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Teacher found Choda on Instagram

Teacher found Choda on Instagram

I started flirting the teacher girl I found online. Our hot talks started happening. One day he asked for my number and called me. After that how did you reach Chudai?

Friends, how are you, hope you are all well. My name is Mohit Barnala, I live in Delhi.

How can I have a sex relationship with a teacher living in Punjab… Let me first discuss about it.

Friends, Seema is very hot. She has a fair complexion, Boobs are very big and her ass is very cool. I met him online. I met her on Instagram. I would like every photo of him… and make good good comments. I would have thanked him on this. This is how our talks started happening.

I started flirting with her in conversation. Talked to her, then it came to know that she is a school teacher and Barnala lives alone in Punjab. He is very fond of traveling. She was liking me after seeing Barnala in front of my name.

In a few days a lot of our talks started happening. I also told him everything about myself. When open talks with her started, I told her about my sex story. Seeing her mind, I sent all her stories to her on Instagram.

I asked him to read the story and tell me how it was.
So he read my stories and said - all the stories were very good.
I asked her - did she just like it or would you like to say something else too?
He said- I want to see your photo.

I had not yet posted my original photo on Instagram.

After listening to him, I sent him my photo. He praised me and sent me a hot photo of him too.
I sent him a kiss emoji and praised his hot youth. She became happy.

Now both of us started sharing photos everyday. She too started sending me a hot hot photo of her daily.
In this way our hot things started happening.

One day he asked for my number… and I gave him my mobile number.
He called me to give his number. In this way, my number came to me. I picked up his phone and started talking to him.

I- Hello Seema Ji… How are you?
He said- I'm fine, how are you?
After that I said - very cool… your voice is very sweet.
He called me Thanks.

He asked- what else is going on?
I said - send a photo and tell?
She said yes.

I sent my naked photo on WhatsApp at the same time.

Seeing my erect cocks, Seema smiled and said- Wow, you are very cool.
I said thank you for this. I also like to praise you in the same way.

Hearing this, Seema sent her naked photo to me. In this photo she was standing naked. He had big boobs and his pussy was clean.

There was not a single hair on his pussy. The color of the pussy was light brown and the boob's nipples were very cute. His ass was ejected.

Seeing him, I felt that I should put my mouth on Seema's pussy right now and drink all the juice of her pussy.

He said - what do you think?
I told Seema, man Seema, I feel like making your mummies suck red and put a lot of tongue by putting your tongue in your pussy. Seema I want to drink the juice of your pussy. I want to eat the cream of your pussy Also, I want to suck your ass too.
Seema said on this - So come… Who has forbidden… Come and drink… My everything is yours. Whatever you want, do it with me.

After listening to him, I agreed and a program was made to meet the two of us.

I came to Barnala according to the scheduled program.

While reaching there, I called Seema - where are you sweet heart?
He said - I am at home.
I said that I have come to the railway station of Barnala.
He said while hitting a gun - what is the truth!
I said yes.
He said - you stop there… I come.

I waited for that

Seema came to pick me up from Activa and I sat with her on Activa and went to her house.

We both came home. As soon as I entered the house, I filled it in my arms. She too hugged me. I lifted him into my lap. Seema's butts were very sexy. My erect cocks started penetrating into her ass crack.

My cock became even more tight. We did long kisses in both of us. After this, I took her on my lap and sat on the couch and started playing with her mother.

When he asked me to eat, I said yes. He ordered food on the phone.

We were drunk in each other. Seema got up from my dock and held my hand and brought me to bed and made me sit. When I sat down, I pulled her towards me and she sat on my lap. He put his lips on my lips. While kissing her I realized that Seema's breath had become very hot.

Seema started sucking my lips, I also started sucking her lips.

Then I put my hands in her jeans and started turning her hands on her pussy. She stuck with me completely, this opened her ass even more.

I also grabbed Seema very hard in my arms and started kissing her. Then I took her under me, kissed her eyes, kissed her cheeks, kissed her juicy lips.

After coming down, I kissed her pussy, holding her pussy in her hands and started pressing. When she woke up, she removed her T-shirt. I started kissing her mother. The color of her mummies was like milk. I filled one of her mums in my mouth and started sucking nipples. She started sucking her tit with fun and started kissing me.

Now I would go ahead only when the doorbell rang. Seema corrected herself and went to look outside.

Food had arrived. He took food and came to the bedroom. She took food and went to the kitchen, brought utensils and water from there.

We had dinner together. I fed Seema with my own hands. Seema was feeding me. After eating food, Seema went to keep the utensils in the kitchen. I lay on the bed in the room. Seema came into the room after a few moments.

She took off her jeans T-shirt and donned a very sexy gown. Seema looked very hot in this. Seeing her, I stood up from the bed and came near the border and kissed her hands. He hugged me.

