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Sex problem of a newly married

Sex problem of a newly married

I was in a very embarrassing position, my hips were up and my hip streak was opened at this stage, my stool door and vagina were also opened.

My dear friends,
my greetings to all the friends of the family , Arun! You must have read
my previous article about
how I got addicted to sex

Today, after a lot of hiatus, I am again present and writing something for my readers.

As you all know, apart from writing erotic stories, I also give the readers of Intravasna, sex curiosity, sex problems and sex advice on the mail or WhatsApp.

And from this, I got the idea to write this new sex article today and I am present.

Everyone knows that in all family and women's magazines there is a column of sex problem or personal problem and from children to old people read it very keenly. There is nothing wrong in this. Experienced people there also give solutions to people's problems.

But friends, I saw a huge difference between the sexual problems coming to me and the sexual problems coming in those magazines!
Actually all these magazines are family. Here people are not able to write their words very openly and in detail because this column is only of one page, publishers at their level edit problems according to the level of readers of their magazine, they also censor.

Some things of readers are very embarrassing like unnatural sex, who are ashamed to write there and ask for solutions. But the same sex problem bothers us the most which is embarrassing and not practical. Readers want the answer to such problems to be found in person.

However, I am fortunate that I have been associated with immigration for the last ten years and I have also won the trust of the administrators and readers here. That's why they openly write their sex problems.

These sex problems also reveal what is going on in the society about sex.

However, while not taking much time, I am writing here the problem of a teacher, which she also wrote to me in detail. And I will write in even more detail so that this article of mine becomes meaningful.

Arun ji, I am writing this thing after many days of hard work. I have been studying introspection for a long time, so I have got the courage to write so much. I got married about 1 year ago and this is an arranged marriage.
My husband works very well in a multinational company. That's why the people of the house got me married here.

My studies are not very much written but I am writing here myself that I am very beautiful. That is why my husband became enamored upon seeing me and we got married.

I live in a big flat with my husband in Delhi, apart from my in-laws. Where all the things of modern comforts are present.

As I wrote earlier that I have been studying infatuation since college time, then you must have understood how intense sexual desire and sexual desire is lusted in me. My husband also has a great addiction to sex fun and sex games.

But their erotic acts are getting somewhat strange day by day. Although I enjoy them. I can control some of my conscience, but I am afraid that they might become like some psycho.
How do I control their growing craze in sex?

Here I am writing a few sentences with him and me.

My husband loves me very much. They themselves watch a lot of erotic and pornographic videos on laptops. Do you know why this is what they see, they experiment on me.

It started with honeymoon. The rest drink dry milk on a honeymoon, but both of us started with alcohol consumption.

I did not find anything strange in it because I have been drinking for a long time. But after this he asked me to open all my clothes dancing. It also said that I have to open every cloth and throw it on them.

Hearing all this, I was a little shocked, but he asked me to do all this with a lot of love and request and not as an order… so I could not even refuse.

I am a good dancer, so in a more provocative way than her thought, I went naked while doing erotic dance in front of my husband, removing the couple from the wedding of my body and showing my body.

He was very excited to see me doing all this, it was evident from his gesture.

And when I was left only in panties and bras, I gave them patience and they dragged me to the bed and slammed it.
It seemed a little strange to me… but I kept quiet.

After that, he pulled my underwear almost apart from my body. I also did not like it. I was thinking that everything would be very exquisitely and lovingly. but that did not happen.
They separated my bra almost in the same way and they made me completely ascended.

There was very strong light in the room and everything seemed strange to me. I had to turn down the lights for a lot of time, but they did not listen.

It seemed strange to me that he had not removed any of his clothes and I was completely naked.
And one more thing… they removed only my clothes; A lot of marriage and a lot of jewelery was on my body as they did not allow me to separate.

After this, he put both my hands above the head and spread my legs also. I was very ashamed and a little worried about what this man was going to do.

I had taken 1 month of body treatment before marriage as girls do. I did not even have a hair on my entire body. I had my hair removed by waxing on my side and on my vagina.

My body was shining in bright light and I was swearing a lot. One, the intoxication of the drink and after being completely naked from the top, the fire of lust was ignited in my body.
I was thinking that they should bite me and love them.

But that guy was looking at me very leisurely.

And then he started to press his arm mercilessly and placed his other hand on my very smooth and balsamic vagina.

I started diving into the ocean of excitement with this two-sided attack and now my whole body was starting to swear. My chest was moving up and down due to fast breaths and I was feeling the touch of her hand more on my vagina by moving my legs back and forth.

In a short while, my vagina released water and so much that it was flowing. Her hands were flushed with the water of my vagina.

After this, he did another dirty act, gave his own hand in my vagina, in my mouth, almost forcefully!

