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Sexual satisfaction of landlord's wife

Sexual satisfaction of landlord's wife

I live on rent The landlord is lean thin. But his wife's bashful youth can drive anyone crazy. I felt that she is not happy with her husband. So what did i do?

Hello friends,
my name is Aban Kumar Mishra. I am from Kolkata but currently I am in Delhi and I am an employee of a bank.

This is my first story and it is an absolutely true story. I do not like lies at all, so whatever I am going to tell the story is absolutely true.
Please forgive me if there is any mistake in writing the story.

I am 28 years old and I am fine looking.
For the last 4 years, I live in a rented room in Delhi. I did not change the room. I am still in the room where I was 4 years ago.

My landlord also lives in the same building and his wife's name is Rachna. My landlord is very suspicious of his wife. You people know very well that a man is not able to give physical pleasure to his wife, he suspects his wife.

The landlord is a little lean skinny and a little loose about sex. Looks like it will happen!

And let me tell you about Rachna Bhabhi, which is such an amazing thing to look at, that I cannot tell you by writing to you. Rachna Bhabhi is 5 feet 11 inches in length and her body is made up of 40 chest, 32 waist and her ass 38. Bhabhi's bushy cheeks, juicy lips and age of 36, and her stubborn youth are enough to make any boy crazy. A woman to whom a man loots everything.

So let me tell you how I cracked it and how it tasted, it took me 4 years to get her to my bed.

Initially I used to understand that she is not such a woman and I would not pay attention to her. Similarly my 2 years passed.
She did not even talk to me much, only talked about work.

After two years, her husband's job started at such a place where he goes on duty after noon and comes back home at two in the night. I am a bank employee, so I come to my room at five in the evening.

If her husband is not at home, then she gets more opportunity to talk to him and she has got a little dissolve with me. Gradually, both of us started having fun. And in a similar joke, both of us started talking a lot inside.
This sequence lasted for 2 years.

The first two years in which we both had very little talk, only about work. I have wanted to meet Rachna Bhabhi for a long time, but I thought this woman is not like this, she jokes, but cannot get into my bed. I will never get it.

One day I had a bank holiday, I was washing my clothes at my room. And she was talking to me sitting on the ladder. Rachna Bhabhi told me about things - my health is not good, I have to go to the doctor.
I said - In the morning, brother is at home, going to hospital with brother.
Rachna Bhabhi told me - where do they have time.
So I said go away yourself.

Rachna Bhabhi told me - I do not know about the hospital!
So I said to sister-in-law, I will take you to the hospital.
Sister-in-law said - Ok.

The bank's math-minded person later came to my understanding that she does not want to go with her husband. This is a local woman and she does not know about the hospital. I came here four years ago. I am from outside but it wants to go to the hospital with me.
I understood everything but could not understand it openly.

Now I wanted to know the matter of its heart that what it wanted from me. Like I have been yearning for this for 4 years. Does Rachna Bhabhi also want to extinguish the fire of youth from my Alore?

One day I saw Bhaiya walking on the terrace in tights. After seeing Bhaiya's body, I felt that Rachna would not quench her sister's thirst with brother.
Rachna Bhabhi has a body like Rachna Bhabhi like a horse to calm a woman like Bhabhi and a banged man.

I thought that I would talk about brother-in-law once!
Our landlord is there, but I tell him brother-in-law and his wife i.e. composition.

One day I got a chance and I told Rachna - I saw Bhaiya's body in tights… They were walking on the terrace. I don't think they would be able to give you physical pleasure.
Rachna Bhabhi said to me very surprised - how do you know? how do you know? Have you looked into my bedroom? How can you say that

Then I said to Rachna Bhabhi - Bhaiya's age is 45 years, your age is 36 years. I have made this prediction by looking at your body and their body.
Rachna Bhabhi told me - Do not focus too much on all these things.

Then the first thing that came to my mind was that this woman is not like this.

Likewise a few days passed.

