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Strong punjabi of virgin punjaban in the field-2

Strong punjabi of virgin punjaban in the field-2

I opened her pussy with my fingers. It was red inside. I put a tongue in her pussy and started sucking. The fun I had while sucking the virgin pussy of Punjaban…

in the last part of my desi sex story, I told you how my mind was going to
my own boss' virgin daughter's pussy, in the loud chudai of virgin Punjaban . My friends also used to talk about the fire of Punjaban body.

One day I also got that golden opportunity when I took him to the city for some work. On the way back, the rain on the way soaked both of us.

Seeing the wet body of Deepu, my cock was tanned. Then I took a bath in the rain and Deepu also insisted on taking a bath with me. I taught him to swim and meanwhile my cock was repeatedly hitting his ass.

In exchange for teaching him swimming, I told him that I want to see him naked. He said yes after refusing twice. After that we both went inside the room. There I saw her naked tit for the first time, which did not stop me from seeing it.

I filled her naked nipple in mouth and started sucking it vigorously. He protested a couple of times but the matter was now getting out of his control.

Two minutes later, both of us were sucking each other's lips. Her Tits were adjacent to my chest. My hands were crawling on his soft body like a snake crawling on the sand.

Soon my hands reached his trunks through his back. He removed a couple of times but then he started enjoying it. I was getting out of control of my soft soft ass in my hand.

When I was not stopped, I tried to touch her pussy by bringing her hand forward. Now she too was sucking my lips with her mind. The breath of both of them was intensified. I put my hand inside his trunks.

As soon as my hand was on her pussy, she trembled completely. Her pussy had become sticky. My friend told that it is very easy to heat a naked Punjaban. Once she is naked then the pussy is also found very quickly.

I started caressing her sticky pussy with my hand. He sighed and said- Ahh… don't do this, Vijay. Something is happening to me.
Then he himself lowered his trunks. I know that now it is ready for sex.

The next moment I removed Dipu's tights completely and held him tightly and hugged him around my chest. Deepu also stuck with me. I looked into his eyes and said - My mind is trying to put cocks in your pussy.

She was a little shy on my talk. Then I started sucking her lips. Then he was lying on the bed lying nearby. Licked his entire body for a minute or two.

Then I made him a mare on the bed. Her pink pussy emerged in the middle of her white ass. I was blessed after seeing her pussy. I had never seen such a pussy even in porn movies.

I saw her pussy openly with teasing fingers. It was red inside. I put a tongue in her pussy and started sucking. I cannot tell in words here the fun I was getting at that time while sucking the virgin pussy of Punjaban.

Deepu's condition was also bad. She was just making sounds like c… c… ah… came…. I also removed my tights and started rubbing cocks on her pussy.

Then his mother's phone started ringing. His mother was asking him to come home. Dipu said that we stopped due to rain on the way and are now walking.

At the same time, I pushed the cock in her pussy. He pressed his scream with his hand and then cut the phone and said - you could not be patient? You have kept me naked here. I respect the house What if mother knew?

I said - now you are worried about your house's respect?
She said - but I am a girl. A little curtain has to be kept. I know that when I go for a walk in the evening, your Bihari friends stare at me as if they will be eaten raw.

I said to Dipu- Do you know that Biharis have done a lot of sex for both of your uncle's girls!
She said - well, then both of them go on looking at them smilingly.

I said- Yes, that area is notorious for fucking Punjabis. Everyone dies there to fuck Punjaban. A friend of mine studies in college who says that punjaban is very funny and every punjaban in his college is kissed.

Dipu said- When we get freedom from home, we get sex done. But we have to hide everything. But it is not that we like sex with anyone. You are lucky that you took me naked today. I thought that I would also take a Bihari's cock. Otherwise, the entire age of a landlord is cuddled with small cocks after marriage.

She said - I never thought that my first fuck will be done by someone Bihari.
I said- I wanted to fuck you since long. Just got a chance today.
She said- So hurry now, now is not the time for talks. Have to go home too. The rain has stopped

Then I pushed the cocks in Deepu's pussy, then she screamed.
She said - your cock is very fat.
I said - just hold the ass.
I gave another blow and my fat cock entered Deepu's pussy.

