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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Student asshole

Student asshole

I used to teach computers. I had a big desire to fuck a girl but was not. A smooth boy used to come to my class, so I thought that this smooth ass should be used.

My greetings to all readers of the immigration website. This is my first ass sex story, if you make any mistake then ignore it.

My name is Raj (changed), I live in Surat. This thing happened a few years ago. At that time, I used to teach computers in Rajasthan and I was working in a computer center. I had to live alone here, so I used to suffer from big sex.

I would just go to my institute and finish my computer work and come home in the evening. At that time many types of people used to come in computer classes. Boys, men, women and children all used to come. I had a big desire to fuck a girl and fuck her, but the sister-in-law would not let go. From the top there were almost boys in my class.

The boys in my class were mostly nineteen twenty years old. One of them was Ankit. He often used to come to class late and made a new excuse every time he asked.

He used to come to me to learn computer in the evening. There were not many students in the evening. Many times, I and Ankit were left alone. Seeing his raised ass, I used to mind him. By the way, I am fond of fucking girls, but I did not have any laundries. That's why I started to face Ankit's ass.

I would often go to him and stand him and ask him why I was late. He did not respond to anything about me, just like he used to stand down.

Ankit looked blond-chitta and a chubby-looking boy. But he was going to be completely quiet. So in the beginning I did nothing to him. But when she asked questions, her courage increased, and I started asking her while patting her ass. Then I turned my hand on his ass and started having fun. During that time he also did not say anything, just by looking at me a little, he used to lower the head.

Then once I pressed his cock, even then he did not say anything, so I made up my mind that it has to be made a means to extinguish his cock.

His absence in regular class was provoking me to take him into my web.

Although I used to work very strictly in my class. With this strictness, I made a plan.

One day I asked him to come with my parents in front of all the students. I said that you come late regularly and don't even want to learn computers. You must have learned barely 20 days of work in four months.

I asked him to bring my mother and father, so he did not come late from the next day. When I looked at him, he smiled lightly.

The next day, when Ankit was left alone in the class, I asked why your parents did not come.
he said nothing.
I once again insisted, yet he did not say anything.

Now I started getting angry too, so I started scolding him.
He still did not say anything, just kept watching the computer.

I told him that you have not given any answer yet. I will strip you
He still remained silent.

Now I had to do something, so I really started to strip her. First opened the zip of his pants.

I took out his cock in his hand and said- Answer me… or else I will remove the clothes too.
He started embarrassing me with my scolding.

Then that day I left him and said - do not let this happen from now on… Keep dying, this time I will kill your ass.

This made me smile on his face instead of fear.

One or two days he came right… but he got the same attitude again.

After a few days, Ankit started coming too late in the class like before and started trying to stay longer. I understood his feeling and decided to kill his ass in my mind.

After everyone left on the third day, I went to him and told him to stand up while scolding. He stood silently. I started to unzip her pants. He did not stop me nor did he protest. Looking at him, I slowly started to take out his cock.

He remained silent, so today I thought of killing his ass. In the next few moments, I took off his pants and stripped him completely naked. His cock was hanging like a withered.

I said - Answer Ankit, otherwise I will take my cock out and give it to your mouth and ass.
He said - Sir parents went to the wedding… so I was late. You will give whatever punishment you want.

His ass was printed in my mind with this matter. My cock was still lying behind his ass. I kept asking him about it and caressing his ass. His cock started coming into action.

When I felt that he was getting a little cool… then I took out my 7 inch cock and gave it in his hand.
I told him - suck it.
As soon as he grabbed my cock in his soft hand, my cock became tight and fluttering.
He kept staring at my cock.

I said - suck it quickly.
He started sucking my cock in the mouth. I started having fun with his cock in my mouth and I started enjoying picking up my shirt and licking it.

After licking my cock for a long time, I fell in his mouth… but he continued to suck my cock. This made my cock stand again.

Now it was his turn to kill his soft white ass. I had removed his pants. I made him stand by leaning on the computer table and then started rubbing his cock on his ass.

He also spread his ass with fun. Slowly I started pressing my cock at the crack of her ass. But this was my first time. I had not had sex with anyone before today. Because till now I did not have any girlfriend nor did I have sex with any prostitute.

I tried to put cocks in her hole. In my first attempt, my cock slipped from her ass hole. But later I put a slight pressure on the cocks on the target of his ass hole, then his sigh came out. Perhaps the mouth of my cock was touched in his hole. But I saw that my cock had not entered inside yet.

I held his hand in front and started moving him. As soon as I did this, from the very next moment he started sighing in fun.

Seeing the opportunity, I wanted to put my cock in his ass… Supara once again wanted to rip the hole, but due to pain he did not let my cock go in.

He started saying - it is hurting.
I - Why is it happening… Let me go inside, then it will be fun.
He said - how drought will go inside.

I stumbled for a moment with this matter of his. He was right… I was putting dry cocks in his ass without any smoothness. It was bound to hurt.

Then I took out the cocks and put a lot of spit in her ass and also put it on my cock.

This time I pushed his cock back and forth once and as soon as he was cool, I again pushed him with the cock.

This time my cock top went into his ass. He once flirted with pain and started to refuse sex. But I did not listen to one of them and bending him again on the table put a little more emphasis and put my one inch cock in it.

Slowly, after piling half the cocks, I started shaking his cocks and started rubbing his pieces. This brought him both pain and fun.

Then in a short while giving a little shock, I put more than half of my cock in his ass and started back and forth. In a short while, I put the whole cock inside. Soon he started getting relief and he also started having fun.

After ass kicking for ten minutes, I took out my cock and cooled myself by brushing the water of the cocks by hand. On the other hand, he too had killed his cock.

Then I sent him home one by one. After that, I also came to my house.

When he came the next day, after everyone had left, I again bowed him on the table and in one stroke put half the cocks.

He screamed again and he kicked my cock out. Again he started refusing to take cocks in the ass.

I explained a little to him that in a while, it will be like tomorrow. After some time he agreed. This time I did not make him stand on the table. This time, I made him sit on my lap and started jerking me hard by sucking cocks.

He tried very hard to get rid of me, but could not get it. By doing this position slowly, my whole cock got penetrated in her ass. I was constantly shaking her cocks with my hand and was also stroking her pieces, which was also enjoying her.

After some time I licked her on the ground and started licking her by putting cocks in her ass. After a few minutes I turned her over and lifted her legs and rubbed her ass with full thrust.

In this fuck that lasted for about 15 minutes, both of us were tired and sweating profusely.
After this we both fixed our clothes and went home in a while.

The next day I again fuck her like yesterday. This time he was also having fun with me.

From that day onwards Ankit became my firm fucker. Whenever I went to him at the time of learning computer, he would suck my cock out of himself and if both of them were alone before going home, he would have got my ass also killed.

This was my first and true ass sex story. I look forward to your suggestions.

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