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Friday, April 17, 2020

Thirsty bhabhi ki chudai-1

Thirsty bhabhi ki chudai-1

I came to New Delhi. I loved to live the night life here. One night I went to a nightclub. What did I see and experience there?

Friends, my name is Ajju and I am from Delhi. I have been reading sex stories on immigration for the last 10 years. My height is 5 feet 10 inches and my cock is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick. I hope that you guys will definitely like my sex story. All girls, bhabhis and aunties reading this sex story will finger their pussy a lot.

I will not take the name of the heroine of this story, I am doing this to maintain her privacy. You can call him a dream.

This thing happened 2 years ago when I came to New Delhi. I loved to live the night life here.
So one day I went to a nightclub in Gurgaon. That day was Saturday and the whole club was full packed. Somehow I entered in, so I saw boys and girls are having fun there, just say that the inebriation of alcohol and youth was flowing together. Couples were dancing together on the dance floor. There were people of all ages.

Then my eyes went to a table where 6-7 girls were sitting and they were all celebrating someone's birthday. They were making a lot of noise among themselves. But there was a girl, who was sitting there, but was sitting very quietly.

That girl was the most beautiful of them all. There was a different thing in his eyes. My eyes were not turning away from him.

I then ordered a beer from the bar counter and started drinking. As the beer was going in, the drug head was climbing. Then, going to the dance floor, the girl was seen dancing while drinking beer. The table of those girls was near the dance floor.

Suddenly, when the eyes of me and that girl collided with each other, I gave her a sweet smile and started dancing.

By now I had finished 3 beers. Music up there from the top… That girl was starting to look very cool to me. I was just watching him again and again and he was noticing me.

It was already 12 o'clock at night.

Then I went to the counter again and ordered another beer… So I saw that girl also got up and came at the counter there. I greeted him with a high voice, so he also said hello.

We started talking right there. That girl asked me why are you watching me again and again… and there are many girls here too?

So I went to him because of the high noise there and said in his ear - there are many girls, but there is not one like you.
She started seeing me.

I looked at him with great attention, then kept watching. What a doom, as if God had made each of its parts free. His height was 5 feet 6 inches. His big eyes, slim waist, straight raised legs, puffy ass. She could make anyone mad. She too was reading my eyes very much.

Then I invited her for a dance, initially she refused… but after I spoke again and again she agreed to dance with me.

We both were dancing together. Due to the large crowd, we were coming closer now. The scent of his body was driving me crazy and my cock was standing here. By now we had become quite close… So while talking we came to know that she is married and her husband is an investment banker, due to which he is always out on tour.

I told him - looking at you, no one can say that you are married. On seeing you, you came to know that you are sitting here with your friends… but you are not happy in your life.

As soon as I used to say this, she became more emotional and hit my chest.

I also filled him in my arms and kept dancing on the dance floor while doing it. With this, my hand started rotating on his back. Gradually and was getting closer to me.

I said in his ear - Your husband is the happiest man in the world, who has got such a beautiful wife. You are so cool that even seeing you, the moon shines.

I felt that her breath was getting faster and she was clinging to me. He also started feeling my cock on his pussy. His thick big boobs were piercing my chest.

There was also very little light on the dance floor, taking advantage of it, I kissed her on the cheek. He just looked at me with a smile and then hugged me. My fingers were now moving all over her body. She was wearing a pink colored backless top and a mini skirt, which was driving me crazy.

Then one of his friends came to us and said something in his ear and went away. On asking me, he told that those people are going home now and have spoken to me that you should come with pleasure.

She started smiling while speaking this.

I understood that today it will be fuck with my cock. Then both of us took a drink and they said that let's go out of here.

When we got out, we came to know that she had come from her own car. I left her till her car, so she said come and go… I will leave you… as far as you want to go.

I sat in the car. As soon as I sat in his car, he put his hand on my thighs and started looking at me.

While we were drunk, I went ahead and joined my lips with her lips and slowly started kissing her. Her hand too had now come on top of my cock and she was caressing my erect cock with fun. I was sometimes sucking her upper lip and sometimes the lower lip. His lips were as if there was a way to paradise.

My hands too had now come on his feet and was pressing them slowly. Just as I was pressing his thick cucumber of 34 C, alcoholic cigarettes were coming out of his mouth. His drunken voice was echoing throughout the car.

