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Friday, April 17, 2020

Village Desi Girlfriend Buried

Village Desi Girlfriend Buried

A boy was my friend in front of my house in the village. Her sister became my sister's friend and she started coming to my house and started talking to me on some pretext.

I am a regular reader of conscience. This is my first desi sex story on conscience. If there is any mistake in the story then you guys will forgive me. I am sure that you guys will definitely like this story.

My name is Anshu. I am 27 years old. My color is clear and my height is 5 feet 10 inches. The size of my cock is 7 inches. I belong to a small village in Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh.

This story dates back 7 years from today. A family came to live in front of my house. There were 6 people in that family. The parents were 2 brothers and two sisters. Both sisters were older than their brothers. The younger one was named Soumya (changed name). The figure of Soumya was 32 28 32.

I became friends with Soumya's brother, due to which I started going to Soumya's house. Soumya started liking me and she was always looking for a chance to talk to me. Soumya befriended my sister before talking to me. Soumya started coming to my house on the pretext of meeting my sister and started talking to me on some pretext.

One day I was going somewhere from my house and Soumya was coming for my house. On the way he stopped me and said to me - I want to talk to you.
I told him - say what is the matter?
Then he said - no, you will get angry.
And she left.

When she met me in the evening, she again said - she has to talk to me.
I said - whatever is the matter, tell me?
So he promised me that I will not be angry with him and will not tell anyone.

I promised that I would not say anything to anyone and said- you can believe me.
Then she said- I love you.
And after that she ran away from there.

When I went to her house in the evening, there was no one at her house. Seeing me she came to me smiling and started asking me - do I like you or not?
I told him- I love you too.
Very happy to hear this.

I stayed at his house for a while, after that I walked back from his house.

The next day when I went to her house there was no one at her house. So she came running to me and hugged me.
As soon as I started to embrace her, there was a strange movement in my body, my whole body started to tickle. I hugged a girl for the first time in my life.

I came back to my house and I came in the room and started beating.

The next day when I met him, he gave me a letter. As soon as I kept the letter in my pocket, till then his younger brother came and started asking me to walk the market.
And I went to the market with him.

After separating from the market, he started reading the letter out of his pocket.
He wrote that he needed a mobile from which he could talk to me.

I took a SIM card from the market and after coming home, put it in my old mobile and gave it to Soumya.

Soumya's brother mostly slept with me. He slept with me that day too.

At around 11:30 in the night, Soumya got a call on my number. He called me to meet me in the garden.
There is a garden in front of my house and after the garden there is Road, on the other side of the road is Soumya's house.

When I disconnected the phone and saw his brother, he was sleeping deeply. I woke up secretly and went to my garden.

Soumya was already standing there. As soon as I went, I embraced him and kissed him.
Soumya held my hand and placed it on her nipple and said to suppress it. I started pressing her nipple and she started pressing my cock from the top of the pants.

After a while he put his lips on my lips and started sucking. And we both started playing with other organs.

After some time, the sound of someone coming from Soumya's house was heard. We immediately separated from each other and hid behind trees.

After some time, we saw that Soumya's father was coming to my garden to urinate. Soumya was scared to see her father coming towards the garden. His father stood at some distance from us and took his cock and started urinating.

Soumya carefully watched her father urinating. Her father went home after urinating and shaking his cock and putting it inside his pants.

After going to their house, Soumya started asking me to urinate in front of her. On his insistence, I agreed to urinate in front of him.

As soon as I took my cock out of my pants to pee, he grabbed my cock with his hands.

When my urine started coming out, she started to push my foreskin back and forth. After some time we both went to our respective homes.

After that day, we started talking on the phone every night. Gradually phone sex started on the phone . Now every night we both could not sleep without having phone sex.
We started waiting for the right time for sex.

A few days later my sister had a wedding. There was a music program at night, then Saumya came to my house. He asked me to go towards the bathroom in a gesture. I escaped from everyone's eyes and stood near the bathroom.