Seema said- Mohit, make me yours today… Quench my thirst.
I said- Seema is now mine… You will keep me as your own in future. Promise
He promised

I removed all the clothes one by one. After that he also removed all my clothes. Then I started kissing her whole body. First I kissed her on the forehead, then kissed her on the eyes. Kissed on his nose. His breath was very hot and there was a lot of love in his eyes.

After this, I kissed her cheeks and when I came to her lips, she grabbed my lips with her lips. She stuck with me and started sucking the lips of her lips. I also started eating her lips. We were fighting from lips to lips and each other's arms were clutching each other. We both wanted to merge with each other. Our legs were wrapped around each other's legs. My cock was hitting her pussy and was trying to enter inside. Lund was absolutely tight and was nervous to enter her pussy.

Seema also opened the door of her pussy and standing up took my cock inside her pussy. As soon as he took the cocks, he swung by putting legs in my waist and the cocks went inside his pussy.

At this time we were sticking in such a way that even air could not pass through the middle.

Slowly, Seema started swinging on my cock. I lifted her on my lap and laid her on the bed. A lot of water was flowing from her pussy. I took my tongue to her pussy and started to eat her pussy. The water test was salty. Then I licked her pussy with my tongue and cleaned it.

Seema started pressing my head inside my pussy and I started moving my tongue to the depth of her pussy. Seema Siskariya started filling up and fell within two minutes.
The vanilla juice of her pussy was put on my mouth. My mouth was completely sunk with Seema juice. Seeing this, Seema started laughing.

Then I stood up and cleaned my face and looked towards the border. There was redness of lust on the face of Seema and there was a glow in the eyes. She was lying on the bed.

Seeing me, he spread his arms and said - Mohit, I do not know how many days later I felt very good.

I went to her arms and lay down on her. Seema filled me in her arms and said while kissing - Mohit I love you… I loved it.
I said, now it is the beginning, darling… It is still the whole night.

She started laughing. Then we stood together and went to the bathroom. Seema turned on the shower. We both started taking bath together. I lifted the shower gels from the bathroom and put it on Seema's body. Then I started rubbing her body with my body. When Seema's soft tongues rubbed my chest, I felt very good. Seema also applied gel on my cock and started rubbing it with her pussy. I was enjoying it a lot and I was rubbing her body with my hands.

Then the limit sat down and took my cock in the middle of my mother and started rubbing it. After that I lay on the bathroom floor and Seema sat on top of me. He put shower gels in his pussy and started giving hip massage from my mouth to my feet.

When my hot hot pussy and ass rub my body, I get very relaxed. I think I was in heaven.

In this way, for ten minutes, Seema massaged my entire body with her pussy. My cock was also very happy… He was hitching in the air. When the pussy was rubbed over the cocks, my cock would try to go inside her pussy. But poor fellow fails. After that Seema turned on the shower. Droplets of water started falling on us and Seema mashed the body with her hands. I started turning my hand on his body.

We continued to have fun like this for a few minutes. Then Seema filled my cock in her mouth and started rubbing her pussy on my mouth. Very smooth smell of gels was coming from her smooth pussy. I was getting drunk In this trance, I started licking her pussy. Seema also started taking my cock down her neck. Seema wanted to swallow my cock and I was licking and sucking her pussy like a hungry lion.

Then the boundary was erected and I lay down. Seema grabbed my cock with her hand and sat on her pussy and took all the cocks inside the pussy in one stroke. She sat on cocks and started moving back and forth.

Erotic sissaries were coming out of his mouth - oh oh aha aha… how much fun is going on inside.

I was also bouncing it upwards with my cock. When cocks and pussy collided with each other… then the sweet voice of Pach Pach started coming. The bathroom was buzzing with this sexy voice and I was trying hard to fuck Seema.

After ten minutes, the speed of the border started increasing. It seemed that she was going to fall. Then he filled me in his arms and I made my fuck speed faster with cocks. I started loudly taking Seema's pussy deep into my pussy.

Seema sighed, bidding - aaa ... ahhh and loud ... and loudly ... I went ... ah!

Seema's pussy grabbed my cock and started falling. I did not let my speed decrease. I used to make cocks out loudly.

In such a time, the border was empty after falling. He held me in his arms and started panting. I also hugged him vigorously and I also lied by licking the cocks inside his pussy. I was still left.

Then I lied down the border and came between his legs. Raised his legs up and set his cock on her pussy and put it inside. I started jerking loudly. The border started getting hot. I lay down on her pussy while rubbing it. He also caught me.

I started to lick in and out of the cocks very loudly and was sucking her lips. She was also hot with me again. She was raising her ass with me. We were sucking each other's lips with fuck.

After five minutes, we both collapsed together and filled each other in our arms with great vigor.

The border was satisfied. I was also happy. The shower droplets were still falling on us.

Then I woke up and stopped the shower. Seema closed her eyes. I picked him up on his lap and brought him to the room.

We both fell asleep on the bed.
Here I am giving my sex story a break. Friends, if you liked the story of Seema's fuck, then please message. After this I will present my next sex story.

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