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Real sister became my wife

Real sister became my wife

After the death of my wife in child delivery, my 19 year old young sister took over my son. I fell in love with my sister. I wanted to get my sister's youth.

Today, by sending this real incident as an interesting sex story, I am sending it to my fellow readers. Hopefully people will like this sex story quite a lot on insistence.

It was a memorable and enjoyable event for my family.

I am working as a manager in Shakeel Kumar Bank. After the sudden death of Abbu, all responsibility of Ammi and younger sister was on me. Apart from me in the family were Ammi, younger sister and wife Sajia.

I was about to become a father after 6 years of marriage. Ammi and younger sister Nasreen were very happy at home. Even if they were not happy, today, after a long time, there was an atmosphere of joy and joy in the house because the new guest was about to come.

The day of delivery has arrived. Sajia was admitted to the hospital. But unfortunately the case got worse. Sajia died with the birth of a child. The child was saved by doctors.
After this incident, some such situation had arisen that the responsibility of taking care of my child Salman had come on Ammi and Nasreen.

Especially Nasreen, who was just a 19-year-old girl. She was going to give the exam of twelfth. But the poor had a new responsibility. Well… just like Nasreen gave the exam of twelfth and passed.

Time passed and the situation took a turn. While looking after Salman, when I got attracted to Nasreen, nothing was known. I had come very close to Nasreen because of an innocent child. Ammi was also unaware of these things. She was understanding the growing love for Nasreen in my eyes. In these eyes, the love and affection of a brother for Nasreen should not be there at all. Rather, a distinct glow and strange desire was clearly visible in my eyes.

Nasreen was often busy with work. I kept staring at her with full love and enticing eyes, her full bouncing buttocks and nipples with hidden askew eyes. Poor Nasreen was unaware of these things that the destiny of her immediate elder brother was spoiled on her youth. Unaware of these things, the service of his brother and his child was being selfless.

Here I wanted to talk to Ammi with seriousness about Nasreen. I was left to play Nasreen's youth.

When I spoke to Ammi about this, Ammi's attitude was also positive.
Ammi said- Son, I understand your feelings and emotions very well. I have seen a lot of love for Nasreen in your eyes. What feelings do you have about him, I know all that. I also heartily wish that he should adopt you along with the child. Son, I also wish to see both of you as son-in-law and daughter-in-law. My grandmother and grandmother will have two relationships with the children born of the union of you two. I get excited thinking this. Son, let me say one thing, your father had put his seed in my womb 18 years ago, a fruitful tree has been prepared in the form of Nasreen. This fruit of the father's tree is very sweet… and I want you to eat this sweet fruit as Nasreen.

I was not happy with hearing Ammi's words. The gesture of eating the sweet fruit of Nasreen's youth was from the fuck of Nasreen. In a way Ammi was giving me the green signal. I was very happy inside myself with Ammi's talk.

I went away in the old days and those days started roaming before my eyes. That was six years ago, at that time Nasreen was younger. It was Sunday, Nasreen was bathing completely on the water tap in the courtyard. I was watching all this from the floor above. Nasreen's buttocks and nipples were taking shape. His period had not started yet… but there was a rise in the chat. Which was an indication that within 5–6 months, his mains are sure to start.

I was very hot that day seeing her naked. But wow, luck, the thing I was craving for that day… Today the situation has become such that I was going to get it myself. Fucking a seal pack girl like Nasreen was a privilege for me.

I told Ammi- Ammi bless me that I can fulfill your wish as soon as possible.
Ammi said- Son, you stay relaxed, I will talk to Nasreen in this regard. I hope that I will convince him and extinguish it and prepare it for you.

Then one day, seeing the opportunity, Ammi told Nasreen about her mind.
At first, Nasreen got angry and said angrily - Ammi, what are you talking about this nonsense. What happened to you? This can never happen. What will society say… Ammi is a sin. With brother… Yuck…

Ammi explained it to him. If explained that Shakeel's second marriage to a non-male and unknown girl, how will she treat the child. Step mother is only half step.
Nasreen kept listening quietly.

Ammi said while looking at him, daughter, you should consider this issue seriously. He patiently explained to me that when you and Shakeel have no objection, what objection do you have.