Then as soon as I moved my hand inside her skirt, I found that her panty was completely wet.

She had now opened the zip of my jeans and freed my cock and was rubbing her top skin with her soft hands. Lund was up and down.

We were doing all this while sitting in the car. He had put the car in a corner of the ground, where there was neither any light nor anybody was going to come. Because of this, we were not afraid of anything.

I kissed her soft thin long neck leaving her lips and started sucking, then she started to suffer like a fish without water. His voice started getting louder. Now she was pushing my cock loudly up and down.

My hand had also gone inside its top. Her nipples had become very hard and water was continuously coming out of her pussy and making her panties wet.

Then he bent down and took my standing cocks in his mouth and started sucking hard. At that time, a vibration ran in my body. She was sucking the whole 7 inch thick cock in my mouth. Sometimes I was cutting the head of my cocks, sometimes I was giving fun by twisting my lips and my tongue on the top. I was in the seventh sky at that time.

I wanted to take off her panties slowly, so she herself helped me by raising her ass.
As soon as the panty landed, I saw her pussy and got mad. Her pussy was absolutely clean shaved, as if the bus had just got it done. There was not a single hair of Jant on Chut… no mark. Her pussy was absolutely meditating like a furnace.

Taking her pussy in my hands, I started rubbing her with my fingers and was also rubbing her nipples. Then slowly, she lifted her ass up and started to stiffen, as if saying that Ajju put his own erect penis in my pussy.

By doing all this, we had already been over twenty minutes. It was difficult for me to stay any longer.
I indicated to him that my goods were going to come out.

Knowing this and she started sucking my cock loudly, as if she wants to completely uproot it. In the next 30 seconds, all my lava came out in his mouth. He did not let a single drop fall out, licked all and cleaned the cocks.

Then I kept it in my arms for 5 minutes and started to control my breath. Meanwhile, the fingers of my hand were rubbing the rash of her pussy, due to which she was going crazy.

I put her seat behind her and put her on the seat and I put her skirt up and put my lips on the soft hot flakes of her pussy. As soon as he did this, he pressed my head firmly on his pussy. She might have just collapsed. I was also drinking every single drop coming out of her flowing pussy as an elixir.

She was crying out loud. At the same time, one of my hands was rubbing her nipples. I was continuously sucking her pussy and the rash of her pussy without stopping, and leaving my tongue inside her pussy with her tongue inside her pussy as much as I could. She was raising her ass again and again and pressing my mouth inside her pussy.

I love sucking so much, so I kept sucking her pussy without stopping.

Then when the dam broke on her own, she was holding me hard and started trembling and collapsed. But I was not taking the name of stop. I did not leave her pussy until she fell once more, I licked all the water in her pussy. The second time, he showered even more loudly… as if he has not had a blast for a long time.

I kept sucking her pussy for 15 minutes… and here my cock was standing again… which was feeling the heat of her hands.

It took him ten minutes to calm down, I was also heard out of his breath. With this she was smiling with closed eyes.
She said to me - My husband does not give me time. … And you have made my condition worse without putting your cock in it.

I took him in my arms again and sucked his lips and said that I am now… I am always present every time to give you all the happiness.

Both of us were over an hour in the parking lot.
She said - let's go now.
When I asked her about her husband, she told that he had gone out of the country for 7 days.

Then he started the car and we both headed towards his house. My hand again reached her pussy, which was making it difficult to drive.

Within 20 minutes, we reached outside a big bungalow, seeing that I thought it was from a very big house.

He parked the car and as soon as we got inside his house, my eyes had just come out. It was such a beautiful and luxurious house… as if everything was kept selectively.

Pointing towards a room, he said to me - you go change and get fresh… this is my husband's shorts. … I also change.

I went to the washroom and changed and came into the room and was lying on the bed comfortably. I was thinking that whatever happened in the last 4 hours, is it true… or a dream.

Then the gate of that room opened, then she saw that she had brought a shower and there was only a towel on her body, which was barely able to hide her thick raised fingers. More than half of his ass was visible.

Seeing him like this, my mouth remained open.

In the next part of the sex story, you will get full enjoyment of the story of this sister-in-law Chudai. Stay connected with me… and don't forget to mail me.

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