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Taught the daughter's daughter-in-law

Taught the daughter's daughter-in-law

After the marriage of my daughter, her sister used to harass her. How did I treat my daughter's happiness to her sister-in-law? Enjoy this funny sexy story.

After spending around sixty lakh rupees received at the time of retirement, I married my daughter Anju with great pomp.

But only after the month of marriage, when Anju told that her sister-in-law Sarika harasses her very much, all my happiness was extinguished.

On my asking, Anju said that her mother-in-law, father-in-law and husband are very good. Since Sarika is 32 years old and has not been married yet, she is very frustrated. Four-six-year-old girls are also married to Sarika in the family. Sarika is very tedious, has rejected tens of boys and tens of people have rejected her.

To deal with this problem, I started going to Anju's house every week, whenever he used to take fruits, sweets, used to talk to Sarika saying son to son, but there was no difference in behavior of this most Sarika.

So I made a decision. I thought if I can spend sixty lakh rupees in Anju's wedding, then what to think in spending two lakh rupees more to live peacefully in her.

One day I went to Anju's house, Anju, my son-in-law Naresh, Sarika and my brother-in-law were all home. I told my partner that I had a great desire that after Anju's marriage, I will give my daughter and son-in-law a visit to Devi. If you allow, my wish will be fulfilled.

Anju's father-in-law was a good man, he instantly said yes, then I said, I would have liked a request and if Sarika Bitiya would have walked along.
Samadhi sir looked at Sarika and said yes.

I made a reservation the next day.

We reached the train after catching the train and reached Jammu. Reached Katra by taxi from Jammu. It was night, we took two rooms in a hotel, ate food and slept. Anju and Naresh in one room and Sarika and me in another.

During the entire journey, I had noticed one thing that Sarika is very fond of Pepsi, may not get food but Pepsi is definitely needed. So while going to the hotel room, I took two Pepsi for Sarika.

Next morning we wake up and wash our bath and have breakfast and start our trek. After finishing the journey and came back to Katra the next day, while eating food in the restaurant, I said that the weather is very good, if you feel like going to Srinagar. Everyone said yes.

The next morning, we left for Srinagar by taxi. On the way, I booked a three-night hotel package. When we reached the hotel, we saw that it was a very luxurious hotel, after having dinner, we went to our respective rooms.

I did not forget to take the Pepsi bottle for Sarika. Arriving in the room, Sarika went to the bathroom to change, then I mixed two peg whiskey in Pepsi's bottle.

After coming from the bathroom, Sarika lay down on the bed, so I opened the fridge and took out the Pepsi bottle and after drinking two sips, grabbed the bottle Sarika and said- I have also become fond of Pepsi after seeing you.
Sarika caught the bottle and emptied it in a while.

The tiredness of the day and the effect of the two pegs of the drug resulted in Sarika falling asleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I took out my mobile and started watching porn videos. Sarika woke up to hear the sounds of Ah Ouch happening at the time of sex but she immediately closed her eyes and lay silently.

After a while I woke up and went to the bathroom. Sarika was sleeping, kept my phone there, but came back after ten minutes, but telling the changed location of the phone that she was picked up.
When I checked the phone, it was found that Sarika had sent all the videos to her mobile.

Shortly after I lay down, Sarika woke up and went to the bathroom with her mobile, I saw in my phone that every single video is becoming alternately tick blue, that is, Sarika was sitting in the bathroom watching porn videos. My arrow was right on target.

After wandering around the other day and coming into the room at night, I gave Pepsi Sarika a whiskey drink. When both of us lay down, I took out my mobile, there was a video of a school master fucking a student.

When I played the video, Sarika closed her eyes.

Waking up Sarika's hand and waking her up, I asked- Sarika, this is shown in the porn video, is it really a school story?
Saying this much, I caught the mobile Sarika.

Sarika replied while looking at the mobile - no uncle, these are porn stars, anyone can roll.
Saying so, Sarika became absorbed in watching the video.

I turned towards Sarika and put my hand on Sarika's pussy. Sarika did not mind, I started turning my hand on her pussy.

In a while, Sarika spread her legs, then I started moving my finger around Sarika's pussy. Saying lightly ah, Sarika kept the mobile, closed her eyes and started stuffing.

I removed Sarika's salwar and panty, came in 69 position and started licking her pussy. Before coming to the room, I came after eating Viagra, so my LND started getting tight.

Now I moved Sarika's kurta up and took out her Titsi and started rubbing them very brutally. My tongue had wet Sarika's pussy badly. Putting her tongue in Sarika's pussy, Sarika went to sing.

Sarika took my LND out of the lower and started sucking which caused LND to tuck.

