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Strong punishing of virgin Punjaban in the field-1

Strong punishing of virgin Punjaban in the field-1

My father used to work on a landlord's farm. The landlord had a cool goods daughter. She used to talk to me. Seeing her body, my sensuality woke up. one day …

Hello friends, my name is Vijay. I live in a village in Ludhiana city in Punjab. I am 28 years old. My body color is fine. My body remains strong in texture.

The Desi Chudai story I am going to tell you is a true incident in my life. My father had come from Bihar long ago to work in Punjab. I have spent much of my time in Punjab. My father used to do farming in a zamindar's house. He had given us a room. I, mother and father lived there.

I did all my studies in Punjab only. I work in a factory. Sometimes I would get my father to work as well. Whenever I got time, I used to share my hands with my father too.

Now let me tell you about the family of the landlord whose father used to work here. He was also a landlord. There were four people in his family.

There was an owner, his wife and his two children. Among the children was a boy and a girl. His boy had gone to study in Canada while the girl was living here.

The landlord owned 20 acres of land. He also had close to 10 buffalo. The nature of the owner was quite simple and simple. While his landlord was very strident in the nature of wife. I had also debated with him many times. He had offended me many times.

I did not pay much attention to that landlord's talk. Just used to work on his own business. His daughter Deepinder Kaur had a good temperament. I was right with him. He is also the heroine of this story.

Deepinder was fondly called Deepu by everyone. We both had a very good friendship. As her nature was more beautiful than hers, she was beautiful and beautiful. Dipu's height was 5.5 feet. He was 25 years old and had done enough studies.

His mother used to discipline him very much. She used to complain to me about her freedom many times. I used to explain it to him. Then his family started searching for the boy for his marriage.

Deepu's family members wanted him to marry a Canadian boy only. Despite not wanting to see his form, my eyes would go on his body. Whenever she was in the house, I used to watch her.

The builder gave it a very tender and lovely look. She also wore a suit at home and wore a t-shirt with pajamas. His round and round mummies were quite large. His ass was also round.

Till now his body was completely untouched. Seeing a virgin landowner makes the minds of the sadhus quite well. I was just an ordinary bihari.

Whenever she was close to me, my cock would start to stir. I could not control it. Deepu used to talk to me like a friend. This relationship with our friendship was not liked by his mother at all. God gave me very thick and long cocks. Seeing Dipu, I used to work by just hitting my mouth.

People from Bihar used to live in large numbers in our village. They all used to work as laborers there. Deepu used to go for a walk with her uncle's girls in the evening.

My Bihari friends also used to stay on the road through which she used to go. He used to see those three zamindaris scurrilously every day. His cocks used to be uncontrollable after seeing his ass slammed in pajamas.

Many times my friends told me that you have so much firecrackers, why have you not tried anything till today?
I used to tell them that till today I never got a chance to do anything. By the way, my courage was also less.

Many times it used to happen that his family members had gone to his relatives, then Deepu used to be alone at home. We used to sit in the same room and watch TV. Many times she used to lie on the bed in front of me. Seeing his round ass, my body used to get sweaty.

It is a matter of one day that we were watching TV like this. His t-shirt flew above the cooler air. I could see the red colored tights on her fists lightly. Seeing that red tights on her white ass, I was not at my own pace. Wanted to lick his ass and give cocks in it.

My cock had become uncontrollable. But the surprising thing was that he too did not correct his t-shirt. I was thinking that maybe this too is not ready for sex? Then I thought that it can not happen. Why would I crack such a cracker?

Deepu did not know how to drive a scooty. Many times when she had to go outside the village to the city, she used to take me only. It is a matter of one day that Deepu's father had gone somewhere. His relatives were many. He used to go here some day or the other.

Dipu's mother asked me to take Deepu to the city. He had some important work in the city. I was always ready for such an occasion. When we came out of the house, the wind was blowing very fast. As soon as Scooty applied brakes, Deepu's teat used to be attached to my back.

On the way, Deepu told that she is going to get waxing done. When we were coming back from the city towards the village, it started raining in the middle way. Scooty could not be operated in the rain. I could not even see any stop around.

Deepu was asking me to stay somewhere. Suddenly I noticed the motor of the landlord's farm. There was a very high boundary wall and a room was also built. We thought to go there and Deepu agreed.

Going to the farm, I parked Scooty nearby and we quickly entered the room. Both of us were completely wet.

I was very fond of bathing in the rain. That's why I couldn't resist. I asked Deepu to stay inside.

I took off all my clothes and just went out in tights and took a bath in the rain. Then I took a bath in the pond near the motor. I was swimming in the water. Deepu was watching me.

