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The fun of sex in close relationships

The fun of sex in close relationships

This true incident is my own in which I had sex with my real sister, cousin sister and my niece and have been doing it till today. Enjoy the fuck of my family girls.

Friends, I have brought you Ajay, a true incident of my life. Do not read it as an ordinary sex story, because whatever I am going to write is a completely true event.
This story is my own, which includes my real sister Nandini, cousin Jyoti and my niece Kavita. I wanted to share all these things with you, how I had sex with these three and am still doing it till today.

I am going to tell about the sex of these three girls in the same sex story, so I am telling you in a little brief.

I am 29 years old. Nandini didi is 32 years old, she is married. She used to look very seductive to me. Being my sister, I used to visit her house often. Nandini and brother-in-law live in the city and their mother-in-law live in the village.

One day the brother-in-law had to go to his village for 5 days for some work. Because of that, they called me to stay at home. Brother-in-law had already gone to the village the day I went to his house. There was only me and Nandini Didi at her sister's house.

Nandini didi was afraid to sleep alone due to absence of brother-in-law at night. So she came to my room and said - Ajay bhai I will sleep in this room too.

I also said yes. My real sister Nandini and I slept on the same bed. After a while I started to have a lot of desire to have sex. My cock was erect.

Friends, if a lore has a desire to fuck it, he only seeks out the hole. He does not see whose pussy he is. At that time, no matter what the pussy is, it does not matter to the cocks.

मैं पूरी तरह से सेक्स के लिए चुत को लेकर सोचने लगा था और मेरे ठीक बाजू में मेरी बहन सोई हुई थी. दीदी मेरी तरफ पीठ करके सोई हुई थी और मैं भी उसी पोजीशन में नन्दिनी दीदी की तरफ मुँह करके सोया हुआ था. मैं अभी सोच ही रहा था कि नन्दिनी दीदी थोड़ा पीछे को सरक आई. अब मेरा लौड़ा दीदी की तरफ था और नन्दिनी की गांड मेरी तरफ होने की वजह से जैसे ही वो पीछे को सरकी, तो मेरा लौड़ा उसकी गांड को टच करने लगा.

ऐसी हालत में मैं और क्या करता. लंड चुत की तलाश में था और छेद उससे टच हो रहा था. मैंने बिना कुछ सोचे दीदी को पीछे से कसकर पकड़ लिया. मुझे उस समय सिर्फ सेक्स करने की इच्छा हो रही थी. मैंने दीदी के स्तनों पर हाथ डाला और उनको दबाने लगा.

शायद नन्दिनी दीदी नींद में थी. जब मैं नन्दिनी को कसकर चिपक गया और जोर से उसके मुम्मे दबाने लगा, तो उसकी नींद खुल गई.

Seeing this action of mine, she became back on her back. But now I was out of control. I climbed on top of that. She was fully awake. I started kissing her lips and in the same way, I started pressing her breasts.

Nandini Didi was wearing a T-shirt and half pants at that time. I topped her t-shirt. She did not wear a bra under her. I started sucking her big breasts. Didi kept quivering for a while. But it was surprising that he did not protest against my actions, nor did he scream or shout. After all this, Nandini started supporting me in Didi and later on that night I had taken Chod.

Brother-in-law was not going to come for 5 days, due to this, when I felt like that from morning to evening for those 5 days, I had a lot of fun with Nandini meaning sex.

Now, I will not tell the story of full fuck because now I have to tell about two girls too. But you know that from that day whenever I go to Nandini didi's house and whenever I used to do my heart, I used to see her and fuck her. She is always ready to fuck me.

The second sex story is the story of Chudai with my niece. She is just 19 years old. I had also beaten him in the same way. My second sister Sheela's daughter Kavita, who seems to be my niece. I have two sisters, one Nandini Didi, whom I have been Chod, her age is 32 years. She is my favorite in bed and openly makes sex with me.

Sheila, the second sister, is 38 years old. Sheila's daughter Kavita, who is my niece. She looked very attractive to me. I used to always visit Kavita's elder sister's house.

One day I went to meet Kavita at her house. At that time she was alone at home. Sheila Didi and brother-in-law went out for some work and were supposed to come late at night.

Since I wanted to fuck Kavita, but I had not told her this thing yet. Today I had the opportunity to express my love to him and on the same day I expressed my love.

I thought poetry would not follow me. But the feeling I had for him in my heart, the same feeling was also in his heart. He immediately said yes to me. I went to him and held him in my arms and put lips on his lips and started kissing him. I started expressing my love for his whole body. My cock was now erected. It was as if I was asking for fire of cocks. I started pressing her breasts.

Later I removed her top and lower. She came in bra panty in front of me. I was feeling very good stuff, my cock had finished patiently.

I was thinking of removing her bra panty, then suddenly she did not know what happened that she started to refuse. Maybe he was scared.