I took out a bottle of oil and a packet of condoms from my bag. Placed the pillow under Sarika's pussy, put oil on her LND, placed Sarika's legs on her shoulders and opened her Lund's supra by opening the lips of Sarika's pussy.

After grabbing Sarika's waist and pushing LND inside, Lund's supara went into Sarika's pussy, if the second hit, my LND reached her navel while tearing the membrane of Sarika's pussy. Sarika's pussy started mashing her pussy and started having fun while sighing.

After some time Sarika said - Uncle my legs have started hurting.
I removed Sarika's legs from her shoulders and made her a mare and put a condom on her Lund and put it in her pussy.

While larking inside Sarika's pussy, my eyes fell on Sarika's ass hole, my faith was shaken after seeing a pink colored ass.

I picked up the bottle of oil, put four drops of oil on Sarika's ass hole and started massaging with my thumb. Shortly after the oil disappeared, I again dripped four drops of oil on Sarika's ass hole and started massaging with the thumb.

In this way, about two teaspoons of oil Sarika's ass was drunk and massaging the ass started shining. When I put my thumb in Sarika's ass, she said a…

My LND was running in Sarika's pussy and my thumb in ass.

Then I removed my Lund Sarika's pussy and put Lupa Supada on Sarika's pink pleats. Caught Sarika's waist tightly and pushed LND into Sarika's ass.

Sarika shouted very loudly ‘Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah…’
it was raining heavily outside. Amidst the thunder of the clouds, the sound of Sarika's ass burst was suppressed. I did not take any notice of Sarika's shout and ruthlessly continued to ass her.

After stumbling twenty-five in the ass, Sarika started shouting - Ah Uncle, Ah Uncle, and do Uncle, loud Uncle, hurry Uncle, just do Uncle, burst Uncle, Uncle died. Know what you were saying

Blood was seeping from Sarika's ass burst. My LND was getting close to being discharged. Taking out Lund from Sarika's ass, I lied her and spread her legs by placing a pillow under the clits and licked her pussy and ran the horse.

When I took my LND Sarika's pussy out after discharge, she got up and hugged me and said - Uncle, you have shown my heaven.
"Son calls Kashmir the paradise of the world, that's why I came here."
"Uncle you are talking about the paradise of Kashmir, I am talking about this paradise which is in my hands!"

Saying so, Sarika caught my LND. After this we both slept bare.

At three in the morning I woke up to urinate while Sarika was sleeping unconsciously.

I came by urinating and started sucking Sarika's Tits, then Sarika woke up and both of us again gave birth to Jannat.

After getting up in the morning, Sarika went to the bathroom, I hid in the middle of the vase and took out my spy video camera in which the entire picture of the night was recorded.

On the third night, when we came into the room, I sent a five-minute edited video from the previous night's video, ie the trailer of the entire video to Sarika.
She was shocked when she saw it and said- What is this, Uncle? You have all recorded.
"What should I do, Sarika… I was filled up watching the videos of others, now when I will live, I will watch my video."
Uncle please delete it. Otherwise, there could be trouble. "

"Let's do it!" Having said this, I took Sarika's phone and deleted all the videos.

"Uncle even with your phone."

"I will also do it with my phone. You have to make three promises for that. First you will never bother Anju. Second, if I say, you will not refuse to fuck and thirdly, if you want to get fuck then you will feel free to leave. Time, space and opportunity are required to fulfill the second and third promises, so sometimes denial can be done, but the first promise must be hundred percent sure. "

"Uncle is uncle."
"Well then, I'll delete before leaving the room tomorrow morning."

"Now listen to today's program, I am going to sleep quietly, wake me up, raise my LND and fuck me all is responsible for you." Having said this, I lay down and closed my eyes.

Sarika went to the bathroom, returning, Sarika took off all her clothes and came to the bed.

After taking off my lower, Sarika started caressing my LND, then Viagra tablet started showing its effect.
Sarika took oil on her palm and started massaging my LND, when LND stood up like Qutub Minar, Sarika dripped four six drops of oil on my Lund and spread her pussy and sat on my LND.

As soon as my LND went inside Sarika's pussy, I opened my eyes. That night there was two rounds of fucking.
I told Sarika - you had a tremendous honeymoon.
"Uncle honeymoon is not over, my path has been opened, now understand that no matter how possible I want your LND everyday." I have decided, I do not want to get married now. You plan something so that this chudai continues uninterrupted. "

I saved tonight's recording after getting up in the morning and deleted the previous night's recording in front of Sarika.

Now, in the recordings that I have, Sarika has done the work of forcefully waking a sleeping person.

Well, there is no need for a video, Sarika's behavior towards Anju has become good and I am getting young young lady Chodne in my old age.

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