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Tuition teacher made me girl

Tuition teacher made me girl

I am very smooth like girls. I have pink lips and a thin waist. Boys used to stare at me a lot. My tuition teacher made me wear a sari one night…

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Hello friends My name is Mohit Kumar. I am a bit dark but very smooth, just like girls. I have light pink lips and a thin waist. My ass is very thick and tight according to my body. The bulge of my chest looks exactly like the bulging chest of girls.

When I wear jeans or some tight clothes, my ass is very much visible in it. When I get out of the house in those clothes, I notice many times that many boys used to stare at me a lot, like girls do. I did not understand this, so I never paid attention to this.

This was sometime before today, when I used to study. I had studied before in another school. After that I came to this school. My health was very bad for two years, so my schooling for 2 years had fallen behind. At that time I was over 18 years old.

Although I was good at reading and writing, my English was just a little weak. When I enrolled here, I loved everything here. But my English head used to look at me a little strangely. His name was Umesh and he was very smart in appearance. Due to his long height, he looked exactly like Hrithik Roshan.

Reading continued for a few days. Then one day Umesh sir had given homework, so like many children, I too could not do the homework given to him.

The next day when Sir said that everyone who has not done homework, he should go out of class.

I came out of the class with some students on this matter.

That day, during the entire period, we stood outside like this.
When the English period ended, Sir came out. He saw us staring and said - now all children go inside. Today it was the first time, so I am leaving everyone, come and do all the homework from next time.

We all nodded and started going in.

I started going in with all the students too, so Sir said - bring these books to the staff room.
I took books from them and started following them. When we reached the staff room, no one had come there.

Sir said to me - keep it here.
I started going by keeping books, so Sir said - listen here.
I approached. Sir was sitting on the chair.

He said - why didn't you do homework, you are good at reading.
I said - Sir, I could not understand, so could not work. My English is a little more week.

Sir said - why don't you get your English tuition done?
I said - I am looking, but no one has been found yet.
Sir said - if you want to read from me… then I can teach.
I said, okay sir… I will talk at home… and will tell you tomorrow.

Sir gave me permission to stare.

I took permission to read from home to Sir's house and the next day he said to Sir - Okay sir, I agree to read from you. What time do I have to come and what should I pay?
Sir said - give the fee five hundred and come home from 7 to 8 in the evening.

After this, Sir gave me his mobile number and giving the address of the area where his house was, said that come near my house and call me, I will tell you the way to my house.

I reached near Sir's house at 7 in the evening and called him, so Sir told me the location. I reached his home.

Sir started teaching me and started watching.

I was reading the copy carefully. He used to teach me while teaching, sometimes placing his hands on my shoulder, sometimes on my back and sometimes by placing his hand on my thigh.
I too was enjoying this act of sir.

After an hour, when I started going to my house, Sir said that what I have taught, go and revise it at home and come home tomorrow… otherwise it will be punished.

After saying this, he hit a loud slap on my ass and started smiling. I too thought it a simple incident and smiled and came to my house.

On that night, I kept remembering my head and I was being restless even more inside of my ass. I was unable to understand why this was happening.

Then I went to school the next day, so as soon as the English period ended. So sir again hinted to take me to the books. I took the books and as soon as I kept the books out of the staff room, I started coming back. Umesh Sir was standing at the gate and he saw me smiling and hit my ass again with one hand. I also liked and I smiled and looked at them.

All this went on like this for a few days.

Then one day I went out of my house to head here, then the weather had turned somewhat bad. After reaching some distance, it started raining very fast. By now I had come far ahead of my house and Sir's house was nearby. But the rain was so strong that even if I used to run, I would get wet.

I stood there for a while and started waiting for the rain to stop. But it was half an hour and the rain did not stop. Now I started feeling cold as well, so I thought why not run away and go to Sir's house and if the rain stops, then I will go home.

As soon as the rain slowed down, I ran to Umesh sir. But even then I was completely drenched. After going to Umesh sir's house, I played the doorbell, so Sir opened the door and called inside.

