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Friday, April 17, 2020

Sister-in-law's mother taught her sex

Sister-in-law's mother taught her sex

Her mother came to our house to look after her delivery. My cock used to be erected after seeing aunt's thick ass and tits. If I did not know the woman's pussy fuck, then how did the aunt train me for sex?

My previous story was: Father-in-law or neighbor, sex should be enjoyed

Friends, my name is Vijay Kapoor and I belong to a small village in Kanpur. The matter is much older than today. In those days, I had completed my education.

I also have an elder brother at home, whose name is Ramesh. Ramesh Bhaiya's marriage was going on in those days. My brother is an officer in a government department in Lucknow. When his job was engaged, his stitches fit with a girl working in his office in those days.

The girl's name was Rekha. My brother wanted to marry him and the people of my house also had no objection to this. After a few days, their relationship became firm and both of them got bonded in love marriage. After getting married, they started living in Lucknow itself.

My family also asked me to go to Lucknow for further studies. At his request, I was also ready because Bhaiya and sister-in-law were already living there.

Staying with brother-in-law in Lucknow, I started studying. I enrolled in B.Sc. At the same time, the time of the first delivery of Rekha Bhabhi came to a close, then the mother-in-law's mother was called for help.

Her name was Nisha and she used to live alone in Lucknow because her husband ie my brother's father-in-law had passed away and his son ie brother-in-law was studying in Bangalore. Aunt was alone at home and due to this she had no problem in taking care of her sister-in-law.

Nisha aunt was about 45 years old, five feet four inches tall, color blonde, chest 42 inches, waist 36 inches and butts were 44 inches. When it used to move, it seemed as if an elephant was going in its fun. If you had to go somewhere, Aunt used to wear saree or else she used to live in petticoat-blouse or gown at home.

Due to their attire, I came to know that aunties do not wear panties from below. Many times I had noticed that the impressions of her panties were not visible to me. You already know that in youth, the eyes of boys remain on the bra and panties of women. That is why I used to keep on popping a big ass of a aunt.

Brother and sister would have gone somewhere, I and aunt were only at home, due to which we were quite open among ourselves. I was slowly getting attracted towards the aunt and I used to get lost in her thoughts. Now slowly my mind was trying to fuck aunt.

Many times the aunt wanted to fuck. But I could not understand how to provoke the aunt. For this, I made a plan to heat the aunt by showing her LND to check the aunt.

There was no one at home one day. That day I thought of making an excuse for summer. I took off my T-shirt and told the aunt - aunt, today the weather is too hot.
When the aunt looked at me, she got my eye on my trunk LND from inside the boxer.

My cock was already taut, on top of that I gave a blow to the cocks. This convinced the aunt that the passion of my youth is in full swing. Aunty was thieving my cock with a thief's eye. I was successful in my cause.

Now I started doing this often and made excuses and would draw the attention of the aunt towards my LND. Sometimes I feel like Auntie's expression may have understood my intention and the fire of sex has ignited in her.

There were two keys to the main door of our house, one of which was with me and the other with my brother. Whoever came home would open the main door. One advantage of this was that sister-in-law did not have to come to open the door again and again. Sister-in-law was from the stomach, so full care was being taken of her convenience.

One day, Bhaiya was going to take my sister-in-law to the hospital for check-up. I had to go to college Shortly after Bhaiya Bhabhi's exit, I left for college and returned after about two hours and opened the main door with the key and came inside.

Aunt was resting in the bedroom. The aunt lying on her left side was wearing a petticoat and blouse. The aunt's petticoat was up to her knees. When I looked down a little, the aunt's fair white thighs started appearing.

Seeing them in this condition, it was difficult to control me and today I decided to go through something and took off all my clothes and went to bed with an aunt wearing a boxer. Aunty eyes were lying closed.

I moved the petticoat of the aunt slowly up to the waist, then the aunt's ass hole and pussy started appearing. My LND was getting uncontrollable after seeing aunt's naked ass and naked pussy. I took my box out of the boxer and put the supara on the aunt's pussy and started rubbing it lightly.

Then suddenly the aunt took a turn and became straight. I got scared and lay down quietly. But now Aloda was dead. How long would i tolerate After remaining silent for a while, I could not stay and I got up.

I got up and came between the legs of the aunt. When I widened the legs of the aunt, the way of her pussy opened and the pinkishness of the pussy started shining. Putting a spit on my LND, I put my Lund on the aunt's pussy and poured in.

As soon as my LND went inside aunty's pussy, I do not know what happened immediately that in excitement, a fountain of semen came out from my cock and I filled semen in aunty's pussy by digging it.

When the aunt realized that my cannon got trapped before firing it, she got up and sat down.
Aunt looked at me and said - what are you doing for the first time?
I said fearfully - yes aunt.

She said- No problem, now you have become a new young man. This often happens in the enthusiasm of youth. If you do it a second time, you will learn from the right.
I was relieved after listening to Aunty, otherwise my mind was disturbed.