Rachna Bhabhi stays down and I live on the first storey. One day I was coming down the stairs and at the same time sister-in-law was climbing the stairs to go to the roof. When I was halfway up the stairs, I stopped at the side of the wall and gave her a way to go,
seeing me she was walking on the stairs smiling and came out rubbing her waist on my alore.

After that I understood that it wants to fuck me with my alore.

Two days later Rachna Bhabhi suddenly called me - come down aban!
I said - I am coming!

When I came down, Rachna Bhabhi asked - Have you eaten?
So I said- No, I am going to eat now.
Rachna Bhabhi said- Come change clothes, both of us are going to the wedding. There is a wedding nearby.

I changed clothes and we both went to the wedding.
Rachna Bhabhi asked me - what will you eat first?
I said- Dahi Bhale is my favorite, I will eat Dahi Bhale first.
Rachna Bhabhi said- I am also a favorite, first I will also eat yogurt.

Three-four people were already standing for Dahi Bhale, Rachna Bhabhi stood behind her and Rachna stood behind Bhabhi.
Rachna Bhabhi was wearing a sari and was looking amazing.

When I was standing behind Rachna Bhabhi, my Aloda seemed to be on her ass. When Rachna Bhabhi felt my cock on her ass, she turned back to me and said - what are you doing, Aban?
I said sorry, sister-in-law, I got it by mistake.
Rachna Bhabhi said- It doesn't matter, it works.

After this, dance was happening at the wedding… We both started watching dance.
Slowly, there was a crowd of people watching the dance. We both fell in the middle of the crowd.

Sister-in-law was standing on my right. Sister-in-law said to me - I come in front of you, you give me protection.
Maybe in law, sister-in-law felt insecure.

I surrounded Rachna Bhabhi with my arms. After that my Aloda composition was resting on sister-in-law's sister-in-law.
I said in the ear of Rachna Bhabhi- Sorry, mistake is being made.
Rachna Bhabhi said in my ear- Never mind, you have my permission.
And I pressed my ass on my alore.

I asked- what is this?
Rachna Bhabhi said- Do not question what you are doing, just keep doing it quietly.
For 1 hour, I kept rubbing my Aloda on Rachna Bhabhi's ass.

When I could not bear it, I told Rachna Bhabhi - Come on from here!

Sister-in-law gave permission to snatch Aloda on the ass, I will not delay in giving pussy, I understood it.

We ate food and we both left from there.

On the way, we were both talking.
Sister-in-law asked - enjoyed watching the dance?
I said yes.
Sister-in-law asked with a laugh - My sari is not wet yet?
I said no.

Sister-in-law started walking with my hands in her hands.

It was a deserted way, I found darkness in one place, I grabbed the sister-in-law and stuck it on the wall and started to kiss. For about 10 minutes, I kept sucking her lips,
her sister was also supporting me with full enthusiasm. She too was not taking the name of giving up. It seemed she would climb on top of me.
But I too, young boy… I sucked the sister-in-law into the wall by rubbing it.

Then the sound of someone coming was heard and sister-in-law pushed me and said - not here, come home.

When we come to our street, it is a little deserted and dark.
Again I caught the sister-in-law and started sucking. Then sister-in-law fully supported, but after two minutes, she said, No… Come home!

I had thought in my mind that today I will make a blast of lore in her pussy . Her husband still has team hours to return home. I will make such a filling in my pussy within 2 hours. If the power of the real man is not shown today, then I will not be able to show my face in front of it.

Rachna sister-in-law opened the lock of the door, went in, Rachna took out a bottle of fridge water, both of us drank water.
And she stood at the edge and smiled upon seeing me.

Then I caught Rachna Bhabhi and hugged her in the wall. After that, she started sucking her lips again and was holding her hand and creasing her pussy.

This sequence lasted for 15 minutes. The composition became like an uncontrollable animal.

He gave me a loud push and separated himself.