They said- Oh how you got so wet… When it was raining so fast, today do not come.
I said - Sir, when I left the house… it was not raining and when it came near your house, it started raining. I was standing too late to stop the rain and I could go to my house… but the rain did not stop and there I was feeling very cold too, that is why I came to your house.
Sir said - you did very well. Let me give you a towel.

Sir gave me the towel and said that you take off your wet clothes… and clean yourself with the towel. I make tea for you.

Umesh sir went to the kitchen… and I removed all my clothes and cleaned myself with a towel and tied the towel there.

Then Umesh sir came and looking at my milk said - Give me your wet clothes, I spread them by fan in another room… so that they dry up.

Umesh sir spread my clothes and brought tea.
We both sat together and started drinking tea and started talking.

Umesh sir- tell me what is your choice.
I love dancing.
Umesh sir - you dance.
I - Yes.
Umesh sir - I am also very fond of dancing.
I truly!
Umesh sir - yes you will dance with me.
I - Yes.
Umesh sir - but you dance in the clothes of girls, I like couple dance very much.
Me- Okay, but I don't have girls' clothes.
Umesh Sir- Why do you worry I have it all… you just tell me that you tie a sari to yourself… because I do not know how to tie a sari.
Me- yes sir I tie up.
Umesh said while raising the head- Okay… then go to my room.

I also followed them. He removed me the sari and gave me a makeup kit.

Sir said - even make a little makeup.

After saying this, they started going out and told me to come ready.

I saw the clothes given by Sir that blouse petticoats and bra panties were also kept with the saree. I was very fond of wearing bra panties. When I wore panties, she was exactly my size. After this, I wore a petticoat and a bra wearing a blouse. My milk fit perfectly in the bra and I looked like girls. The blouse that Sir gave, was sleeveless and was exactly my size.

The neck of this blouse was much deeper than the front and there was only one chord from the back. He was also very thin. My entire back was open at the back. Then I wore a yellow colored sari. I tied the petticoat just below the navel, showing my entire belly and navel from the front.

After that, I wore red bangles and applied red dot, lipstick and made it very well. Then also put a wig with big hair. Now I saw myself in a mirror, so I could not identify myself whether I was a boy or a girl. I was feeling very observant. If I just went out like this, many people would not stop teasing me.

Now when I came out of the room, Umesh sir just kept looking at me. He said - I swear, what do you seem to be doing.
I went to Sharma.
Umesh sir said- If you do not have any problem, then I will take some photos of you.

On this, I started thinking something, so Umesh sir said - don't worry, I will not send these photos to anyone… nor will you have any problem.
I said - okay.

I took many poses and took photos. After this Umesh sir started singing the song 'Tip Tip Barsa Pani ..' and asked me to dance.

I also started doing very sexy dance on this song. Then Umesh sir came and grabbed me from behind and he started supporting me in dance by holding my stomach with both his hands.

After that, he started turning his finger on my navel and his tight cock was being pressed very hard on my ass. I also started dancing with him. At this time it was giving me great pleasure to stick the head to myself.

After some time, he started kissing my whole back and then up my saree and kissed my feet till my thigh. I started getting excited. Seeing my fun, he started kissing on my belly and navel. After that he kissed me on the neck and cut off my ear.

I could not bear it now. Then they turned me on their side and kissed me by placing their lips on my lips. I was getting so much sex that I did not say anything to him, just started supporting my head in kissing.

After some time, he lifted me in his lap and took him to his bedroom.

Umesh sir lied to me and started from my lips and kissed my whole body. I also used to be like girls. Slowly, sir removed all my clothes. Now I was completely naked in front of Umesh sir.

Umesh sir lied me upside down and kissed me in the ass hole and started fucking me with his tongue. I was having a lot of fun. I was just making sounds of 'Uffff Ahh Fak Me ..'.

Umesh sir said - From today your name is doll queen for me… and now behave like you girls.
I agreed

Now Umesh sir took off his T-shirt and lay down and he gestured to me. This gesture meant that now my turn came to love him.

I also started kissing and licking them with lips. I came down to his lower, which was already a tent. I started sucking their cocks from above their lower, then Sir indicated to remove the cocks.

When I took his cock out of the lower, I was amazed to see it. Umesh sir's cock was full 8 inches. I kept looking at his cock.
Umesh sir said - what happened to the doll queen?
I said nothing, sir.

