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Friday, April 17, 2020

Thirsty bhabhi ki chudai -2

Thirsty bhabhi ki chudai -2

The sister-in-law in the club brought me to her bungalow for a fuck. When she brought the shower, there was only a towel on her body. After that how did we both enjoy sex?

In the first part of my sex story,
in the club's thirsty sister-
in -law's Chut Chudai-1 , till now you have known that the sister-in-law I met in the club had brought me to her bungalow to fuck me.

She had brought a shower and there was only a towel on her body, which was barely able to hide her thick legs. More than half of his ass was visible.

Seeing him like this, my mouth remained open.

Now further:

Seeing my open mouth, she said - what are you seeing?
I said- I must have done some virtue in the past 6 births, the most beautiful woman in the world is standing in front of me… that too!

Hearing this, she became red with shame and said- Let's have some food first.

As soon as she turned, seeing her ass, my cock started jerking off from inside the shorts. When she returned in ten minutes, she had a food trolley in her hand, in which the food items were decorated. There were also 2 beer bottles in the luggage. She sat directly in my dock and started kissing me. I also started sucking her milk. Both of us started eating food while looking at each other. We were drinking beer from time to time. My erect cock was piercing her ass, which she was rubbing her ass with. As if the veins of my cock were going to burst.

As soon as I finished eating, I picked it up in my dock and slammed it on the bed. Took off his towel from him. Seeing his body glowing like milk, I felt that the Taj Mahal would also fade in front of his whitewash. Absolutely immaculate goods… not a single mark on his body. His legs were raised up perfectly round… and pink nipples above them… who were calling me to come and suck me.

I broke down directly on him and started rubbing my body over his body. I was feeling the heat of his body on my body. My lips were sucking her lips. We had tongues hitting each other's tongues. Her nipples were rubbing with my nipples. My cock was hitting her pussy.

Water started coming out of her pussy again. His sizzles were echoing all over the room- oh ohaha haha ​​aaaah ha… keep on doing like this… I am just your rand from today… You have made me yours today… Ah never had so much fun before today… Ajjazuu I Love You baby… FUCK MEEE HARDER.

After a few moments I got up and went to the kitchen adjacent to his room. From there, I picked up the liquid chocolate bottle and dropped it all over her body and started massaging it with chocolate.

It gives me a good massage. She was saying that there is magic in my fingers.

Gradually, I spilled chocolate on her neck. I was giving him fun by teasing his body with my finger tips. Hot voices were coming out of his mouth.

Then I sucked her neck and cleaned her whole body. I applied the chocolate to her hands and after massaging her, she licked it clean. After this, I slowly spilled all her chicks and a lot of chocolate on her flat stomach and then slowly started massaging her nipples. I was moving my fingers round her fingers, which was increasing her heat.

She was repeatedly telling me to put my cock in her pussy, but I did not listen to her. After massaging her well, I started clearing chocolate with her milk-like white body, so she started to suffer more. She was banging her hands and feet on the bed and my head was being caressed.

In the whole room, just say "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhh ohhhhjjjou… what have you done to me ... ah, why didn't you meet earlier?" All these voices were coming.

Then I massaged her fair white thighs, massaging her entire backside upside down, there was no part of her body on which she did not get a chocolate massage. After the massage, I have not cleaned that part of it.

Finally, I put a lot of chocolate on her pussy and then put my tongue in and started sucking her. A very cool taste of nectar and chocolate was coming out of her pussy. I was feeling that this night should not end only… and I just keep sucking her pussy like this.

When his condition got worse, then he knocked me down and climbed on top of me and started licking me by dropping chocolate on my body.

My cock was hurting a lot now because he was standing too late… it had become a stone. Then I knocked him down and came over and rubbed his cock on her pussy. With this, she started going crazy and dragging me on top of her. She was trying to get the cock inside by lifting the pussy up.

I slowly put my cock on her pussy and then slowly started putting it in, then it came to know that her pussy was very tight. He had tears in his eyes. I bent down to kiss her lips and slowly started to insert cocks in her.

She was telling me - I am getting a big pen… Please do not Ajju… It is very painful.

But I did not listen to one of them and slowly started to get my cock inside. At the same time, he started kissing on his neck… due to this his pain started to reduce a little After a few moments, he also started feeling good. Now he started shaking his ass from below and hot sobs started coming out of his mouth.

Then I gave a fast blow and put the whole cock in her pussy. His breath stopped for a moment. But within a short time he also started having fun. I slowly increased my speed and kept stroking her pussy.