Nasreen was stunned to hear that her elder brothers wanted to marry her. Although his mind was hurt… but Ammi explained to him that if any other girl became a wife of Shakeel, then she would not create a rift between us and Shakeel. My and your expenses run with the same income. You should seriously consider it daughter.

Nasreen then asked Ammi for a week's time for a decision. For four days, Nasreen did not respond.

Meanwhile, I advised Nasreen to learn how to run a laptop and told her how important it is to learn computers in today's time.

Having said this, I gave my laptop to Nasreen. I started teaching him how to drive a laptop everyday. I was specifically teaching him to watch videos. Where do you open the folder of the video and how can someone watch the video with earphones.

With this I was eagerly waiting for his answer. Because I wanted to get Nasreen.

Then I made a plan. That morning at 7 in the morning, I entered the bathroom for a bath and deliberately did not take a towel.

After bathing I gave voice to Nasreen- O Nasreen… Just give me the towel, I forgot to bring it.

On that day, bone pain in Ammi's legs was more.

Nasreen brought the towel and asked to take the towel after knocking on the bathroom door. I opened the door. At this time there was not even a thread on my body. As Nasreen's eyesight fell on my 9 inch cock, she was speechless and stunned.

Only this much came out of his mouth - Father,… so big.

I saw clearly that his eye was on my cock while giving the towel. At this time my cock was like a gunpowder and was up and down. Then as soon as her eyes met my eyes… she blushed badly.

Then I mischievously said, "Oh man, Nasreen ... My little one is trying to befriend you."
Nasreen ran away with just speaking - Dhata Bhaijaan… you too… where is this shorty.

This incident added fuel to the fire. My plan worked. Now Nasreen was not giving me eyes. Rather, I was shy of coming in front of me.

Two days later my temper was about to arrive. He was called by Ammi. Apa was also in the favor of both of us. Apa started explaining and persuading Nasreen.

I knew that Apa has come in my favor and she will convince Nasreen. I was very positive about Nasreen's acceptance as well. Because I had put a porn video on the laptop to watch Nasreen with great enthusiasm and had made her cuddle of cocks while she was puffing. I knew that it was necessary to do all this to arouse the sex desire of any young girl.

He gave his consent before the week was over. I was not happy to hear this because now my dream of fucking Nasreen was going to be fulfilled. Ammi and Apa spoke to Kazi ji. Kazi ji agreed to the marriage of both and gave the wedding date after ten days.

Incidentally, Nasreen was also to be retired from her monthly period a few days later. After the retirement of the monthly period, the desire of girls to have sex is in full swing. My work was more done. On the second day of retirement, Apa took Nasreen to the beauty parlor. Taking him there, got his entire body waxed. While getting the inner hair cleaned, Apa noticed Nasrin's pussy. At the behest of Apa, the beautician opened her pussy and showed Nasreen's virginity… which was completely sealpack bur. After returning from the beauty parlor, Apa gave me this good news.

Now only hard work had to be done in breaking the seal.

Finally the day of marriage has arrived. The ritual of marriage was also completed.

At 9 o'clock in the same night, Apa took me with him to Nasreen for a honeymoon and said- Son… Look, my Nasreen daughter is very innocent, like a raw bud. Do not force it to become a flower. Whatever you do, do it with great love.

On the other hand, Nasreen was afraid to hear about Apa and was embarrassed inside. But he also had a desire to get a fuck off my cock. She had seen many videos of 3 men and a girl being cuddled together in a porn movie on a laptop. Nasreen had set herself up to fuck her big brother (now husband) with 9 inch long cocks.

Apa had left the room. I closed the room door and sat near Nasreen.

Kissing his henna with his hands in his hands, I said - Nasreen… my darling. Are you happy marrying me?

Nasreen bowed her eyes and nodded yes. I lifted Nasrin's chin and said- Nasreen… Say it… I love you… Do you love me?
She was silent, bowing her head in shame.

When I spoke to him again and again, he blushed and said - Yes I love you.

I started kissing Nasreen's face by putting my lips on Nasreen's lips. She started to support me, but still hesitated in her style. After a while I extended one hand and suppressed a touch of Nasreen. Nasreen turned red with shame. She was swearing badly. But my sister, who had become my wife now, was getting out of control to enjoy her youth.

Gently rubbing and rubbing every part of her body, I completely stripped her. He stripped off all his clothes too. Nasreen became hotter by seeing the cocks whirring like her brother's black snake.