He asked with a voice from inside- Do you know how to swim?
I said yes, look, I am swimming in front of you.
She said - My mind is also trying to swim in water but I am afraid.

I said - what is there to fear? I am not for you!
I do not know how this thing came out of my mouth in fervor. But even Deepu did not pay much attention to it. If I had not said this, perhaps this story would not have happened either.

She said - OK, but I cannot take clothes off in front of you, you should face on the other side.
I turned my face at her suggestion. After two minutes she was inside that pond. Water was coming up his neck. But due to the clean water, I could see the white bra of Deepu and the red tights below.

Friends, I saw him as this for the first time. My mind was doing so that I should bite it and eat it. Seeing his blonde body wet in rain and seeing its rise, my cock was making a tent inside the water.

My cock started jerking. Anyone could get mad by seeing the cool shape of her bulge imprisoned inside her bra. In fact, Zamindarani is very sexy. My friends had told the truth that the fun of fucking Zamindarani is something else.

Still I did not have enough courage to be able to seduce him. She was slowly coming towards deep water. Then her foot slipped and she started going down in the water. I caught him and brought him in some shallow water.

I said - you do not know how to swim.
She said yes I know. Only you will teach me how to swim. That is why I am with you in this condition.
I said - okay. First I help you and after that you try yourself.

Holding Deepu's body in my hands, I started teaching him how to swim, during which my cock was repeatedly touching his body. Touching his soft body, a storm was rising in my cock. I felt that taking off his trunks and inserting cocks in his pussy, but I did not want to hurry.

I was holding her close to the stomach and she was beating her hands and feet in the water. After trying a couple of times, she started swimming a little and became quite happy.

I said - you need some practice right now.
She said - yes, I try.
She started trying to swim in less deep water. Her blond body was shining in the water of the pond. My attention was repeatedly going towards her ass and her boobs. There was a tent in my underwear which Deepu had also noticed.

Now I came out and started jumping from the height in the water. Deepu was watching the lifting of my cock. I was also blushing a little, but there was nothing under my control. I could not stop my excitement.

Deepu was thrilled to see me leaping into the water with fun.
She said - I have to do likewise.
I said - okay but first take a small jump. You still do not know how to swim properly.
She said- Okay, I try.

Deepu also came up and started trying to leap into the water. When she came out of the water, her red tights were stuck in her ass. Seeing the shape of his trunks penetrated inside his ass, my mouth was open. I was forced to rub my cock by hand.

I started looking at his white and round ass after saving his eyes. The nipples of her nipples imprisoned in her bra were also tanned. The shape of her nipple seemed to emerge separately.

As soon as she made the jump, she started drowning in the water and I took care of her. Now she was in my arms. I was watching him. Her nipples were stretched in her bra. My cock had become absolutely strict with full enthusiasm.

She was also probably getting excited.
I said - I have taught you swimming, will you not give me a gift?
She said - what do you want?
I said- I just want to see you without clothes.

At first she started refusing but then said- Okay, I will take off the bra for one time only.
I said - okay.
My cock went tantrum in the name of removing the bra.

I said - let's go inside the room. I do not want anyone here to see you in this condition.
She said - okay.

We both came out of the water. The water edge was dripping from his red tights. I also had water in my mouth to drink that water. She was walking ahead of me and was looking at her slapping ass and was licking my cock.

We both went inside. But he was ashamed now.
I said - there is no one but me and you here.
She said - No, you turn your face on that side.
I turned my face at her suggestion.

After a few seconds he asked me to turn back.
As soon as I turned and looked towards her chest, I could not resist myself by seeing her white and round ass. I caught her nipple.
What are you saying, that is wrong.
I said - let me touch once. I feel very much.

I grabbed her nipple and pressed it even before she agreed. By the time she spoke something, my lips had fallen on her nipple.
She backtracked and said- No Vijay, this is wrong.
I said - just do it once, Deepu, you too will enjoy it.

Immediately I started sucking her nipple with my mouth and she started to control me. After stopping a couple of times, he stopped protesting and both my hands were pressing on both his cunts.

I was drinking it with her pussy in the mouth alternately and my hands were pressing her pussy continuously. She would be so sexy, I never imagined it. Now I came to know why all Bihari used to torture him with such a hungry eye.

I was biting her nipples while sucking Deepu's hard wet pussy. Siskaris were now coming out of Deepu's mouth. She was turning her hand in my hair with a sigh - Ahhh… Vijay… No… Ahhh… Relax… Ohhh… Loud… Her sensual voices of hers were boosting my passion.

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