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Friday, April 17, 2020

Scooty Chudasi Girlfriend-2

Scooty Chudasi Girlfriend-2

In the previous part of my sex story
Scooty Chudasi Girlfriend-1
, till now you had read that I opened the chain behind Nisha's dress and separated her dress from her body.

Ah, what was the goods I was a little different to look at her body tightly in pink panties and bra.

I started looking at him. My life was feeling doom. Tight, tight, soft waist, her body was light pink. I was so happy thinking that my mind was happy. He covered his face in shame.

Now further:

I was kissing on her feet. His legs looked very soft. Through Nisha's feet, I came up to her panties. Her panties were transparent. A rose flower was made on it, which was only covering her pussy. Her sexy and erotic siskaris were making the room's atmosphere even more romantic.

I kissed her pussy on top of her panties. Nisha's panties were wet. I was likewise licking her panties. The taste of his pussy seemed very cool.

I took a bite on her pussy, she made a very loud voice and said- want to kill my life!
I- No Nishu… I want to die for you.

Hearing this, he pulled me upwards and started kissing. She started rubbing her tongue with my lips, I opened my mouth and took her tongue in and started sucking. With one hand, I started pressing her juicy mummies. Then Bra separated her body in one stroke and started sucking a milk in the mouth.

Nisha's body was burning like a hot furnace. At the time of sex, the girl who makes no sound, she is very happy to listen. At that time, the man gets even more excited.
I started kissing her upper body. The room was buzzing with Nisha's cool voices. My hand was now playing with her pussy.

Nisha 'Hahhhh ammm ahhhh ... make me your own sweetheart ..' was making such voices.

I put my hand in her panties and put a finger in her pussy. She chuckled. He buried his nails on my back. I also felt pain, but nothing seemed to happen during sex. I removed her panty. Was it very tasty… I was being plastered like a fresh bread. Absolutely fair and wet, like honey dripping from it.

I kissed him on seeing it. Was there an alcoholic scent… the test was too salty. For the first time, you can understand the fun of seeing and touching.

I was finger in Nisha's pussy and kisses were continuing on her stomach. There was a mole just below her navel, which I liked. He probably cleaned his hair on her pussy today. It was like velvet.

In all the Indian porn videos I had seen till now, it was often black… so I used to think that all the pictures around here would be black. Not a white girl like a porn star… But I started thinking about how wrong I was by looking at Nisha's blonde pussy. My Nisha's pussy was absolutely white and velvety like any porn star.

Then Nisha started removing my shirt. I understood that Nisha has to see mine now. Nisha took off my shirt and threw off my pants too. From the top of her underwear, she started caressing my cock. The craving to see cocks was clearly visible in his eyes. He pulled my underwear in one stroke and now both of us were without clothes.

As soon as Nisha touched my cock with her soft hands, I felt as if I was taking a trip to heaven in another world.

Just like a child sees something for the first time, in the same way Nishu was watching my cock back and forth.
Ah what a great feeling it was… Nisha kissed my cock and took it in her mouth. She turned to me and started sucking my cock. I could not believe that she would do this.

I like to tell you in further detail how he did it. I was just having fun and I fell in just two minutes. When you are having sex with a girl for the first time, then you know how soon a fall happens. I had a fall in Nishu's mouth. I did not get time to tell. But not only did Nisha drink the juice of cocks, but she was still being sucked.

I was shocked that Nisha drank all the goods and was still sucking cocks like lollipops.

Sucking Nisha like this made my cock stand again in 5 minutes. Nisha looked at me with lustful eyes, as if saying that now my turn was to suck her pussy.

I did not delay and removed Nisha from her top and slammed her on the bed. He still had my semen on his lips, which he licked with his tongue and cleaned. I extended my lips towards her lips, so she grabbed my head and pushed it towards her pussy.

