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School time friend provoked for sex

School time friend provoked for sex

We both studied together till the 12th, so we had close friendship, family relations. Once both of them went by train to give an exam and stayed in the hotel. What happened in the train and the hotel?

Hello my name is Riyansh Singh. I am 23 years old and I am an engineer. This thing is done when I went to Indore to give an exam.
I had to go to Indore with my school friend Manvi. Mera and Manvi had reservations in the train. We both left for Indore a day before the exam because we had a reservation and our train was from Gwalior at 8:30 in the night.

Both Manvi and I have studied together from childhood till the 12th, so there is a big house in her and my family.

We reached the station at the right time and lay down, finding our seats. Manvi was tired due to studies, so she slept in a while. I could not sleep fast, so I got out of my earphones and started listening to songs. I always have a habit of opening the train window. I like to see the outside of it, so I opened the window. It was night time, everyone was asleep and everyone's lights were off in the train.

Manvi, who was sleeping on the seat in front of me, was wearing a crop top and kafri according to her comfort. By the way, I had never thought about Manvi that it is also so beautiful and it can also be an option for me, but never did I notice it from that point of view because I felt like a sister-brother after seeing her.

Due to the strong wind coming from the train window, his crop top was flying. Suddenly, the top end of her top was uprooted and above the navel. As soon as I saw him, I kept watching. I was also afraid that no one would see. Still, I was afraid to see her navel.
His blond and cheese like a soft flat stomach… and the black mole near his navel looked very seductive. All this was forcing me to touch it. But I was afraid, so I could not do anything… just kept watching.

I could not know when I fell asleep while watching him.

Then when it was morning, she had risen before me. Now Indore bus was one station away. As soon as Manvi was about to lift me, her eyes fell on my lower… There was a tent.
He told me this later.

Manvi laughingly picked me up. He placed his soft hand on my chest and said with a sweet voice- Riyansh wake up… Indore is coming.
Along with lifting me, she was laughing at seeing my tent.

When I woke up, I did not understand why Manvi is laughing like crazy.
I asked him, but he did not say anything.

Then I got up and took a bottle of water from him and rinse it on the washbasin near the gate, washed my face, then went back and returned the bottle to him.
She was still laughing.
I looked at him angrily and started packing my stuff saying 'crazy ..'.

After some time our train had reached Indore. We descended and came out of the platform.
She was still laughing. There was a different mischief in his eyes.
I saw that Manvi was still laughing at me unnecessarily. I got very angry and I was determined that I will live by teaching it a lesson.
In a hotel I booked online, I booked a single room with two separate beds.

After this, we taxied from the station and reached the hotel. I told my booking at the reception and took the key of my room from him and came to my room.

It was 9 o'clock in the morning. I had just opened the room gate that Manvi went and jumped on the bed and lay down… because she was too much though I was also very tired. So I too went to my bed and lay down. We were fast asleep, but my exam was from 10 o'clock… Manvi's exam was from two o'clock.

I started getting ready to give exams. By the time I was ready, I saw that Manvi was asleep. I could not take the phone to the exam center, so I gave my phone to Manvi and told him that I am going to give the exam, you wake up carefully and get a call from home, then talk.

She nodded and I left the room to lock her room with the other key.

I gave the exam, after the exam was completed, I came back to the hotel. It was 2 o'clock by then. I felt that the human examination would have gone. As soon as I reached my room, I saw that Manvi was still sleeping.

I woke him up. As soon as she saw the time, it was already 2 o'clock, so she started crying very fast. I could not understand what to do.

I hugged him and explained that nothing will happen by crying now, you are not upset.

She was crying from my chest. I was feeling his great milk. For that reason my cock started erecting. He felt my cock on his pussy and started smiling right away.

I felt that she has gone mad, was still crying and is laughing now. Manvi said to me - Your train was also standing in the tent. That's why I was laughing since morning.

I also put it on my chest and said- Yes, I saw your navel at night when your top got up… It was very sweet, my cock was erected just after seeing it.

Manvi heard the word cocks, then punched me on the chest and started saying - what is so lust… have you never had sex?
If I had said- it would have been different. Till today I have not been able to tell you that you are my crush all the time. But due to family relationship, I could never tell you.

She started looking at my face with surprise.
I told him- Well leave it, don't think about the exam… I will not tell anyone. You just don't cry, I don't like it.

Manvi ignored my words and said sporadically to me, will you have sex with me. Today is your day… tomorrow is our train… Think!

I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me. I began to kiss him without any reason. That too was being kissed to me.

I kissed her for a long time, she started saying - you will only eat my lips.

Laughing, I left him and took off his top. She was wearing a pink bra inside. I looked at her sizzling nipples for a moment and gently removed the bra. He took his eyes down in shame and put his hands on his face. I just kept looking at him.

I saw her milk for the first time… so I was not being controlled. I rubbed her mummies by hand, then gently pressed one nipple into my lips. As soon as I felt his lips, he made his body tremble with a very shuddering.

I held her milk by hand and sucked my nipple a lot. She was also becoming very erotic.

After that he kissed me on the ear. When I felt her warm lips, I also woke up. He put his lips on my lips. Then kissed on the cheek. While doing this, he took off my shirt. I was just watching him. I could see mischief in his eyes.

He kissed my chest nipples with great love and started sucking on his lips.
I could not understand what to do. I was enjoying very much, it seemed like I am flying on the seventh sky.

My cock had become very hard. I was in a lot of pain and I was very rash. I put my hands on her waist and stuck her fingers in the elastic of her lower. She understood and she supported me in taking off. After lowering, I also pulled her panty down. I saw a girl's pussy for the first time in life .

He held my cock and started rubbing it on his pussy. I teased the grain of her pussy, then she woke up.
He said in my ear- first give Chod… then do something.

I too was on fire, my cock was taut. I dropped her on the bed and climbed on top of it. As soon as he lay down, he spread his legs.

I rubbed my cock in her pussy and kept it in the crack and pushed it. There was a lot of water in her pussy, so the pussy was absolutely puny. My cock moved right away. The thick nut of cocks got into the chest, then his groan broke out.

I put my cock in her pussy again, putting strength on her sigh and groan, then this time the cock went inside. He started feeling a lot of pain. Since it was also my first time, I was also in a lot of pain. But the excitement of fuck was so much that I was enjoying this pain too.

After four to five strikes, she too was able to bear the pain. Since both of them were sitting full, we both collapsed within five minutes. After this first ejaculation, there was so much fatigue that it was not known when our sleep started.

We both woke up around 7 in the evening, when both of us were unable to meet each other's eyes. Chudai once again got ready and we both started warming up again.

The atmosphere of fuck kept going on all night. Slept at four in the morning. When he woke up the next day, he had a mild fever.

It was an evening train, so I gave it to end the pain and brought contraceptive medicine. We both slept again after eating food etc.

After catching the train in the evening, both of us came back home, but what happened after that, we both did not talk among ourselves. Although we still meet, but what is wrong in the mind is that the old thing is over.

We never thought that both of us would have sex with each other. But whatever I did, I did it with consent. Why she was not able to get comfortable with me, I do not understand it yet.

What are your thoughts about my sex story, please tell by matching it.

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