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Friday, April 17, 2020

Some precautions due to corona virus epidemic

Some precautions due to corona virus epidemic

All the readers are requested
not to take this corona lightly first. This matter is very serious.

Corona virus, SARS-CoV-2 are names of the same virus. This virus causes a disease called COVID-19.

You should not leave the house without any necessary work nor let your family members go out.
Visit the doctor or the hospital only if necessary.

If you go out like in a bank, shop, post office anywhere, do not touch anything there, table, chair. Keep a distance of one and a half to two meters from each other, do not go to a crowded place.

Sunday's Janata curfew proposed by the Prime Minister of India will be very beneficial in reducing the spread of this virus.

Scientifically speaking, a curfew of 14 hours
(and 10 hours before and 10 hours after it, 34 hours in total)
can prove to be a break in the virus cycle.

In 34 hours, if the new human body is not found to enter this deadly virus, then many viruses present in the environment will be eradicated.
Our roads, markets, office doors, handles, railing lifts, etc. will be sterilized on their own.

I request all of you to stay with this Janata Curfew Campaign from the night of Saturday 21 March to the morning of Monday 23 March to spread more positive thoughts.

On other days, only buy essential items like kitchen items, medicines etc.
Postpone shopping for clothes, shoes, utensils or other non-essential items for a month.

Avoid cash transactions as much as possible. The currency notes can also pass from one hand to another.

Do not touch your lips, eyes, nose with your hands when you get out of the house. Do not turn the tongue on the lips.

Do not eat outside food like chaat golgappa, tikki, pizzas, momos, burgers, kulfi, ice cream noodle i.e. any food made outside the house. Do not go to the restaurant, Dhaba Hotel.
Eat fresh homemade food only.

Do not carry goods brought from outside directly inside your kitchen or home. Let the goods be kept outside in the veranda for one day, after that bring it inside the house.

You do not need to use sanitizer repeatedly at home. Whenever you come into the house from outside, wash your hands, mouth and open body parts with soap. After that, you can prevent dry skin by applying coconut oil on your hands.

Put a little name in small warm water and gargle.

Staying at home means staying at home. This does not mean that you go to a park around the house or gather on the street to discuss the corona.
Do not go to any friend, friend, relative's house. Keep in touch with the phone.

One big thing to keep in mind is that anyone can be a carrier of corona virus, whether he is sick or not.
May be someone has come in contact with a patient and has got an infection. But the symptoms of the disease have not yet been shown in that person.
Such a person can also spread the infection.

Do not shake hands with anyone, do not touch anyone's feet, do not hug, do not pat your back, do not give blessings with your hands on your head.

Do not panic Corona. It is not that death from this disease is certain. Many patients are recovering. The death rate is very low.

A normal healthy person may experience mild to severe infection and disease symptoms.
But this disease can be more dangerous for children and elderly people, especially those with lung disease like asthma (asthma).

Prevention is the best treatment.

It is requested to all readers that this message should be conveyed to all their friends and relatives.

Prevention, precautions adopted by every person is beneficial and necessary for him, for his family, for neighbors, for the country.

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