I also spread both her legs and opened the pussy completely. As soon as I spread her pussy with my fingers, the view inside the pussy was absolutely red. His juice was seeping from inside. Really, Chut had a very intoxicating scent. I started licking his pussy. I was pushing my tongue inside the pussy.

She started to make a loud noise - Ahhhh… Jaan… and suck it hard Jaan… uhmmm… and loud.

Like this, I kept sucking him for 5 or 6 minutes. At the same time, I was putting my finger in the pussy inside out. She collapsed after some time.

I wanted to remove my mouth from the pussy, but Nishu grabbed my head with his legs and pressed it on the pussy with his hands. Despite not wanting, I drank all his goods.
It was very tasty juice, what I knew will become my habit next.

Now Nisha pulled me up and kissed me. After a minute of kisses, my cock became a tight one. I came in between his legs. Nisha's pussy had become smooth after sucking. Just had to wet my cock again.

I gestured to Nisha and Nisha wet my cock with her mouth.

I again came in between his legs. Rubbed his thick cock on his pussy. Nisha's pussy was very tight. It was also his first time. I could not understand how Nishu had such an experience despite being a virgin.

I started rubbing cocks on her pussy.
Nishu-Jaan, please put it in please, and don't stop.

I grabbed both his legs and widened, so that the cocks would go in easily. I set the cocks properly on the pussy and gave a push. The supra of my cock went into the pussy.

Nisha screamed very loudly, which scared me. I did not think anything To close her mouth, I put Nisha's panties nearby and put her in her mouth and closed her mouth… so that she could not scream.

Seeing her doing this, she was watching me tear my eyes out. With the closing of her mouth, she was now flirting a little more.

I raised her legs up to my shoulders and held her hands tightly. When I gave a jerk again, more than half of my cock had gone into his pussy.

As soon as I gave the next blow, the whole cock had settled in the pussy.
Nisha's condition was very bad. She was very flirting… but she could not speak anything due to her mouth shut. I was constantly getting my cock inside.

After some time she calmed down and she stopped flirting.

'Ammm… hmmmm… ohhhh .. ’Now Nisha was starting to make a good voice.
I left his hands on seeing this. He started enjoying it. She took out the panties from her mouth and started kissing me. While kissing, she put the panties in my mouth and put her hands on the mouth. So that I can not take the panties out.

He said in my ear - don't take it out of my life.

I obeyed him and started fucking him harder. Nishu scratched my back with his nails and buryed his nails… but it was also fun.

Guys should see girls nails before having sex. If the nails are large, the shirt should not be removed.

In this way, both of us did some fucking for 15 minutes. Then she was going to fall asleep.
Nisha started to say to me - ah and loudly… Do not stop now… and do not fall before me.
I also started fucking him very hard and suppressing his mother.

In a while, she started to make a loud noise - Ah darling and loud fuck me. … Ah and darling… tear my pussy… and loudly.
Saying this, that nail fell on my back with a loud bruise and became completely calm.

But I still had my fall. I started fucking harder and after a minute I also fell into her pussy. Due to my mouth being closed, I did not even ask whether I should take the semen in or out.
I had extracted the juice inside. Her pussy was filled with my semen and I fell down on Nisha.

For some time, we both kept clinging. Nisha took the panties out of my mouth and kissed me - I love you dear. You agree so much about me.
I love you to Nishu. I accept everything you say. Nishu, may I ask one thing?
Nisha- Yes baby… ask.
Me- How so much experience… It was your first time.
Nisha- Dumbo… I watch videos. I have been waiting for this day since when you and I will unite.
I-oh..hh… learned by watching videos. You have given me a lot of fun, sweetheart.

Now we both started talking like this without clothes. While talking, our eyes caught, nothing was known. When I woke up after two hours, Nisha was sleeping. My mind was to fuck once more. But he also had to go home. Time was also enough.

I picked her up… she got up.
My darling was very happy. The joy of good sex brings a different glow to the girl's face.

