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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sister-in-law taught me to fuck in honeymoon

Sister-in-law taught me to fuck in honeymoon

When my relationship was fixed, my cousin sister jokingly asked me how would you celebrate honeymoon. When I went to Sharma, sister-in-law said that I will teach. what happened after that?

This is a completely fictional sex story. But I hope that you will be able to relate yourself to this story by reading it.

This story is between me and my aunt's wife's wife. In the sex story, the law is named Pooja. I change my name to Dev.

The story started with my marriage. Due to living in the village, I was a very straightforward boy.

My cousin was married in the city. Due to his wife, Pooja Bhabhi's young age, her body was also very beautiful. Long black hair, slim mouth, his boobs were very big. He had the most beautiful butts in the body which were very out of place. Overall sister-in-law was such an item that anyone would be tempted to go near them.

My cousin brothers used to stay out of the village mostly in connection with their work and sister-in-law used to stay in the village with her aunt. His house was attached to my house.

Sister-in-law was very open with me from the beginning, she used to joke with me a lot. But due to the shy nature, I could not talk to them much.

Meanwhile, my family members decided to marry me. Due to being from the village, our whole family went to see the girl. In which sister-in-law also went along. I was not taken due to custom. The family liked the girl very much and they set the relationship.

When I met my sister-in-law in the evening, she told me about the girl - Dev, your luck opened up. You have got a great wife.
Reading my eyes, sister-in-law said - you do not want to know about her?
I laughed and nodded yes.

So sister-in-law started saying - she is very beautiful and sexy too.
I blushed and asked - how?
So he said - you will know yourself in honeymoon.

I got a bit nervous with the name of euthanasia. He read my nervousness on my face and started making fun of me.
Sister-in-law said- Why are you nervous?
I said - just like that… there is nothing.

After some time I went away from him. But I do not know which strange anxiety was increasing in my heart.

As the wedding day was getting closer. My nervousness was increasing day by day. I used to think that I do not know what will happen in honeymoon. Because of this, I started feeling a bit sad, which my sister-in-law had understood.

One day when I went to her house, she was alone there. He asked me - Why are you feeling so sad?

I tried to avoid sister-in-law… but he said- tell me your problems openly, so that I can help you.

I was very happy when he said this… but I still could not say my point to him.

Perhaps sister-in-law was understanding everything in my mind. But she wanted to hear my problem with my mouth. Here I could not say to them.

The next day when I went to her, sister-in-law was watching a film on her phone. When he saw me, I kept the phone and asked me to sit. I sat in front of him with a sad face.

After being silent for a few moments, he gave me a call and said that I just make tea for you.

I nodded lightly and nodded. Sister-in-law got up from there and went to the kitchen. After I left, when I saw in the phone, an erotic film was playing in it. In which an older girl was having fun in her fields with a boy younger than her.

Seeing that film, I was absolutely shocked and started looking outside. Sister-in-law was not there, she had gone to the kitchen.

I again set my eyes on the mobile screen. I slowly started watching the film. I started enjoying it. Meanwhile, once in my mind it also came to my mind that why a sister gave me a mobile while playing such a film. I would think more on the subject now that there was a call for a sister-in-law and I stopped watching mobiles.

After a moment, sister-in-law brought tea to the room and said to me - how did you like the film?
I said bringing a smile on my face - it was good.
He said what did you like best in the film?

I was unable to speak to my sister-in-law due to shame.
Sister-in-law said- Don't be shy, talk to me openly.

I got a little confidence after his repeated saying. I said that the woman who was in the film… I liked it very much.

Sister-in-law said - she found you a woman?
I said - yes… no… I mean that girl was very nice.
Sister-in-law asked while pressing her eyes - Yes, now she does not come on the track… So tell me what did you like about that girl?
I said - mean?
Sister-in-law said, don't tell… what did you see in that girl?

I am confused what to say now. I again looked at her with questioning eyes and did such a show that I can tell what I liked about that girl.
Sister-in-law took her mamme and said- Meaning how were they.
Then she turned back and raised her ass and said - how was it?

I understood that sister-in-law is in a mood to have full fun.

I said- sister in law is ashamed to tell me all this.
Sister-in-law said while looking at me - So listen, Devar ji… who has the shame… his broken deeds… such weapons will go on shaking.

As soon as the sister-in-law said that she would keep on shaking her arms, my eyes were wide open.

I said - law, what are you saying… what does weapon mean?

Sister-in-law removed the pallu of her sari and placed her hands on her waist while picking up her sweet tits and started saying - have you become full pussy ... or were you born like that? I am asking you clearly how Lundiya's ass was in Chudai and how were her mummies? And you are that you are trying to prove yourself a stigma in the name of a man. Speak clearly how the girl looked. And this time I will talk about any kind of straightening.

I understood that now we have to open. I said - in law her boobs and her hips were very good. I enjoyed watching it.
He said - what should be the birth of England… which are saying boobs and hips. Speak directly, not her boobs and ass was cool.
I laughed and bowed my head.