Here I lay down Nasreen and started rubbing her pussy and rubbing it. Slowly, Nasreen sighed and hersing started coming out. Then Nasreen's hand automatically fell on my cock. She slowly grabbed my cock and started caressing and mashing. I took the nipples of both of Nasreen's nipples in turn and started sucking them like a baby. Finally, I started to drink Nasreen's pussy. Her pussy was trembling a lot. Because of being sucked, her ass was starting to rise up. His shame left him.

After some time, I spread both the legs of Nasreen and sat in the position, holding the front.

The crack of Nasrin's little pussy was wet. My 9-inch long cock was flapping straight like a cannon canal to break the seal of the virgin pussy of Nasreen . My cock was ready to break into the door of her virgin pussy and enter the palace.

I knew that the gate of the fort is very strong, it is not easy to demolish it and enter the fort. The blood was sure to happen. It was Nasreen's first time, so she was also afraid of poor things. Nasreen's pussy was peeping out of the crack. Nasreen was completely hot, her breath was fast… both were moving up and down.

Seeing all this, it was not right for me to stay longer. I spread both of Nasreen's legs more and put the lump nut on the wet crack and started rubbing it up and down.

As soon as I did this, she started to hum and swear badly. For a few minutes I kept rubbing cocks on the crack of Nasreen's pussy. In the meantime, Nasreen's body suffered a few setbacks and she fell without a hitch. At the time of the fall, Nasreen got the feeling of joy, it was clear from her face.

Now it was my turn. I set my 9 inch long penis on Nasreen's pussy and pressed it lightly, then she was shaken due to pain.

Nasreen spoke out of the feeling of thick cock - father, father… brother… please don’t make me… I am in a lot of pain.

But I tried to forget her pain by caressing her Titsi. I did not want to make my sister's pussy Bhosda in the first place, so I was working with great restraint.

In this way, I tried to slowly insert cocks 5-6 times. But each time she started to flirt with pain.

She started pleading with folded hands. But I knew that Nasreen was also willing to fuck with cocks.

Then I got up from the bed and applied the coconut oil on the dressing table to my cock and came back on the bed and I applied the oil again on Nasreen's pussy.

This time I had decided in my mind that whatever happens this time, the door of the fort (Nasreen's pussy) is to be broken. Thinking this, I grabbed both the legs of Nasreen and sat close to her stomach. By doing this, the cleft of the pussy opened.

I set the oil cocks on the crack of the pussy and grabbed Nasrin's thin waist from both sides. Then gave a powerful blow to his waist. Before Nasreen would scream. I put my lips on Nasreen's mouth. His scream was choking in the mouth and the supra of my cock broke the seal of the chut with the sound of ghachak and entered inside about 2 inches.

However, Nasreen was flirting with pain and was trying to extricate herself from me. But I held him firmly. I was slowly engaged in making the pressure of the cocks inside. My smooth cock was slowly moving into Nasreen's pussy. Cocks entered for the first 4 inches. Then 5 ″… 6 ″… 7 ″… 8 ″ and finally caught both of Nasreen's fingers, I poured the whole 9 inch cocks into the pussy.

I lay on top of Nasreen for a few minutes after swallowing the whole cock. Then I turned my waist upwards, then cocks came out 2 inches. I saw that my cock was stained with blood due to the breaking of the seal of Nasreen's pussy.

Initially I kept the speed of fuck slow, then as the fire grew, the cocks caught the speed. On the other hand, Nasreen also started supporting me in Chudai. There was no place for my happiness, when Nasreen held my back with her arms. Now the cocks had started penetrating to the root of the pussy. When the cock went in, it would also push it lightly from below. Which was the proof that she too has started enjoying sex.

Now Chudai was started banging. I started pushing one of her nipples in the mouth and pushing her. Nasreen was also enjoying the cock in full swing.

Chudai had reached her last stage. Nasreen had cut her teeth with several teeth on my chest and shoulders. I had also bitten her nipples and nipples with teeth.

Then my cock started boiling and Nasreen also started to cool her pussy with a shower of semen by sticking to me. His pussy left his clan for the third time in this fuck.

After the fuck, both of us were wrapped in sharp breaths. My sister had now become my wife.

This is the true story of my sister's Chut Chudai, which I presented to you without any hindrance.

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