After separating came to me and started undressing me.
I too stripped him without wasting any time. Pushed the composition on the bed. Rachna fell directly on the bed and I immediately came on top of it.
Again, I started sucking Rachna's lips and started sucking mumps.

Rachna got rid of my lips after 5 minutes and started moaning.

My one thigh was stuck between the two thighs of the composition and was pressing her pussy. Rachna's pussy was wetting my thigh.

Now it was time to put my Aloda in Rachna's pussy! I came between Rachna's two thighs and grabbed Rachna's waist with both my hands and lifted her ass.
Asked Rachna - put a pillow under it!
Without delay, he took a pillow and put it under his ass.

I grabbed both the legs of Rachna and waved in the air. Then I started kissing the composition and started pressing her boobs.

Then I set my Alore on Rachna's pussy with one hand and then grabbed Rachna's head with my two hands so that Rachna does not jump forward after the push of Alore.
And a vigorous Aloda clot hit her pussy. Rachna started tingling with pain. Seeing the condition of the composition, I also felt pity.
Half of the time Aloda had gone to her pussy

Then the next push I did not hit my aloda in her pussy, I stopped and waited for her pain to subside.

After about a minute, Rachna's pain subsided, Rachna placed her hand on my chest and said, "Aban comfortably, do it slowly until I speak." When you get my hint, then after you tear my pussy. Man's manhood is tested by seeing the woman and I had guessed your manhood by looking at you.

Rachna removed her hand from my chest.

I put half the rest of the Aloda in the pussy, and slowly started to fuck her.

After 5 minutes Rachna herself spread her legs and into the air and told me - now do it as you wish!
I then grabbed Rachna's head vigorously and started pushing Alore's tremendous push on her pussy.

After 15 minutes fucking Rachna got her whole body very tight. With all my strength, I was sucking cocks in her pussy. After 2 minutes he left his body loose.

I was holding the head of Rachna with both my hands and was being punched with my alore on her pussy.

After some time Rachna got her whole body tight again. Whenever Rachna used to tighten her entire body, hot hot water came out of her pussy. And I was feeling it on my Alore.
Whenever the hot water of Rachna's pussy was felt on my Alore, my fire would flare up. I used to think Chodne even more forcefully. I was holding a tall tall woman with her head above my both hands and was striking her aloda on her pussy.

The composition shrank at all. When my and Rachna's thigh collided, the sound of chat chut was echoing throughout the room.

Me and Rachna were filled with sweat. Rachna again tightened her whole body after walking for 45 minutes and started releasing hot water from her pussy. Rachna's pussy was feeling hot on her aloda.

In the excitement of the warm water of Rachna's pussy, lava started coming out of my aloda too. Rachna left her body loose and calmed down.
The lava kept coming out of my flame for two minutes, and the composition remained silent.

When the lava of my alore dripped down to the last drop in Rachna's composition, I slipped and lay down next to Rachna.
We were both soaked with sweat. Both of us were breathing very fast.

After 10 minutes both of our breath became normal, then Rachna turned and looked at me. I filled the composition in my arms. Rachna kisses me with a cute smile.

I asked Rachna - are you happy? Did you get the happiness you expected from my manhood?
Rachna caught me very tightly with a smile and did a loud kiss and said - gesture is enough for the wise. Get it yourself

For 15 minutes, I took deep breaths in my arms. Whenever I used to say something, I used to say to me - keep calm and rest!

After that Rachna separated herself from me and asked me to wear clothes.
I put on clothes.
I asked Rachna - when will you give up?
She said - just hold on!

Rachna had just gone to wear clothes. After wearing clothes came to me and wrapped me around my neck. Rachna said- In this life, I handed over my whole body… forever to you.
Do whatever you want with my body. We have given you this permission. Whenever I get a chance I will come to you on my own. Now your cock king will never let you miss pussy, this is my promise. I swear, I do not want to let you go. But the night is over, it's time for your brother to come.

Rachna did a strong kiss.
I also supported Rachna and she said - Go!

And I come to my room.

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