Sister-in-law put her pallu up and said - now only ten percent are checked… You will have to give full training till marriage.
I said yes while laughing and said - Sister-in-law, I have to learn a lot from you.
Sister-in-law came close to me and took a kiss on my cheeks and turned my hand on my chest and said - don't worry… just talk to me now. I will make your cock absolutely cool.

I was again ashamed of this and got up and started coming home.

He said to me - Listen Dewar ji, after two days all the family members will go to a wedding. I will speak to your mother and call you to sleep in your house and will tell you what happens in the honeymoon. Which will solve your problem.

I am very happy to hear this. Then I started waiting for that two days later, when I would meet her sister-in-law.

Two days later that day came and I went to his house to sleep.

Sister-in-law said to me - you remove your clothes, wear this kurta pajamas. Today I will end your shame first, then I will teach you further.
I said OK and took the kurta pajamas and started going to the bathroom.

Sister-in-law said, "Of course, I am ... What is the ass burst in front of me?"

When I started looking at them, the sister-in-law removed her sari and the blouse was in a petticoat.

I saw them like this… So right there I started changing my clothes. I took off my T-shirt and started wearing a shirt.

On this, sister-in-law said- first take off jeans and… then wear kurta pajamas.

When I took off the jeans, I was left in front of a sister-in-law dressed in a Franchi.

Sister-in-law saw my cock bloating… then started laughing and saying - Devar ji, even your cock knows to thrive.
I was blushing again and started wearing pajamas.

Then sister-in-law pulled the pajamas from my hand and said- It is too early.
Saying this, sister-in-law opened her blouse and she came in front of me in a red bra.

After that, looking at me, he flipped his tongue over his lips and pulled the pulse of the petticoat. The petticoat fell on the ground cursing. In the front of the red-colored panties, the hot body of the sister-in-law was beginning to glow.

Sister-in-law took a good grip and said- My Tits are big that the Lundi's Tits were big.

I went to see her in this form. My cock had started the movement.

I saw the sister's pussy, then sister-in-law coming close to me - if you want to check by pressing, then do it.
I laughed and said - sister-in-law, what to teach next, do not teach them, otherwise your work will be done.
Sister-in-law said with a laugh - Yes, now come on track… Let's listen carefully now. Come up to my room after ten minutes.

After saying this, sister-in-law started going to the upper room while shaking her ass in bra panty.

After looking at his ass, I started thinking that today I will die by pelting cocks in the law.

When I reached her room, she was sitting in a sari and veil was removed.
When I reached him, he said - You just keep doing as I say.
I said ok

He said- first pick up my veil, then kiss me.
I did the same.

He said - take off my clothes.
I felt a little ashamed to hear this.

He said- Do not be shy, keep doing as you have said.

Saying this, sister-in-law came down from the bed and stood up.

Then I started opening the button of her blouse. I slowly removed her blouse. His feet were very big and white.

After landing the blouse, sister-in-law said - kiss between them.
I kissed my sister in law. Her bra was coming in.
Sister-in-law said - Open the hook of my bra.

I took the law in his arms and opened his bra and also opened his petticoat knob.
Now he said - you take off all
your clothes . I removed my clothes and became completely naked.

Sister-in-law, looking at my long cock, said - there is a great cock… Let's not delay now… Take off my panty too… But you take it off your lips.

I sat down and removed his panties from my lips. He said - Start sucking my mother.

As soon as I started sucking her mmmm, I started having fun. Gradually my cock went hard like iron.
Sister-in-law shook my cock and said- First of all, we should make a loud fuck in honeymoon… We should do other things later.
I said - okay.

He said - you put me in your pussy and put my cock in my pussy.
I put her sister in bed and opened her legs and inserted my cock in her pussy. Sister-in-law's pussy penetrated my fat cock, then one of his sighs came out.
Sister-in-law said, Devar ji is very strong cock… Bahurani's pussy is very good.

I kissed them

Then he said that now the cocks will be lying… Don't start banging.
I started fucking.

After a while I started enjoying a lot. But I quickly ejaculated.
I got embarrassed on this.
Sister-in-law said that it does not matter… it happens the first time.

After this, sister-in-law started sucking my cock in her mouth. After a while my cock became hard again.

Sister-in-law said - now you start kissing again.
I inserted my cock in their pussy and started vigorous fucking.

He stopped me and said - Chodo, having fun slowly… otherwise you will fall again.
I started giving mild jerks in his pussy… So sister-in-law said - Chodo sucking tit.

I pressed one of his nipples in my mouth and started rubbing the cocks back and forth.

Then, as soon as the sister-in-law told, I kept on fucking her. In this way my dear sister-in-law gave me the knowledge of honeymoon.

Friends, this is my first chudai story… Please read this story and tell me your experiences and also tell my mistakes.
Thank you.

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