I did not want to quarrel on the first day and did not want to spoil the atmosphere, so I had to reluctantly take my vaginal juice in the mouth.

Despite all this, the man was still not opening his own clothes.

After this, he made me lie on the side and then raised my one leg high. I had become in a very erotic state, my backyard had come out very much and then in this state, she bothered me for a long time.

And then I was completely turned upside down and after that, putting both my hands under my waist, held my huge hips up and lifted me very high and turned my knees down and kept me in the same position.

I was in a very embarrassing position, my hips were up and my hip streak was opened at this stage, my stool door and vagina were also opened.

Now he sat behind me and widened both my balls with his hand and started looking at them.

I can't stand it, I said- what are you doing? I'm ashamed and having trouble.
So he said with great love and exaggeration - Today I am inspecting every part and part of your body. This entire body of yours is mine from today.

I could not say anything further than this from his love and belonging.

After playing from my backyard for a long time, he straightened me, raising both my legs in the air, gave me a hand and said - Hold them wide like this.

Now my vagina was completely opened. Even if he did not fill his mind, he lifted my hips and kept them in his dock. Now my vagina was very close to her face.
I was buried in shame because vaginal juices were continuously flowing from my vagina and the body was burning in the fire of lust.

But he was very relaxed and was doing everything very leisurely.

After this, he did a checkup by opening every part of my vagina and pressing it with his fingers.

His antics were killing me and in a short time I reached the peak of sexual intercourse. I was very keen that now he put his cock in my vagina. But they did not do this and I had reached the climax of sexuality and passed away.

He did not have any sex that day. I got upset. Even after that, they keep doing such strange things with my body.

One day, he took me naked and drove a toy car with very small children and other toys on my naked body. And as the child is happy, he continues to be happy. Small cars rotated on my bulge, on my navel, on my stomach, on my thighs and on my vagina.

Sometimes, like washing the car, rubbing my body with such fountains and bathe me.

On his birthday, he cuts the cake by laying me completely naked on the dining table and placing the cake on my stomach.

Whenever you drink with them… I have to be completely naked.

My husband also does some dirty things. Like when I latrin, he rubs my anus with his hand and cleans it while hitting water.
I fall for shame but they don't mind.

Sometimes they also urinate on my chest or vagina while taking a bath. And I know clearly that they are getting unlimited in all these things.

Sometimes they tie my entire naked body in a stimulating state with a soft rope. And keep the bed on the bed for a long time. During this time they feed me. They even take us to urinate.

Arun ji, consider that I have become a toy for her.

And now you will wonder why I am saying all this. So his answer is that apart from all these antics, he is a very good husband. They spend me freely and their attitude towards my family is very good.
They start a weird game with me just in the bedroom.

She has also put a pole in the bedroom in a Delhi flat where I often have to dance a completely nude pole for her.
They are very happy playing with my body more than sexual intercourse.

Then his secret was revealed to me very quickly when one day I went to bifurcation - have sex with me. I too have some desires

And when they had sex, it was found that their penis is relatively small and thin.
I was very disappointed and also very embarrassed and started living far away from me.
So far, whatever he had been doing with me, he also stopped.

I felt very guilty and then I started giving them full support because their behavior and attachment towards me is very high. They hand me a lot, so I could not even think of leaving it.

And then they satisfy me in other ways. The Bangkok visit has also brought me a large collection of artificial penis and vibrators there.
And this is what we use.

But Arun ji, I want to advise you that now I am very much in the mood to enjoy sex with a real solid cock. At the time of our fun, I have also expressed this to my husband.

And Arun ji… you would not believe that he agreed to it either.
Now they have given me two options. One is that I can prepare myself for this by having someone I know.
Or they are saying that they will take me to a city in Malaysia where they will make me enjoy sex with professional African and English men.

Now I am in a dilemma as to what will be right for me.

Because ever since they have given me this offer, there is a lot of upheaval in my proper body and especially in the pussy.

I have a college time friend. I can call her. But I am afraid. This is to remain in the society and I do not even want to leave my husband.

And another option is to have sex with unknown people in unknown city and no one will know.

But then I get tempted that how many times we will go abroad for this work. It would be better if a good sex is arranged in this city itself.

Nevertheless, you should advise me what I should do because there is no objection from my husband.

But one thing bothers me. They were saying that they also want to see their sexual intercourse with their foreign men. I also feel strange to hear this.
Please advise me what I should do. Because the sex fire which is on me in my body is now getting out of tolerance.

Friends, this is a sexual or personal problem which was difficult to cover in less words. I answered him according to my understanding.
But what did you give… before telling this, what is the opinion of the readers or readers of the apostasy.
You can mail me

And if the readers of this article like me, then I will share some more sexual problems with you.

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