Then aunt quote- Come, let's have food first.

We had already eaten that brother came back with my sister-in-law. That day we did not get a chance to do anything else. It was very difficult to do anything while sister-in-law, because aunt was also engaged in taking care of her sister-in-law.

Four days passed like this. We got another chance once again on the fourth day. That day Auntie herself came to the bedroom with me and started caressing my body with her hands. What can I tell, friends, how much fun it was.

Then aunt took off my clothes and then became naked herself. The aunt took my LND in the mouth and started sucking my cock like a lollipop in the mouth. I started flying in the air. I stopped the aunt as my ejaculation came closer. The aunt woke up and then she put my hands on her pussy. In a while the aunt got hot.

Bhabhi Ki Mammi Ki Chudai
Bhabhi Ki Mammi Ki Chudai
After getting hot, she lay down on the bed and shoved her bum and placed a pillow under the ass. Aunt spread her legs and told me - now put your cock in my hot furnace.

I set the cocks on the aunt's pussy and put LND in her pussy, then the aunt started running her butts and told me - now let your LND in.

I also started having fun. I slowly started to take the cocks in auntie's pussy. Fucking was getting fun for the first time. I cannot describe that experience in words.

For a couple of minutes, I took the cocks in the aunt's pussy inside and the aunt supported me. She knew where to stop me. When he felt that I would not be able to tolerate more than this, the aunt asked me to stay a few moments. I did the same.

I stayed for a while and kept playing with aunt's Tits. Aunt told me to finger her pussy. I put a finger in the aunt's pussy. Aunt's pussy was wet from inside.

I started running finger in aunt's pussy. Aunty's pussy began to sound patchy. Immediately I took out the finger and put my mouth in the aunt's pussy. I started licking Auntie's pussy.

Aunt started crying loudly - Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… And fast… Ahhh… Enjoying… You are learning very quickly to make a woman happy. Ahhh loud… Put the tongue inside my son.

I was moving my tongue in aunt's pussy very loudly. I was getting the taste of pussy juice for the first time. The taste was a little strange but still fun. I kept licking pussy fast.

When the aunt was not stopped, then after that the aunt stopped me and turned and said while becoming a mare - now come back and put cocks in my pussy and let me go full.

I put a lump on the aunt's pussy. Aunty's pussy had become very wet. My spit was also on him. As soon as I tried to put pressure in the pussy while putting pressure, the cock slipped upwards and entered the ass hole.

Aunty shouted right away - Where is he putting the inferiority! Will you tear my ass? I told you to put cocks in my pussy. Put it in the pussy.
I said - Sorry aunt, accidentally left.

I once again set the cocks on the aunt's pussy hole and pushed the cocks in the aunt's pussy. This time, the cock slipped inside. I once again reached bliss.

After going to the hot and wet pussy of aunt, I started to bang the aunt's pussy fast. She also started to shake her ass in fun.

Then she said - bend down on my back and while pressing my Acwati Chod my pussy.
I did the same. I caught aunt's Acwchiyoan and pressing her Acwchiyoan began to push the cocks in the pussy.

I was doubly enjoying fucking in this position. That's why I could not stay for long and I lost control of my cock only after putting five-six bumps and poured the semen in the aunt's pussy.

Then I tired and lay down on top of the auntie. Putting my head on aunt's tits, I started normalizing my breath. Aunty started caressing my sleeping cocks once again.

After caressing for two or three minutes, the aunt woke up and came towards my legs. He licked my cock and opened his top, and started licking the nut of my cock. I started having fun in my cock. The touch of Aunty's hot tongue was quite blissful and relaxing.

Then aunt filled my cock in his mouth. Within three to four minutes, there was tension in my cock and once again my cock was erect. The aunt started licking my cock on the cocks with speed.

Aunty's lips were rapidly moving up and down on my cock. When I was not stopped, I slammed the aunt down on the bed and spread her legs and set the cocks in her pussy.

Cocks penetrated the aunt's smooth pussy as soon as she pushed and I started fucking aunty's pussy once again. This time round lasted for fifteen minutes. Aunt fell in the meantime.

Now the expressions of satisfaction were seen separately on his face. After some time, my semen also released. Then we both became calm. After that both of us got up and we cleaned ourselves.

From that day on, aunt became my trainer. Whenever we got a chance, we both used to do sex. Aunt taught me many postures of fuck. I also enjoyed full sex with aunt and in this way I learned to make women happy.

Now whenever there was a chance, the aunt used to make my cock and stand immediately and our fuck would start. When both of us meet, the aunt gets her pussy licked by me in new rugs.

Friends, how did you like my tragedy, please make me aware of your thoughts about it. I look forward to your responses.

You can send me your message on the mail given below. Apart from this, you can also give your opinion by commenting on the story. Soon I will bring some other incident. Thank you.

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