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Thursday, April 2, 2020

School teacher fuck me fiercely

School teacher fuck me fiercely

Hello friends, My name is Priyanka and I am from Lucknow. I am 18 years old and I study in class 11. I am very sexy girl I have seen my big brother and sister-in-law secretly fucking many times, so I also have enough sex. If I talk about my body, then I am a mistress of a white-looking Chinese body. I love to wear hot and organ performing clothes. If anyone sees me once, then just looking at it goes way. Today I am going to tell my true sex story in front of you, so let me start. 

I was a very sexy girl from the beginning. I used to secretly watch porn on my mobile with my friends. Apart from this, I also love reading sex stories. I had a lot of desire to fuck for a long time. In school, a boy of my own class Rahul used to beat me for a long time, but that boy did not like me at all. But one day I thought that Rahul could be used to quench the thirst for sex. From the very next day, I started giving expressions to Rahul. Rahul's luck was very good, because he was going to get a chance to fuck with a hot girl like me. A few days later, I had also given my phone number to Rahul. Rahul used to call me daily, but I had to somehow fuck him with him and leave him in his condition. This is to say that Rahul was just a goat to quench my thirst for fuck. One day I made a plan to go to see the film with Rahul and then we both went to see the film that day. I was wearing a sleeveless hot dress that day so that I could attract Rahul to me. That day both of us were sitting together watching the film. I deliberately went to watch a horror film with Rahul, so that I could get closer to him. As soon as there was a scary scene in the film, I used to stick with Rahul. During this time, I could also easily feel the tents tanned in Rahul's paint. With this kind of action, Rahul could feel the heat inside me very well. After some time, both of us had gone to Rahul's friend's room to spend time alone, which had been empty for quite some time. As soon as we reached the room, both of us talked to each other for some time and then suddenly Rahul started to grow with me with lustful eyes. Even after knowing everything, I became unaware and started saying to Rahul, "What are you doing?" It was only when I said this that Rahul started kissing me.

I was also going to kiss Rahul with fun. Rahul was kissing me like a madman, sometimes on the cheek, sometimes on the lips, sometimes on the throat. After some time, I again became unaware and pushed Rahul and said, "We should not do all this now". But as the ghost was riding on Rahul, he did not want to leave me on any condition. I also wish that she would quench my thirst for sex again today. Rahul was behaving towards an animal that day. He had torn the dress lightly due to taking off my dress in a hurry. After some time, Rahul picked me up and went to a table and lay down. Rahul had pulled my panty up even harder. I had come to know that since when Rahul too has been desperate for me and now I was probably going to fuck very badly. 

I was going to fuck with someone for the first time, so I was also having a lot of fun. Rahul had licked me on the table and started licking the seeds of my vagina. I was feeling so good for the first time, and also felt myself getting increasingly excited. Rahul could not wait anymore. He immediately pulled out his long 7-inch tool and started shaking it to insert into my vagina. Rahul first enlarged his penis and placed it on the wall of my vagina and then while holding my waist, in one stroke, put his tool inside my pussy. That loud shock caused me to scream because of the intense pain. Only after this, while Rahul slowly moved his cock inside my pussy, I started feeling four. After fucking for a while, I too started enjoying a lot now. Rahul was going to fuck me because of my boobs. I was also boosting Rahul's enthusiasm by calling him "loud, loud and fucking". That day Rahul brought me to different positions and fuck with me many times. Rahul had hit me twice that day, but he also did not want to lose the good fortune of having a Hasina like me, so he was going to fuck me again and again in a short break. After Chudai that day we both went home. After that day, I stopped paying Rahul again. Because I did not like boredom in sex. And I wanted me to always experience sex with different boys. He was very angry with me for not giving Rahul the price. So he told the news of Rahul's fuck to all the boys of the school. Gradually, this news was also visible to my Chauhan sir, who used to hit the line on me for a long time. After that day, Chauhan sir would not leave any excuse to stare and touch my body during class.

Whenever I used to study, he used to come near me and see my boobs. One day Chauhan sir called me alone in his office after school was over, I could not understand why Chauhan sir had called me. After school was over, I quietly went to Chauhan sir's office. First, Chauhan sir looked at me from top to bottom and then closed the office door from inside laughing. I asked Chauhan sir, "What are you doing?" Then Chauhan sir took out the mobile and asked me to look into the mobile. How I saw in mobile, I was completely shocked. Inside the mobile there was a video of Rahul and me having sex. Rahul had secretly made a video of me, which he had also shown to Sir. Sir rubbed my shoulder with his dirty eyes and said, "If you want this video not to reach your house, then I have to do what you tell me. I was quite scared so I was just sitting quietly listening. 

Shortly after, Sir started rubbing my shoulder and unbuttoning the button of my school shirt. Tears were coming out of my eyes, but I could not do anything. Opening the head button, putting one of my hands in my shirt, I started to spice up my boobs. After some time they had completely naked me from above and now I was just in school skirt. Sir, I was going to suck my boob like a mango like a mango. I was crying a lot during this time. After this, Sir quickly pulled out his trunk and forced them to put their LND in my mouth and grabbed my head and started kissing me.

During this, he is very fond of fucking me “Le randi tujh? Speaking while hurting me even more. For about 5 minutes, Chauhan sir kept kissing me like this. After this he made me a mare upside down on the chair and then pulled my panty from under the skirt and lifted it down to my knees. 

After this, Sir grabbed my waist and in one stroke had removed his LND in my pussy. Chauhan sir was going to fuck me like a machine and a loud noise was coming out of my mouth. "Ah ah", I was going to fuck Chouhan with his head while aching. For some time, Chauhan sir kept on chasing me like this and then he had laid me on a cloth on the ground. Chauhan sir's cock was very hard even after a fall. He laid me on the ground and kept my legs on his shoulder, I was in such a bad fuck for 15 minutes continuously. I was crying a lot, but Sir was just going to make me move in different positions. Later that day, Nanny had moved to another city. 

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