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The client-in-law enjoyed the callboy

The client-in-law enjoyed the callboy

I am a callboy, I call aunts sisters-in-law and girls or widows living alone. I work to make them happy. But one sister-in-law made me very happy by giving fun!

Hello, my name is Vishal Singh. I am from Uttar Pradesh Kanpur. I am a Katta Katta youngster. I am 40 years old, my penis size is 6 inches.

I am a call boy, call me aunts, sisters-in-law and girls living alone or any widow. I work to make them happy.
Today I am going to share a similar experience with you.

One day I got an email I was a sister-in-law.
He told me - when and how can you give your service? What do you do
I told him - in law I do everything. I will make your aunty like your Ace and eat you absolutely. As you wish

Then they asked me - how much money will you have to pay for one night?
Whatever I was in charge, I told them.

He did yes and told me his address one day and told him to come that day at night.
After some time that day also came and night too… I had done all the preparations, I just had to go there.

They invited me to their house, so I prepared well and went to their house.

When I went, I saw that there was a very big house. There was no one in that house except sister-in-law!

Then we had a conversation. They told me - my husband lives outside abroad… he comes only occasionally.

When sister-in-law was talking to me, I was only looking at her lips. What lips were there I was just going to see them. I wanted to suck them.
I was going to get those lips to suck.

Then sister-in-law made drinks for us as well as for me!
We put two pegs. Slowly, we started getting lighter peg.

Sister-in-law came to me and sat down, started opening the button of my shirt and turning her hand across my hairy chest. She broke directly on my lips, kissing me.

I too got excited in seeing the heat of her sister-in-law. I also lifted him upright in my lap, my cock slowly started coming in his position and I was going to lift him in the same lap by removing his hair from the neck.

Ah was coming out of their mouths, what would they do in the neck!

Shortly after, both of us took off each other's clothes. Now sister in law was in bra and panty in front of me. Blonde body… Black bra and panty on it! As if there was a slight stain on the moon.
I just wanted to remove that stain now. I hurriedly opened her bra and panty with his body. Maybe their boobs will be 32 ″. And if I remove her panty, it will be 38 ″.
I had seen such a body for the first time in which the girl's butts were much larger than the rest of the body.

I felt like making these sisters-in-law a mare, and today I am very chodu.
But I did not want to spoil the atmosphere by making haste.

Slowly I started kissing on her pussy, her mouth started coming out from her mouth. Then I started sucking her nipples. Then I was going downwards while kissing on her sister's belly. And on reaching the smooth pussy of smooth sister-in-law, I licked them a lot

When I was licking her sister's pussy, her thighs were shivering. As if she is thirsty for years.

Then she started telling me - just do it huge, now come on, give me a fuck.
I stuck my taut cock on sister-in-law's pussy and pushed it lightly. Due to wet pussy, the whole cock went into his pussy. Sister-in-law was enjoying it openly.
Now all he had to do was to enjoy it.

They held me with their legs and with my hands they were just wanting me to leave them.

I was just going to fuck them like this. But she was thirsty for a long time, so she was about to fall and she quickly fell on her shoulders holding it. But I was not in a hurry. So I nabbed them.

I then asked him to become a mare. She became a mare. I put my cock on her sister's pussy and then pushed her in her pussy. I felt very tickled, I was enjoying it.

I was flailing my hands on her naked waist. But she was dead, so she was getting a little bit pain. But she was supporting me, haha.

I was pushing them on my side by holding their waist and stomach.

I was going to have fun too, I removed my cocks and removed all the semen on their cocks.
Then we lay down because both of us were a little tired so we started taking some rest.

But after a while, sister-in-law became hungry again and started sucking and sucking my cock.

I slowly started heating up and my cock took its shape in his mouth. She was also being sucked in a gag and all the cocks were spit. But I was enjoying the heat of his mouth was driving me crazy.

Then he told me - I want to drink your water. Please Babu, give me your water.
I was just pushing them in their mouths and spitting out of their mouths was flowing on my thighs and on my eggs. But even then she was pushing her mouth. Sometimes sucking my eggs, sometimes kissing my cock!

I was going crazy. Then I was going to have such fun slowly. I sat them down on the bed and stood up myself and started taking my cock in my hand and back and forth. I asked him to open his mouth. He opened his mouth. Then I spilled all the water in his mouth.

Some goods fell on her lips, some on her face! And they cleaned and drank all the semen here and there.

We sat down for some rest again. After two-three hours, sister-in-law told me again - let's do it again.

Then I asked them to ride on me. So she came and sat on top of me. His nipple was right in front of my mouth. I started sucking them. Taking hold of his naked waist, he was pushing me from the bottom with his cock in his mouth and I was enjoying a lot of sister-in-law from the top.

Then we came to the 69 position. I was licking his pussy and he was my cock! We both wanted to eat each other thirsty for years. Only our own alcoholic whispers were echoing in the room.

The aromatic lava was flowing from the sister-in-law's pussy towards the thighs. We did at least 15-20 minutes in this position.

Then I made my sister lie down. Now I wanted to enjoy their punk pussy. I lied to them and licked their cocks and removed their cocks in their pussy.
My thighs were colliding with their clits, I was enjoying a lot.
I was just going to bang on.

After fucking for a while, I laid them straight. After filling the coli of all his body, I put my cock in her sister's pussy and started fucking her. This time I wanted to fall with them together. Sister-in-law was also supporting me openly. His hair was exposed.

I straightened his hair backwards. I felt as if I am fucking an angel today. Blonde body, black hair, vermilion was applied on the forehead. Wow… I was enjoying them very much!

I filled them with Choda and pacified their lust . He and I collapsed again. He had once again filled my coli with his legs and collapsed with my name.

Then I like to fuck her several times till morning. He openly enjoyed me.

Once in the middle, he only gave me fun with his mouth. I liked her very much.

I am a callboy I had not received such a client till date. All sisters, aunts used to take service from me but nobody did anything for me.
But the matter of these sisters was different, so I shared the experience in front of you.
I still miss them very much. If she calls me, I keep going to them two or three times a month.

How did you like my story, please tell me.

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