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Trainee officer became queen of my cock-1

Trainee officer became queen of my cock-1

I was a wood worker. Once I went to the forest office, there was a new trainee officer girl. How did I befriend that girl and how did she enjoy sex with me.

Friends, my best regards to all of you readers. I will tell about myself. I am from Indore Madhya Pradesh. The characters' names have been changed to maintain privacy.

My name is Jai Thakur, I am 30 years old and I am married and very happy with my married life.

Now I am telling about an incident in my life, which is almost 3 years old. My furniture is a saw-mill business. One day I got a call, which was from the forest office.

I received the call- Hello who?
From there - Babu speaking from the forest office, is this Jai Thakur's number?
I am saying… what is your job?
Babu- SDO sir has called you to get your paper checked… you bring the paper.
I said - when to come?
He said - tomorrow at 11 o'clock.
I said - okay I will come.

The next day I reached the forest office with all my papers. Asked there, then it was found that sir had not come yet. He asked to wait, then I sat there on the chair.

After waiting for a while, a lady came, who would be barely around 32 years old. She was talking to someone on her phone. I thought this was probably the SDO meme. On asking him, it was found that he was on training. Madam was very beautiful. Or just say that there was an idol of Cupid.

At the time, she was feeling doom in blue jeans kurti and high heels. His figure must have been 34–28–36. Seeing him, as if my breath was stuck. Was the cool sharp naan, long hair waving from the serpent.

Now I was not relaxed… I was trying to know more and more about him. When asked the computer operator of the office, it came to know that her name is Natasha Parmar and she is married. Madam had landed in my heart… but what would I do… She was a trainee officer.

As soon as the SDO Sir came, he called me and checked my papers.
They told me that my papers are not ready by law… and according to these papers my saw mill may be closed.

I was a bit scared by his talk. I said - Sir, what needs to be done to complete the paper?
So Sir said - Meet Madam.
I said okay and came out.

I started waiting for Madam's exit. When Madam came out, I spoke and asked - Madam what will I do?
He said while looking at me - I will call in the evening, get my number noted to Babuji.

I did the same and came out of the office. I got a call in the evening, which was from the same SDO Madam.
I said hello - who?
He said- I am speaking Natasha Parmar… Forrest SDO… Your paper is not complete, is it?
I said - sir… good evening madam.

So he said good evening and called me on his address with a paper. I reached his address in 20 minutes.

On reaching his guest room, I played the bell, then after a few moments the idol of Cupid was standing in front of me. Seeing him, I forgot everything about where I am… what I am doing. I was just watching him. She seemed even more doomed in lower and t-shirt at this time.

He said hello… Then I lost my attention. I said good evening, so he said to come in.

I came in and sat on the couch stating her and gave her all the papers.
He checked the paper and said - nothing… It is a small mistake, it will be fine.
But my focus was more on paper work and their figure.

I told him - what do I have to do for him?
So he told that the SDO Sir is asking for 10000 rupees.
I said - Madam, this is so much… Say to the head to reduce something.
This time Madam had caught my thief eyes staring at herself, she said let's give 8000, but I will have to do a small job.
I said ok

He said- Jai ji, I want a nice flat or house on rent, since I am new here and I do not even know anyone… So you will do this small work of mine!
So I said happily - I will be absolutely madam.
I thanked him and came out.

Then 5-6 days went out like this, but Madam's call did not come and I was not able to call them from my side… Somewhere there was still some fear in my heart, but remembering Natasha mem many The bar had killed his name. The kind of lady girls that I like, that was exactly the kind of merchandise… Overall my fantasy-filled mall Natasha.

Then in the evening of the same day, I got a call from Natasha Madam.

I said 'Hello who ..', then he said - I Natasha… He said for the flat.
I said - Good evening madam… Your work is done. There is a very nice flat, it will also be near from your office. If you say, let me show you
He immediately said yes and said show it now.

I reached his office quarters to pick him up. I got out of the car to show him the flat.

She was sitting on the front seat with me, she looked very sexy. I could not control myself. It seemed that when I should hold him in my arms and slap him and fuck him, but what would he do… She was SDO ma'am. I was just calm… I kept driving, I did not know when the flat arrived.

I opened the car park and said to Madam by opening the car gate - please come madam… I will show.
I showed him the flat. He liked it very much, he said thanks.
So I said 'Mention not ..' and said that there is no need for it.

She was very happy. I was repeatedly staring at her mummies and her cocks. This time he interrupted me, said - what happened?
I said - nothing.
So he said - something!
I said - if you do not mind, then tell me one thing?
She will not agree - speak.
I said - you are looking gorgeous.
So he said smiling - thanks. Jai ji, I like your flat very much… I shift here tomorrow.
I said - okay.

