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Friday, April 17, 2020

Sibling love to sex-2

Sibling love to sex-2

When my younger sister saw my cock, she said that brother, there is no hair on your susu, there is a lot of hair on my susu. How did I see my sister's evil and clean it up?

All readers are welcome again, as I told in the last part of my sex story with
love from siblings to sex -
how my younger sister Shweta saw my cock and under which circumstances I had the good fortune to touch her. .

Now further:

In the evening, when my eyes opened, Shweta was sleeping on her back. First, I saw him from a different perspective today and in two days… and thinking about what happened in the day, my cock got erect again.

I also understood the mischief, so I lay right on top of him and while pressing the cock on his bur, holding him vigorously, started kissing him on the cheek. Before this, she got shocked, then she also took me hand on the back and caught me vigorously and kissed me on my cheek while making the sound of 'C ...'.

I said - get up Betu… (I call him Betu affectionately) Let's go out somewhere.
He did a kiss on my cheek while doing 'Oooo…' and said- Okay.

Then we both got ready and went to the market, walked around a little park. Then on the way back I ate food in a small restaurant. Then I went to a general store and took a ladies razor and vet cream. Then my eyes fell on the condom and something started happening in my mind, but I thought that nothing much will happen, there will be no need for it.

Both of us came to the room with our luggage. The cold was also increasing. Today was Saturday, tomorrow was Sunday.

As soon as I gave her razor and vet cream to her, she started seeing before getting shocked. Then he took the cream from me after being shy.

I said - use whatever you think is right for both of them.

Then she said thinking something, brother, I will not apply cream.
I asked - why?

He told that my friends tell me that by applying cream, the skin becomes black… that is why they never applied it. But I am afraid of the razor so that it does not get cut… for this reason, I have never cut my hair till date. I do not even know how to run razor.

I showed him a video on my phone and showed him how to clean Burr's hair with a razor. At first she was shy of watching the video which cleared the flag, then she watched it very carefully. But still could not muster courage.

I said that look, the hair there should be cleaned… These hair also causes itching and in other places it cannot remain clean.
She said yes, I know brother, but I am scared.
I said that if you get it right, I will clear it.
She said how can I get you brother… I will be ashamed.

Then I said- Look, both of us are here to take care of each other. We also have to help each other completely ..!
He bid on it - as you like.
I said - do this, you wear the skirt after removing the lower… till then I heat the water.

When I came to the room after heating the water, she was ready wearing a skirt.
I said - Lie down straight.
She lay down

Then I put the room heater on the side of her leg and told her to extend her leg by raising the skirt.
He did exactly the same.

Seeing the scene after that made me laugh… because she had not even removed the panties.

Seeing me laughing, she was a little irritated and said - do not make me.
Then I said sorry and said remove the panties too.
She said - do whatever you want to do yourself… I don't know.

I removed her panty myself and after seeing the scene after that, my mouth was left open… because her puffy bun looked very sensual and cool.

She got a little shy after seeing me and she took her feet.
I said - Betu, how will it happen.
He opened his legs slowly.

At first, I was watching closely and seeing his evil. Then touched her with her right hand, Shweta shrugged.
I asked - what happened?
She said - nothing.

After this, I rubbed his Bur with full palm, then he closed his eyes. Then I saw one of his hairs pulling, then he was about 3 inches.

I said that it has to be cleaned in 2 times. First of all, you have to cut with a casserole and then with a razor.
She said - Brother, you feel right.

Now imagine that a brother is going to clean the hair of his sister's burp. That moment was very exciting. My heart was throbbing loudly. The cock was full, there was a new fledgling Bur… How I had stopped myself, you can understand.

Then I started cutting her bur hair with scissors and kept all the attention on her bur. Once I saw her, she was watching very carefully. As soon as he got an eye from me, he hid his face in shame.

Within 15 minutes I cut her hair and made the razor.

After that, the real color of his pussy was seen. Shweta was white, but her bad was also a little less white than this. I rubbed Burr's hair with my hand and cleaned it a bit.

Then said - Betu… See how your Susu looks now!
Then he looked and even after touching himself, he said - Yes brother… now it looks very good.
I said - now let me clean the entire Susu and then see.
She said - okay.

