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Friday, April 17, 2020

Sister got hot body instead of rasgullas

Sister got hot body instead of rasgullas

I considered my friend's sister as my sister. She also considered me as her own. She was married. He called me to join and asked me to bring Rasgulla. What happened when I went?

"Hello, where have you arrived?"
"I am about to reach your market, send it to my brother."
"Well, I sent it before you speak. Come quickly." And yes don't forget to bring rasgulla. "
"What do you talk, sister? This is also a forgettable thing, I have taken it before you speak."
"Good sir, that's why I say that you are my best brother."
Didi cut the phone after speaking so much.

Today after a long time I was going to my friend's house. His sister considers me just like his real brother. The family is so good that even his mother and father praise me.
Didi has been married for 7 years and has two children. But Didi is so beautiful and slim that seeing her, no one can even say that she is married.
My friend may have a fight with Didi, but if there was any best brother in the eyes of Didi, then he is the only one.

Even before this, I have visited a friend's house many times. Didi's dislikes, Didi's boyfriend and her husband have all told me about Didi. Whatever happens, even if it is about their husband… until the sister does not tell me, they do not get rest.

It had been almost three months since I met Didi, so today Didi insisted and called me home. The younger brother came to pick me up.

I reached home by sitting on the bike with him that both of Didi's children came to me running while speaking uncle.
When I gave him some chocolates, he was happy and happy to play.

Upon reaching inside, I greeted Didi and after keeping my bag in my friend's room, sat down with Didi.

My friend plays cricket, so he went away to play cricket with his team somewhere. When I spoke to him on the phone, he told me that he would not be able to come. Mummy and Papa ji went to the office like Rose who was supposed to come in the evening till about 7 o'clock. There was only sister, children and younger brother in the house.

When the younger brother brought water for me, I caught the sister of Rasgulla, the sister.
Didi took out some rasgullas in a plate and placed them in front of me and started insisting on eating.

I picked up one rasgulla and fed half the sister and put the remaining half in my mouth.
When I put Rasgulla in Didi's mouth, the sister of Rasgulla fell on the sister's suit after the sister's bite. We both started laughing. Didi went inside to change the shirt. So I fed the remaining rasgullas to my nephew.

Mother father came in the evening. After meeting everyone, we had dinner and I went to my friend's room to sleep.
After a while, Didi brought the same rasgulla again and said - After eating food, you should sleep only after eating sweet. Now let's open our mouth, I will feed my hands with my hands.

If the cold was too much, I told Didi - First you put your feet inside the blanket or else you will get cold.
Sister sat next to me inside her blanket.

Didi put her hand forward to feed me rasgulla, so I said- Look, didi, sugar syrup fell on you just in the morning. May it not fall on me this time.
"What will happen then?" Didi said with a laugh.
"But the sister's bed will get spoiled and if someone sees it in the morning, I will think what I have put it?" Everyone will think wrong. "

"Then do one thing you lie down, I will put it in your mouth from above, it will not cause any harm." Didi said.

I lay down after Sister's insistence. After eating rasgulla, I asked Didi to feed him like this, and the sister lay down. Didi's feet were very cold, so she put her foot close to my foot to keep me cool.

As my leg was hot, I got a shock from Jhann and fell on Rasgulla didi's sweater.
When I said sorry, Didi said with a laugh - Never mind, my fault is mine.

Then Didi took off the sweater and lay down next to me. We both started talking late.

I told my sister - Didi, your feet are very cold. So close my legs, it will get hot gradually.
First Sister looked at me and then not knowing what to do, she put her feet close to my feet.

After some time, Sister started rubbing her feet in my feet. So I started teasing her toes with my toes.

The head of both of us was outside the blanket and the light of the room was on. We both had fun together.
When I stuck his leg with my foot, Didi started to ache. Sister started pushing me to get rid.

When I did not leave, Didi's leg twisted and she came over me and started hitting me with a box to get her free. I also held both sister's hands tightly. Now the poor sister fell on top of me tired.

After Lying on top of sister like this, my LND started to stand up in few seconds, then I left sister's hand and also loosened her legs.

I raised my knees so that the sister did not feel like standing up. But Didi did not know how many times she would have got her brother-in-law fuck in these seven years, she immediately came to know that my LND has stood up.
Sister got down from me and lay down beside her.

Now both of us were silent. We both had our mouths very close by. I felt very ashamed of standing LND, that's why I put my head inside the blanket.

After some time, Didi also put her head inside the blanket and said - what happened? Why did you turn your head inside?
"Nothing, sister just like that!" I said.

After looking into my eyes for a while, Didi hugged me. I did not understand what to do.
Didi started touching her cheek with my cheek, so I put a kiss on Didi's cheek.

As soon as I kissed, Didi held me tightly and kissed me wildly on my face. Didi's lips were very pink as soon as our lips met from a distance, it felt like a storm has come. I pulled my sister up on me, LND was already standing. I wrapped both my legs in Didi's waist and started rubbing my LND on Didi's pussy.

Didi was drunk I kissed the sister, filling her pussy with both hands and pressing it tightly. Sister started rubbing her pussy on my LND. Both of us were sucking each other as if thirsty for births.

After a while the breath of both of us started bloating, Didi asked to stop and lay down on top of me.

We both took our faces out of the blankets and looked at each other.
I felt ashamed but didi had a strange taste in her eyes, which was giving me an open invitation to love.

I did not dare to say anything to my sister.
Sister got up and turned off the light and came down to her side. Sister gently held my hand and started to take it down on her cheeks.

When I touched my sister's teaspoon through my throat, a strange tremor started in my body. Sister slipped my hand from her body and stopped her by moving a little bit of her pussy.

Leaving my hand there, Didi tightly filled me in the arms and started kissing my lips again.
I put my hand directly in Didi's panty and started caressing her pussy with finger. Didi's pussy was too wet to take my LND.

While kissing, Didi started raising my t-shirt, then I took off my T-shirt in one stroke and asked Didi to sit down to take off Didi's shirt.
Didi took off her shirt on her own.

Due to the cold, both of us immediately entered the blanket. We were both naked from above.

Perhaps sister did not sleep in the night wearing a bra. As soon as I hugged sister again, sister's cunt started pressing from my chest. With both hands, I pressed sister's titties a lot and filled them in the mouth and sucked them. Sister held my head and started pressing it tightly on her nipples.

I came down while sucking teas, while kissing Didi's stomach, I reached Salwar's pulse. I tried to open didi's pulse but could not open it, then didi herself opened the pulse with her hand and pulled me up and started sucking my lips with her lips.

While sucking, Didi stuck her foot in my lower.

This time when we got our body, due to the absence of clothes, two bodies started to look like one life. Didi took off my underwear, then I also removed Didi's panties and started fingering her in Didi's pussy .

Didi excitedly grabbed my LND and pressed it tightly. When I started kissing Sister wildly, Sister started pulling me over her.

While sucking sister's lips and pressing both of her nipples, I came on top of sister, Siski came out of sister's mouth. Didi grabbed my LND and set on top of her pussy, grabbed my waist with the other hand and started pressing her pussy.

When I grabbed Didi's shoulders and pushed hard, my LND entered into Didi's pussy. I started sucking sister's pussy while sucking sister's lips and nipples.
Didi wrapped both her legs in my waist and started pulling me in her pussy with her feet.

There was earthquake in our body, I was being pushed into Didi's pussy.
After fucking for a long time, I dropped my semen in Didi's pussy.

Didi kissed me a lot and we both fell asleep.
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