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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Unknown by showing money to family members, I got fuck

Unknown by showing money to family members, I got fuck

Hello friends, I welcome you all very much. My name is Riya, and I am from Gwalior. From the very beginning nothing was going well in my life. I started getting very upset. After marriage, my life was ruined even more, but then in my life I met a person who had changed my life. Today I am going to tell you my true sex story along with some bad moments of my life, then you will listen to it carefully.

I was born in a poor family in Gwalior. Even though I was poor, my family members raised me up like a princess. I was a beautiful girl since school. My complexion was fair and fair, and by looking at the texture of my body, people's minds used to get spoiled. Whoever used to see me once, just kept on watching. I was not allowed to be with the boys at all. I was brought up with a lot of rituals, so I was totally a cult girl. After school was over, I now had to get admission in college. My body had grown even more at that time. My entire youth looked out. My family members were poor, and like every poor family, my family was also very afraid of slander. This was the reason why I was completely denied college. But I was very keen to go to college, so after much stubbornness, finally, my family agreed to send me to college. All the boys in college used to watch me with very dirty eyes. They used to stare at me like I was in front of them I am standing completely naked. In college, a boy was far behind me. When I told him about his antics at home, the family members stopped me from screaming.

I had grown up, so the pressure of family was increasing towards me. We were from a poor family, so some people of our family were pressurizing our family for my marriage too. For a long time, our family was also getting loan. Due to the debt owed to the family, I also started feeling very upset. A few days later a rich family relationship came to our house. I had liked the parents of the boy who brought the relationship. But I did not like that boy at all. Some days I met and talked with the boy alone so that both of us could get to know each other better. That boy used to look at my body with very dirty eyes, and I did not like his intentions at all. He wanted to get me anyhow, so he was going to show my family money. In order to make my family happy he had also completely eliminated our debt.

I did not like the intention of that boy at all, and I wanted to convince the family to marry that boy. But I was too much buried under the burden of family. This was the reason why I told the family yes to marry the boy. We were married a few days later. A few days after the wedding, we went to Nepal for a honeymoon. On the pretext of Nepal, that boy got a chance to play with my body, which he wanted to do with me for so long. On the first day of honeymoon, we were both tired and sleeping at night. Then that boy ie my husband had started to fold me at the waist. As soon as I slept on her side, she started kissing me after seeing me. He was drunk and was also very intoxicated. That's why he was going to kiss my body even though I did not allow it.

In a short while, she also opened my blouse. He was going to kiss my boobs from over my bra. All this was happening without my consent. But still the excitement of my body was increasing, which was visible from my face. After some time she removed my bra and also freed my boobs. He was just ruthlessly kissing my boobs. My boobs were being lashed out loudly, due to which my breath was becoming very deep and fast. The loud sound of my breath was echoing throughout the room. After some time he kissed me and also removed my petticoat and panty. Now he was going to kiss my stomach and lick my vagina. I was getting very excited by all this. He kept licking my pussy with his tongue for 20 minutes like this and then he started to finger my pussy rapidly with his finger. Tears were coming out of my eyes, because I understood that she married me because of my beauty.

After some time, he removed his hard cock. Now I was married, so I could not say anything. In a short while, he had put his cock on the wall of my vagina. After this, he had put his cock in my cock in one stroke. This action caused a sharp scream, and I had to cry. But he was going to fuck me very brutally. He was going to fuck me in different positions without my consent. After some time she made me a mare and made me fuck her, I was missing all my mistakes that day. He was very drunk and I was going to fuck very badly. My scream was echoing throughout the hotel. In some 2-hour break, he had fuck with me almost twice all night. After which he had left his hot semen in my pussy. We had now returned home after celebrating our honeymoon. It was only after marriage that the boy started showing his colors. He often used to come home after drinking alcohol and abused me. If I had even talked with a neighbor by mistake, he would have started fighting with me. Yes. I never wanted to disturb my family, so I never told my family about it. 

My life was completely ruined. I had just become a sex machine for my husband. My husband used to come with alcohol every day, and used to stay with me just to give me a bite, otherwise he used to stay outside for a few days. This went on for about 2 years and by now we had a small child. One day, there was a turning point in my life that changed my life. One day a gentleman named Rajiv came to our neighborhood to live in connection with his work. He was a writer by profession. With his sweet words, he had made his mark in the entire neighborhood in a few days. When I used to go to my terrace to dry clothes, Rajiv was also lying on his roof at the same time. Their roof was much closer than our roof. A few days later I noticed that whenever I used to come to the terrace to dry clothes, Rajiv used to see me secretly. Although I liked Rajiv too, but due to being married, I did not pay much attention to him.

After a few days, I also got used to seeing Rajiv. At first we used to smile and see each other, but gradually Rajiv and I started talking to each other on the roof. Rajiv was a very nice person, after explaining everything about me, he explained and sympathized. For some days we started talking to each other on the phone and then within a few days we both fell in love with each other. After that day, my life full of sorrow was immediately transformed into happiness. When my husband lived outside, I used to go daily to watch movies with Rajiv and hang out. My life with Rajiv was going exactly like I always wanted. I was absolutely happy going now. When my husband went out for a few days, then one day I invited Rajiv to stay overnight at his house. Rajiv brought a big bottle of vodka with him that day. We had drunk too much that night. After getting drunk, we talked a lot with each other and then after I put my child to sleep, I went to a room with Rajiv. Inside the room, Rajiv first saw me smiling for some time and then while talking, he started kissing me on the lips. It was nice to kiss someone like this for the first time. Now for the first time I was going to enjoy sexual pleasure with someone and with pleasure of my own accord. After kissing Rajiv, I also started kissing him with his hands on his legs. Rajiv was going to kiss me on the throat, cheek and upper part of the boob while dropping my pallu. He had completely aroused my excitement in a while. I took Rajiv's shirt off without waiting and stripped him off. His body was very strong. I could feel her strong body well, with her hands on her waist and chest. During this time Rajiv kept on kissing me with love.

Rajiv had freed my boobs by taking off my blouse and bra in a short time. My hanging big and tide boobs were even bigger than my beauty. On seeing me, a large tent was also tanned in Rajiv's paint. I was stroking Rajiv's cock by holding his cock on top of it. During this time Rajiv was pressing my boobs and was going to kiss her. I was enjoying it a lot. After some time Rajiv had completely naked me. Rajiv was all set to give me a wicket. Rajiv's cock was very thick and hard. He had removed his LND in one stroke in my pussy. I had a slight pain at first and even after speaking "Ah ah oh and loudly", I started talking with Rajiv with pleasure. For some time, Rajiv started to fuck me in different positions, then I sat down with Rajiv and started fucking me up and down. During this time, I also took Rajiv's LND completely in my mouth. His cock was very excellent. After some time, Rajiv had shed his semen in my mouth. Since that day whenever my husband went out for a few days, So Raghav and I used to fuck hard. A few days later I divorced my husband and then I started living with my child with Rajiv forever. Rajiv is a very good person, I still feel good with him.

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