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Friday, April 17, 2020

Seeing mother's actions

Seeing mother's actions

I started watching Mummy's productions from the beginning of my youth. Now I too had started the fire of sex. At first, then carrot radish with finger, but the real fun comes only from the real thing.

I am Priya Rathod from a town in Rajasthan.
I look at other sites such as immigration and the fun that comes with being on the site and does not appear on any other site. I have been studying immigration for the last 8 years.

After reading so many stories, I also became so confident that I could talk to everyone about my childhood.

It is obvious that my name will be Mel Adres Sub fake. But the story is 100% correct.

I am 30 years old And this incident is 6 years old.

Let me tell my family background in the first place. In my house we used to have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My 2 older sisters are in third place and I am 2 years younger.
My father was killed when I was very young and my mother was 32 years old.

As we grew up and became more intelligent, we started listening to Mummy ji's adventures.

In fact, Papa's murder was also done by a lover of his mother. I do not know the meaning of 'someone' here, how many loved ones were there. We were also getting money from those points. I started watching
my mother's paintings from the beginning of my youth and have been watching.
Mother's lover came to our house and Chodate and we brothers and sisters only kept watching.
The older sisters got married according to age.

Now I remain brother and mother at home. Mummy had become so addicted to sex or was hungry for money, now she was staying overnight in hotels and even outside. Many times she lived outside the village for several days.

I was 22 years old and my brother was also in his 20s. So we had to manage the house. Till now, my mother had not pushed me and my sisters in this swamp.

Now the real story begins.

As I told that both my brother and I were young and we grew up seeing the live sex of the mother. Now I too had started the fire of sex. At first, it worked with the finger. But when the fire grew, the cucumber banana radish was also tried, but the satisfaction that I saw in the mother could not be found. They used to walk around big eyes before eyes. But I did not dare to trust any stranger.

Now my brother is left. Seeing all the things that I have gone through, my brother is also young. But I knew that he was satisfied with his hand because I used to wash his underwear vest after his bath, and his underwear would be satisfied with his work juice and my panty hanging in my bathroom was getting like this.

My brother had a hangover on me. Now I started seeing her with sexy eyes. But how to prepare him to take off my hangover.

One day I took a remedy. Mummy was not at home, I entered the bathroom before my brother to take a bath and left the door intentionally without locking and did not even turn on the light inside.

I was completely naked in the bathroom. In the meantime, the brother also came for a bath. Without sneaking inside, he entered the bathroom door carelessly and turned on the light.

As soon as the light was on, we got our eyes and I deliberately grabbed. Brother also started to look at me with astonished eyes. Now his eyes got stuck on my chest. I tried unsuccessfully to cover my body with a towel.

But the brother's tent of paint had been built. He started looking at me and I with a seductive look. I tried to get out of the bathroom unannounced but the brother was standing at the door. He grabbed me and pulled me to his side.

I too protested, and in the same vein my towel also left me. Now I was completely naked with my brother.

Today was going to be on my mind. Today the brother also shied and left everything. I stood there. If I had shown more tantrums, my brother would have been afraid and would have done nothing.

My pussy was burning, I was not in the habit of taking such a risk that I would lose this golden opportunity. My brother pulled me towards me and I went into his arms. As soon as we were stuck with brother's chest, we both started squeezing each other. Both of us siblings clung to each other in such a way as hero heroine hugs in movies. Now the lust of their body was at its peak.

I was naked like that, I took out the remaining innerwear of my brother. Brother's cock was ready to go in the pussy.

I too wasted no time in the foreplay and set the cocks of my brother directly on my pussy hole and said - Brother extinguish the fire of this bird. Have fun with your sister. Become a sister
Brother- Yes, sister, you are very upset. I was maddened after seeing my mother's fuck. How much Uncle people enjoy Mummy's… And I or we are just watching and wasting our youth by fist and radish carrots.

Radish was surprised to hear the carrot. I had understood that brother was also keeping a close eye on me.

Brother- Izzat Mummy has created in his society, no girl is going to give me a price. That's why my eyes were on you sister. But I had no idea that all this would happen suddenly.

We siblings were talking about each other's body.

My brother, if I am right, my condition of similarity was similar. It was also dying for a good land. But I did not want to take the risk outside and how would you say this to me. But luck has given us today. Will only talk or will the aarti of his sister.
"Sister, my land, has been craving for the worship of your pussy since then."

And without delay, brother made me a mare and from behind pushed my lund into my pussy. My pussy was open in the same way after eating carrot cucumber, just for the first time the feeling of the land was there, so I started enjoying the land with a slight sigh.

Brother was beating my pussy with rhythm and rhythm and I was also supporting her with quietness and was enjoying my first fuck.

For the first time my brother was fucking pussy, but he was fucking his sister's pussy like a maniac. Brother kept fucking me like this for about 10 minutes. By then I had fallen once.

After some time, the body of the brother also started to swell. He said - Didi, where am I going to leave now?

I replied to my brother - leave me inside my pussy, no brother… I will do something a little in my strength.

After 4-6 bumps, brother filled my pussy with his Kamaras. I also felt blessed by getting hot lava of brother's cocks in my pussy.

Now we felt some sensation that we have become quite late, the mother can come at any time. We bathed right away.

Even while taking bath, brother's cock stood again and started saluting my pussy with tons. But one of the keys of the house was with the mother and if she could come at any time, I refused the brother and persuaded for another time.

We took a shower and hugged each other and got out of the bathroom. Outside the room, we dressed our bodies and then put on our clothes.
Wearing clothes, I went to my brother and started to kiss him by placing my lips on his lips. Brother's tongue penetrated between my lips and I started sucking him. Then I also licked my tongue brother.

From this French kiss, my pussy was starting to drop water and was asking for cocks. Brother's cock was also completely erected, but both of us controlled our own lust and said that we would fuck both of them as soon as we get the next chance.

After some time the mother too arrived. We ate food together and everyone got busy with their work.

Mummy's outdoor program used to go on and now we siblings were also opened. So what happened next in the next story.

Friends, how should I reply to my story

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