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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sister in law's mansion

Sister in law's mansion

The heat was at full swing, so I went to bathe in the village river. There were some sisters taking a bath at the front end. One of them started giving me the line. what happened after that?

Author's back story: Didi's hot body in exchange for rasgullas

It was the month of May. The heat was at its full swing. Loo was running so fast that the whole body was filled with sweat. In such weather, I went to the river to bathe with some boys from my village.
We put clothes out on the banks of the river and leaped into the river and started enjoying the cold water.

It was only recently that some women came across the river to bathe. Altogether there were seven women, one of whom was so beautiful that upon seeing her, my cock stood up in the water.

All those women took off their clothes and tied their petticoats on the teas and started bathing on the shore. We were taking a bath across the river.

Seeing the women taking bath, we started taking bath by showing them and started playing catch in water.

Seeing us play, those women also started having fun with each other. We used to swim and we used to swim far in the river. But perhaps those women could not swim, so they were taking a bath.

That day, we continued to show those women a bath until they had gone to take a bath.

Now it was a daily job, we used to go for bath at the scheduled time every day and that too would come from there. If we used to show fun to them, they also used to burn our hearts by having fun with each other.

There was a very beautiful woman among them whom I always used to look for and told my colleagues that she is your sister-in-law so no one will look at her except me.
She also used to give me the line but I did not dare to go across the river and talk to her.

When the boys who bathed with me told the other boys about the river, from the same day all the boys started coming for bath.

The next day, when all the boys went to take a bath, they made so many dirty comments that from the same day those women stopped coming. Everyone waited for a few days but those women did not appear. I felt the most sorrow because of the bastards of the village, I kept on beating such a lovely sister-in-law.

Now I too did not feel like bathing with the boys of my village. I started going to the ghat alone to bathe alone.

Just a few days ago, when I saw all those women bathing in the front ghat again, my mustache blossomed. I said hello to my sister-in-law, then sister-in-law also shook hands from there and indicated to call me across the river.

Seeing the call of sister-in-law, I immediately started swimming to go across the river. With pleasure, my cock also started floating like a paddle in the underwear.

I reached across the swim while all the women were in petticoats, who sat in the water after seeing me, so that their whole body was under water, only the head was outside.

My sister-in-law asked me - how did you come to take a bath here?
"What should I do… All the boys of my village started coming there." And without you, that ghat sounded like a desert. That's why I came here alone to bathe. "

"But how did you leave that ghat and come here?" I asked
"The boys in your village are very shameless because of them, we did not go to that ghat and take bath here." Mary Wali said.

After talking for a long time here and there, my sister-in-law said - you know how to swim, teach me too. Otherwise we will continue to bathe in fear on the same shore.
Hearing such things from sister-in-law, I immediately said - what is in this, I will teach you now.

Saying this, I immediately went to her sister-in-law and started telling her. But they could not understand, so I put my one hand a little above the sister-in-law's pussy and put the other hand near her cunts and lifted them and started to speak to them in the water.

My cock was in bad shape. I was feeling that I should tightly press sister's pussy. But there was a fear that was stopping me lest the law be angry and I had to be disappointed.

I kept raising my sister-in-law for a long time. Sister-in-law kept on beating her feet. The rest of the women with them looked at both of us and smiled.

When there was no control from me, I took the sister-in-law into the water and grabbed the cocks and started moving in the water itself.
When I suddenly took it in the water, the sister-in-law felt strange, but seeing the heat of my breath, the sister-in-law went to Sharma.
After talking for a while and promising to meet again the next day, I came back to my shore.

Now it was a daily affair. I would arrive at the appointed time every day and from there the sister-in-law would come with my friends, I would swim to the river and have fun with the sister-in-law for a long time.
Meanwhile, I also took the sister-in-law's number and started talking on the phone.

The rainy season had started. The river was in full swing. In such a season, no one used to take a bath in the river even near the river. My dear sister-in-law was on the other side of the river, from whom I could not even meet her.

We were slowly moving towards sex. After kissing on the phone throughout the night, she used to press her sister's pussy on the phone and sister-in-law used to talk about sucking my cock.
Someday, I would talk about moving my cock in law's pussy. So while talking about rubbing my pussy on my mouth, I would talk about ejaculating my semen on my face.

Our sex had reached its peak. When I was not able to tolerate both of us for a few days, then one day sister-in-law called me to her house.

