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Relationship sister and assfucking

Relationship sister and assfucking

My distant sister came home, she needed some money. I gave When I went to get the money back, I was cooking. Her blond pussy filled with sweat tempted me.

Hello Friends, My name is Jai. I am a Marwari youth of 28 years. I am from Rajasthan Jodhpur. My height is 5 feet 9 inches and the size of my penis is seven and a half inches.

This is my first story on immigration. By the way, I am far ahead in terms of sex. So far, I have given many girls and aunts the pleasure of fucking in bed.

If she seems to be my distant sister, then she used to come to my family. I had never seen him before from Chodane's eyes.
But one day suddenly she came to my house, she needed some money. I gave him money.
He said- I will return in two-four days.
I said - okay… never mind.

After two or three days I needed money for the night's drink, so I tried here and there. Then I remembered that I had given it to my sister, I withdraw money from it, then my work will be done.

I called him.
She said - OK come home and take it… but now only half.
I said - no problem, I will be done in this.

When I went to her house, I saw that she was making vegetable bread and looked a bit upset.
I asked him just like that - what happened… looking upset?
She said - Your brother-in-law will not come home for four to five days… and I feel a little scared to be alone.

By the way, he has a boy and a girl. They are both 10 and 12 years old. Even then, a woman is alone. She was sitting near the gas, soaked with sweat from the heat.

Then my eyes went on her pussy. For the first time I had sensual thoughts for him. When I looked carefully, his size was very cool. Everyone could be mad by seeing his naan maps. I just slipped.

Then he saw me staring at his mother. As soon as I saw him, I turned my head to the other side.

After talking to him for some time, I said - I go, give me the money, it is eight o'clock.
That quote - what do you want money for?
I said cool to him - today is the mood to drink, that's why.

He gave the money smiling and said - Where will you sit and drink?
I said - I will sit somewhere and drink it.
He said that if anyone sees outside, it will not be good. You can come to my house to drink and eat here too.
Looking at him, I said - ok, no problem. What will you have
He asked to bring ice cream for the children.

I took money from my sister and brought ice cream for me and Daru and her children from the shop.
The children had eaten their food. She started eating ice cream with children in another room.

I made my peg sitting outside in the drawingroom and started drinking. I was drinking slowly.
Then I heard that the sister told her children that now both of you go to sleep, you and my maternal uncle will eat together.

The children went to sleep and she went to take a bath. I was enjoying a drink sitting in an outside room.

I started feeling a little sick. Lund was starting to get desperate and some time ago her sweaty wet tits started erecting my cocks. I thought that the sister should be seen taking a bath.

I just went to the bathroom and started trying to see him taking a bath. From the net above the bathroom gate, I must have seen him for two or three seconds, that his eye fell on me. As soon as I get my eyes on him, I understand that my life has come in trouble.

I came straight into the room and finished the peg and left his house without informing him. I picked up the bottle that was left in the bottle and started walking on the road outside.

Then his call came - why didn't you eat the food… and why did you go without speaking?
I thought that she would call me home and tell me something.

I thought that would be seen. I told him - I went to take a little cigarette, I will come now.
Then I took a cigarette packet from the paan shop and came to his house.

She was wearing normal clothes. He opened the gate. I said that I am in a hurry, you give me a quick meal, I have to go home.

He looked at me smiling and brought food for both of us to the room by putting food on the same plate.
We both started eating.

While eating, he finally asked me - why did you see me in the bathroom?
I said - just like that.

She showed some displeasure and went to her room, saying no food. I also did not like it, so I went after it. She was crying in her room. I grabbed his hand and made him swear that he said to eat food.

She started looking at me, so I held her hand and brought it back. She was coming with me from restless. He came out and ate some food with me.

Then I said that okay, I will go now.
She looked at me and said- Don't stop here today!
I said - what will I say at home?
Thinking something, he said to call the house.

I called my father that my friend has work, I will stay at his house at night.
I got permission from my father.

I said to him - Okay, I sleep in the room outside, sleep with you children.
She said - okay when I sleep, then I will leave.
I said while looking at it - okay.

I lit a cigarette. She started seeing me smoking cigarettes.
After talking with him for some time, he asked me the same thing again.
I also said that I was watching just like this.

I became silent after speaking like this. She too became silent.
When I looked at him, I saw a slight smile on his face.
I asked - what happened, why are you laughing?
He said - nothing, I was just laughing like this.

I told him that you go to sleep now.
He said - I am not sleeping… You sleep.
I lay down He placed his hand on my head and said never to do so now.
I said - Ok.
She kept stroking my head.

Then I said - you are very beautiful, I wanted to see you, so I started thinking about it.
She said - So what she was seeing from the bathroom, I can also see outside.

I understood that something is going on in his mind too. I told him daringly - show your mother once today, I will never speak again.
She got a little annoyed with this thing and started looking at me with eyes.

I said - do not show OK, I will never come to your house now.
He said - man, that is not the case, if anyone comes to know this, what will happen.

I knew his wish and convinced him by putting it in talk. She showed a little scene by opening the blouse hook above.
I said - show it all!

After a while, my sister opened her entire blouse. I asked her to open the bra too, so she refused.

I told her to top up the bra that I do not open well… top it up.

She agreed Seeing his cool juicy mummies, my mind got upset. His chubby big milk looked very intoxicating. Seeing the black nipples on her mums, my cock was erect.

I asked her to touch
She laughed and said no man.
Nevertheless, I gently held one of his milk and pressed it.

He quickly turned his face to the other side. Considering her wish, I slowly started caressing her two moms.

Now his heartbeat and my heartbeat started growing. I slowly put my lips on a mamme's nipple and started sucking. He refused for a while, then he did not say anything.

