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Friday, April 17, 2020

Scooty Chudassi Girlfriend-1

Scooty Chudassi Girlfriend-1

I was going to college on foot when someone hit me. I was hurt but I was hit by a beautiful girl, I fell in love with her. what happened after that?

Friends, my name is Rahul. I am 25 years old and I am from Amravati district of Maharashtra. I had been reading sex stories on this Hindi sex story site for many days. After reading a very hot and exciting story, I thought that I should share my same sex story with you all.

Names have been changed to keep my identity secret in this sex story. This story is based on my real life. This sex story of me and my life Nisha is a bit long. This story is exactly the same from where it started. I am writing this story with the consent of Nisha.

Let me tell you about myself first. You know my name, you have also known where I am from. We have four people in my house. Mom, Dad, a little brother and me. The younger brother is studying in Aurangabad. Dad has a show at Fourwheeler and Mom is a housewife. I did not have much interest in studies. Still I had to complete graduation due to fear of dad. Now I handle a showroom with dad.

This story is from 3 years ago, when I was in BSC Second Year. My exams were going on. It was summer, it was very sunny. It was getting late that day to go to the exam. When I got out of the house for college, I saw that my bike was punctured. Dad's bike was standing next to him. I thought that I should go to college with this, but luck turned out. The key to the bike went to the showroom with Dad.

Then I caught the bus number 11, that is, while walking the pedal, I left for college. College was nearby.

On walking a little distance, a loud scream was heard from behind and a scooty hit me. I narrowly survived, only minor scratches came. I was very angry, I felt that I should put a strong ear under the ear of the scooter. I had a big accident left. There was also a slight injury to the hand.

But as soon as I saw him, all the anger had vanished… as if I had made a mistake myself.

She was a girl who hit me with scooty. Red color scooty fell down. The girl got up and stood on her side. He didn't feel anything.

When I saw that girl, I just kept looking. Blue color jeans, light pink color top, which looked great on it. Mouth was covered with red scarf. Only his eyes were visible. There was mascara in his eyes. What a beauty I just remained standing. His entire figure was maintained. This was a figure of 34-28-36.

His sweet voice came out- You got very hurt… Forgive me. I was getting late for the exam… so it happened… Please forgive me.

Such a sweet voice… Ah I was just looking at him. She was repeatedly saying 'forgive me ..' without stopping.

Taking hold of my senses, holding my left leg, I told him - I have felt very loud. I can't even walk.

He removed the scarf from his face and started apologizing again.

I was watching her beautiful face. His face looked rosy pink, his nose was very sweet. One is white like milk and mascara in eyes. I fell in love with him.

I murmured in my mind and said - I have to go to college too, there have already been delays for exams.

When I pretended to be hurt in my leg, he told me - Let me leave you, I will take you wherever I want to go.

He did not even tell me that let's go to the hospital.

I told him - if I could run after looking a little, my foot would not get factored, I was feeling very pain…

I sat on the side of the road there. She started crying after hearing this. She was probably very scared. Seeing the tears in his eyes, I stood up and I told him that there were minor scratches.
Then he stopped crying.

Where are you going, I leave you there.

I also had to go to college, so I told him that I am going to college to give exams too, you give me a lift till college. Those
I - PR Patil exam center is mine.
She- Hey… I am going there for the same exam.

Then I helped him lift Scooty and sat behind him to go to college. Now I was so close to him… as if I was flying in the air. The smell of perfume from his clothes was making me drunk. It seemed that just through his waist, I should hold his stomach tightly.

Could not talk much with her on Scooty… in the meantime, college came.

If you did not think much… no problem in writing. You caused me a problem, forgive me.
I - yes I am suffering. But this may be less.
Say yes, no, how?
Me - a cup of coffee with me.
He said thinking something - well, after having the paper.
Me- Well, you didn't even mention your name.
She said smiling - you did not even ask.
I- Your smile is very sweet.
He is there.

Going then he said- My name is Nisha. Will be waiting for coffee with you… Best of luck.
I - Same to You, By.

I had not even thought of any such girl till now. I fell in love with Nisha on seeing her. I wanted to make Nisha my own as soon as possible. As soon as I quickly wrote the paper and came out and started waiting for Nisha. I did not tell any friend about this.

After a while Nisha arrived. While looking at me, Nisha said- Oh..ho… I was waiting!
Me- No… So I just have to go home, the person who has done my accident, I will have to drop it home right! You can also drink coffee while going along.
Nisha- Hmm… be smart!
Me- and you beautiful.
Nisha said with a laugh - I am the one. Let's drop home again and there is a coffee shop ahead.

We both left for home. Turned to coffee shop in the middle. Sitting there, talked about each other. Like where are you from, what is the name, from which college, how was the paper etc.

Nisha dragged me home from the coffee shop, only when Mummy and Aunty (ie my mother's sister and my aunt) were coming from outside. He saw both of us coming. When the accident happened, my clothes were damaged.

