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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sister-in-law and my body meeting

I live in Kota. A sister-in-law was staying in the house with me for her daughter's studies. My eyes were on those two mothers and daughters that just somehow they come under me and…

My greetings to all my readers of my appreciation, my loving affection to the pussy-holders.
My name is Samar Pratap 24 years old from Jharkhand but currently living in Kota, Rajasthan.

I am going to tell the first incident of my life here among you all. This story of mine starts with Kota.

By the way, I look very decent. But I am a big bastard… I can do anything to get pussy.
I came here to study, but now I am living the same small job.
But I was still missing something.
Yes… get it right… pussy.

In the place where I lived in Jawahar Nagar of Kota, many women from outside lived with their children. One of them was Namita ji… who is the heroine of my story.
She was a resident of Bhopal and had come here with her 19-year-old Kamsin C Kali daughter Ravi to get her medical preparations.

And my eyes were on both of those mothers and daughters that just somehow they come under me and I will suck their whole youth.

In the same way, I started putting them on. Both of them lived in my neighborhood, so I often met them on the terrace and we smiled at each other!

This small meeting slowly turned into friendship. Now whenever I and Namita met, laughter was a common joke.
And on this excuse, I used to turn my hand here and there on the body of her sister-in-law.
It was very pleasing for me to cut my stomach. And then what to say when wearing that sari.

The devils of both of us were increasing day by day. Sister-in-law also started coming close to me. And even then why not… A 38-year-old woman who has been living away from her husband for 6 months is bound to come close to her other man.

Once we both went to roam the city mall here. She was walking there with me. I was feeling good too.

Then we both started looking at each other. He does not know what happened… He suddenly caught me and kissed me very long.
Well, there was no one there.

I was very happy and sister-in-law was smiling just to see me. Now we both started talking about whats on the app and then we started having sex chat too.
But we had to face each other.

Her daughter had her test on a Sunday and she wanted to watch a film with friends after that.
So she left… meaning 8 hours away from home.

We had plenty of time because I too had a holiday that day.
Sister-in-law called me to her house and started saying - come from the terrace.
It did not take me long to understand that my work was done.

I was late to call the bus… When I was ready for that. I quickly reached here by hitting the t-shirt and perfume.
She was happy to see me and hugged me. She was clinging to me.

Then he said while leaving me - Hey, I did not ask you for breakfast water… Say what will you eat?
So I also told Tapak- to you.
Sister-in-law said angrily- you have become more evil!
So I said - Okay, then I go!

It was late to hear that she came running and hugged me. He had tears in his eyes. I kissed her.
He said - you never leave me.

I swear, I was feeling like my wife that moment.
She went on to say - now you make me yours… very much yours.
Sister-in-law at that time was wearing an absolutely sexy sexy blouse of sky saree and brown color, in which she was very pleased.

I too did not delay, picked her up in her lap and kissed her lips and came to her bedroom and started lying on her and smooching her. I stripped off her blouse during a 10-minute smooch.

I then started drinking sister-in-law and pressing with one hand. I moved one hand directly to the sister-in-law's pussy and started rubbing it on top of the sari. She was getting lost in me and she too had made her grip on me fast.

Then one by one I removed her and even more clothes. Now the sister-in-law was only in black panties which got soaked with her juice. The body of sister-in-law seemed completely intoxicated at that time.

I started drinking her 36 ″ Tits, rubbing the whole suck and turned red that she started panting.

Then I put lip on her pussy from above her panty. A loud cry came out of his mouth.

I then removed the sister-in-law's panties and started drinking her work. She ejaculated after 5 minutes and was exhausted.
I also lay next to him.
The expressions of satisfaction were clearly visible on the sister-in-law's face.

Then she got up and kissed me and said thank you and said - Now it's my turn to make you happy.

She started removing my clothes while kissing on my body parts. And then when he saw my darling which is 16 cm long and 5 cm wide, sister-in-law said, "Hey, is it so big?"
Then he smiled and said - today it will be fun.
She said- well you do not keep hair down here!
And started to shake my chest hair and started sucking my iron cocks till inside my mouth.

Till date no one has sucked my Aloda like whomever I have. Sister-in-law was sucking like blue films all over. I was just getting lost in it.

Then both of us were in the stage of 69. We were both playing with each other. Then I slowly put one finger in my sister's pussy. She faced him with a slight shrug.
Then we both ejaculated together and she drank my whole semen.

Then she continued to suck him. When I got up in 2 minutes, he said - so soon?
Then I told - my cock does not get tired quickly… and lasts longer.
So sister-in-law said - if it is so, show your strength.

I came over him and told him to set my land in the pussy.
He did exactly the same.

I looked at you and did not…… .To subdue the heat of lust, I put the entire land in law's pussy. She screamed loudly and started giving me 'bloodthirsty' and dirty dirty abuses.
That's when I started sucking her lips.

I now started pushing down slowly in fun, she was also supporting me by raising her ass.

Now both of us took care of our command and the fucking started. Sounds were being taken out in pain with 'Ahhhh ahh uh uh uhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhh hmmm'.
I too was getting lost just by listening to such voices.

Sister-in-law started asking me to fuck faster.
Then she collapsed one more time. But she was still making fun. I was also going to fuck with fun.

In the same way, 20 minutes Chodate Chodate she fell twice more, but I was still excited in the same way.
Sister-in-law, tired of sweating, started speaking to me - you are an animal… still standing the same way.
So I said - when such a pussy is in front, how can my Aloda get tired.
She said - I want some relief!

So I lay down next to her and started drinking to suppress her mother and started caressing her pussy with one hand.

After 5 minutes, she started eliciting sounds. I understood that the sister-in-law has become hot. So I made him a bitch and came back from behind like a dog and lobbed into her sister-in-law's pussy.

She started making sounds again.

After some time, I started to put one leg on his shoulder. It is very much fun in this stage because you can fuck someone with great enthusiasm by drinking mamma. This is my favorite stage and in this stage we both fell together while fucking Chodate-Chodate, Chodate Chodate and screaming.
And then I fell down on his bare body.

Both of us were hugging and panting with sweat. My land was still in her pussy.
And like this, we both fell asleep.

After half an hour we both reached the bathroom and walked to the hot fountain and started bathing with sticks.
Then sister-in-law sat down and started sucking my sweetheart.

Then after a few minutes the sister-in-law lay down there and I lay on her and started fucking. Then we stood up and bowed him that I was going to flex. Then we both fell while getting wet in the same way. Then took a good bath and both came out.

Now we both lay back together naked and started playing with each other's limbs.

Then I wanted to kill her sister-in-law, so she postponed it the next time.

So again, both of us once again did tremendous sex in different ways… and I fell into her pussy.
Then we both got ready to wear clothes.

Similarly, with the help of her sister-in-law, I have fuck her many friends who were staying here like her sister, which was giving me both money and fun.
The story in which I will tell how I became Jigolo again.

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