Then I soaked the remaining hair of his Bur with hot water and softened it with shaving foam and rubbed it on the Burr, which made him enjoy it as well as me. He had closed his eyes… I too started enjoying Burr with full fun.

Then I started his bur on top with razor and kept cleaning. In the end, there was only hair left next to his Burr streak, so I put a finger from inside his Burr streak and spread his Bur's slices. Ah, what a great scene. Full pink and red color inside. … It was fun to see the words of his Bur. The virgin was 19 years old. But I realized that her bur had become wet from inside because the sticky water was coming lighter… that is, my sister Shweta was getting hot.

After ten minutes of hard work, I smoothed my sister's virgin bur. Did you look good I was thinking that I should kiss the burger and give the cocks. But I controlled my mind. Haste could have gone wrong. I now felt that my sister's evil was going to happen to me.

I told Shweta - Now look, she looks so cute.
He looked and said- Yes brother, it started to look very good… It has started looking beautiful too.

Then I deliberately pressed it with a finger on his bur and opened it to see if there was any hair left. So I see little hair around her ass hole.

I said that now you lie down on your stomach… because there is some hair on the bottom too.

She became flat. What a salty scene… I got water in my mouth after seeing my sister's round and white blond butts. My cock got wet.

Well, both the butts were stuck together due to lying on the stomach, so it was difficult to go razor.

I told her that like Betu I used to turn you on my back as a horse, similarly you become a horse.
She started laughing and said- Brother, how can I become a horse,
I asked- Why?
He said - Oh brother, I am not a girl, so I will not become a mare!
Then I said- Good Baba, become a mare.

Then she stood up, then her skirt was down. She became a mare. She became a mare. But her backyard was covered with a skirt. When I started lifting her skirt, it seemed like I was lifting the veil of a bride. I was thrilled at that time. Then I lifted the skirt veil and I enjoyed seeing my sister's lovely ass.

In between her white blondes, she saw a small brown sweet ass mouth, so I could not stop myself and stroked the mouth with my middle finger, which again raised her chinook.

I asked - what happened?
She said - nothing.

I took a little warm water and wet the ass and surroundings first. Then with shaving foam began to rub from the burr to the whole ass. After this, the hair around the entire ass was cleaned and shined with razor.

I inspected Shweta's bur and ass once again and gave a bit of comfort. She also rubbed her clit with a finger in her burr's cleft, which caused her Bur to be punished a bit.

Then I said- Now go… wash it thoroughly with soap.

She did the same and came back, so I said - just look at how my sister's Susu looks.
So that quote, brother, you were watching this for 45 minutes.
I said - Hey, he was looking a little, he was cleaning it.
She did not say anything.

I said - now lie down straight.
She lay down and I lifted her skirt, then saw that she was wearing panties.

I said - Hey Betu where was it completely clean?
She said - if it is clear!
I said- Hey just have to apply after shave lotion.
She said - okay.

I took out her panties and saw if the bright white was a sight like heaven. The puffed-up succulent bur looked like white bread. I just kept looking at my sister's smallpox clear bur.

He shook me and said - Brother, where are you lost?
I said - I am looking so beautiful that my eyes are not moving, I feel like kissing.

While saying this, I kissed my sister's bur and touched a deep puppy right in the middle, near the rash with a tongue.

As soon as I did this she jumped up and said - Brother, what are you doing, is this a place to kiss?
Then I said - looking so beautiful that I could not resist myself.
She said- Never mind.

Then I asked to see him, then he said- Yes brother, my Susu looks very good.
I said- Oh Betu, do not call it Susu Bur… Susu belongs to small children… Now it has grown.
That quote - Brother brother too!

Then I took the after shave in her palm and applied it on her bur, so she was agitated.

Then she got up and started wearing her panties, so I refused.

She said - why!
Then I said - Shaving today or not… So let it be open today.
That quote - Okay.

Then we both started sleeping. Today I was enjoying something different. I stuck my cock right behind it. Today I only wore lower, no underwear. I pressed the standing cocks on her lap and pressed her hand on my stomach and started caressing her stomach. He also liked it today, so he pressed his ass back.

She said, brother, you never leave me… I will die without you.
I said - don't speak like that… I am neither.
I kissed him on the cheek.

Now there will be fuck ahead, but in the next part. Will be waiting for your comments. Don't forget to mail me!

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