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Raw bud of Kachnar

Raw bud of Kachnar

I used to stay at my friend's house as a paying guest. I wanted to fuck my friend's kamasin raw bud young daughter because she looked so sexy and hot. So how did I fuck her?

Friends, my name is Avinash and today I am going to tell the story of Chudai of Kachnar, a very raw bud. This was three years ago when I used to live in the same room with a friend in Surat. My friend was from Bihar and I was from Rajasthan. The friend's wife and her 19-year-old girl and I lived in… a total of 4 members. The girl was studying in 12th standard.
We lived in a rented house with only 2 rooms. One friend and his wife slept in one room and me and his daughter Komal in the other.

Since both our friends were weak in terms of money, we used to live together to save money. My wife used to live with my parents in our ancestral house in a village in Rajasthan. I used to work here in Surat and save money and send it home.

My friend's daughter Komal Kamar looked very sexy and hot in Omar. I used to think of him every day but I could not speak.

I used to coach Komal every night. While teaching, I used to look at his round balls and eat them. I used to say that I could not muster courage to hold a tight muscle. In the middle of my studies, I used to have fun with him and would know unconsciously touch his nipple, then I would get a shock like current. He used to pull his cheeks with love and take Pappi.
Both used to sleep separately when they started sleeping while studying.

At night, I had a habit of slapping my mouth every day. When I used to beat my face, Komal's face was in front of my eyes.

I slept on the bed and down soft.
One day I thought Komal was asleep, so I was beating my mouth.

Then suddenly I got up on the pretext of drinking soft water and saw me beating my mouth. Seeing my cock 7 ”, his mind might have been stirred to fuck. I immediately put a sheet over myself.
It seemed very innocent to look soft, but the effect of climbing youth was also visible.

One day I felt someone's love letter written in his book.
It came to my mind that this sister-in-law gets killed outside, so why not keep the honor of the house at home. Fucked me.

I told Komal - I will give this love letter to your father.
So she got scared and said to hold my leg- Chachu, swear to you! You will do what you say but do not show it to your father.
I was just looking for a chance, I said - okay let's go to sleep but on the same bed.
He said yes to Hans.

Now my cock started flapping for fuck. By the way Komal was also desperate to fuck me but she could not speak.

I put Komal on the bed. When I touched Komal, her body looked very hot. I put my lips on her lips.

Komal was wearing a school dress that day. I unbuttoned his shirt buttons.
Hi… what a wonderful titty she was… absolutely tight and round.

I slowly started caressing her pussy and lips were being sucked. His hands were stroking my cock. My cock was full hot and hard like a throb. Komal was also yearning to fuck.

I unbuttoned his trunks. He had light hair on his bur. I got mad after seeing a small amount of evil. I took him in his lap and kissed him and started caressing his evil. Komal was also eating my lips. He was enjoying it very much. She was full hot.

Now I licked her and started licking her. She started to make sounds like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I put a lot of coconut oil on my cock and on its bur so that the cocks can easily enter the bur.

I asked Komal - Has anyone broken your seal or not?
So she said no - no, I am keeping raw kanwari for you. Today you will do my first fuck Chachu!
I said - Wow, my love, today I will break your seal and make you my idol.

I put plastic under his waist so that the blood does not fall on the bed.
Now I widened his legs and came in the middle and pushed the cock gently on his pussy. But the cock was not penetrating the bur due to being too fat.
I said - be prepared to bear a little pain.

And I was rubbing her nipple, so she was yearning to fuck.

Now I put the thrust of cocks into Komal's bur and my supra went inside. Now I gave a loud shock and shouted loudly in soft pain - aaaah chachu… I died!
Hearing the screams, her mother came to the door and said - what happened?
I said nothing, sister-in-law, I was beating soft, so I beat her.
She said- Yes, teach it to Pete Pete, brother-in-law.
I said - Okay, you go to sleep.
So sister-in-law went to her room.

Now I licked all my cocks inside the raw bud. Komal's pussy missed the fountain of blood and she started splashing with pain.
I put my hands on her mouth so that the sound could not go out.

I said, sweetheart, have some courage, for the first time it hurts a little.
Now I put my cock inside for a while and started caressing her Tits.

She got scared after seeing so much blood coming out of her bur.
I said - nothing, the seal of your bur is broken, so much blood has come out, in just two minutes the blood will stop bleeding and your pain will also end, everything will be fine.

Now I slowly started putting my cock inside her freshly torn pussy.

For a while I started enjoying Komal too. Now he hit me and said - Chachujan, your cock is very big, I have made my burnt meal.
I said - my niece darling, now you have become my prostitute, I will fuck you every day.
Komal said - How long have I been suffering for Chudwane… Finally my wish has been fulfilled today.

And she started bobbing loudly and taking cocks in her pussy and aaahhhh she started doing EEE UUU CEEE.

I was loudly fucking that young young girl and kissing her. I was pressing her orange-like soft blonde pussy. That forty-year-old Mustaandi and I were forty years old.

Komal was very hot. My cock was penetrating her tight bur. The whole room was full of fun.
I was saying - O take my hand, take my cock… and take it. Aaah Eee Eee Aaah Aah Aa Ai AiE!

Due to this, the water of soft burnt water was left and it was destroyed.
Now I increased the speed of fuck - aaaah soft… my jaanon oaoo… jaaan oooo… my whip aaaaaaaaa aaaah!
And my cock also released water. I filled his bur with my semen.

Komal also looked at me and smiled like a prostitute.
I removed the plastic that I had laid down and cleaned the burr evenly.

Komal said - Chuchu Jaan enjoyed a lot.
I said - now I will enjoy you every day.

I agreed for a while to fuck my friend's daughter again.

Now I lay down on the bed, I grabbed my cocks by hand and told Komal to sit on top of me by placing her pussy on the supine of my land. He did the same and I lifted my hips down and licked my cock inside her pussy.

Komal also started supporting me and started fucking with fun. This time I had him in different positions for a long time. Meanwhile, Komal's bur had left water 2 times.

I was going to get water too, so I removed the cocks and put them in the mouth of the gentle and that cock started sucking the cock out of the cock.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Komal drank all the semen and cleaned the lick of licking.

Then she lay down on my chest and said - Hi Chachu, there is a lot of power in your cock. I have enjoyed having your cock inside me!
I said - my love, I have wanted to fuck you for a long time, but was afraid that you may not mind.

Now we started enjoying sex every night. To prevent her becoming pregnant, I had kept 'Saheli' pills for her, I used to feed her every day. Now Komal was very happy with me.

A few days later he told that no one had given that love letter, but he had written it himself to trap me.
I told him - you turned out to be a big bastard.
She said- Chachu, not a bastard… Mort… I am your prostitute.

I too would take full care of him, teach him a lot and fuck him a lot.

After 3 years, she got a nurse job and got married.

Even today when I feel like, I call Komal and fuck me.
He told that the cock of his husband is not as big and thick as me, so he comes to fuck me.

Friends, how did you like the story of Kudhi Bur for the first time? Please tell me by mailing me.

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