Mom- Hey, what happened? And how did this hand hurt… who is this?
I - mother, you go to the house, tell everyone.

Then, after coming in, whatever happened, I told my mother everything.

Mother looked at Nisha and said - Son Nisha, drive the car with a little handle.
Nisha-ji aunt. I made a mistake, please forgive me.

Like this we all talked a lot. After some time Nisha left me by doing 'See you tomorrow… bye ..'
I was lucky as if I was kind to him… He only said what I wanted to speak to him.

As the day passed. He spoke on the phone at night, so he asked to come in the morning.

The next day I was ready quickly. Nisha came to pick me up at 10.30 in the morning. Was looking hot goods? She was wreaking havoc in a black Patiala dress.

Nisha - Won't You Praise?
I was thinking that… and you are looking so beautiful. You are looking sexy, I still could not speak to her.
Nisha- Good sir.
Me yes

The choice of both of us was very similar. Nisha and I came very close. But I took 6 months to propose it.

The month of October was going on. That day was 26th… when I was determined to propose it.
I called him and said- Today is something special… I want to meet you.
So he also answered yes and said- when to meet… and at what time?

So I asked him to meet me at his house and told me the time of 4 o'clock.

When my mom dad went to Aurangabad to meet my brother, today was a good opportunity to propose Nisha.

I started preparing. In my room, I wrote 'I love you Nisha ..' on the floor with rose petals. The entire room was spared no effort to create a romantic atmosphere. Lighted the room with candles. I also had to get ready… So I quickly entered the bathroom to take a bath and removed body hair. I go to the gym, neither do I like the hair on my body. I keep my entire body clean.

Thinking about Nisha today, taking a bath while taking a bath, I did well. My cock is 6.5 inches… which is an average Indian man.

It was now 4 o'clock. My bathing was also done. Nisha was about to arrive. I dressed and got dressed well. Then the doorbell rang. I went running and opened the door. Nisha was standing in front of me, I kept looking at her. She was in a red color dress, which was coming up to her knees. She was looking very hot. I felt as if he knew that I was going to propose him.

Nisha pressed her eyes - Will you stare here or come inside the house too?
I was waiting for you only, Madam.
Nisha- Oh wow madam… what is so special… who were waiting so eagerly?
I said while giving him a bandage - tie it on the eyes, surprise.
Nisha asked being happy - what is surprise?
I - first tie it… I will tell you now.

Nisha blindfolded. I took her to my room. Removed the blindfold from his eyes and turned his head towards the 'I love you ..' on the floor.

When I sat on my knees and proposed her, she was very happy.
Everyone gives roses while proposing, but I gave him chocolate, which he liked very much.
As soon as I proposed to him, he hugged me tightly and kissed.

This kiss was the first kiss of my life. Which was a little bit, he just applied and removed the lips from the lips.

Nisha- Dumbo… Someone takes so much time to propose. I thought, you will propose only when the last exam was done.
Me- Nishu… I love you very much. Never want to lose you I love you so much!
Nisha - I love you to my life.

I hugged Nisha and started talking to her in the same way - I love you… I never want to be separated from you.
Nisha- My love, I also love you very much… I have been waiting for this day since.

Nisha dropped me on the bed, which was on the side. She also fell on me herself. Putting my head on my chest, I started talking.

Nisha- Does anyone lie so much? How many times have I told you things that I like you but you do not understand dumbbo. I had liked you only when I saw you on the first day.

Hearing this, I pulled him upwards and put my lips on his lips. She also started supporting me without any protest.

Me- Nishu, I too was waiting for the time when you will be in my arms. How long have I been dreaming of your dreams?
Nisha pinched her eyes - just looking or doing something in her dream.
I - good kid.

He started kissing her while saying this. She was also supporting me. When I kissed, my hand went to her mother's body, nothing was known.

Nisha's cock was very tight. She was also in full mood at this time. Like you are saying that just give me Chod now. Nisha was only in one piece dress, which was up to her knees. It did not take me long to remove her dress.

I opened the chain behind her dress and separated her dress from her body.

Ah, what was the goods I was a little different to look at her body tightly in pink panties and bra.

I started looking at him. My life was feeling doom. Tight, tight, soft waist, her body was light pink. I was so happy thinking that my mind was happy. He covered his face in shame.

Ahead of the story, you can only wait a little in the next part.

All the stories I have read till now, did not have all this. It was not the beginning, it was just sex from the start. But when I am writing this story, then I forgot some things. These were the things that we did. Nisha reminded me of that. It is just the beginning, friends… you cannot even imagine what happened in the next sex story. Both of us did many new experiments in sex, fucking many types of rugs.

If I wanted, I could start all this from the middle. But I had to write the whole story. I wanted to tell you how Nisha and I met. Next story in the next section.
Please tell me how you started the sex story.

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