After a while Soumya also came there. We both clung to each other and started kissing each other. Time was short, so we thought it expedient to do chudai. I started putting finger in her burrow of the government below Soumya's salwar.

After fucking his bur for some time, Soumya started asking him to put cocks in his bur.

When I hit my cock with a blow on his bur, my cock slipped. Then Soumya grabbed my cock and set it on her bur and asked me to put it inside.
As soon as I jerked off, my cocks supine went into his bur.
At the same time, she started fluttering in pain.

Just then, looking for him, his elder sister started coming towards the bathroom. We quickly separated from each other and I immediately hid in the toilet. Soumya's sister went to her house with Soumya.

The whole wedding ceremony of my house was over and we could not get a chance again. We both started bothering to meet each other.

2 months later a girl was married in my village. Soumya asked me to meet her at that wedding. We made a program to meet on the wedding day.

The day the wedding took place, Soumya got a call in the morning and she told me to have sex with me tonight.
And asked me to bring a condom.

Somya's brother met me in the evening. He was in a hurry, he had to meet a sister-in-law this evening for which he had brought a condom.

He told me by giving me a packet of condoms - keep it with you. And at night I will come back.
And he went from there.

After the night came at night, Soumya called me and asked me to come to the wedding. When I reached the wedding quickly, I called Soumya and she said- I call once in a while.
And he hung up.

When I saw Jayamala on stage, I saw that Soumya was standing in a beautiful red color saree with the bride. Seeing her in a sari, my cock became erect. I started to think that I would bang him on the stage and give him a fuck.

I went to eat after Jayamala's program finished on the stage.

While I was eating, Soumya called me and called me to my farm.

Avoiding the eyes of everyone, I went to the farm. On reaching my farm, she also reached there. At that time mustard was sown in the fields. I took him to the middle of the mustard field. After making some space, I spread her scarf on the ground. I came after Soumya and kissed her throat and started pressing her mamme. Siski started coming out of his mouth.

Now slowly, a cloth was removed from his body. She was standing naked in front of me. I slowly started kissing her whole body. After a while he removed all my clothes. Now both of us were absolutely naked in front of each other.

I started sucking one of her nipples in my mouth and pressing the other nipple with my hand.
Soumya started putting her hand down and caressing my cock.

After a while I separated from him and I asked him to take his cock in her mouth. So she started refusing. But after my repeated saying, she agreed. Soumya started sucking my cock with her mouth.
She withdrew after sucking cocks for a while.

When I asked her to lie on her scarf, she lay down. I started kissing all over her body and putting one finger in her bur and started doing it back and forth.
After a while, water started coming out of his bur. She started asking me to put cocks in her bur.

Now I removed the condom from my pocket and applied it on my cock. I put both my legs on his shoulder and set my cock on his bur and hit him. Half of my cock went into his bur.
Tears came out of her eyes immediately and she started splashing with pain, taking me away from herself. So I started sucking her lips.

After some time, when he got some rest, I again gave a loud shock.

Now my whole cock went to her bur and she started screaming in pain and started to nail her back on my back. I lay on it for some time.

When he got some rest, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth in his bur. Now he was also enjoying it. She also shook her back and started supporting me, started speaking to push me harder.
I increased my speed.

She collapsed after twenty-five strikes. After a while I also collapsed.

I lay on him for a while. After a while I removed my cock from his bur, and saw that the condom had burst. After seeing this, she got scared and started crying and started saying - if she becomes pregnant then she will die.
I explained to him that nothing like this will happen, I will bring you medicine in the morning. It will be nothing to eat it.

After that we both put on our own clothes. Stopped talking for a while and came to his house.

Waking up in the morning, I quickly went to the medical store and took the medicine and gave it to Soumya.
She remained distressed until her period came after eating the medicine.

After the period came, I was happy to call and tell him that his period has come.
After this, Normal started living.

In my next desi sex story, I will tell how I kicked her ass and she got her and my friends to fuck me.
How would you like my Desi Chudai story, I will definitely tell you by mail.

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