In the evening I reached the boat across the river. After getting off the boat there was a dense forest through which a thin path passed through the middle of the forest.

It was dark, but to lick the sugar syrup, the sister-in-law's pussy was giving me the courage to cross the forest even in the dark.

While talking on the phone with sister-in-law, when I reached the other side of the forest, a light appeared in a very big house just a short distance away. Sister-in-law said that this is her mansion. But I have to come in through the back door.

In the affair of pussy fucking, what pebbles, what stones and what thorns… I reached behind the sister-in-law’s mansion, making way through the middle of everyone.
Sister-in-law opened the back door and called me inside.

Upon reaching inside, I immediately embraced her sister-in-law and started sucking her lips while pressing on her boobs.
Sister-in-law with me for a while, but then separated, she said - what is the hurry, honey, today I am yours for the whole night. First eat something and then have fun all night.

The sister-in-law's house was really a mansion, with one room equal to two rooms in my house. All the rooms were beautifully decorated with which Bhini Bhishu was smelling the mind.
Walking slightly ahead was the dining table. Sister-in-law put chicken and syrup in front of me and sat on my lap and started feeding me with her hands.

After eating and drinking, the sister-in-law had already decorated the SEZ in a beautiful room. Roses were scattered all over the bed. Sister-in-law wore a dark red chiffon sari but did not wear a petticoat inside.

I was drunk after seeing this form of sister-in-law. I lifted the sister-in-law and lay on the bed kissing her lips. Sister-in-law put her arms around my neck and pulled me over her.

I slowly started taking off the saree of sister-in-law, then sister-in-law drunkenly started biting her long nails in my back. I removed the sister-in-law's sari and, opening the blouse button, started sucking her sister's lips by filling her lips.

Sister-in-law took off my shirt and threw me in the side and took off my pants and grabbed my cock from the top of the tights and started pressing. When I opened the bra of the law and began to tighten the nipples tightly, the sister-in-law's sigh started coming out.

Bhabhi pulled my underwear off and started sucking my cock in the mouth, then I started sucking it in by filling the cocks in her mouth.
Sister-in-law put the cocks up to her neck and started jerking off.

I immediately pulled the sister on top of me and while sucking her lips down the sister-in-law, I came on top of the sister-in-law and took her sister's panty through the teaspoon and sucked her sister's pussy in the mouth.

In a short while, sister-in-law sighing, pulled me up on her and started sucking her lips and putting cocks in her pussy.

I immediately widened the legs of the sister-in-law and licked the cocks in her pussy.

Sister-in-law's pussy was very tight and Chodane was enjoying it so much that I could not say in words.

After a while, sister-in-law turned me down and came on top of herself and started banging her pussy on my cock loudly. Sister-in-law was rubbing me with both her hands. Chodate Chodate Bhabhi caught my shoulders, then I removed both my hands from the sister-in-law's waist and put them on the Acwati and started to tighten.

Hearing the sound of ah ah from the sister-in-law's mouth, my cock started moving like a piston in her sister's pussy.

After fucking for a long time, I pushed my sister down and put cocks in her pussy and started fucking at the speed of the storm. In the last few bumps, I reached the cocks up to the sister-in-law's cocks and dropped my semen into her sister-in-law's pussy.

After a while, the second round of the fuck of the sister-in-law went on, then the sister-in-law climbed on top of me, as if she wanted to penetrate me inside her pussy. After sleeping for the second time, I slept on my sister-in-law.

In the morning my eyes were opened by the barking of many dogs, and I found myself completely naked in the ruins of a cemetery. I was lying on my stomach on the platform, my shirt on the other grave and my pants fell down. Dogs were scratching my underwear and shoes.

My whole body was shattering due to pain and the cocks had been chipped from many places from where blood started leaking. There was terrible pain in the cocks.

Somehow I stood up while handling myself, then started moving my head and I sat on the ground.

A corpse was lying next to which more than half the flesh had rotted. There was blood in my hands and mouth. It did not take me long to understand that I had eaten the corpse in the night. As soon as this thought came to mind, I started having vomiting.

Somehow I put on my clothes and I came out of the cemetery without shoes, staggering fearfully. Once after leaving from there, I started running straight towards the forest without turning back and somehow reached the river by crossing the falling forest. I took off my clothes on the banks of the river and tried to take care of myself by lying in the water for a long time. Seeing a boat coming close to me, I got dressed and rode the boat without shoes and walked towards the house.

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