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Sex fun with internet friend

Sex fun with internet friend

I used to get bored at home. So I became a friend on Facebook. I liked those things, so I called him to my house one day. After that we both had sex.

Hello… My name is Sonali, I am a housewife; I am 32 years old. My boobs size is 32 and my hips size is 36. I am a woman full of looks. I cannot say anything more about myself than this.

Today, I have brought a true story of yours in front of you.

I used to get bored at home because of being always at home. So my time was spent at home watching TV or phone. I used to entertain myself on the phone with things like Facebook Instagram.
I had a friend on Facebook named Navdeep.

Friends, this is a true story of mine when I came to know about the conversation after meeting him and I thought of sharing this experience with you.

So what happened was that the day I spoke to him for the first time, his words were very good. He only spoke to me by saying sister-in-law and did not do anything wrong comments or anything like that. We talked too late.

I felt from his words that he is a gentleman and a matured person.
He told me that whenever you need me sister-in-law, I am always there for you.
I loved what her girl or a woman always wanted. That his partner should be a person who always takes care of him and does anything for his happiness and I was able to see the same familiarity in his words.

A lot of things started happening to us. I also gave him my contact number. There was a long talk on our phone too. I had an attachment with him. It is also the same thing, I did not trust him in starting, but as soon as I felt that the man is very good, I can open with this. It will never take my wrong advantage.

Then one day he said to me in similar things - when are you getting sister-in-law?
I also laughed and said - when you speak.

He told me- tell sister-in-law, when should I come?
I told her - I am alone as soon as I am at home. I will tell you, you will come.
He said - ok sister-in-law, as you say.

Once there was no one at my house, I called him to my house. I had already told him that day that there would be no one at my house that day. Be ready to come that day.

When we came in front of each other, he just kept looking at me.
He said very well to me - sister-in-law, you are very beautiful.
I also replied to him by smiling - well, is that so… I thought I was not beautiful at all.
But he told me - no, you are very beautiful.

I wore a red colored saree and black blouse that day. As if I were an angel for her.
Then I made tea for him. We sat together and drank tea.

After drinking tea, he came to me and sat down. I had full faith in him too, I did not refuse him. Then he gently held my hand and started pressing my hand.

I just closed my eyes. Then he said in my ear- sister-in-law, you can trust me completely.
Because I had faith in him; I was ready to make myself love him.

Then she slowly removed my sari from my shoulder. My bare shoulders and my blouse were in front of me. Then he untied my hair and wiggled his fingers in my hair.

He kissed me on my cheek. Then he kissed my cheek and came to my lips and started sucking my lips with his mouth.

I tried to release him but he was holding me very tightly. Then I did not refuse too much and I started supporting him in a while.
She made me stand up and separated my sari from my body. Then slowly I started removing every single cloth from me.

In some time, he completely naked me. And all this was going on in love. In between he used to love me and then take off my clothes.

Then he laid me on the bed and started sucking all my body. He was sucking my big boobs in his mouth. I was enjoying it very much. I was moving my fingers in her hair.

When he kissed, he went down to my pussy and started sucking my pussy with his mouth. I enjoy doing pussy licking.

And he was ready to eat it completely. I also picked up my ass and started supporting him. He was sucking my pussy by putting tongue all over.

Know what happened to me like this, you tell him anything that I was fucking him.

I was so excited that I removed her from her top and lying on her bed and started sucking her cock with her mouth.

After sucking cocks for a long time, I lay down again and he came over me. And he put his cock in my pussy and I started fucking.

Today I was fucking one of my unknown friends, I gave my body to him.

We were both clinging to each other, kissing and licking each other a lot.

He was licking my entire body. Was sucking my boobs sometimes, pressing them. And what was you doing on my lips in between.

Then he made me a mare and started fucking my pussy from behind and started hitting me very fast.
I was getting as much pleasure as I used to think that sex was happening with me today.

And he used to slap my hips lightly in between. Whoever used to do on my back.

Then he increased the speed of the bumps so much that I started feeling pain, I started feeling like this, I lay down straight on my stomach. But he did not leave me, he filled me with a Koli of all my body and started fucking me like this.

Now I was enjoying.

Then he grabbed my neck and put my face towards his mouth and started sucking my lips. After fucking like this for some time, I became straight again and he started hitting my pussy again.

We started having sex again. His cock was going all over inside my pussy. I had also lifted my legs completely up for fun and put it on her waist.

I was going to have fun, so I told him- Navdeep, I am going to fall.
He said - no one in law, mine too is going to happen. We both fight together.

So I told him - no, don't do it inside. You have not even applied condom.
He told me - so what happened sister-in-law, take medicine. But please let me in, I do not want to be outside. My fun will be spoiled
I told him - ok, do it!

Again he started kissing and licking my body and started banging in my pussy.
I was about to fall, my body started to flutter. I filled him in my arms as if I want to stick to him like this all my life.

And I fell with his cock but he was yet to be. So he started to hit faster.

Seeing me clinging to myself like this and flirting, I also fell on seeing me and threw all my water in my pussy.

His water was so thick and much that later I had to shoot or else I would have become pregnant. I knew this thing for sure.

For some time we separated from each other and lay down tired. But after some time he was ready again and his cock was completely tight.

He started playing with my body again, started kissing me. Started pressing my boobs again.

But I was not ready so soon. But with his kissing and licking, I started having fun again. Both our cocks and pussy were already light wet… so he easily put his cock in my pussy again and I started fucking.

I was just lying on the bed eating her. I placed my hands on his waist and raised his legs lightly so that I could ease the pain.

But this time he was fucking at a very high speed, so this time I was getting mild pain.

Then he fuck me with every angle, sometimes make a mare, fuck my pussy, sometimes stand on the wall!

We had sex while standing.
This time was also very fun for me, when he was fucking me standing, then I put my hands against the wall so that I could not go forward with his bumps and could get his cock well.

Then he asked me to suck his cock and I sat down on my knees and started sucking his cock and slowly he started to say to me - sister-in-law is going to enjoy me and I want to fall like this.
I told him - Okay, you drain your mouth.
And he shook his cock with his hand and removed all the water from my mouth.

He started telling me - Sister-in-law, till date no one has given me such fun. After all, law is sister-in-law, they have the experience of everything. You made me happy by having such fun. It is as if my desire for years has been fulfilled.

Then I wiped my face with a clean cloth and then I went to take a shower.

But then he too came back with me and then we had sex while taking bath. We clung to each other's wet bodies.

Friends, this was the story of me and that friend of mine!
How did you like it? Please tell by mail.

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