She started screaming and started bleeding from her pussy. But I started showing cocks inside her pussy while showing toughness. At that time, the rain started again.
I said- Look, today even God is giving you the hint of fuck.

Now I started to roll Deepu very fast. His voice was ah… ah… aayi… aayi… shee… shee was echoing throughout the room. After a while, my whole cock was going inside, tearing her soft pussy. There were voices of stinging.

We were both in a different world. Then I lifted Dipu's legs and started fucking him. Now I was rubbing her mums too. Sometimes I used to suck her lips and sometimes I was sucking her smooth smooth cheeks. Deepu closed his eyes. She was enjoying her first fuck completely.

That murmur in the fuck of sex - ah… loudly… Today I have handed over everything to you. Tear my pussy.
I said - 2-3 pieces are needed to tear everything.

She said - no, not like this. Everyone will know.
I said- this thing will remain between you and my two friends.
She said- Okay, see you later. Right now… loud.
Then I called and called my two friends.

After that I brought Deepu out. After picking him up in the dock, he started fucking hard. There was a bajra field in front. I had a great time. Then I told him to run towards Bajre's field.
I said - you run ahead of me. I'll catch you and fuck you.

She said - If someone has seen us in the field here?
I said - We are very inward from the road. Anyway, who will come here in such a heavy rain. Even if someone went through the road, what is he going to know, you enjoy the fun of sex.

He got my point right. His mind probably agreed to some fraud. I cut a twitch on his ass and told him to run away.

Deepu started to run towards me with his round and round white ass. After driving away, I started slapping his ass and turning his ass red. Then I caught him and caught him and started fucking him.

By then my friends Ram and Sham had also arrived. Seeing Deepu naked, his cocks were stretched only in pants. He quickly took off his clothes and both of them fell naked and broke on Deepu.

One was biting her cheeks and the other was rubbing her nipples. Sometimes someone was rubbing her ass, sometimes she was giving tongue in her pussy.

I said - I cannot keep this naked Punjaban in the field for much longer.
I told Deepu - you run towards the farm. We will catch you and fuck you.

As soon as Deepu ran, Ram caught her. Ram put his thick and black cock in Deepu's mouth. Sham put cocks in her pussy. Lying down, both of them started fucking her. One was fucking her mouth and the other was fucking her pussy.

After some time, we took Deepu to the room. There he dropped it on the bed. I lay on my chest and started sucking her lips. From behind, Ram piled cocks into her ass and started to fuck her ass.

Deepu's ass was rubbing my chest with bumps. There was a loud voice of her lips Amm… Oom… Ooh…. Ram was pounding his ass vigorously. Entering the whole cock into his ass, he was enjoying his ass fuck. Then he pulled his cock out completely, which led to Deepu Sihar.

Then evening took the front. Sham inserted cocks in Punjaban ass and started fucking. I started munching on Deepu's Tits. Deepu's mouth just came… ah… ah… ooh…. She was fucking her ass with fun.

In the evening, the evening dropped his goods in his ass. Ram dropped his goods by giving cocks to her pussy. Now I started fucking Deepu by making Deepu a mare. My semen was also going to come out.

I took my cock out of her pussy and put my semen on her pussy. The three of us together soaked the naked body of Punjaban with semen. After that I left Ram and in the evening.

Deepu and I lay on top of each other for a while.
I asked - how do you feel after the first fuck?
She said- you guys have squeezed me. But it was fun too.

We took some rest. After that Deepu put on his tights.
Deepu said- Now I am feeling pain while walking.
I said, no problem, the first pain is pain. It will be fixed

After that we put on our clothes. The rain had stopped and we started walking towards the house. After reaching home, Deepu went inside and I went to my house.

The next day when I met Deepu, she was smiling upon seeing me. His mummies were taut. His gait also seemed to change. After a few days, I saw that the size of her tits had started increasing.

Punjaban ass was now becoming more sexy than before. That punched Punjaban was now looking more fun than before. After that she went to Canada. Even after going there, he and I kept talking.

He told that he has a boyfriend there. His boyfriend loves him very much, he himself told me. Now she was happy in her life. I too had got a golden opportunity to fuck Punjaban pussy, which I enjoyed a lot.

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