I started sucking my sister's milk and running my hand on her waist legs. With which he first saw my face up and then put his lips on my lips. I also started sucking lips.

Now the atmosphere of the room had become somewhat warm. I slowly started to rotate the hand between her legs and started caressing her pussy on top of the tights. Sister's pussy was feeling very wet. She was starting to become a cock.

I pulled him into my arms. She came in my full enthusiasm. I took my hand down and began to scrape her pussy rash with a finger, which caused her eyes to turn from fun.

After some time I told him - I have to kiss on the bottom.
At first he refused, then said- I do not believe if I refuse… do what you have to do.

I took her clothes up and removed her tights and licked her pussy. His alcoholic moan came out. I started licking her whole pussy with a tongue, alcoholic sizzle started coming out of her mouth.

Now she herself started pressing my head with her both hands on her pussy. I started to lick my tongue in the pussy.
Then suddenly he left his water on my mouth and became completely exhausted.

I started kissing her lips and mummies again to warm up, so that she started pulling me on top of her.
I took off my pants and asked him to caress my cock with his hand.
She started shaking her hand on my cock and said- Your cock is very good.
I said - don't you suck it too!

You all know Marwari women like this job less. But I am also stubborn. Sister agreed after briefly explaining to me.

My sister started sucking my cock. He refused after sucking cocks for a while.
I said to him after sometime, let's do the work now, which calms the fire.
She went shy.

I told him - you close your eyes.

He closed his eyes. After that, I set my cock on her pussy and slowly piled it. A slight scream came out of her… but she went to my cock.

I slowly started licking the cock inside. Her sexy giggles started growing. I put my lips on her lips and increased my speed slightly. My shaking started to worsen his condition.

After fifteen minutes, he said - Wait.

I took my cock out and started kissing him. My cock was completely wet with her pussy. I cleaned the cocks with my underwear and lay down straight. When she saw me lying down, she started looking lustfully towards my standing cocks.

When I asked her to come over, she agreed. He set his position on me and took my cock and took it in his pussy. Now I was jerking very hard from below and she was having fun bouncing her ass.

After some time, his body began to stiffen, so I also increased my speed. Just a few moments later we both collapsed one after the other. I licked him by sticking him on my chest.

We were both very tired. When we caught our eye, we did not know anything.

Maybe I did not have my eye open at three or four o'clock. When I went to her room to see her, she was sleeping blind.
I sat near him and started turning his hand on his waist and ass.

He held my hand and said- Go, sleep outside.
I said, man, if you have a chance today, come… otherwise when will we meet again.
He too said yes to the fun and said- You go outside to the room… I come.

I came out and sat down. I had again made a liquorice peg and smoked cigarettes.
After ten minutes she came to me and started crying with me.
When I asked, he said - the fun that has been enjoyed today, has never come in life.
I said - it is yet to be morning my life… go see what happens.

After that I asked him for a liquor, he lifted the glass and pulled it completely in one stroke and took a cigarette from my hand and started to taste the mouth.
After this we both drew a peg.

The fun of intoxication was beginning to dominate. We both hugged. I put kiss on her lips, neck and mummies.
She started giggling and opened her clothes and lay down.

I moved my hand on her pussy, then she lifted her ass and said - lick it like it was in the night.

After lying on her, I started playing the magic of my tongue on sister's pussy. She started licking Chudas, juice started flowing from her pussy. Whom I licked and licked.

Later, I asked her to suck cocks, so this time she agreed to pickup. He took my cock in his mouth in a jerk and started licking. I started planting sea dives.

After some time I asked her to become a mare, then she quickly became ready.

I grabbed her from behind and set my cock on her pussy and started fucking her sister. With the rubbing of cocks, she started giggling harder.
I told him not to shout, don't make a loud noise.
But his siskaris did not stop. After some time he said - I will come up as before.

I lay down and she came up and started enjoying the ass bouncing loudly. I started pressing her moms hard, which worsened her condition. She started wetting my cock with her juices.

I asked her to become a mare, then she became a mare. This time I used to rotate my cock on her pussy and ass for a long time. She was starting to cry.
She started saying - Do cocks inside, right?
I was trying to kill his ass, so I said - what should I do a little bit back?

He refused at first, later agreed to my oath. I got up and took ghee from the kitchen and came back and smoothed his ass and my cock with my finger.

Now I said to my sister - there will be some pain… but later on it will be fun too.
She said - okay… but when I say, then stop.

I said yes and set the cocks on the ass and said - now you loosen the ass and slowly push back.

that does it. Here, I was also very slowly trying to put cocks in my sister's ass.

He got mild pain as soon as he got the supra of cocks, I increased the smoothness of the ass while dripping ghee. In the same way, by slowly, I stuck the whole cock in sister's ass and stopped and started rubbing her mums. Started rubbing his pussy. Her pain kept on going and she opened up to kill the ass.

Now I was slowly making in and out of her hand and was also stroking her pussy, which made her enjoy double.

After about ten minutes the whole cocks started coming out. My sister was also getting her brother killed by fun.

Then a fatal fuck was coming to an end. I increased the speed of both my hands and cocks… and we both collapsed together. I in his ass and he in my hand.

After cleaning it, he lay down on it. When I looked at the clock, it was five o'clock.

She had fallen asleep If I asked him to wake me up, he said - will you come tomorrow?
I said yes to him and came back to my house.

After that I have not known how many times I have sex with her in these three months, she also waits with full enthusiasm.

By the way, I am definitely a Marwari, so I know how Marwari are in bed.

This is my first sex story, I will meet again with some of the later missed stories of sex. I want to know from you how you liked the story of my sister's kiss. Please tell me by commenting.

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