Nisha woke up, there was blood between her legs. I took Nisha in my hands and took her to the bathroom. Took a shower together. Did not have sex there. Just while kissing we were taking a bath. Nisha and I were talking while taking a shower.

Nisha- Baby, would you agree with me?
Me- Yes Nishu.
Nisha- I have to do many experiments in sex life. Have fun by all means. You and me… and our sex life must be cool. Our sex life will be very different from real life. Like you would say in real life, I will do it… and sex life according to me… please know.
Me- Nishu… As you like, we will do all that.
Nisha- Baby, you will never refuse me for anything. Promise me
I promise.

Nisha started kissing me tightly in the arms. We both took a shower quickly and came out quickly. Even after coming out, we were without clothes. We both dried each other with towels. I started looking at Nisha's clothes. Her panties had become wet.

Nisha wore that and bra as well. Then got dressed and fixed her hair.

She could not go home without makeup like this, people at home would have been suspicious. I took her to Mummy's room and she did light make-up. She was ready
I was still in tow.

Nisha kissed me and said- Baby remember your promise… and yes I have to do a lot of online shopping too. Come to my house at 8 o'clock With the excuse of asking for some notes.

In these six months we used to exchange study related notes, so I used to come home.

After Nisha left, I fell asleep again while remembering Nisha. I woke up at 7 in the evening and called Dad- where are you guys… when are you coming.
I called to know all this.
Dad told that he would come after two days.

Meaning I had two more days to have fun with Nisha. I got ready quickly and went to Nisha's house. His med opened the door and I went inside.

Say hello to Aunty, she was watching TV. I talked to the aunt and asked about Nisha, then she told that she is in the room… studying.
Nisha is a topper in the university… and the girls who study these are a lot more romantic, I understood today.

I went to Nisha's room. Nisha was in pajamas and T-shirt.
I kissed him and asked- why Shona called.
Nisha - Baby, I want to go shopping for us.
Me- for us? What to buy
Nisha Mobile while bidding towards me- Look Baby.

The mobile had sex toys and sexy panty-bras, underwear, accessories for BDMS sex such as Dildo, Peggy's (Stramon), Penis Cellive, Penis Cage, Vibrator.
After seeing all this, I kept looking at Nisha.
I said to my surprise - Shona, for what?
Nisha- Baby, you have promised. The sex life will run on my own free will.
I- Shona can do anything for you.
Nisha- Will you be my sex slave (slave) for the whole life?
He said this with a killer smile.

Me- Shona can become anything for you.
I and Nisha kissed. He told me - wait… I just came.

He went out and saw what his mother was doing. His mother was watching TV. She came back and while putting her pajamas down, said- Let my slave… suck my pussy… and make me happy.

I was late for him to speak. I started licking her pussy. She was not making a sound by placing her hand on her mouth. I was licking her pussy with fun. Nisha fell in my mouth after licking it for ten minutes. I had to drink his Raj again. She became calm after falling.

Nisha asked me to take out the cocks quickly without taking off my pants. I lowered the chain of pants and removed the cocks. Nisha took the straight cocks in her mouth and started sucking like a lollipop.
Ah, what was sucking lust… I can't tell you.

I was about to fall in a while, so I grabbed his head and started pressing on the cocks. Cocks were being sucked with fun. I also fell in his mouth. Nisha also drank all the contents of my cock. She drank to the last drop of semen.

I quickly put my cock in the pants and talked to him for a while. The things he had to buy, he ordered online at my address.

Friends, Nisha and I fuck for the first time. Tell us how you liked our story. You write to me by email so that I can share the next sex story with you too.

I could never have imagined that Nisha would get such a good life partner… which would make me so good my sex life. What we did shopping, search through the net. So that you enjoy reading the upcoming stories.

Be prepared to listen to Nisha's words ahead.

How was this sex story, definitely tell me, for the first time I am writing in the story, some mistakes are bound to happen. Please ignore it.

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