She does not know what was being said. Siskaris were coming out of his mouth very loudly.
She was saying - Ajju just go fuck me like this… Keep me your life all the time… Whenever your mind wants to fuck me, just come… From today you are my real husband… So much happiness, that mother-in-law has never Gave, as much as you gave me in the middle of the night… Today, end all thirst of my pussy… Today a real cock has gone inside my pussy. … Oh Baby Fuck Me… Fuck Me Harder Deeper.

His nails were falling in my back. I asked him to come on top of me, then he set my cock on his pussy with his hands and slowly took the cock inside his pussy. There was a different look of happiness and satisfaction on his face.

Then he started jumping up and down on my cock, so I held his hands in his hands, which were swinging up and down with each stroke.
I was pushing my cock upwards from the bottom, it was getting more and more loud down- Yes Baby Come On Fuck Me… Oh Fuck Me. Oh God, oh Iyah, keep doing like this….

All these voices of her were making me more excited. Then I told her to be in doggy style, so she bowed down to me with her white magnificent ass.

I put my cock in her pussy from the back and like a train, she started fucking loudly. Her pussy was getting a pleasant experience along with sweet pain. She was pushing hard while backing her ass.

With this, she collapsed in a few moments trembling.

He no longer had the courage to stand on his knees. But since my work was not done yet, I straightened it and came up to him and kissed him. Then he put his cock in her pussy and started banging loudly.

In a while, she became hot again and started speaking - Oh brother-in-law, how much fun do you have… tear me today my pussy… make them Bhosda… rub my pussy… fuck me… fuck me.

In the next 2-3 minutes, I was about to fall out, so he said - Ah come along… I am also going to fall… You are with me only inside me… I want to feel your goods inside me.

Hearing this, I threw 20-25 blows and threw all my goods into her pussy. She kept trembling for the entire two minutes. Her tits were getting up and down with her fast breath.

She was also very tired… because today she had showered with me seven times. When he regained consciousness after a few minutes, then taking me in his Koli and kissing me on my lips fell asleep.

When my eyes opened at 11 am, I found that she was sleeping next to me. She looked very beautiful sleeping. I started kissing on her sleeping lips and started moving my fingers on her nipples. With this, her nipples started to tighten and she got up.

As soon as he got up, he filled me in his arms and started kissing. When my hand reached her pussy, her sigh came out. When I looked carefully, her pussy swollen and became dumplings red, which caused her pain. Without delay, I put my lips on her pussy and started kissing. He was getting comfortable with this.

Gradually she became hot again and I started talking to insert cocks in her pussy. I put oil well on my cock so that the cock easily goes into the pussy and slowly the cock went inside. After taking all the cocks in, he told me to stay like this for a while.

I kissed her lips and started biting her lips, giving love baits on her neck, she was able to.

When his pain subsided a little, he started shaking his waist from below, then I started driving the train of my cocks.

Once again the whole room was buzzing with his alcoholic siskaris. The sound coming out of his mouth was making me more excited. I increased my speed more and in the next 2 minutes she fell. But I kept fucking him without stopping. She kept enjoying her pussy fuck with her eyes closed.

When I came to the loss… without asking him, he fell into his pussy.

After this, both of us got up after 10 minutes and after going to the bathroom I cleaned it thoroughly, bathed it. Today she was very happy, she had sparkles in her eyes.

Coming out of the washroom, he dressed and I made my own. Then he got a call from a friend who was with him at night.

She blushingly told him that she is very happy. After that we had lunch together and when I started leaving from his house, he saved my mobile number in his phone. She missed me with her number.

After that day, we started talking on the daily phone. We started meeting every week and when I felt like it or my mind… we used to fuck. Gradually her friends also came to know about me, so how did she introduce me to her 5 friends… how did we do what… where did I do that… I will write them all in my next sex story.

Even today those people are in contact with me and we have a lot of fun with each other. One of her friends, who was trying to have a child for 4 years behind, but there was a shortcoming in her husband, due to which she was not able to become a mother. So I made her a mother for her happiness. After becoming a mother, she is very happy in her family. Although I never met him after having his child.

I have never had a shortage of pussy since that day. Whoever met me once, has come to me again, because if a woman gets sex as well as love, then she does not want anything else in the world.

I hope you liked my true sex story. Your love and response will definitely be expressed by me on email ID so that I will bring more such stories in front of you, which have changed my life.


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