Sir hinted at sucking cocks.

I kissed the top of his cock first with my lips and then started licking it. Then slowly taking his cock in his mouth started sucking. The head had such a big cock that it was not going inside my mouth.

On the other hand, Umesh Sir was repeatedly saying that he is enjoying… take my life… up to the inside.
I was also trying my best.

Then Sir grabbed my head and put all his cocks in my mouth. I felt suffocated by this, but Umesh sir's grip was so fast that I could not release myself. For some time, they kept fucking me with cocks in my mouth.

Then Umesh sir took out a bottle of oil from the drawer next to the bed and asked me to become a mare. They put a lot of oil in my ass inside. Then he lied to me directly and applied oil on his cock too. Sir put my feet on his shoulders and put the top of his cock on my ass hole.

He told me to leave the hole loose… it will be fun.

The flower of my ass was fading away. The head rubbed the supine in the ass, then the ass started enjoying. As soon as my ass hole opened… then Sir gave me a loud blow. With this, his topa entered inside the ass. I was in a lot of pain and I started crying in pain. Blood started coming out of my ass too. I was feeling very strong pain.

I told Umesh sir - let it be, I am feeling very strong pain.
Umesh sir said - Okay… Now I am not doing anything… But just let it be like that. Right now the pain will be cured in a while. Umesh sir started kissing me and sucking and licking my boobs.

After some time, I got some rest, so Sir suddenly gave me a complete shock and jammed the cocks inside. This time Umesh sir had removed all his cocks in my ass.

Now as soon as I started going mad with pain and Umesh started trying to get rid of me a lot. But he was climbing on me and held me very tightly. My mouth was pressed with my mouth, due to which my scream was also suppressed. His entire 10-inch cock was in my ass.

For a while I kept on crying and crying like this. Umesh Sir was kissing me… Now he would start drinking my pussy sometimes, sometimes he would kiss my cheeks. All this made me feel less pain.

After about 5 minutes when I got some relief from the pain. So sir slowly started fucking me. I started getting embarrassed in my ass by the cock of the head. He increased his speed.

After a minute, I too started having fun with him and I started supporting him in full enthusiasm.

'Uff Ahh Fak Me Sir Fak Me Hard Uffff Yesss.'

Then after some time, Umesh sir fell in my ass and lay down on me very loosely. I got a big relief from the hot edge of his cock and I started kissing him.

Then my phone rang. I saw that Papa's call was coming from my house.
I said hello
Papa asked- Where are you… When will you come?
I said - I am here in Sir's house, if the rain stops… I will come.
Father said - the rain has stopped… come soon.

He hung up.

Umesh sir kissing me said - Come on now you are fresh and put on your clothes… It is night, I leave you at your house.

I wore my clothes freshly. My clothes were dry by now.

Umesh sir also got dressed and he left me at my house.

As soon as he went, I started going inside. The eight inch cocks in the ass started hurting me, my ass was torn. I could not walk properly.

I went home somehow limping. So everyone asked what happened why are you being lame?
I told you - there was a foot slip on the road in water… so sir left me home.
Nobody said anything.

I fell asleep putting Boroline in the ass.

Then went to school the next day, then Umesh sir gave me a smile. I smiled them too.

After the period was over, he indicated to take his books. I took it away and kept it. Umesh sir also came inside. He asked how is the pain now?
I said that it's fine now.
They kissed me and asked me to suck cocks.

I said if someone came here?
He said - no one will come. You quickly sneak under the table.

I did the same. I entered under the table and Umesh sir took his cock out of the paint and made it in front of me. I sucked their cocks and licked the cocks water and cleaned them. After some time I went to class.

Now this trend continued like this. Whenever Umesh Sir got a chance in school, he would lick his cock with me and sometimes take me to the bathroom of the school and kill my ass. Many times, after the holiday, he kicked my ass in my class room and licked me.

Even in my house in the evening, I used to beat my ass. Sir had also brought sexy sexy clothes of many girls for me. They make me a girl and fuck me with great love. The day no one lives in my house, then I would stay at Umesh sir's house at night. We used to play ass fuck all night long.

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