enjoyed sucking cocks.

When I was not stopped, I hit him on the bed and pulled his pajamis out of his thighs. Seeing the shape of her small desi pussy in her red colored panty, I got mad.

I got excited and started sucking and licking her panties. She shivered and started caressing my hair. When I started to wiggle my pussy on the shape of her tongue, then her breath started moving fast and she started pulling my hair.

Then I removed her panty. She had fluffy short hair on her pussy. The pussy was completely white. It seemed as if a small incision would have been made on the apple.

I put the tongue in her pussy and started sucking her pussy. She started to suffer. I was pushed back, but I started getting excited and started sucking her virgin pussy.

In a while, her pussy became so hot that she pulled me on top of her and started sucking my lips vigorously. I started rubbing cocks on her desi pussy. He started getting intoxicated.

Neha's pussy got a touch of cocks for the first time. She could not tolerate this pleasure. After that, I gave a finger to her pussy. I slowly started to scrape her finger. She started stuffing.

Then I picked up the bottle of oil and put a lot of oil on my cock. By drenching the cocks in oil, I put a supond of cocks on her pussy.
She said- there will be no pain
I said - my life will be just a little bit, you will never forget the fun that will come after that.

I did not push the cocks in her pussy but started sucking her lips. Then slowly rubbed the cocks in her pussy from below so that she would become completely hot to fuck herself.

Then I slowly tried to put the cocks in the pussy. Lund was slipping on her pussy. I once held the cocks by hand and set the right place and then gave a blow by lying on it.

While penetrating Neha's small virgin pussy, the supra of cocks entered inside. Neha started screaming. I then put my hands on his mouth and indicated him to be silent. Water started flowing from his eyes.

I sucked and licked her pussy and neck for some time. Then kissed her lips. After three-four minutes, his pain subsided, so I pushed another in his pussy.

My cock got half penetrated this time but after looking at Neha it felt like she would faint. I gave him a slight slap on his cheek and prevented him from becoming unconscious. Somehow he handled himself and I wrapped him in my body.

By clinging to her soft body, I started running half the cock in her pussy. Slowly, his hands started caressing my back. Then she started fucking her pussy with ease.

Now I also started fucking her pussy in fun. Striking slowly, I removed all the cocks in her pussy with a trick and fuck her for ten minutes. Meanwhile, she collapsed three times.

When the cocks came out, her pussy was stained with blood. The bed was stained. I quickly washed the sheet and then cleaned her pussy too. He gave Neha a pill of pain. Then left him to his house and came.

After that Neha herself came to fuck me under my cock. Seeing the opportunity, she used to grab my cock and I started fucking her fiercely. In a few days, I fed the raw bud of that village like a flower and fed it like a flower.

Friends, this was my real desi sex story. Did you like it? Please tell me Send your message to the email given below or comment in the comment box.

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