She had also understood my best view of what was going on in my heart.

He said angrily, Jai, I have not seen the market here… I have to do some shopping… and have to buy some goods for the house too.

I said looking at her cool mummies - you go with me, if there is no problem, Madam.
So he said- First of all don't call me Madam… Okay! Only Natasha OK… We are Friends Jay.
After all, I had done such a big job of his.
I said - Ok Natasha… Now let's tell what to take.

On the way, both of us inquired about each other. His husband works abroad and comes only once a year. I also told him all about myself. She also asked him what else you like.

So he said - go on long drive… bike to jeans shirt, sari backless blouse with high heels, late night party.
I said - Wow we get a lot of choice.

Seeing him, my cock was desperate to get out by tearing the paint and Natasha was also looking at my cock with the thief, which she might have liked. Why would he not like it… I have 6 inches long and 3.5 inches thick cocks… who have not yet known how many lumps have torn their water, but today I could see my fantasy being fulfilled. I was trying unsuccessfully to hide my cock.

Natasha said - what happened… what is this? so big!
Perhaps he was not going to do that either. After all, he grabbed my cock on top of jeans and said, "Jai, why are you bothering him?"
I said - Madam, you are so hot and sexy that even if someone sees the old man… then his cock will stand up and salute your pussy.

He said - I need it too. Can we both meet each other's needs today?
Taking a cheek of his cheeks, I said - why not darling. But we will enjoy a full night party.
She said - Ok.

In this we both reached the market. He took the necessities and got the dinner packed. Meanwhile, I packed 4 sets of her size bra panties and kept the sandals of high heels in the car without telling her. Today, the mood of both of them was formed.

I asked Natasha if you would like some drinks?
She said that she will take beer.
When I asked for whiskey, she said yes.

I took four beers and a half black dog. Now we moved towards the same flat.

When the car came out of the market, we started having fun on the way. I stopped the car at one place and opened two beers and caught one.

After pulling out two sips of beer, I pulled out cigarette, Natasha took it from my hand and said- You drive the car, I burn.
He pressed the cigarette between the lips and burnt it with a lighter and pulled it towards me.

I stuck a cigarette in my lips, on the other hand he held my cock and started playing with my cock. I was also caressing her pussy with one hand. He opened my chain and freed my cock which jumped and came in his hand.

I said - how was Darling?
He smiled and said - "Wow, what is the best cock? Your…." Your wife must be enjoying it everyday… she is lucky hmmmmm!

He took out the whole cocks and licked it with the tongue. Taking a cigarette from my mouth, I pulled myself and took the cocks in my mouth, leaving smoke on the cocks.

Now both of us were becoming uncontrollable, it seemed that when should fit into each other. We reached the flat, took off the luggage quickly.

And now it was night, so I caught Natasha out and put her lips with her soft rose like lips and mashed her boobs.
She started taking hot siskaris 'Oh… Jai cum on them ..'

I took him to the flat and slammed on the bed and climbed on top of it. We were kissing each other wildly. We both took off each other's clothes. Now both of us were left in bra panties and underbear. Natasha hurriedly released my underbear and grabbed my cock and started caressing it. Seeing the opportunity, I tore her bra and panty too.

Natasha said - Jai could have taken off.
I said- From now on, you will wear the same bra panty that I will wear… I understand from today you are my slave.

I grabbed hair and inserted cocks in her mouth, so that she could not say anything even if she wanted to. He just nodded yes. My cock went up to Natasha's throat. She was unable to speak, just doing 'gon gon ..'.

Then I put one hand on her pussy and filled the pussy. With the other hand, holding her big mummies alternately, she started spicing up. We both lost in each other.

Natasha took the cocks out of her mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. She bid - Will you kill me… Easy Chodo… Somewhere I am running a bit… Fuck me like a whore!
I will fuck you by making your sister-in-law a prostitute.

I asked him to enter the 69 position. Now my fat cock was near her mouth and her clean shave wet pussy was near my mouth.

I- Oh Natasha, you suck great cocks dude… Oh… Ah yes, take this in-law bitch!
'They… yes I am not taking my king… the cocks are very big my king… they are your cock tasty….

I was sucking her tongue inside by putting her tongue in, which was making Natasha very much fun.

Natasha- Jai till date my husband never licked such a pussy, like you are licking.
I said - Go see… Ah you so testy Natasha darling.

After a few minutes, Natasha began to swear. She said, "Jai", "I am going to be ...
I - hey ... stop sister-in-law ... I will drink all your goods ... Don't drop a drop of sister-in-law!"

I drank all the contents of her pussy and licked and licked her pussy.

Natasha had fallen, now her number was to drink my cock juice. I had kept some thinking.

I will write him in detail in the next part of this cool sex story. You will definitely mail
The story continues

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