I held her tightly and assured her that I would love her very dearly. She was not agreeing with me.

I told him - you have to fuck someone or something. The danger is more than the outside, you can enjoy with me in the house. Then I will always fulfill your need and will not ask anyone.
She said- You seem to be my uncle in the relationship.

He was right, but I told him that the matter of the house would remain in the house. I will satisfy you completely.

But my beloved niece could not agree. Here my Aloda was dying for the sake of the pussy.

I approached Kavita and grabbed her and started kissing while explaining. I took her long kiss. While kissing, I put my hand in his tights. And put his trunks down.

Later I removed his trunks. I had understood that if I miss the opportunity today, it will never let me fuck again.

As soon as I removed the niece's tights, it started heating up. I took him to bed kissing. Lying on the bed, I began to finger her pussy. She just got hot and now agreed to fuck. I took out my taut cocks and started putting in her pussy.

This was his first time, so Aloda was not entering inside. When inside out two or three times, cocks got inside. He sighed due to his pain.

Then I hit a loud blow and my whole cock went inside her pussy.

Ahh .. what fun I was having with Corey He was in bad condition due to pain. I sucked her nipple and sucked her and threw the goods out. Once I caught the niece and I put on clothes. Kavita also wore clothes.

After this Kavita called Sheela Didi and informed me about her arrival. Didi said- It is good that maternal uncle has come home. Now night is also going to happen. I want to stop here today.
Kavita said being happy - Mommy don't worry about me, uncle is at home, you should be comfortable tomorrow.

Then Kavita cooked food for both of us. After eating, we both came to the same bed. I started sleeping due to fatigue, so I fell asleep.

Around 12 o'clock in the night, Kavita started lifting me and said - uncle, please rub my pussy once more.

I am very happy to hear the father rubbing the mouth of his father. I first showed him a porn movie. A girl was sucking a man's aloda in it. Seeing this, he also felt like sucking cocks. He grabbed my cock and started sucking.

Later I also started licking his pussy. His pussy was already wet. Was leaving water due to being sensual.

When the kamasin leaves a lot of water, then there is great fun in licking it. His taste has a different smell. But that taste depends on the girl eating the food. The girl who eats nutritious food also leaves delicious juices.

After that I pressed the words of the poem… chat… everything.

All night only me and Kavita were at home. We both made fun of sex.
We both slept at 4 in the morning. Throughout the night, I had a riff of poetry.

Didi and brother-in-law came late in the morning. After Didi, she started asking Kavita that she slept well at night.
Kavita said- Yes Mama uncle was at home so there was no problem.

I still occasionally take my beloved niece's poem.

Now the third girl is my cousin Jyoti. I was already crazy about Jyoti's figure. Her breasts were very big. And her pink lips became the reason for making me crazy.

I cracked it with the help of mobile. He had taken a new mobile and I used to chat with him occasionally. I had come very close to him in all things. We both also started having sex chats. In both of our chats, the discussion of Sunny Leonie and the other porn actress was openly discussed. The situation was such that the day I did not chat with him, I did not feel like doing any work on that day. He too got used to chatting with me.

One day she came to my house to meet me. So similar things started happening. Everyone at home was engaged in their work, so I brought Jyoti to my room. Jyoti was my cousin. But I did not see him from that relationship. I was crazy about his beauty.

Taking him into the room, I told him about my heart. At this she started saying that you are my brother… and this is all wrong.
I told him to let me kiss these lips only once. After that I will never ask you for anything.
But she was not agreeing.

I held her tightly and started rubbing her lips on her pink lips. As soon as I kissed her, she started getting sexier.
Then I left him and said - go out of here.

But now it was reverse. She came
to me and started saying - Forgive me. She started kissing my lips with my neck and started saying - You are my cousin. And I also love my real brother. I want to come closer to you because of my brother's love. I want that we also meet.

I understood that Jyoti is my lover. This is the right opportunity.

That day I took advantage of the opportunity and put him on. She was already fucked. But he had immense pleasure in fucking me with cocks. There were very beautiful moments of fuck with him. There was only me and Jyoti in my room. The housemates were at home but no one could find any news. From that day onwards, I am always fucking Jyoti.

Friends, Sheila Didi's daughter Kavita, my sister Nandini Didi and Mouseri sister Jyoti… are girls from all three houses. I have fun by fucking them. If there are so many beautiful girls in our family, then why would anyone want to fuck an outside girl.

I had all three of them and still fuck today. Because I have the skills to impress a girl.

Friends, life is available only once, so have full fun and if possible, get the girls of the house and fuck them.

This is not a fake story but in fact I have experienced it. Earlier I was also afraid .. But now it is known that sex is possible with anyone. She is our real sister or cousin. She also likes to fuck and she feels safer to fuck with a houseman than outside.

How did you feel about the story of sex in relationships, please tell it by commenting. Thank you.

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