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Friday, April 17, 2020

Seeing Mummy's misdeeds fuck brother

Seeing Mummy's misdeeds fuck brother

Bumped into the bathroom with her brother and came out. Mommy also came in a while. We siblings wanted to fuck at night but the mother was in the house. How was our fuck possible?

Seeing my first incest sex story
Mummy's handcuffs
, you read about how I kissed my brother standing in the bathroom. My brother gave his sister's pussy with her semen. I also got blessed with semen of brother's penis in my pussy. After this, our siblings overcame their lust and decided among themselves that once we get a chance, we will openly fuck again.

Mummy's outdoor program used to go on and now we siblings were also opened.

Now further:

Bumped into the bathroom with her brother and came out. Mommy also came in a while. Today the mother came early. We had dinner sitting with Mummy and Mummy went to rest in her room.

Mummy looked so tired that she was not going to go anywhere today. Seeing this, both of our siblings got down. We started seeing each other's mouth.
It was not possible for us to be in Mummy's house because we were afraid that Mummy might wake up at night or someone might come to meet her at night.
In such a situation, we had risk.

Then brother got an idea. Before taking the evening dinner, brother brought market medicine to sleep. We all sat and had dinner together.
Many days later, dinner was made by Mummy with her own hand.

When the dinner is over, the brother hands the mother a glass of water. Mummy went to her room after drinking water.

I hugged my brother happily. But brother stopped me and said - Let the effect of the medicine.
I asked my brother- when did you give the medicine?
So brother told- When I grabbed a glass of water to my mother, I had already put the sleeping medicine in it.

I controlled my mind for some time and went to my room. Sitting in the room, she started reading a story on her mobile phone.

Reading erotic story was difficult to control. As soon as I read the story, I started playing with my body. My whole body started to heat like embers. Slowly I took off all my clothes one by one and started pressing my oranges and rubbing my pussy with my hand.

When the lust got out of tolerance, he brought the previously kept cucumber in his pussy. Once I masturbated with cucumbers, I became faring. But where was the taste of brother's aloe in cucumber.
Doing all this and half an hour went out.

Then the brother made a voice from his room. I quickly put on my clothes, groomed some hair so that my brother would not know about the sexy drama in my room.

I quickly left the room and went to the mother's room and saw that the mother is sleeping comfortably. The mother did not change her clothes even though the mother sleeps naked.
I am convinced that the drug has affected my mother.

I quickly entered the brother's room.
But what is this?
Brother has slept with a sheet of cloth.

I got furious with anger and pulled the brother's sheet with a jerk. Brother was born completely naked and slept with open eyes and started laughing loudly as he pulled the sheet.
I scolded her while keeping her silent - Mom will wake up just by laughing at you.
Brother said to me - the mother has given such a dose that before morning she will not wake up.
Hearing this, I too laughed and giggled.

Brother- Will you keep on laughing or will you do something else?
Me - what else to do now?
Brother and sister will also have to explain this. We have to do what our mother always does and we have left the bathroom unfinished in the morning.
I - I don't understand all of that, tell me straight away what to do?
Brother- understand straight away that you have to fuck.
I - what is this fuck.
Brother pranks on me - come to me, now I will tell you what sex is.

In this way we started playing Pakdam Pakdhi and while running, my brother tore half of my clothes. Now I too got tired and fell into brother's arms. Brother also held me tightly and started kissing my lips. I also started supporting her.

After drinking lips juice for a while, now my pussy was on fire. My brother started undressing me that the doorbell rang.
Brother was naked, so I had to open the door.

You all understand who will be at the door right now.
He was my maternal uncle's lover.
I opened the door and told them that mother was out today.
They looked at me and cursory eyes, then I realized that my brother has torn my clothes too.
I quickly closed the door and entered the brother's room.

By then the brother had also removed his underwear. I wanted to take my brother's LND in my mouth, but the brother stopped me and he started removing my clothes.
In a short while, she had just left panties on my body. We were both completely naked.

Now brother filled me in his arms and dropped me on the bed and started to trample me. He kissed me from head to pussy and after reaching the pussy, I started licking my pussy from above. Now he also took off my trunks.

I changed my side while stopping him in such a way that now we can take each other's legs and pussy in the mouth i.e. the position of 69.

In a while, my pussy left the water, but I do not know which soil was made of mud, its stamina was amazing. I could not wait anymore. But today my brother had read a different story of conscience.

He removed me from himself and lay himself on the floor and said - he is very thirsty, give me water.
When I started going outside to fetch water, my brother stopped me and said - My dear sister, where are you going outside? I want to drink water from your tank.

I understood her gesture and climbed on top of it. I quenched my brother's thirst with my heart.
Brother said - Now I am feeling good too.
I understood its meaning and flatly refused it.
So he gave me a full bath with his wee.

Now brother picked me up from the floor and laid me on the bed. I spread my legs and lay down and pulled my brother over me. The pestle weapon of my brother stood ready to play my pussy band.
Brother set his lund on my pussy and hit it with a grooved push.

My scream went out - Uh mother… what is sister sister doing, will she kill her sister today?
Brother- No flow, I want you not to kill this cute pussy of yours. I have got this pussy from many years of penance, now let us enjoy it
I have a lot of fun brother, I too was waiting for this day. Now this pussy is only as much as you enjoy. Give Chod to your dear sister. Tear off my pussy.
Brother- Yes, Randi, I will do such a thing to you, and my mother will be surprised. Sister's pussy gets lucky.

Similarly, he kept fucking me for about 25 minutes and by then I had lost three times.
Now brother was also going to fall, he said- Didi, where am I going to come out?
We had not taken any safety, so I dusted it on my body and licked it cleanly.

Mummy was about to wake up before 8.00 am or else we set the alarm at six o'clock and slept bare.

We woke up in the morning when the alarm rang. Our mood was of another chudai. Our hands again started rubbing each other's limbs. Brother, my legs and I started to wake her LND.

I took my brother's Aloda in mouth and started sucking with full fun. In a while, Aloda became very bitter.

Brother made me a mare and got my Lund into Doggy Style from behind. After about seven minutes of fucking we both left our Kamaras.

Then we put on our clothes and went to sleep in our room.

After some time, when the mother woke up and saw us sleeping in her own room, she got engaged in the housework. What does he know what his child has fed at night?

In the morning fuck brother had dropped his goods in my pussy, so after saving my eyes from my mother, I ate a contraceptive pill kept in his room.

After every time we got a chance to fuck.

Then one day he came to our house in the absence of the unfortunate mother.
And then what happened in the next story.

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