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Friday, April 17, 2020

The Jungle Queen - Sex Story of a Cummins Young Girl

The Jungle Queen - Sex Story of a Cummins Young Girl

I used to work in the hospital. A girl started coming to me. I felt that she was trying to force me, was trying to talk to me with excuses. She wanted sex with me.

I had been in Rajgarh for 3 months. The first job was, unknown place and people unknown!
Gradually I was now ready to settle in that environment.

Many people used to come in the hospital when there was a job. One of them was 'Seema'.

For a few days, she was seeing that she was trying to force me, was deliberately trying to talk to me with excuses.

Finally one day I came to my office in the name of getting my council.

After talking here and there, she came to the topic of sex. I counseled him and sorted out his confusion.

She was about to turn 19 and was studying in class 12th. I did not know that he had a school near my quarters.

One day when I was returning to my quarters, I met him on the way.
He said - where do you live?
I said - this is where the rental quarter is taken.
He said - so will not invite invitation to get it done?
I said - Come on.

She came along.
I made him breakfast and just then our conversation started.

A week later she came to my quarters.
I said - why was it discharged?
He said yes.

Then he said - will you have lunch time?
I said - it is still free, now 5 to 6 duty is left in the evening. That means the entire 4 hours. I will rest after lunch.

He took the opportunity, said - now we have become special friends. If you ask for one thing, will you refuse?
I said - I will definitely do it if I am just

All typed something on my mobile and showed me.
I could not believe it.
It was written in it - Kiss.

I explained to him - it is not right to do so!
His ego became a bit hurt.

Then I put a kiss on her right cheek to keep her heart.
But he said - this is my insult.
I explained that all is not well!

But she did not listen, quote - Ever since you have seen me you have become crazy and you are doing this to me.

After 10 minutes of silence I obeyed him.
He was the first kiss of my life. That delicate lips and that moment still does not forget.

Then he stuffed me in the arms. I was feeling her impatience. But I had to control myself.

After which I placed her on my lap and hugged her with my hands. Her boobs were under my hands. I started feeling the desire to suppress them in my mind, but I was not having the courage.

Seema sensed this and started saying- Yes, I know, all boys like it. Know why everyone wants them. Nobody likes us.
Being unaware, I slipped my hands from her boob and placed her hand down on her lap.

Then she got up and sat on the side.
My desire to suppress boobs remained unfulfilled. But the touch she got on her breasts was also amazing.

He said - what is the hurry, next time.
He then thanked you for kissing and stole a kiss and ran away.

I forgot to have lunch and it was 4 o'clock in the evening. Made tea in the evening and after having breakfast started towards the hospital.

On the way to 3 kilometers, he was remembering himself as if he was thinking like a world winner.
What I knew was that more exciting moments were coming. And I was going to remember her by the name of 'The Jungle Queen'.

In those moments he provoked my intimacy and a 3-year colorful journey began.

When that first kiss happened, then Seema came a week later.
I told him - now?
He said - you do not know how to kiss!
I said - and how do you do?

He said - like what happens in English films.
I said - it's called French Kiss. And those who are shy do what above the lips.

He said - I want French for what!
I said - OK. Then she came and sat on my lap.
My land was slowly moving downwards.

Then I French kissed Seema and she started kissing with great enthusiasm.
I said - Slow down.
After rasping her top lip tasted the bottom lip. He had just started.

Then she became happy. He said- you are very interested in my boobs.
I said - if there is permission?
He said yes.

Then the Boobs of the border sitting on my lap started pressing.
In 5 minutes, as if I came to visit Jannat.
Then he said - just do it now, will you squeeze? Now I am in school dress, what will people say if the iron is damaged.
He fixed the chest iron and kissed.

I said - have to press inside.
Seema - Yes, you are yours. But ever again.
Then she started moving.

Threatened to come a few days later.
I was cleaning the car, I said - make tea.
She went to the kitchen to make tea.

The car was washed away. Tea was ready.

I went to the kitchen and she was pouring tea in the cup that I filled her in the arms from behind. My land on her ass got stuck. He also felt it.
She said- Drink tea or…
I made her sit on the kitchen platform and we started enjoying tea.

After half an hour, he sat on the bed. She sat on my lap as usual. The movement of my land was realized. Then I sat on the ground below and grabbed the lund from the top of my lower.

I was surprised by his actions.
She said - it has caused much trouble these days?
I said - so? !!
Limit - Something has to be done.

And as soon as I said, put my hand inside my lower and slipped off my underwear and grabbed my land.
Seema- Oh… so what punishment do you have?
Me- Yes, definitely two punishments.
Range - good.

Then I started moving my land back and forth. Layed me on the bed and then slid down the lower and took out my land, quote- how innocent it is.
And then took her kiss directly.
I could not believe it.

Taking my land in his hand, took his kiss and said - I will love this innocent very much.
Then he lowered the land up and then started sucking it.

As if I have reached the seventh sky.
Then she kissed me by kissing me - as long as you are in Rajgarh, I will make you happy.
And hugged me and went home.

The sequence was to move forward. Seema used to sit directly on my lap whenever she came. Due to which the land used to heat up and slowly hit the hill.

In many cases, Seema would push her hand back inside the lower and hold my land back and forth.

Lying me on the bed, slowly moved lower and sucked the cocks out. I would have visited the seventh sky. Presses her boobs and suck nipples and press them with lips.

In this order, if I had to leave, Seema used to be very happy with my semen on her bra.

One day I was making vegetables and while cutting tomatoes, I slipped the knife and my finger was cut.
Well done!

Seema came in the afternoon, she made vegetable then we had lunch.

After that he said- I want something.
I said - let the finger heal. Then…
Then she went home by sucking my cock.

Next month… one day Seema said - Now do my wish. Are you famous A girl who is asking you to fuck in front of you and you don't do anything.
I got very angry. Then I drove him out of the house.

How did he make me sleep at 4 in the night? I could not even imagine this.

At 4 o'clock in the night, I received a call from an unknown number. I didn't pick Then the ring rang, so I received it.
Me- hello?
Caller- Hello my darling.
Me- who's brother? !!
Caller - Open the door.
I opened the gate - there was a front boundary.

Oh God! At 4 in the morning this girl… here… I called in, closed the gate.

Seema - Why did you feel surprised?
Me- Are you crazy? What are you doing at night?
Seema - I have come to see you. Turn off the light ..

He hugged me tightly and started pressing my land from the top of the lower.
Then on the bed we started having fun.

He took off his top and my t-shirt, then his reviewer and my vest.
Then I started pulling my lower, I unhooked her bra.

My land was diluted, the Qutub Minar She also took off her leggings, and I was also in my shorts.

Both of us started getting cluttered. He started kissing loudly. I kissed French too. Then she started pressing her boobs and biting and sucking the nipple. He took off my underwear and came under me and sucked the lund, playing with my pieces. They would also suck them in the mouth.

Then I removed her panties and started playing with her pink pussy. Put his finger and teased it.

She started getting hot, biting my ear, caressing hair. Started kissing my whole body.
I started kissing him on the whole body too.

He said - I want now.
I opened the pack of condoms and gave it to him. He put a condom on my land. Then set my land at the door of my pussy.

And after that we drowned in the ocean of happiness.

After 20-25 minutes of fucking, we started drinking coffee.

After getting up from my lap, she came in the doggie position and said- Now I will do it in doggy style.

I set Lund in Chut and banged it. She collapsed 2 times and we slept.

Woke up at 11 am. So its ocher color as if it had blossomed.

After kissing me, she went to take a shower in the bathroom. I also followed backwards.
And once again, the game of chudai started taking bath.

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